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Published in the 1-15 July 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Indecent and foolish talk brought the BJP down

Following is a translation of an article written by a famous Gujarati journalist; translated for MG by S. Akhtar. It was published on May 20 in the Vadodra edition of daily Gujarat Samachar.

Novelist Joseph Heler had written Catch Twenty Two in 1961 wherein he had said: "You, in order to win a war, spend your moral capital, your willpower and your physical, mental and financial abilities to such an extreme extent that, looking to this degradation, one is inclined to say that ‘it is better that you fail in this war.’ "The real track should be losing the war."

Luckily for India, the BJP played every trick to win the elections. It spent away all of its moral capital and yet it could not win. Joseph Heler had said that some wars are such that defeat is more useful in them. Unfought defeat has proved powerful in my own private life. Every businessman, or man or woman, after winning in private fight, begins to be gloomy from the day he wins in that dispute. The gloom starts for Sonia Gandhi from this day.

Napoleon Bonaparte had, in 1812, after defeating brave Russian soldiers in Boradino ordered the release of the captive soldiers saying, "After victory, there are no enemies, only human beings." Woodrow Wilson taught the philosophy of how man should be humble after winning a war. Man must learn it. The winner should become humble and increase his faith in God. He must repent over the failure of his machinations.

Let us see what is being done by those in India who were constantly singing the songs of Indian thought and culture hypocritically. What these BJPwalas are now doing goes like this.

In his Lucknow meeting, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had said, "Rajneeti chalaana bachchon ka khel nahin hai" (Politics is not an easy task). But Atalji! What BJP politicians are doing with your blessings? Do you call it children’s play? Was their wholesale corruption a child’s play?! As you yourself did not play a fair game, now, see the children’s play. The game of old people has now ended. Yes, it was you, who had flung a fellow like Govindacharya into gutter. Now you have cleansed the dirt from his body and prepared him to start a movement against Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin. Now you are, with your toothless mouth, staring at this game from behind a curtain. Now only this has remained for the aged, old fellows like Vajpayee, Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi. You are talking about the lady of foreign origin. Have you not then seen what the fully India-origined desi women in power are doing in the secret bylanes of Delhi? It is due to such hidden adulteries that the BJP remained in the dark and lost the election. Instead of hurling stones at Sonia, the BJPwalas should make an introspection.

After losing power, Sushma Swaraj does not have any portfolio. She should compare herself with the character of Sonia Gandhi. She may take the help of George Fernandes if necessary. We know only the character of Sonia Gandhi. The lady of foreign origin has, ever since the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, remained in India. After the assassination of Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi’s death, she suffered terrible harassment from Maneka Gandhi, which was a mental torture indeed. Again, ever since the time of elections, for the last two and a half months she and her two pearl-like children Rahul and Priyanka have been continuously insulted by Narendra Modi and all BJP people. Only a certain four letter word is left to be hurled. A foreign-born lady had married an Indian and then became a widow. She protected her chastity like a Tapasvini (God worshipping woman) and bore all the loose talk in an unbelievable manner. She got more votes than the BJPwalas. If some fellows, by calling her of foreign origin, are trying to cover their weakness, impotence and failure and also getting perverted pleasure, it does not behove those who sing songs of Hindutva. They had full five years at their disposal. Had they worried about public grievances and served people with integrity, Sonia would not have been seen even at the horizon.

Make inquiries into the misdeeds of some sindoor-bearing women and tilakwala men in the BJP. When the scrolls of their misdeeds will be opened in God’s court in the Hereafter, the Dharmaraja will also be confused as to which corner of Hell should such fellows be flung. The fact is that Pramod Mahajan intoxicated Vajpayee and Sushma Swaraj also took a prasad from it. They were sure that Sonia’s Congress would not get even a hundred seats in the parliament. Yet, after seeing Sonia’s popularity, they raised the issue of foreign origin. Vajpayee had also joined this bandwagon. Vajpayee & Co. had made fifteen television channels bark like crows round-the-clock against Sonia’s foreign origin. Voters all over the country had heard these barkings. Yet people voted for Sonia. Why? 

Why did they throw you BJPwalas away lock, stock and barrel, even after looking at the exit polls of AaajTak and India Today? Sushma Swaraj is an illegitimate parliamentarian. Even Govinda would have defeated her in Bombay. People voted for Sonia only because you parroted non-stop the names of Sonia, Priyanka and Rahul.

You, BJP people must have a feeling of respect for the voters of India who have picked up and thrown away stones from BJP grains. The public was so angry that they would tolerate a satan ruling over them but not Hindutva hypocrites. 

After people rejected them, the BJP people have become restless that, having acquired the habit of power-intoxication, they are madly trying to capture power even by resorting to mischief and mannerlessness. That is why the impotent BJPwalas have made a one-time thrown away Shuddh-Hindi babbler Govindacharya, to bark against a democratically elected leader. Have the problems of poverty, unemployment, rising prices, housing and water been solved in this country that you are up to raise a movement against Sonia’s foreign origin? Had the BJP handled these basic problems for five years and had they not indulged in corruption and in arranging feasts, no woman or man of foreign origin could have come to power. But Vajpayee was carried away by the analysis of India Today and the flatteries of Pramod Mahajan.

The advent of Sonia Gandhi is the result of BJP’s five-year sins.
"Too agar mera nahin banta na ban, apnaa to ban." Make introspection. Now the BJP workers and the intoxicated powerseekers should move in lanes as per past culture for full five years until Sonia’s raaj (rule) becomes weak. They should evaluate the 30000 million rupees spent in election politics and the 178 lives lost in it. If you will not do it, your only friends will be the 100 hour telecast of Prabhu Chawla’s Aaj Tak channel and merely a hundred reporters will be your bogus-friends. People have now no interest in andolans (agitations). They require some hamdam, hamsafar and hamdard (friends and sympathisers) in their hardships. Had the BJP entertained the people as they did the butter-eaters of TV channels, no one would have thought of Sonia.
If Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitely, Pramod Mahajan, Uma Bharati and Advani had taken the name of Rama as many times as they took the name of Sonia during the last two months, BJP would not have to see the bad days and they would not have to use an eunuch to beat Sonia as was the case with Bhishm in Mahabharat.

The AaajTak channel gave the biggest coverage to Govindacharya last Sunday. It is hoped that AaajTak will not have charged BJP for the half an hour telecast on 16 May!! Govindacharya was thrown away like dirt in a pit of dung by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Thereafter, who gave him a Ganga-bath to start a movement against Sonia? It will not require a deep inquiry. We know about the Ramnaam hypocrisy of the old people.

Elizabeth Rubin an American journalist had, with reference to Afghan politics, used a phrase: When a she elephant comes on heat, what happens? She raises much disruption and disorder." Today, Sushma Swaraj, Uma Bharati plus Govindacharya plus all other she elephants have come on heat. The Shuddh Sanskritised Hindi-speaking (like Bhadrambhadra) Andhra Pradeshi scholar Govindacharya is M.Sc. Lal Krishn Advani wanted to become prime minister overtaking Vajpayee. He prepared a brigade of five angry young people for this purpose, they had helped Advani for five years. They are Pramod Mahajan, Narendra Modi, Govindacharya, Venkaiah Naidu and Sushma Swaraj. During those five years they got so much importance that all of them began to visualise dreams of becoming prime ministers themselves. People’s anger in 2004 dashed their dreams. All these five, including Govindacharya, are experts in the art of barking. Vajpayee saw the situation of "Meri billi mujhko Miyaaoon!" So Vajpayee hurled Govindacharya into a gutter.

Before this, Govindacharia had been impressing unintelligent Delhi journalists with his lustful babling. Pramod Mahajan arranged foreign tours for journalists giving them a lot of comforts and temptations. Narendra Modi tried to overtake Venkaiah Naidu in barking like a donkey. Sushma Swaraj, using her female face and sweet words was fooling Fernandes. Thus the barking-babling of Govindacharya stepped up and after he was driven out, another barking lawyer called Arun Jaitely was brought in. Only because of these bablings Sonia came to power.

I wrote this article on Monday, 17 May. Thereafter, on Tuesday at 4 o’clock in the afternoon I got the news that due to the pressure of Rahul and Priyanka and their fear for her life, Sonia decided not to become prime minister. If this is true, then Sonia has shown a political wisdom and thrown cold water on the dirty political tricks of the BJP. People have known the dirty ways of the leaders like Dhrutrashtra.

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