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Published in the 1-15 December 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Embarrassed to be American

One thing is for sure, the Evangelists, Baptists, Born Agains and others of the same kind believe whole heartedly in turning the other cheek. You can lie to them, you can steal from them and their get, you can kill them in a phony war, you can take their livelihood from them and they still vote republican. But they are Christians, they have values. Atlas shrugged long ago, now Jesus shrugged. It's too bad Abe Lincoln didn't let the South secede from the Union.

For months now I've been enraged against the republican regime in Washington D. C.. In all my life no matter what wrongs have befallen me I've never been so incensed. Something is rotten alright and it's not in Denmark. This loathing has to have a cause. It's those republican megalomaniacs: Bush Cheney, Rumsfield, Wolfowitz, etc.. I find myself shunning anyone I know who is a republican.

I wanted to go to France this fall but couldn't. I'd be embarrassed to say that I'm an American. Why do I have the gut feeling that the hidden very, very wealthy are and have been plotting to mark serfs of the rest of us?
Can anyone identify any Democrat among all the super thieves in t he big recent financial scandals, such as Enron? the government powers investigating these meltdowns demonstrated their muscles. Didn't they get Martha Stewart!

President Bush, a bush leaguer, wants to privatize Social Security to some unclear degree. The super theives are wringing their hands in glee. Now they can get at everybody's money. Let's suppose after the people's money is in some type of fund and there is a big collapse. The scenario will be like musical chairs. Some theives will be caught and get their hands slapped, but the money will be gone. All the red states then will really be red.

Another thing that puts the present republican regime into the highest class of magicians is the disappearance of 9 trillion dollars. Normally this type of squandering should merit lynching, but the republicans are the "conservative party" . Aren't they? Abe Lincoln should have said that you can fool the republicans all the time.

A friend once told me when he had given me good advice and I didn't listen: "There are none so deaf as those that will not hear." 

Milton Baker, Madison Hts. Mich.

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