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Published in the 1-15 July 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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Saharanpur: It is a good sign for Muslims in Saharanpur that their schools are giving good results. An example of it is Sir Syed Montessori School, established 21 years ago. Since its establishment in 1983, the school has given variably 85 to 90 percent marks. Two years ago, Allahabad Board gave it the recognition of a high school. The first batch of high school students have done well. Among the 27 students who appeared in the examinations this year, 9 received first position in all schools and colleges of the district. With 468 marks out of the maximum 600, Shakiba secured first position. Shahnaz succeeded in securing second position followed by Asma Jabin.

Sir Syed Memorial School is situated in a poor and backward locality of the town where illiteracy is rampants. The establishment of the school in such a locality, and moreover, its god performance is a step worth emulating. Effort is now being mode to obtain Allahabad Board’s recognition for inter mediate education.

New Delhi: All India Unani Medical Association convened a meeting to discuss about past performance and future plans of Unani system of medicine here on 15 June. Dr Azad Husain Qasmi, a prominent person of Bengal was the chief guest. The meeting raised concern over discriminatory treatment with Unani doctors. Dr Sarfaraz Nawaz, a senior member of the Association said that a memorandum had been forwarded to the government demanding appointment of doctors in the vacant posts of government hospitals and opening of Unani dispensaries in railway, defence, airport, postals, bank, ESI and other government departments. It has also demanded the government to set up at least one PG college in every state. Dr Nawaz said a wing would be formed soon to solve problems of students.

Aligarh: Urdu language plays a leading role in audio visual script-writing and there is need to increase the number of experts in it, noted story writer Dr Ghazanfar said. He was speaking at the inaugural sessions of a 10-day script-writing programme conducted by Urdu Teaching Research Centre in collaboration with the Department of Journalism and Public Relations, Aligarh Muslim University. Principal of the Research Centre, Dr Ghazanfar said today script-writing is on demand and popularity of TV channels depend to a large extent on script. And, Urdu appears to play a leading role in it, he said. Urdu poet Shahrayar, Shafe Kidwai, Head of the Department of Journalism, Iftikhar Alam, former Director of Sir Syed Academy also spoke on this occasion.

New Delhi: A seminar on Persian scholar Munshi Hargopla Tafta was organised at Ghalib Institute on 19 June. Noted Persian scholar Syed Amir Ahsan Abidi presided over the inaugural session. Former governor of Haryana, Syed Mazaffar Hussain Burney illuminated on the life and services of Tafta. He said Tafta did his poetry in Persian and he produced about 55000 poems. One of the four Deewan’s of Tafta has been lost, he said. Tafta was among the disciples and contemporary poets of Ghalib, he said while stressing the need to bring out his poetry.
It should be noted that Tafta was born in 1799-1800 in a literary family in Sikandarabad town of Uttar Pradesh. He died in 1879, corresponding to 15 Ramadan 1285 AH. Seven litterateurs presented articles a Tafta. The first article won a prize of Rs 5000 and the second of Rs 3000. Two articles were considered for the third prize of Rs 2000 each. The article writers were also awarded certificates.

Saharanpur: According to information of district minority welfare officer, Iqrar Ahmad, State Minorities Finance Corporation has provided the facility of Rs 75000 loan on a 3 per cent interest to minority students for pursuing education. For further information students can contact the office of minorities welfare.

Rajya Sabha member Prof. Saifuddin Soz has condemned Najma Heptullah, deputy chairperson of Rajya Sabha for joining BJP. In a press release, Soz said Najma’s joining BJP would always be seen as a betrayal of trust and a classical case of political opportunism. General public opinion suggests that Najma did the political volte-face for being in the Rajya Sabha for the fifth time. 
Colleagues feel extremely dismayed for her betraying the party, which not only gave her the longest tenure in the Rajya Sabha but also an opportunity at the prestigious Inter-Parliamentary Unit, Soz said. Heptullah’s joining BJP has particularly shocked members of her community, he said. They were further shocked when she refused to comment on Gujarat.
Najma’s joining BJP has yielded one advantage to the society — she has been seen in her true colours, Soz commented.

Mumbai: Muslim girls in Maharashtra, for the last few years, have been coming with flying colours. This change has not come suddenly. While academicians are playing their role, mothers at home are a good support. In the post-Mumbai riots Muslims in this economic city of Mumbai have understood the value of education, so have their sons and daughters. Girls now want to pursue higher education and be financially independent. Take the case of Tasneem Udaipurwala from H.R. College. She scored 86.67 per cent marks making herself in the merit list. Tasneem wants to be an MBA and financially independent before her marriage. She is not the lonely girl. There are many Muslim girls who have secured more than 80 per cent marks and are now pursuing education in diverse academic fields.

Aligarh: To promote games and sports, a Germany made Robot Bong TT machine was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Naseem Ahmed here at Stretchy Hall on 21 June. AMU is the first Indian university to have this machine. So far, the machine was available only at Meerut Academy.
Speaking on this occasion, Naseem Ahmad said along with education special attention should be paid on sports as sports played an important role in personality development. There are various sports facilities in the university and students should avail of them, he said.

Aligarh: Parcham Party of India organised a sit-in protesting against US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and abuse of prisoners by US and allied forces in Abu Ghraib and other jails in Iraq here at the Collectorate on 4 June. Leaders of Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities took part in the protest (photograph below). 
Party president Saleem Peerzada accused the US president for his hidden agenda of crusade against Islam. A memorandum was presented to the district administration to be forwarded to the president of India, demanding Indian government to rise up and speak against US hegemony. The memorandum reads that people’s uprising against the occupying forces in Iraq has been intensified and thus the legal and moral justification for waging war offered by the US and UK has already been crumbled.  

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