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Published in the 1-15 December 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Zionists introduced terrorism in the Middle East

MG editor Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan sent the following letter to Boston Globe and International Heralad Tribune on 14 November:

Jeff Jacoby's column "Arafat the terrorist" ( is so blatantly unfair, one-sided and brimming with pure hate that one wonders if such people have real hearts and souls. Jacoby fails even to passingly mention the misery inflicted on the Palestinian people whose lands were stolen and majority rendered refugees by the Zionist terrorists in 1948. Jacoby parrots the current Zionist propaganda line that Arafat introduced terrorism in the Middle East. This is patently and factually incorrect. The Middle East knew no "terrorism" whatsoever until the advent of the Zionist scheme to steal Palestine. The first Zionist terrorist organisation, Hashomer, was founded way back in 1909. Lehi, Stern, Irgun, Palmach and Haganah gangs were established and operated decades before the Palestinians even thought of using force to reclaim their stolen lands. The murders of Lord Moyen (1944) and Count Bernadotte (1948) and the attacks on the British HQ in Palestine (King David Hotel, Jerusalem, 1946) and on American diplomatic missions in Cairo and Alexandria (1954) are just a few examples. Zionists did not mind even killing their own people if it served their purpose (SS Patria 1940, Operation Ezra Nehemia (to force Iraqi Jews to migrate to Israel, 1950-1) took place long before the emergence of Fateh in 1965. Hijacking, aerial attacks, letter-bombs were all introduced into the Middle East by the Zionists decades before the so-called Palestinian terrorism which in fact is just resistance to expell foreign occupation and this is why the whole world with the exception of America supports this struggle. The fact is that the Zionists brought terrorism to the Middle East and their actions led to the emergence of the "terrorism" that we see and face today because many Muslims around the world see the Palestinian tragedy and the blind western support to Israel as a great injustice. Only justice to the Palestinians will bring an end to the terrorism which the west is so eager to root out. West is fighting symptoms not the root cause.  

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