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Published in the 1-15 December 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Progress? In Moradabad

By Nusrat & Ahmad Rashid Shervani

In the last report, we saw the overall improvement in the total results of X board examination in 105 institutions of Uttar Pradesh. Since then, results of three more institutions have come and the up-to-date position is that in all these 108 institutions taken together, pass has improved from 55% in 2003 to 78% in 2004 and, what is more important, the proportion of first-divisions has improved from 5% to 11%. Some intellectuals 

(pseudo, perhaps) scoff at the improvement, pointing out that it is due to blatant mass-copying in the board examinations in U P. May be so, but not entirely. Anyway, we cannot prevent copying, mass or class. So, we have to go by the result of each institution in the board examination as sent to us by the Principal. We have to leave it to the dharm-eemaan of every examinee/invigilator, etc., how much of it is due to unfair means, how much to fair. The whole world goes by the result of the board examination and so will we. Have we an option?

Now, as promised, we take up one place at a time. First, Moradabad city. From nine Muslim institutions here, 1212 students had appeared for matriculation last year. This year only 1060 appeared. The reduction of 52 numbers, more than 4%. This is obviously not progress, it is regress. It must be looked into earnestly. However, as pass improved from 63% in 2003 to 81% in 2004, the number passing increased from 764 to 942, by 23% and the number of first-divisions increased from 40 to 79, almost doubled. But this is the total increase/improvement, i.e., including non-Muslim students. Let us analyze it further, separately. 

Muslim Boys & Girls
Muslim boys appearing from 4 boys' and one co-educational institution decreased from 481 to 415, by 14%. So, Shahzaadagaan-e-Millat have gone at least 14% further backwards from where they were last year. What do the ghamkhwaars of millat say ? They would at once start citing reasons (or justifications) for it. "Oh ! Muslims are so poor", to begin with. Then, of course, the inevitable sochee-samjhee, khatarnaak, khaufnaak Muslim-dushman saazish.

Muslim girls appearing from four girls' and one co-educational institutions increased from 669 to 671 in the same year. True, the increase is nominal, negligible. What we are asserting is that the number of Muslim girls did not decrease. Are only the parents of Muslim boys poor ? Are the parents of Muslim girls not poor? Is the sochee-samjhee saazish only against Muslim boys? Not against Muslim girls? 

So much for the numbers appearing. Let us take the numbers passing now. Pass of Muslim boys improved from 78% last year to 83% this year and so the number passing decreased from 373 to 346, by only 7% when the decrease in the number appearing is 23%. Pass of Muslim girls improved from 51% to 80% and so the number of Muslim girls passing increased from 338 to 534, by 58%. So Muslim boys may be falling prey to sochee-samjhee saazish but Muslim girls are defeating it. 

Proportion of first-divisions among Muslim boys improved from 5% to 7% and among Muslim girls from 2% to 7%. The number of first divisions of Muslim boys increased from 23 to 27, by about 17% and of Muslim girls from 14 to 46, more than 3 times. Again, Muslim girls seem to have squarely defeated the saazish, real or imaginary.

One by one
Comparing the results institution-wise we, find that Muslim girls have done the best in Muslima College, the second-best in Shan College and the third-best in Abdus Salam Muslim College. There is a tie for the fourth position. In pass percentage, Maulana Azad Girls HS is fourth and the last is Binatul Quraish IC but in first divisions, Binatul Quraish is fourth and Maulana Azad the last with zero first-divisions. However, it is noteworthy that in each of the five institutions, Muslim girls have improved their pass-percent and in all but one (Abdus Salam) they have improved their first divisions.

Comparing the results of Muslim boys institution-wise, we find that Ansar Inter College is the best in pass-percent but Abbas Inter College is the best in proportion of first divisions.. Hewett Muslim is the second in both. Shan is fourth in both and the last in both is the Falah-e-Darain Punjabi Inter College. In each of the first four, the result of Muslim boys improved both in pass and first divisions. Sadly, Falah-e-Darain has the distinction of being the only one in Moradabad city in which the result declined markedly in both respects even during a year of general overall improvement. Why? Well, may be, the sochee-samjhee saazish has its secret headquarters in this very college. Or, let the Principal/Manager of this august college favour us with their invaluable comments.

The number of non-Muslims in Muslim institutions of Moradabad city is small but not entirely negligible. In Hewett Muslim, 6/25 or 24%, non-Muslim boys got first divisions while only 13/127 or only 10% Muslim boys did so. In Shan, 27/34 or 79% non-Muslim boys passed while only 25/37 or 68% Muslim boys did so. In Maulana Azad, 5/5 or 100% non-Muslim girls passed while 30/38 or only 79% Muslim girls did so. Ghamkhwaars of millat may not but we find it odd that Muslims lag behind others in their own colleges.

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