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Published in the 1-15 July 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Letters: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

We are a regular subscribed member of your magazine Milli Gazette and we are very pleased to read it. 
Maktabatul Jamea
Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah, Devdi Mubarak
Jhampa Bazar, Surat - 395003

Beacon of light
I came to know from the Milli Gazette that you are in a state of indecision whether to continue or stop its publication. My personal opinion, and also the opinion of true well-wishers of the community, is that you must somehow manage to continue the publication of MG because your journal is a beacon of light in this dark age. This is the only means to rouse the community from slumber and inaction. This is also the only means to familiarise the world, specially foreign countries, about the difficulties and pitiable conditions of the community.

God’s Prophet (pbuh) had said that speaking the truth under unfavourable circumstances, and in the face of a cruel and unjust ruler is Jihad Akbar (greater Jihad). You are the only person who is performing the noble duty of Jihad Akbar through MG. 

God is witness to the fact that there is no match in our community to your services and efforts. Please continue rendering your valuable service to the community like a silent warrior.
Salik Dhampuri, United Muslim of India
New Delhi

Need not worry, Allah is with you
I am shocked and grieved to read about threatening mails sent to you. I am well- acquainted about your righteousness and truthfulness. Righteous people are brave because they believe in Allah. 
Threatening people is the tradition of fascists because they are coward and myopic. You know that precaution is Sunnah. Seeking safety is Sunnah. All my near and dear ones pray for your well-being. May Allah provide you His guards. Allah is almighty and you are His follower, you need not lower your morale. Carry on.
Zulfiqar Baig, Kasganj

Bring out MG cartoons book
Why dont you come out with a book on Cartoons Published by M.G. Perhaps it can convey over the years more in brief.
Dr Phiroz A Poonawalla, Pune

Carelessness of maulavis, mullas
The barbaric bombings on religious congregations in Pakistan show criminal carelessness of maulavis and mullahs. The holy Quran says, ‘Innamal Mu’minoona ikhwah…’ . The Prophet (pbuh) had warned that that internal strife burns down every namaz, roza, zakat and Hajj. They must start offering namaz behind any imam in the nearest masjid, whether they be Sunnis, Shias, Deobandis, Barelvis, Hanafis, Shafi’is, Hanbalis, Malikis or Ahle-hadiths in order to avoid Allah’s wrath.
S. Akhtar Bin Umar, Khanpur Deh

Syed Shahabuddin’s analysis biased
This has reference to Mr Syed Shahabuddin’s analysis "Muslim representation in Lok Sabha 2004," (MG, 1-15 June). I and some other people like me lament the biased analysis of Mr. Syed Shahabuddin. He has not mentioned Muslim parties like JKN, PDP, IUML and AIMIM. Surprisingly he did not mention the name of National Lok Tantrik Party led by Dr Masood. It has not only registered its presence in UP assembly but also represented itself in the Lok Sabha from Padrona parliamentary seat. The analysis of Syed Sahib discourages Milli politics. 
Zulfiqar Baig, Kasganj

Find truth, do justice
The tasks you have sorted out for the UPA deserve due attention of the Manmohan Singh governmeny (Tasks ahead for UPA, MG, 16 -- 30 June 2004). They need to be undertaken quickly to eshtablish the primacy of rule of law, fairplay and justice as well as to strengthen the secular and democratic fabric of our country. They should be performed not in the spirit of revenge but of finding truth and doing justice in the interst of the nation.
Md. H. Rahman, East Garo Hills 

Thunder and lightning
Hark! Hark! Why dost the sky look so pale? 

Why doth the land of Iraq look red-hot with blood?

Why does the earth shake like a thing infirm?

Wherefore is that cry? 

Behold the burning houses. 

Behold the burning shriences. 

Baghdadsharif burns. 

Najaf-e-Ashraf is cracking up and Karbala turns into heap of ruin.

Who is it to be held responsible for this havoc?

Who has unleashed this terror?

O Terron! O Brutality! O Barbarism! Bush Administration is they name. 

Thy name is imperialism and colonialism.

O mephistophelean tricko of Bush! 

The heroic people of Iraq will never be let down by it.

Wake up! Wake up the people of lraq — wake up! 

No walls of prison, no walls of beaten brass nor airless dungeon can hold up your spirit of liberty. 

Let not your resistance be ever slack. 

The dawn of victory is sure.

Ye blood-stained hands of Bush! 

Thou can’t-stop the march to freedom. Hands off lraq. 

Freedom to the people of lraq!

Akhtar Hssain Aftab, Patna

No one is safe under Modi
Kaanti Bhatt is one of the several right-thinking, justice-loving and truth-telling writers in Gujarat. How truthful and straightforward and plainspoken his statement is in his article about gunning down of a Bombay college girl in Ahmedabad (Baroda edition dated 18 June 04 of Gujarati daily Gujarat Samaachaar) wherein he, inter alia, says that in Modi’s Gujarat "neither I nor you will remain safe is someone at a random cries: this is a terrorists’ car!" For whom is Gujarat safe? Only for the Sangh Parivar!
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh

Modi, failed parcharak?
According to a report in the Hindu of 17 June 2004, the RSS has said to the BJP that "on the issue of a leadership change in Gujarat [it] has no role to play and it [is] for the BJP to take a decision." It has also said that "the two things, leadership change and the defeat in the Lok Sabha, should not be taken together."
In sum, the RSS will keep out of the BJP's affairs provided that the BJP does not mess up with RSS business. This is only proper as the RSS saw to the "riots", so the BJP may now see to the unrelated matter of Modi's removal.
It is a coincidence that the BJP is one of the offsprings of the RSS and shows great filial piety. It is also a coincidence that the RSS too wants Modi out. Perhaps enough Muslims were not butchered in Gujarat in 2002 and the RSS is no place for a failed pracharak.
Mukul Dube, Delhi

Najma Heptulla
Prof. Saifuddin Soz's statement has rightly characterised the adroit joining of the BJP by Najma Heptulla on the eve of the Rajya Sabha elections as "betrayal of trust and a classic case of political opportunism". In a way this is not a precipitate decision. She had given quite clear indication of her BJP, or rather, RSS political inclinations when she defied the opposition boycott of the inauguration of Sawarkar's portrait in the Central Hall of the Parliament last year led by the Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi.
Bal Patil, Member, Maharashtra State Minorities Commission, Mumbai

Arab rulers plight
The cartoon under caption, "Arab league: Bush rides Arab rulers" (MG, 1 -- 15 June, 2004) has aptly depicted the unfortunate plight of the present Arab rulers. The Arab leaders should ponder deeply over their roles they have been playing in their domestic and international affairs and seek guidance from Allah Ta'ala so that they are rightly guided.Their political and military weakness is exposed to the world as the US and Israel are causing havoc in Palestine and Iraq unabetedly. 
M.H. Rahman, Meghalaya

Ignorant BJP
Silence is golden so it is said, but then either the BJP did not know this or they wanted to prove it wrong. The non-stop speaking duo of M/s Sushma and Uma spoke, and spoke a bit too early for not only their speaking deflated the "origin balloon" but also allowed their "target" to turn the tables on them. Even before Sonia Gandhi could be sworn in as the next Prime Minister the duo raised the origin issue and tried to make it as emotive as possible. Uma gave her resignation papers to the BJP president and Sushma on her part threatened to resign from the Rajya Sabha and further threatened to tonsure her head, wear a white saree, sleep on the floor and eat nuts. The influence on the two for this tamasha was probably due to the presence of a large number of abhinetas and abhinetries in their party, or was it the result of loosing the mental balance due to the shock (defeat).
Sonia gave her opponents the biggest shock of their lives as she stepped back in one of the shrewdest political moves. This one step (backward) made her oponents fall flat on their faces. Those who thought her to be politically immature and one who could be pressurised into taking wrong steps were left stunned. Sonia's one step back elevated her from the position of a videshi bahu to "Mother India" status. Never ever has such a thing happened in the world that a person who is certain to occupy the highest chair gives it up to somebody else. Great gesture or should it be called a unique sacrifice, for in politics every effort is done i.e, yatras organised, riots engineered, sarees distributed, promises made all for the kursi. Have we not witnessed in the past that government was formed for a mere 13 days, if this is not satta ka moh then what is it. In such political atmosphere is a lady whom nobody ever gave a chance of forming the government, shocks one and all by her sacrifice when it comes her way. 

Sonia acted in a more patriotic way than any of the torch-bearers of nationalism. She probably realised that innocent lives would be lost in the surcharged atmosphere, which these "torch-bearers" of nationalism wanted to create, not even giving it the slighest of thought that those who would be killed in the "origin issue" agitation would be their own countrymen.

If Sonia's stepping back from the PM's post was a masterstroke, her choice of candidate for the coveted post was no less than it. Dr Manmohan Singh is a man with a clean image, he is respected not only in the political circle but throughout the country. He is also popular in the business fraternity. He being a non-political person probably is on the same wave length as the Congress President who in spite of heading the oldest political party is equally non-political. His name was then acceptable to all, the congressmen as well as their allies. After the 1984 anti-Sikh riots Sikh community alienated themselves from the Congress Party, but by making a PM from their community the Congress has not only tried to fill-up their wounds but also win them back into its fold, it seems they have succeeded in doing so to a large extent.

Sonia left her Ivory tower and hit the roads much before any other political party could begin its election campaign. Mrs Gandhi toured the interior parts of the country in which the opposition thought to be a road tamasha which would not evoke any response from the crowd, but as the shows went on from one place to the other Mrs Gandhi not only drew huge crowds but in the process rejuvenated her party workers. Her warmth and simplicity touched one and all as she stopped at road side dhabas to have tea. She would leave her vehicle on the road and walk into the interior of the village on foot embracing women, inquiring about their problems, mixing with them as if she was one of them, this approach made her a super hit with the crowd, the results are there for all to see. The people were also touched by the fact that she cared the least, when it came to mixing with the public, she even did not care for the scorching heat of the north India. Her successful road shows was one of the reasons for Mr Advani embarking on his rath yatra ones again.
Abdul Monim, Navi Mumbai

Letters: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

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