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Published in the 1-15 July 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


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Ideologies thrive on destabilisation
Ideologues, whether Communists, Hindutvadis, Capitalists or Islamists, thrive on destabilization as first step to achieve their aims. They are ever ready to first destroy, so that they could rebuild the world in their own image. The new coalition in formation saw the first signs of ideologues spewing fire when Sitaram Yachury, started behaving like typical czar of the new formulation, when Yachury took leave of all discretion and deliberation and shot forth about what the Left will go for as its basic minimum. 
There was nothing new in his pronouncements, except it was not the right time to project their repressed animosity to the Right, when the transition needed a big dollop of calm and cultivated maturity to inspire confidence among the people across the board that the new team would keep the nation’s interest uppermost and not rock the boat as soon as it is docked to take in the new passengers.
Left is making a great show of going through its democratic process, to even say yes to its full commitment to the new coalition and therefore it is all the more amazing that people like Yachury should start off, as if he has the exclusive right to speak on behalf of his party.

Stock market is not all big investors. Time and again, the small investors, pensioners, old retirees have suffered huge losses, in speculations. Left should tread cautiously with its reforms, specially in confronting corruption in the market operations, but its should be aware how sensitive the market is to Yachury type of threats and blanket warnings. The new government is yet to be finalized. But before the situation is stabilized, the verdict of investors to such irresponsible behavior should have been taken into account, when Left found out that it has gained a substantial chunk of numbers and would have to behave in a responsible way to gain confidence of the majority that has not elected them.

Congress and Samajwadi Party
By manifestly ignoring and sidelining Mulayam Singh, Sonia and her advisors are not only rejecting a massive mandate from India’s largest party to Mulayam’s Samajwadi Party, but singularly denigrating UP ‘s Muslim voters’ overwhelming choice to go with Samajwadi Party in preference to Congress, though both remain within the secular grouping. Congress’s UP leaders, themselves ineffectual in gaining the trust of Muslim voters, are playing a condemnable spoiling role in a very crucial coalition attempt to bring in an across the board unanimity within the secular polity.

Even if Mulayam and Congress share the same vote bank in UP, this is no reason to punish the voters of UP who have registered their choice in UP. UP being a crucial state, more like the heart and mind of Indian politics, cannot be so blatantly dealt with by Sonia’s Congress. This is the first sign on insensitivity that has earlier bogged down the old Congress in the past. It was felt that Sonia’s change of heart in welcoming coalition partners, will open a new chapter of consensus politics to match the stability formulae fine-tuned by Vajpayee to achieve the stability that characterized BJP’s one big achievement, after the sad spectacle of merry go round government changes that had completely demoralised the people of India. 

Sonia should not put all her eggs in one basket and rely wholly on the unstinted support of the Left’s 60 MPs. Left itself is very apprehensive, if their party line system of making major decision will fit in with a coalition give and take flexibility required. Left’s senior leader Surjeet himself fully understands the importance of Mulayam, for his bringing in a shade of legitimacy that the elitist Congress now lacks having made no progress in UP. Without bringing in the OBCs, Muslims and other caste groupings, stability of Sonia-led coalition will be very fragile and open to destabilization from the Sangh Parivar opposition, which is already gearing up its campaign against the foreign origin of Sonia Gandhi. 

Sonia has taken a calculated risk by trying her luck as the candidate for Prime Ministership. Without the required majority, she is at the mercy of the 60-member Left group. She had faced instant defeat once before too, when she had ignored Mulayam and went ahead to see the President to offer to form the government without foolproof certainty of her coalition. The same Mulayam factor is still vexing her and unless she falls back on her newly found gift of conviviality to avoid ego games and come to terms with Mulayam factor, her leadership will be very vulnerable and shaky. 

Mulayam and Amar Singh have excellent rapport with Corporate world and could counter balance Left demands by playing a consensus building role. Congress should treat Mulayam as asset rather than a threat to bring in Congress’s lost vote bank, back into the coalition fold.

New democratic fuel urgently required
Slowly Americans begin to see what they're involved with. So, what now? Baker and Botts, Texan law firm, greased US High Court to put the Neo-con regime in power. Now that power is slipping what grease can stay the Neo-cons in power?
The Gulf War. 12 years of UN embargo on Iraq. 11th. Sept. The Iraq War. These are steps in Neo-con/Zionist political engineering - the hijacking of US democracy.
Conspiration! Well-orientated Americans would vehemently deny it - because of the painful truth.

The question is then - will the Neo-cons let power slip into the hands of the opposition come November in gracious democratic order? Or will al Qaeda be ushered in for another spellbinding job? Don't forget, bin Laden is still around. A useful threat to humanity will not be allowed to die just yet. And, thank God, His man is in the White House - the champion of the free world, is on the job.

The political engineering options must incorporate the interests of US oil industry and of Israel. Political synergetics. The interests of US armament industry is basso continuo in US imperialism and is so persistently present that it is hardly ever noticed - not even when they bumped Kennedy off. Howard Hunt, CIA's paymaster, could have set up a booth in the park in Dallas to pay the hit men and the good people of Texas would have thought "oh, it's legitimate".

Another 11th. Sept. in USA will probably make Americans think and therefore it'll backfire. After all, they're a bit hardened by now. But a job in Israel could possibly precipitate a favourable demagogic imperative. It must inhere that incandescent conjunction of shock and outrage and precipitate toward the redeeming reaction.
Officially Zion used 5 - 6 million Jews to create Holocaust. Yet, there were only 360 000 Jews in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1939. Dr. Kastner, the Hungarian Zionist, sold 800 000 Hungarian Jews to Eichmann, yet at the German invasion there were only 380 000 Jews in Hungary. The Zionists cheated Eichmann grossly. They protected him in the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, and when Israel needed him for an international promotion they just picked him up, flew him to Israel and hung him. And all the international political cake wives intoned "halleluja, justice is done" when in fact they murdered one of their faithful servants. In Poland there were maximum 1.1 million Jews after the German invasion. So, where did they get even 5 million from?

The state of Israel must either expand from its present doomed ecological constraints or submit to the realities that as a spurious, ethnic luny bin it has no future. If Israel expands without a glorious pretext to justify it, preferably with hundreds of thousands of neo-Khazars offered on the anti-semitic altar, then the European political cake wives will have to shout out loudly and start the boycott process, or they'll be relegated to the ranks of Arab leaders.

How will al Quaeda handle such a task without their consulting guides becomming too glaring in the homogenous environment of Israel? How about Global Hawk technology again? Or a few three-stage CIA devices, like on Bali? That Libyan Colonel seems to have pre-empted this sort of situation, and come clean. IAEA can virtually testify - "it wasn't Libya done it."

According to the Bible there are divine solutions for the righteous, and for the Chosen Few there are promised saviours, but the time-table is missing.

When the international Jewish glee club supports Israel on Earth it is not out of intuition nor yet based on historical experience. It is entirely motivated by the imperious, ideological dictate of sneaky, ignoble terrorists, who flourish on the illusion of anti-Semitism. Genetics proves that 95 % of Jews in Israel are of Turk-Mongol extraction. Their forefathers never set foot in Palestine.

The Christian world warmly supported the idea of a Jewish homeland - so long as it was'nt on their land. That's just the crux. Cause and effect is morality. Bringing ancient barbary to Palestine is spiritual anachronism. Evolution is a spiritual phenomenon. The more they try to revive past glory the more glaring the barbary becomes. Truth is always written in the spirit and today media parrots the spirit. Can Zion revers spiritual evolution? Only in luny bins.
Kaj Krinsmoe, Abildgade 15,, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

South Asian Realities
Sardar Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India is a Sikh. Sonia Gandhi the Chairperson of the largest governing Congress party of India is a Christian lady and Italian by birth. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (Abul Fakir Zainulabdeen Abdul Kalam) President of India is a Muslim. For the first time in the history of India the Power Centre has shifted from Hindus into the hands of non-Hindus. And, this is what will make things difficult for Pakistan in holding talks with them. Despite the obvious, they will not be able to concede anything how so ever insignificant to improve the Indo-Pak relations, particularly in the case of the core issue of Kashmir. If they do, the radicals there shall instantly dub them as anti-Hindu and anti-India. Musharraf and his team must keep this factor uppermost in their mind while dealing with their new counterparts in India. ! However, there is no point to despair also. Masses on both sides are fed up of belligerency and want peace and harmony in the region. Any steps taken towards poverty alleviation and amelioration of the lot of the masses would automatically open ways and vistas on both sides for the improved relations. Governments on both sides must, therefore, move cautiously in measured steps and continue working to build further CBMs. Patience and perseverance will be the name of the game.
Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi 46000

Protest against harassment of people
Human rights activists in Gujarat are to undertake a movement against harassment of people. The decision has been taken after state authorities troubled Fr. Cedric Prakaash and made allegations against him for indulging in anti-national activities. The human rights activists decided to stage demonstrations in Ahmedabad on June 25 after arranging public meetings in Baroda, Surat, Rajkot and Palanpur. 
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh

What is happening is extremely painful to read... It is not encouraging in the least... not to use stronger language. A very thorough introspection needs to be done by the muslim society and by individual muslims themselves. Outside and symbolic gestures like beards/ burqa... urdu language... 370... mandir masjid... these are all symbolic issues. The real issue must be to wash the muslim mind... Should it be washed in safforn colour ? No. It must be washed in the light of truth... and in the colour of knowledge. For 20 years... muslims must give up politics and devote themselves for INTROSPECTION and social reconstruction... to produce change starting from the GRASS root level. A press statement by Janab X or Janab Y or Janab Z will not change anything. A shaping... re-shaping of the mind is needed. Taste for knowledge.. education... reading.. and writing... must be the agenda. I understand that we have now become a nation of Rickshaw-pullers. So be it. I would rather be a rickshaw-walla... who pulls a rickshaw.. lives in a hut.. but who listens to the news on the radio.. who can read a paper.. who can write.. and who can think. 
Symbolism must be given up. Beard/Burqa/370/Mandir-masjid... are all symbols. The sooner we get rid of it, the better.. and concentrate on the real issue : The shaping / reshaping of the muslim mind. 15 can never be equal to 85. How to sell "sarva-dharma-samabhav" equality of all religions among the 85. How to build a constituency among this 85 %... is the real challenge. How to fight a battle for the mind... against RSS... is the real thing to do. How to save eclectic Hinduism from hate-and-violence filled Hindutva is the real challenge. Otherwise hate-filled Hindutva will bring an end to eclectic Hinduism. Advani and Modi will replace Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Sri. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. How to save India from becoming a Hindu Afghanistan ! is the real challenge.. and how 15 percent muslims of india can help in saving the soul of India.. is the real challenge. 
Gulam Dastagir

Letters: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

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