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Published in the 1-15 December 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition



My name is Syed Shadab Kadri, basically from Ahmedabad (Gujarat). I have started a marketing consulting company here in Australia. I am son of Mohsin Kadri, a prominent lawyer and a person who has worked a lot for Muslim welfare in Gujarat, both during the riots and after it in Ahmedabad. 

Since I came to Australia, that was right after the 2002 riots in Gujarat, I feel a need for recognition for the Indian Muslims. I feel that Muslims from other Muslim countries besides Pakistan and Bangladesh, don’t recognize Indian Muslims and most of them think Indian Muslims to be more like Hindus and culturally far from Islam. which is to some extent our mistake. Since Partition we have lost our identity and any effort to gain it is seen as a rebellion by the Indian government and other pro-Hindutva organisations. I always felt a need for an organisation or voice representing Indian Muslims and giving us some sort of identity among the common Muslims from other Muslims countries.
It was recently when I went through your website, The Milli Gazette and I would like to congratulate and thank you for your effort. I would like to know more about it and would be pleased if I can help promote it, through my company in any way. I would like to do something for the recognition of Indian Muslim all over the world. 
Shadab Kadri

First-hand knowledge on Shariah 
MG seems to be endeavoring for the worldly success of Muslims more than anything else. The write-ups by those who set aside Shariah have been published in it. I humbly request through MG that those who write on Shariah issues must first acquire first-hand knowledge of it then write on these issue. The stand of AIMPLB on triple talaq is correct. 
Mohammad Iqbal S. Sheikh, Pune

Life and founder - what is the difference?
Could you explain to me what is the difference between life-membership and founding-membership in the subscription
Editor: Life membership is a general scheme under which a subscriber, who does not want to pay subscriptions every year, pays a lump sum and ordinarily receives the magazine for the next 20 years or so. Founder-membership is for committed people who share the idea and support the magazine to establish itself especially in case of our community media which needs a lot of support during its initial years.

The recent step taken by AIMPLB to present a model nikahnama is worth of notice . The nikahnamas which exist today are approved by eminent Ulemas of the time. Though there may be some space for improvement but that does not mean whoever want may change according to his will.
AIMPLB is dominated by the people of a particular school of thought and it has very few Ulema of sunni barelvi school of thought, who are also ineffective .Now in this situation one may guess very easily that this model nikahnama will not be accepted by the community at large thus will lead to failure of that step
Therefore we urge to all responsible persons of AIMPLB to make general consensus among Ulema of various school of thought so that we may show unity and solidarity at national level so that we may reach on one point solution. 
Shahnawaz Warsi et al., MSO of India, Aligarh

I am still unable to understand what this much-talked-of model nikahnama as being prepared by All India Muslim Personal Law Board signifies, and how far it will prove effective in eliminating the evil of triple divorce which has not even the remotest relation to Quranic injunctions. The high profile clergy of Personal law Board must realise that amongst the elite of Indian Muslim society the concept of divorce, despite all the serious conjugal differences, is the last option, and that too when the matter might have reached intolerably critical pass. However, the illiterate Muslim masses have always the concept of triple divorce in their conscious mind, and they utter the words on the first available opportunity or at the slightest provocation. When such people approach the clergy, their first pronouncement is that the talaq is final and in this way the lives of thousands of Muslim women have been spoiled.

Now when an endeavour is being made through the instrumentality of the so-called model nikahnama to create awareness amongst Muslims regarding the disastrous and sinful aspects of triple divorce, may I ask what will be its concrete impact on this evil practice. If even after all the preaching and the solemnisation of marriage through model nikahnama, 'talaq, talaq, talaq' is given the final irrevocable shape, the nikahnama will be a serious deception on the whole Muslim community. The oft-repeated argument of Personal Law Board that it comprises the clergy from various sects, and, therefore, the total repudiation of triple divorce will weaken the Board's structure, seems to be most preposterous.

I, on behalf of the entire Muslim women community of India gather the courage to ask the clergy of Personal Law Board, to come out with unequivocal stand on Triple divorce in the light of Quran. If it cannot have the courage of conviction to be straightforward on this most crucial issue, then there is no need for such a coward and ornamental organization for Muslims. The Board must be disbanded immediately. How one can expect it to preserve and safeguard shariah when its hetregeneous structure of the clergy of various sects cannot evolve some workable consensus on this issue. May I further ask those maulanas who justify triple divorce as to why they term it Talaqe-Bidat while simultaneously calling bidat as the most reprehensible practice and the does of it being condemned badly.

Under these circumstance I would like to request the clergy of Muslim Personal Law Board to understand the susceptibilities of Muslim women and incorporate in the model nikahnama the Quranic injunctions regarding divorce, with unambiguous declaration that any talaq given in violation of these mandatory guidelines will have no effect. It is imperative if Muslim Personal Law Board is willing to justify its imposition on Muslims of India and also to enjoy their perpetual existence.
Mrs. Fakhriya Sherwani, Lucknow

Zahira U-turn
Prime witness in the Best Bakery case Zaheera Sheikh has once again slapped the NGO and Judiciary cannot prevent her to change her statements. The statement of Zaheera is dubious. How Setalvad’s NGO is being accused by her "overnight"? Zaheera’s statement will protect the barbarian killers.. There is something drastically wrong with her, she is lying under pressure. She is indeed in threat of her life or sold out on the hands of fascist forces who played the bloody game in the Best Bakery. The role of Modi should be looked into.
At the same time it is also very shameful that some fanatics are putting a finger against Teesta Setalvad, who spent the major part of her life for the sake of downtrodden and weaker sections of the society. They also have forgotten the dedication devotion and professionalism of Setalvad, who fought for Zaheera, and never worked taking religion or caste or creed as basis. Sorry to Teesta. Don’t worry. Common Indian is with you in a battle to fight against the communal forces . 
Abdullah Khan, AMU, Aligarh

Yasir Arafat
The greatest quality that separates Yasser Arafat from many of the other freedom fighters, was his tenacity and steadfastness against horrifying odds and personal dangers, to stubbornly stick to his deep commitment for a ‘just peace’ --- a Palestine, not of Israeli making, not a truncated country, not an Israeli satellite country, not a ‘golemistan’, but a Palestine proud of its identity, its culture and its history. 

Both Britain and the US are the main culprits of this heinous crime of history that has traumatized the whole Arab and Muslim world for half a century. Yasser Arafat was not the kind of Lilliputian leader who will forget this gory past of the western colonizers, and sign on the dotted line. Much is made by former President Clinton and each and every Israeli leader, that Yasser Arafat had blundered at not accepted the Clinton negotiated peace treaty with Israel. Of all the President after Harry Truman, Democratic President Bill Clinton, a confirmed liberal, tried a fast one on Yasser Arafat, trying to leverage the liberal credentials of all the three participants in the negotiations, that practically stretched to the last days of Clinton presidency. However, a steadfast Arafat was the last one, to have spent half a century of struggle to end with a presidential arm across his shoulders and a continued slavish existence for his people. He knew Israel is not Britain or even America. 

With Yasser Arafat, dies the hope of any other man of same stature to stand up to Sharon, Bush and Blair in their conspiracy to force their solution on the orphaned nation of Palestine. To that extent, his passing is a great loss to all freedom people of the world. 
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

India, and Indian Christians, saddened at Yasser Arrafat’s passing away, pray for peace in the birth land of Christ

The people of India are saddened at the passing away of Yasser Arafat, the face of Palestine and the President of the little strip of land allowed him and his people in Gaza and the West Bank after years of struggle. Arafat was a frequent visitor to India, famously during the long period when Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister. Even during the right wing rule of the Bharatiya Janata Party when the government came close economically and militarily to the Israeli regime, the towering personality of Arafat ensured India’s continuing support to his cause. India was in fact the first country ever to recognize the Palestine Liberation organization.

Indian Christians, as other Indians, remember Arafat also as a symbol during the Cold War of the entire liberation struggles of peoples of Asia and Africa against imperialism and neo-colonialism, though this did not mean the endorsement of hijacking of aeroplanes, which began with the PLO retaliation to their subjugation, or other acts of terror. Most Indian Christians of course know that Bethlehem, the place where Jesus was born, is today part of the West Bank lands that are now under Palestinian rule according to the imperfect truce between the Palestinian and Israeli governments. So is Jerusalem, though Israel bitterly challenges this, and refuses to let go of the historic capital, site as much of the last Jewish temple as of the Al Aqsa mosque, a city holy to Jews, Christians and Moslems alike.

Not all Indians know that a small but important segment of the Arabic-speaking Palestinians are Christians, practicing their faith almost uninterrupted since the first few years after Christ’s death and resurrection. They remain the worst affected in the region. Recent television coverage has seemingly converted the entire Middle East, or West Asia, into a monolithic Islamic landmass. But Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and of course Egypt have sizable Christian populations that survived the centuries, but are today coming under increasing pressure from various quarters in the aftermath of Operation Desert Storm and the more recent American attack on Iraq. 

India Christians in the past expressed the solidarity with the Christian Palestinians, especially the residents of Bethlehem and Jerusalem and others in the region whose religious freedom and economic opportunities have been severely strained by Israeli governments in the past.

Indian Christians hope and pray for peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. If Israelis have an Old Testament claim on a homeland, the place is also home to the Palestinians. 

I have personal memories of Arafat. As diplomatic and foreign correspondent in the 1970s and 1980s, I had met him frequently in New Delhi and in other world capitals, including at meetings of the Organisations of African Unity etc. But most memorable of all were the interviews I conducted with him during 1982-1983 when his strongholds in Lebanon and Beirut were being repeatedly bombed by the Israeli troops. Beirut was in shambles – the buildings mere burnt out shells, dark memories of what was once the New York and the Paris of the East. Handsome tall trees in parks were charred stumps, and almost every day some child would die in the explosion of a booby trap, perhaps a bomb shaped like a toy.

I had been smuggled into Beirut through the murderous Bekka Valley, trying to snuggle low on the back seat of a fast Mercedes, miraculously escaping detection through dozens of checkpoints. I was the only Indian among a group of foreign correspondents, most of them representing major news agencies and western newspaper then present in Beirut. 

Arafat chose me for an important interview, which he gave one night in the basement of a building that must have been bombed sometime ago and was therefore secure till the next round of shelling.

Arafat was evacuated from Beirut under an international agreement. I saw him off, so to speak, with thousands of Palestinian youth who fired their weapons in the air in salute and desperate farewell.

There may be a few fanatics amongst Zionists who will celebrate his passing away, but his colourful personae leaves a void. We hope the new dispensation in Palestine and a change in Israeli policy will bring about abiding peace in the region, a safe home for the Palestinians.
John Dayal

An uncompromising Arafat will forever be remembered as a tireless fighter for justice and advocacy of the Palestinian cause. He has no heir ; none of the contenders to "succeed" him , who manufacture great expectations among Western and Israeli observers. Arafat’s death is Palestinian stasis – neither a collective blood sheed nor a collective sigh of relief, nor much in a way of movement forward or backward. Getting and keeping power will be the main thrust of post Arafat Palestinian politics, and there is a little that outside powers includig the US , can do to alter the local dynamic and its outcome. How Washington responds to the passing of Arafat depends largely on forecasts of internal Palestinian dynamics, in both the short and medium term.
Abdullah Khan, AMU, Aligarh


Uma’s ouster
BJP President Lal Krishna Advani had left with no other option than to expel Uma Bharti from the party after her such undisciplined behaviour at the party-meeting that too in full exposure of media telecasting live the proceedings. At the same time, Advani will also have to take adequate steps to suppress provoked feelings of Uma-supporters in the party by tightening second-lined leadership of his party against whom Uma levelled serious charges. Considering steep fall of the fast-emerged BJP, Advani should now play the game with power-filled strokes like the last batsman of an almost defeated team hits to sometimes makes his team win!
Madhu Agarwal, Delhi 

BJP postures
Once again BJP is making a blunder. This time by questioning judiciary and police in arresting Shankaracharya of Kanchi for his supposed involvement in the murder of Mutt accountant for his reservation about the activities of the Acharya. Earlier, BJP had raked up issues like PM’s refusal to accept the memorandum of BJP as regards to the budget, then BJP took up the issue of Savarkar plaque in Andaman, then they again unsuccessfully fuelled Uma Bharati’s tricolour yatra. All these show the frustration of the BJP after their rout in Parliament election and then each and every state election. The country is not yet ready to accept the communalism of the BJP. The people have understood the dubious character of the supposed national party who are part and parcel of the RSS/VHP outfits. This country will not tolerate any party that advocates the communal divide. So much misinformation and disinformation had gone into misleading the public into believing that BJP is the sole spokesmen for Hindu religion. There are Hindus in all national and regional parties. BJP cannot claim to be the sole inheritors of Hindu heritage. 

The acharya is equal to any other Indian as regards to the constitution and law. He can not be singled out from the purview of the justice system. If he is proved innocent he will be set free, if he is not, he should not get support of any one. He is described to be a seer, who can foresee things. In that case, why he has not foreseen as to what would happen to himself if he is involved in a murder case. I think BJP has no issue and hence they are raking up self-defeating issues. 
Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

Agenda of anti-Muslim forces
Atrocities on Muslims are increasing in the subcontinent and other parts of the world. General Muslims are not like the militants of Jammu and Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine.

Unless the disputes of Jammu & Kashmir and Palestine are not settled the fighting and blood-letting will continue there. Indian freedom fighters were termed extremists by their British rulers. Can we say those fighting for just causes terrorists or extremists. 

The global agenda of the fascists, imperialists and the Zionists forces is to weaken the strength of Muslims. Under the same agenda genocide of Muslims was planned and carried out by the state machinery in Gujarat in 2002. 
Haji M.A. Khan , Trivandrum 

Save Pansokda’s Jama Masjid
I have written to the PM Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi about Pansokda’s Sadha Jama Masjid in West Bengal. I have said in my letter that there was an official proposal by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to acquire and demolish Pansokda’s Sadha Jama Masjid. The move to acquire the masjid and its land is a serious matter. I have requested them to intervene in the matter and an order be issued to the NHAI to withdraw the highly objectionable proposal. The government agencies should not indulge in any such sacrilegious activities.
G.M. Banatwalla
President, Indian Union MuslimLeague, Mumbai 

Law on communal riots 
The Union government is rightly intending to enact a new law to curb communal violence. Communal violence is ignited and fanned by selfish persons in the name of religion. As no religion forgives falsehood, false witnesses should be punished. Let the maximum punishment be given to the ‘Muslim’ liars. Pitiable indeed are those who do not realise that hoarding of wealth does not give peace of mind.
Sultan A. Patel 
Kanpur Deh - 392150

Gandhis and Bachchan families
The fomenter of the recent controversy involving India’s two high profile families — the Gandhis and the Bachchans — is indeed Jaya Bachchan not Rahul Gandhi. It was Jaya Bachchan who made it a controversial issue. If Rahul Gandhi said something against Bachchan’s family that was in contradiction.

It is an open secret that there was a good rapport been between the two families. Its time to foster the bond of friendship between the two families instead of sowing seeds of discord. 
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow

Zahira Shaikh
The president of the Gujarat-based NGO Warriors of Justice and Rights, Fazal Muhammed I. Patel has, in his letter to Teesta Setalvad of Citizens for Peace & Justice, expressed shock over Zahira Shaikh’s behaviour in the court of justice. He has said in the letter that those who have made Zahira change her statement might kill her if she changed her statement again. She was made to allege that Teesta wanted to kill her. 
S. Akhtar U. Patel , Kanpur Deh -392150 

BJP's Brahmanical caste politics
Once again BJP’s Brahmanical avatar came out naked, when L.K. Advani, in his new role as BJP President has clearly ruled against lower caste and minority members of BJP’s highest echelons of leadership, fully covering and standing by the high caste members that have been trying to assert the real face of Hindutva. Advani’s scornful mention of two minority members (Shahnawaz aisay kiyoon bolta hai, Naqvi aisay kiyoon bolta hai) shows how he deals with minions in his everyday speech. He was treating them all as if they were nothing more than domestic servants of his home kitchen. Suave Advani has never been caught on camera while spewing such street level language degrading a lower caste woman general secretary and two ‘Muslim’ BJP ex-ministers.

While Advani was taking his team to task for going to press in settling their differences, it was surprising, when he himself was guilty of the same impropriety when he opened the Pandora’s box by inviting the media while such sensitive matters had to be dealt with in the presence of a dour Buddha-like figure of ex-Prime Minister overlooking the whole dirty business of throwing out Uma Bharati. For many, it appeared to be a deliberate trap to do her in. 

Kashmir and Musharraf’s options
President Musharraf’s call to give a serious thought to various options on Kashmir is not only highly desirable but also very timely. Indo-Pak relations have never been that congenial as now and there are good chances of arriving at a solution that could be acceptable to Pakistan, India and the Kashmiris. Elaborating upon the issue though Musharraf did not spell it out clearly, yet said in so many words to ponder over some ‘give and take’ approach to the solution. And that’s what seems to be the only logical approach to the long outstanding problem. It is one thing to be emotional and sentimental and it is another to be rational and pragmatic. One has to face the reality some day. Let’s face it now. India and Pakistan both being the nuclear powers can not pressurise each other in any way. Pakistan lost her chances of getting Kashmir first in 1! 948 when the Azad Lashkar halted for reasons still being debated just 12 miles short of Sri Nagar and the Indian air force planes carrying troops landed at the airport in the early hours of the next morning. Then Pakistan had a chance in 1962 to move into Kashmir when the entire Indian might was unsuccessfully trying to stop the Chinese onslaught on their Eastern front. Now the ground realities have changed entirely. Not that only India and Pakistan have become invincible, the Kashmiris too have started thinking in terms of Independence and why not? The amount of blood that they have shed and the size of the territory that constitutes Kashmir fully justify their thinking. More than half a century has passed but nothing except the acrimony between the neighbours and poverty in their ranks due to the colossal defence expenditure have resulted. For how long more such state of affairs could be allowed to carry on. It is, therefore, the need of the ho! ur that all three India, Pakistan and the Kashmiris sit around a table and settle the issue once for all mutually by some give and take.
Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi

Request for Public debate on Shankaracharya’s arrest
No body is above the law and in a case of heinous crime such as murder; law should be allowed to take its own course even if it allegedly involves a person of the stature of Shankaracharya. But at the same time mere allegation is not a proof of guilt.

The entire population of Hindu majority India was shocked to see live on TV the arrest of Shankaracharya specially on the day of Dipawali given the fact that the matter is more than two months old and certainly heavens would not have fallen if either the arrest would have been carried out one or two days before or after Dipawali or if Shankaracharya was allowed to move the court for anticipatory bail.

It is intriguing that why the politicians and other influential Hindus of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Centre Govt (which is supposed to be in the knowledge of this arrest of such a highly sensitive dignitary through intelligence) did not ensure that Shankaracharya is not arrested while in seat as was done in case of Uma Bharti who was made to surrender her CM position in view of the impending arrest.

The Govts of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh should have been more circumspect knowing the fact that arrest of the highest saint of Hindu religious order in the present regime of Govt of India, where the President is a Muslim the Prime Minister is a Sikh Controlled by Sonia Gandhi (a Christian), will send an extremely wrong signal around the world and which will not be forgotten by Hindus for a long time to come.

It is also surprising that why VHP did not appeal to all Hindus not to celebrate Dipawali in view of Shankaracharya’s arrest? In view of the fact (that this appeal was not made and Hindus all over India celebrated Dipawali with crackers, lighting and all the gaiety attached with it while Shankaracharya was in jail) the intentions of VHP's proposed demonstration from November13, 2004 onwards at capital and district head quarter of all the States of India is suspect.

As this is an extremely important matter having long-term political implications therefore you are requested to initiate a public debate in your media on this matter.
Hem Raj Jain, New Delhi

Campaign against community
Two prominent Muslim community leaders, Dr Mohamed Elmasry, National President of CIC, and Dr Shafiq Qadri, MPP, tasted the very painful sting of the `highly respected and trusted media’ recently. They were not expecting such shocking and step-motherly treatment from media giants belonging to ‘a highly educated, cultured and civilized society’. Their grievances are genuine. Living in a very rich society, they need to be equally respected. Instead, they were insulted and humiliated in a non-professional and non-ethical manner. It’s a very shameful act and a hard slap on the face of the respectful Canadian society and the loving, caring and cooperative people. Words cannot condemn the highly irresponsible act and heal the deep wounds. People who commit mistakes must be made to realize and understand it in a sensible and civilized manner instead of being `Brazenly and openly raped in daylight by the media and others.’ For God’s sake, stop this nonsense. 

Unfortunately, due to some narrow minded and negative bloc journalists and publications the entire media world has to face the music, blame and insults. More shocking is that the champion and recognized professionals, due to various reasons, do not condemn them. The unexpected silence indeed is a crime.

The community must understand the psychology and situation now. This is not the first time it happened. It keeps happening. They need to remain more careful and avoid becoming a prey of such professionals. They must understand that the society includes all types of people including those whose hobby and profession is to harm others through dirty acts. They cannot mend their ways and love insulting others.

They must with great tolerance and patience face the dirt being splashed on them and focus only on creating proper understanding through respect, trust and confidence. They have to make bridges and win the hearts of the people. Only with the help of the people, they can force the irresponsible segment of the media and the society to mend its ways, understand the responsibilities and duties and act accordingly.

I am also a professional journalist with thirty years standing and feel ashamed that the highly organized and professional media is involved in character assassination and mud slinging in such a dirty way. I would rather not be called a journalist in protest, to protect my reputation and prestige of the profession. Shame on us `highly educated, cultured and civilized’ people and professionals. This is all I can say.

Can Democracy filter out dictators.
During his press briefing at the White House together with the visiting British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the main drift of US President Bush’s reason for preferring democracy for all Middle Eastern countries was his strong belief that people in a democracy do not want war and they always root for peace. 

If that is the case, how come a democratic USA itself chose a President that has no hesitation in declaring war on other states? At least his own case does not support his deeply committed doctrine of democracy and peace. 

A similar case can be made of Israel. It is routinely touted that Israel is some special country in the Middle East, as it is a vibrant democracy. 

However, we have seen its people, who should, as per Bush Doctrine, root for peace, but have chosen Ariel Sharon, whose life-long ‘achievements’ around war and terror. He has blood of the innocents on his hands in the case of Sabra and Shatila, for which crime, his own judicial commission found him guilty and forced him to be sacked. 

How does democracy in the US and in Israel promoted world peace, when their chosen leaders manifestly do not believe in peace and are ever ready to shed blood of the innocents? 

Even Hitler was duly chosen by his people through fully democratic processes.

The American citizens have chosen to send the man, who has trampled on the views and wishes of a vast majority of the world’s leaders and citizens in the last two years, back into the White House for four more years. In doing so, they have indicated quite clearly that the beliefs, views and opinions of the international community simply do not count - that the USA and its citizens believe that they own and control the world. 

But, the good news for us who live outside American borders, is that now comes the chance to bring out our votes. Yes, indeed, we can and must bring out our votes. We have every day of the next four years on which we can vote with our wallets and purses by switching our daily purchases from American goods to those produced outside American borders.

If we do this in sufficient numbers, two things will happen: 
Firstly, the American economy will shrink in size and importance in the world and thus decrease American economic might and that country’s ability to bully the rest of the world. The world economy will not suffer, because the economies of the countries from whom we will be buying our products will collectively grow in equal part to the amount by which the American economy will shrink.

Secondly, if the American economy shrinks dramatically over the next four years, the absolute misery that they will suffer will wake American voters up to the fact that America does not own the world; that our views as the international community matters and must be treated with respect; and, that there is no way that we as the international community will allow them to again choose such an irresponsible bully to be their President. 

So, the choice of all who cannot tolerate the way in which Bush’s unilateralism is messing up international relations and fosters hatred and extremism is clear. Let us start voting with our wallets and purses today and let us continue voting until Bush leaves the White House. To use a Bush phrase, we will have four more years to bring out our votes, and if we do so in sufficient numbers, we will diminish the extent to which American bullying tactics will work in future. Please remember that every Dollar’s worth of American products and services that you buy in the next four years, is a vote for Bush and his destructive policies and actions.
Barry Vorster, South Africa

The Rath is now a Junk
Bharatiya Janta Party's revival is entrusted to the old man LK Advani. He had once navigated a Rath on the waves of hate against the Muslims. On every route he passed through a Communal Riot was harvested. He had deployed Indians to kill fellow Indians. His group had planted the explosive from the Day One after independence. Great Freedom Fighter Gandhi ji was their first victim. He was loved and revered by the people as no other leader in the history of India was ever treasured. Unfortunately the highly educated sect of Brahmins was thrashed by the people for the sin of a minority chauvinist section among the Brahmins. It is the fascist tradition to lash out the whole community of a particular criminal. Jawaharlal and Vallabhdas were the other star leaders. The culprits could not much flourish in their times. However their conspiracy to spread hatred continued and communal riots recurred continuously under their hidden agenda. Muslims in their majority areas were particularly targeted. They were uprooted frequently after a re-establishment in trade and industry.
Centuries old Babari Masjid was demolished in the presence of Indian Armed Forces "installed for its protection" by the Prime Minister Narsimha Rao a shrewd RSS man in his inner circle. Advani on 6th December 1992 had commanded the shameful kick on the forehead of the world Muslims, unforgettable for the generations to come. India was engulfed in flames of abhorrence, disgust and revulsion. BJP galloped on the turf of contrived politics from HUM DO in 1984 towards capturing the Lok Sabha. There only, the real test confronted the self styled Clean, Honest and Efficient Party. Six years of the rule had bared them. Most deplorable incidents of Corruptions and Communalism were experienced by the people. Peace was vanished from the lives of the people; also the wealth earned by the toiling masses siphoned into the pockets of the politicians before the eyes of the cameras. People are simple and mostly uneducated but they are not fools. They had shown the door to the disguised perpetrators. They had spent in Billions again in false propaganda as a last boot during the election campaign. The question is how to recover the starving people's money. After meeting the disaster at the national level, same fate awaited them in Maharashtra also. The communal forces are weakened. They should not be allowed back to power. No minority including the Sikhs the soldiers of India are safe from their affliction.

BJP's ugly face again revealed after Dr. Manmohan Singh assumed the Prime Minister ship. A man of high integrity and renowned economist is respected and cherished all over the world. People of India highly regard and esteem 'Manmohan' as their beloved Prime Minister and Head of the nation. BJP leaders of the first row have called him "Shekhandi, Paaltu and Decision taker (Sardarji) at 12 'o clock". The nation hangs heads in shame. How long would India tolerate the continuous non-senses? Earlier, the BJP Prime Minister Vajpayee too had indulged in loose talks many a time. Utterances of a man expose his moral fiber. Even the honourable Leader of the Opposition Madam Sonia Gandhi was not spared. To which culture the Pariwar is willing to lead the nation. What message is going to the world over? Are we alive to the state of affairs? By keeping the eyes closed like an ostrich we cannot hide the real situation. 

Under these dark circumstances Advani has been recalled to drive the Rath once again. They have forgotten that the charm of the masks has shattered. The air conditioned Rath has depleted into a broken cart. The coachman has become a spent force. His acts and deeds have stripped him of the confidence the ignorant people once had. He cannot pull the chhakra. The first example of the gimmick is that of Uma Bharati who was ousted from the cart and soon thereafter talks initiated for her return.

Thank God the United Progressive Alliance has emerged as the 
We have to safeguard it. People have to be alert and vigilant to save India.

M . I . Ansari November 17, 2004
This is to draw the attention of the UPA Government towards the pitiable condition of cows and oxen. They roam on the roads and often block them. This menace is more seen at the crossroads of Cosmopolitan cities. None takes care of them.

In this context, it may be noted that the previous NDA Govt. deserves praise. It had got a number of cow-shelters built in order to curb this menace at various places.

Strangely, cows and oxen are more disregarded in India than other countries. While the cow is the mother to millions of our Hindu brothers. In the words of Gandhi ji protection of cow means Protection of whole dumb creation of God.

It is hoped that the ruling UPA Government will also take immediate action to combat the plights of these dumb and pathetic cattle's in a good possible way.

Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Teacher, Nadwa College,

The European Union is in perplexity to accept Turkey as it's 26th member. the EU, in one hand, is keen to accept it to achieve its strategic approach of reducing the spreading influence of communalism while on the other hand fears the evolution of Islamic culture in Europe as Mr. Syed Shahabuddin has explained in his article "Dark clouds on Turkey's entry in EU" Milli Gazette 16-30 Nove 2004. This very fear of evolution of Islamic Culture is only the reason behind the long process of Turkey's entry in EU. The EU is waiting for win-win situation by formating strategy helpul to fight both communalism and Islam.
As far as Turkey is concerned, it has only two options. Firstly to withdraw it's effort for the entry in EU. Because The EU is not going to accept it blindly and so easily. Secondly to uproot Islam from its soil in order to enjoy the membership of EU. But this task is not too easy with the fact that Kamal Ataturk and other military rulers failed to achieve that, with more and more people excercising Islamic customs nowdays in Turkey and with the fact also that the use of force to curb the Islamic elements is the violation of Human Rights one of the main features of European Union itself.
Maqsood Alam
JMI, New Delhi.

Government in association with international agencies like UNICEF and WHO have shown great concern in eradicating Polio. While basic cause of the disease e.g. unhygienic environment, poor living condition, malnutrition, etc remains, emphasis has been laid on administering polio drops at regular intervals. Surprisingly ,a lot of attention is being paid to mobilize Muslim community which otherwise has been condemned to live in pitiable condition. Educated families irrespective of their religious learning has been found to be free of this menace but statistics have been put forward to claim Muslims as worst offenders. Presently, preventive measure of oral vaccination is receiving all the attention but it will be wise to adopt a long term strategy in the health and hygiene sector. 

Extreme concerns shown towards the involvement of Muslim community leadership has proven beyond doubt the over all the development of all and sundry in our pluralistic society. Just as in a relay race a little improvement in timing shown by the slowest runner goes along way in winning the race, improvement in living condition of backward community (Muslims) will be the trend setter for national development. Therefore, Muslims should be given all facilities in the field of education by way of reservation, scholarship, etc. Instead of providing reservations to Muslims in professional courses, the handicaps are being forced to race against the well privileged section of society. Reservation in employment for SC/ST is being extended to private sector but underprivileged Muslim youths are denied any concession.

It is commendable that in spite of all odds Muslim youths have proven their in spite of all odds Muslim youth have proven their worth in defending our sovereignty, made their presence felt in sports and by and large have been honest and integral. To maintain our country's health it is necessary to take care of all the parts of our National body. One may cut off an extremely small rotting portion but to cut off a limb will make the body lame. Our great country will move ahead if each and every national is persuasively involved and exhorted to contribute his might in the overall development of the country.
Salman Sultan 
Shibli National College, Azamgarh

For more than 5 decades now, India has been caught inside the US fever. With the passage of time, desi news have lost their luster and have been replaced by polished videshi maals. And what more could have been the topic of greater concern for India than the recent US elections. Everyday experts used to sit infront of the camera discussing the probable future of a country seven seas afar from us; the newspapers were clogged with the news and views about America. Can’t we just let go?

I agree that external affairs are an important and integral part of any system, the international relations, to a great extent affect the internal situations, but they should not overshadow the critical issues prevailing within the boundaries. Why can’t we have friendly ties with USA instead of being its worshipper? Every magazine, every newspaper and every electronic channel lurches over every ounce of American news bits. If Americans suffer from xenophobia, Indianshave immense traits of xenophilia. Their eyes dialate at the sight of godi chamdi, and if that chamdi has seen the sun under the statue of liberty, the eyes balls threaten to fall out of the sockets.

Former secretary of states, Collin Powell said as two greatest democracies, India and USA should be ‘natural allies’ and we are. He was also considered instrumental in addressing the Kashmir issue with India and Pakistan. Are we really so dumb headed to believe such talks and let outsiders resolve the issues entirely a matter of our concern and off their tracks? Will America ever tolerate Mr. Natwar Singh interference on their foreign policies with Iraq? Think again. Even before a global reaction to the US National Missile Defence system came up, Jaswant Singh issued a statement supporting it.

Colin Powell comes to India, boasts about the flourishing Indo-US relations, and the next day goes to Pakistan and gives it recognition as a non- NATO ally! Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh visits the US President Mr. Bush to discuss strategic issues. US speaks for Germany’s inclusion into the UN Security Council, not India. Words and only words are what India receives. Discussions are all they share with us. But still we, like dogs follow them with our tails wagging behind. How stupid are we? 
Marya Jabeen

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