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Published in the 1-15 July 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Recent events

As usual the old war-horse Vajpayee made his usual musings at Manali, who could not control himself at losing of PM's post. He said in front of camera (he cannot deny, in the past he denied though) that Modi should be ousted. Later on he was trying to trivilize it, as usual, that it was a fight amongst themselves (Sangh Parivar members). He did not remove butcher of Gujarat Modi when he had the power. Now he is overpowered by RSS lobby. How sad such a man was leading this country from the front. This was the man who went on changing his statements as he was old and he could not remember anything, in the same way he forgot some lines of his Hindi poetry in Manali. There is no doubt that BJP lost elections because of its communalism. I had written that if BJP removes its Hindutwa plank, it can win elections. Misguided imams and moulanas like Bukhari and Waheeduddin Khan supported this pucca RSS man They owe an explanation to Muslims. I never thought great scholar like Maulana Waheeduddin Khan would do such things like Najma Heptullah, who joined this party after it was removed from power. Poor Najma, who does not know that whatever sympathy Muslims have for her has been lost when she crossed the limit. She is out and out a selfish woman. Vajpayee's status as a stateseman and right man in the wrong party etc. is the creation of media. Except his rhetoric, he does not know anything on any subject. He is neither an economist, nor a humanist, nor a scientist. We have now a scientist in Kalam and an economist in Manmohan Singh.

Computer savvy Naidu lost elections which was the greatest shock of his life. How can the people forgive him for his joining communal forces and jettisoning people's faith in the secular credentials? It was because of his support that BJP could rule the country for about five years. He was culprit no.1 and was aptly punished. He will never come back to power if he does not change.

Advani's rath yatra did not bring him any dividend either. He was hoping to grab the post of PM at least this time. But the wise people of India, rejected communal politics. His dreams crashed. He can now go for vanaprastha.

As regard to noise of Opposition regarding tainted ministers, I totally agree with the speaker Chatterjee when he said that Judiciary should expedite settlement of all cases against all MPs and ministers. If ministers have to resign from Parliament, MPs also should follow suit. PM Manmohan cannot be blamed but the legal system and constitution for this imbroglio. Laloo has been charged not convicted. In that case, how could it be that similarly chargesheted man could become MP and then Dy PM and a woman could be CM? He along with Uma, Joshi are responsible for the demolitioon of Babri masjid and consequent killings in which thousands of Muslims lost their lives. They are more terrible than Laloo. They should not be spared and absolved of their crimes agaisnt humanity. Modi should also get punishment for his role in the Gujarat pogrom. 
Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

Pandit Atal Behari Vajpayee took twenty-seven months to come out with the view that N. Modi, who was Chief Minister of Gujarat at the beginning of 2002 and still holds that position, should have been sacked after the genocide in that state. Had this so-called statesman formed this view on moral or constitutional grounds, he would have acted on it immediately: after all, he was Prime Minister at the time. Coming today, his words are clearly based on cynical afterthought: "the Opposition had politically manoeuvred the issue", he said (Hindu, 14 June 2004). When N. Modi is removed and that will happen soon enough it will not be on account of his criminal role in the planned and organised "riots", instead, the BJP will attribute his removal to opposition to him within its Gujarat wing, a normal development in a party run on democratic lines by a dictator sitting in a city in Vidarbha. There is also the danger that someone will notice that while the Parivar makes a ruckus about "tainted" ministers, its own blue-eyed boy has been roundly criticised by the Supreme Court and is not considered quite human by millions of people.
Mukul Dube, Delhi

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