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Published in the 1-15 December 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News 

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Muslims in Agra offer Eid prayers with Taj Mahal in the background

Muslims in Agra offer Eid prayers with 
Taj Mahal in the background


Mumbai: Among the persons accused and arrested during the worst communal riots in Mumbai in December 1992 and early 1993 in the wake of demolition of Babri Masjid, a total of 60 Muslim youth were ‘honourably’ released by the session court for want of sufficient proofs. All of them were arrested from Govindi and Bhendi Bazar’s BIT Chawl areas. Similarly, among the 80 persons (all Muslims) arrested from Bhendi Bazar’s BIT Chawl during those riots and subsequently released on bail, 35 had jumped the bail and absconded and cases against the remaining 45 were going on. All of these were also released by the session court for want of evidence. The other 15 persons who were released belonged to Govindi area. Defence against the arrested persons was sponsored by the Maharashtra unit of Jamiatul Ulama and their cases were pleaded by advocate T.J. Jadhwani whose services were hired by Jamiatul Ulama.

Varanasi: Search for ending discord and bringing about peace in the family led Rubina of Mubarakpur (Azamgarh) to Varanasi’s ‘Pishach-Mochan Kund (a pond where exorcism rites are performed) where, guided by a tantric baba, she offered pind (rice and kneaded flour) to restless souls. She had gone there along with her brother on the suggestion of a spiritualist. After offering meals and uttering some mantra, she took a bath in the pond and felt great relief. According to the tantric, not only Hindus but Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and even foreigners come to the place for spiritual treatment. He said that, however, it was for the first time many Muslims a Muslim woman had visited him. He said that such rites are performed to bring peace to a restless soul.

Bulandshahar: Police arrested three persons Aqeel, Faiz and Jameel in connection with a dowry case. One Qamruddin of Nawada village in Bulandshahar district had lodged a complaint on 23 October with the police against the in-laws of her daughter who was married to Aqeel of Shikarpur village three years ago. She has been very frequently being harassed for dowry. 

Waqf Council in every Tehsil in J & K
Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to set up Waqf Advisory Council in every Tehsil in order to protect Waqf properties and ensure their proper use. A high level meeting presided over by Sarfaraz Khan, minister of state for Hajj and Auqaf was held here to review and discuss legal justifications and other problems and to take decisions on future course of actions. Those who participated in this meeting included commissioner-secretary for law, Akhtar Kochack, commissioner-secretary for finance and rehabilitation, Mumtaz Afzal and special officers of Auqaf.

Problems relating to protection of Waqf properties, preparation and compilation of records of Waqf properties, removal of illegal occupations, steps to be taken for improvement of the performance of educational and other welfare institutions being run under the management of Auqaf were discussed and decisions taken in the meeting.

Naqvi paid a heavy price for his beard 
New Delhi: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi is no longer the spokesman of BJP now. Whispers are doing the rounds that this is the price he paid for keeping beard.
According to available information, a few days before the Lok Sabha elections this year, RSS leaders had asked BJP president Venkaiah Naidu to remove Naqvi from the post of BJP spokesperson. Their logic was that whenever he appears on TV with his imperceptibly loses 2 per cent votes. Venkaiah paid no attention to RSS request. Then RSS leaders themselves requested Naqvi to have his beard shove off. He also paid no attention to their request. Finally, RSS spokesman Ram Madhav himself expressed this wish of RSS to him. Naqvi ignored all these requests, as a result he lost his post.

health of Maulana Parekh 
New Delhi: Famous religious scholar and writer of Quranic exegesis, Maulana Abdul Kareem Parekh who lost his eyesight has fallen ill. He has become weak because of long illness. Maulana Ahmad Ali Qasmi, who met him recently, said that his eyesight and health was critical. He said that Maulana Parekh’s selfless services to Islam and Muslims for half a century and his valuable service to Qur’an cannot be forgotten. His translation and exegesis of Qur’an and its publication and distribution in large numbers was his unique achievement. He made an appeal to Muslims to pray for his quick recovery. 

New Delhi: Iran Culture House organised a three-day exhibition on the theme ‘Qur’an in the Mirror of Art’ from 8 to 10 November on the auspicious occasion of the holy month of Ramzan when the Holy Qur’an was for the first time revealed to the prophet (pbuh) of Islam. Different rare manuscripts of the Qur’an, CD and video cassettes of Qur’anic programmes, Qur’anic calligraphy, Qur’an of different sizes from the smallest to the largest found at different places, artistic and handicraft presentation, the smallest Qur’an written by a 5-year old Kashmiri child, Quranic verses written by Mughal Emperor Auranzeb, Qur’an written on deer skin, a Qur’an inscribed on copper sheets, Qur’ans published in different countries and their translations in different languages were on display.

Rampur: Demand for forming a Hilal Committee for sighting and declaration of new moon for universal celebration of Eid in India was strongly made in Rampur. Ulama have been asked to forget their petty and personal differences and form a Hilal Committee to remove any confusion and ambiguity in matters of sighting of new moon. This has become essential because there is always confusion and uncertainly about sighting of new moon as result which Eids are celebrated on the two days not only in different parts of the country but also in the same city. Announcements of sighting of the new moon are sometimes made late at night and even at early morning. And some people accept it and some do not. Moreover, people of different sects follow the declarations of their own ulama and religious leaders, as a result even in the same city people observe Eid on different days, as happened this year, and indeed happens every year. In order to remove this duality and confusion, Hilal Committee should be set up and decision must be accepted by all. 

Gujarat: VHP president, Ashok Singhal while talking to media persons here claimed that during the past few days, approximately 17000 Muslims have reconverted to Hinduism after deserting Islam in the Rajasthan’s Pushkar city and 40,000 Christians after deserting their religion have joined the Hindu fold in Banswara district. Addressing a training camp of district organisers of VHP which was held for a week, he said that his organisation was carrying on a movement for restoration of ‘cultural freedom’ of the majority community. 

Bihar’s former minister jailed 
Patna: Bihar’s former minister for roads and presently RJD member of Bihar Assembly, Mohd Ilyas Husain has been jailed by CBI special court in connection with coal tar scam involving crores of rupees. Earlier, he had surrendered himself before CBI special judge, Manishwar Sahoo who later on sent him jail. He had pleaded that since the CBI had asked for permission from the state government for initiating penal action against him in this case, he should be kept in judicial custody. This matter is related the 300 tonnes of goods and coal tar scam of 1994-1996. Though his name does not appear in the FIR, CBI has sought government’s permission for initiating legal action against him.

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