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Published in the 1-15 December 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News

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Kashmiri woman weeps during Eid prayers at Hazratbal in Srinagar

Kashmiri woman weeps during Eid prayers 
at Hazratbal in Srinagar


Kolkata: Twenty-two years old Farzana Husain, niece of Kalimuddin Shams, former food minister of Bengal, became a victim of dowry, she was poisoned by her in-laws. Her husband, Arshad Husain, a mobile phone supplier, to whom she was married about three years ago, took her to Chittaranjan Cancer and Research Centre and told the doctors that instead of taking cough syrup, she took pesticide by mistake. The doctors got suspicious and informed the police. When her father Abdus Samad came to know about her death he had a heart attack and had to be admitted to a hospital. On her brother Abdur Raheem and cousin Moinuddin Shams’ complaint, the police raided Arshad Husain’s house at midnight and arrested him, his parents and others. The police came to know after its investigation that she was compelled to drink the poison. A judicial inquiry has also been ordered and her in-laws will be in custody till the completion of inquiry. 

Allahabad: UP Urdu Development Organisation celebrated Allama Iqbal’s 128th birth anniversary on 9 Nov. as Urdu Day and pledged that its members will regularly purchase at least one Urdu newspaper or an Urdu magazine, put their name plates in Urdu, purchase goods from those shops which have sign boards written in Urdu, provide Urdu education to their children and pressurise teachers and principals of English schools to appoint Urdu teachers and impart Urdu education to their students. Addressing a meeting on this occasion, A.A. Kaleem, an advocate, said that Iqbal’s national song ‘Saare jahan se achchha…’ is fed in our mobile phones but we even do not know that this poem was written by Iqbal because we have neither Urdu education nor we use Urdu in our dealings. Another speaker Abdul Moeed Khan said that Urdu will not be promoted by celebrating Urdu Day, holding seminars and mushairas but by its maximum use in our daily life, linking it to employment and making its education compulsory in schools. 

Rampur: UP’s minister for Parliamentary affairs and chairman of UP Haj Committee, Mohd Azam Khan said here that if travel of prospective Hajis by Air India is not made compulsory and if the responsibility of their travel is not given to UP Haj Committee, they will not need subsidy and claimed that his Committee will provide better facilities to them and also take them to Jeddah at lesser expenses. He said that if the Hajis are transported to Jeddah by other airlines, Air India will be closed down because one full year’s salaries of all its employees are met by annual Haj travel, but they are not giving any facilities to the Hajis. He further said that by restoring the subsidy which was restricted by BJP-led government, the government did not do any favour and demanded that the per head subsidy of Rs 50,000 should be returned to the Hajis along with interest.

Rampur: Arabic-Persian Madrasa Board of UP has approved the registration of 21 madrasas. Information to this effect was given by Maulana Khalil Akhtar Ashrafi, chairman of UP Arabic-Persian Board in a press conference. He said that applications for registration of many madrasas had been lying in the Board’s office for years and now on instruction from Mulayam Singh Yadav and Azam Khan they are being disposed of. He further said that as of now 1265 madrasas of UP are registered with Arabic-Persian Board, 290 of which have been taken on grant list. 

Kolkata: After the defeat and death of Tipu Sultan more than two hundred years ago who valiantly fought against the British, his family was exiled to Kolkata by the British and some land allotted to them for their living which was later converted into Auqaf land. With the passage of time, as happened everywhere, most of those lands were illegally occupied by others. Today the condition of his descendants is pitiable and they are among the poorest of the poor. Thirty-four years old Akhtari Begum, whose father died during her childhood, had to discontinue her education after 4th class. She is still waiting for a life partner but nobody is prepared to marry her. The story of other girls is also like hers. It is indeed a pity that descendants of the Tiger of Mysore in Kolkata are now compelled to pull rickshaws, ladies have to work as maid servants, and do other menial jobs for earning bread and live in dark and dingy ghettos. 

New Delhi: Urdu Day was observed in different cities of the country on 9 November which coincided with the 128th birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal, Poet of the East. Various meetings and seminars were organised to mark the occasion in which glowing tributes were paid to the composer of the national song ‘Saare Jahan se achchha Hindustan hamara’. In one of the such meetings in Delhi speakers lamented that Urdu has been harmed more by ‘our own people’ than by others. President of All India Rabta Committee, Prof Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad lamented that Urdu speakers and organisations have neglected Iqbal, even Urdu Academies, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad Memorial Committee and such other official and non-official organisations did not hold any function to mark the occasion. It is indeed regrettable, he said.

Washington: The first animated film on the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is scheduled to be released for one week in 37 US and Canadian cities on 14 Nov. to mark the end of Ramzan. Produced by Rich Crest Animated Studios for Badr International and directed by Richard Rich, the 90- minute film Muhammad: The Last Prophet depicts the early life and teachings of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). In deference to Islamic sentiments and traditions no images of the Prophet appear in the film. The film has been endorsed by the Council of American Islamic Relations. It was scheduled to be released two years ago but was withheld because of 9/11 attack on the US which fuelled anti-Muslim sentiments there, though it was shown in other countries.

New Delhi: A -three day function starting from 28 October to celebrate Jamia Millia Islamia’s 84th Foundation Day was held in Jamia Millia campus which was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Prof. Mushirul Hasan. Vice Chairman of Nehru Yuvak Kendriya Sangathan, Shakeel Ahmad was the chief guest. Different programmes such as seminars on different themes, Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar and Prof. Mohammad Mujeeb memorial lectures, education and other exhibitions on ‘Jamia Millia Islamia (1920-2004) at a Glance’ and ‘Science and culture’, Book Fair, Qur’an’s Qirat competition, Nehru Trophy competition were also held. A general Iftar Party was also held on the first day. Ghulam Haidar’s book Jamia ki Kahani Jamia walon ki Zabani was also released. Other programmes were Sufi Qawwali, group song, on-the-spot painting competition, Gandhi Trophy competition, ‘Javed Akhtar ke saath ek Shaam’. At the end prizes were distributed.

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