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Published in the 1-15 June 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Sikander Bakht and controversy of Azad's heir. I am overwhelmed reading such knowledgeable article and unbiased descriptions regarding Sikander Bakht and controversy of Azad's heir. Please accept my heartfelt good wishes for such nice stories.
Som Datta Sharma, Ph.D.

Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi has once again dwarfed the so called stalwarts. She has come out not just triumphant but more dignified and graceful than ever before. Her conduct is exemplary and proves her patriotism for India beyond doubt. As always however, and quite predictably too, BJP and its likes in their pettiness have forced the Indian Nation to lose a great chance in making history and setting an example in unity for the world to follow. Why can`t we Indians for once shed our insecurities and take decisions independent of what Americans or Europeans do? I think Sonia Gandhi becoming India`s PM would have given India unparalleled honor the world over, though it would not be the first time that a person born in a foreign land rises to hold the highest political office in another country. Maldives is an example already.
Zohra Javed, Allahabad 

Congress must keep its promises 
The mandate of people has come as a shock to the BJP-led NDA coalition. It shows that the ‘feel good’ factor and ‘India Shining’ slogans of BJP did not work. People voted according to their conscience. In Gujarat the Congress gained in those areas which were most affected during post-Godhra riots in 2002. Now Congress government is at Centre and it must protect the minorities, regain communal harmony and work for the nation’s interest as promised by it.
Md. Khalid Ahmed,
Andhra Pradesh

“You are all due to die very soon”
I recently read your article in regards to the situation in Gujarat, your report is totally riddled with inacuracies, is there any proof whatsoever that the Hindus that were killing muslims were aided by the police and other ministers?? How dare you critise the BJP by saying they are extreemists and fascists, the BJP provides Hindus with the strength and security we need in a world where muslims are causing havoc!!

If you are being treated unfairly then there is no reason for you to complain about it, what you need to do is move to Bangladesh or Pakistan as this is the very reason they were born, Islamic countries. Leave India immediately as muslims are trash that are no longer wanted, your lives are not safe in India as the great Bharat desh is slowly moving to become a Hindu country no longer secular.

Muslims aught to be killed they are a menace to society and to India, Gujarat is in tension because of muslims, yuo brought this on yourselfs, if the 60 Hindu passengers hadnt been killed on the train then it would not have come to this. Hindus are worth 100 muslims which is why we went on the rampage and killed so many of your people.

India is predominantly Hindu which explains why anti Hindu propaganda will not be tolerated and who ever dares to corrupt Hinduism will be terminated we want all muslims and christians dead
Dharmesh Agravat
[received at 00.23 am, 17 May 2004]

screw the muslims they are trash, I am proud to be pro Hindu, pro RSS BJP VHP these are organisations that will protect Indians and more importantly Hindus, congress are suckers with a christian leader they are unable to be the true indian party. 

Gujarat is Indias religious Identity Gujarat is Hindu, we are not going to take the muslim bullshit here as other states do. Speak back to a Hindu and you will be murdered. I am enquiring to send a hit squad to your Delhi office as your paper is overwhelmingly anti Hindu and you are no longer wanted so you are all due to die very soon.
India needs to BOMB mecca DURING hajj!!!
Dharmesh Agravat
[received at 00.29 am, 17 May 2004]

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Lust for power led to the defeat of NDA
Mr A.B. Vajpayee became the Prime Minister of India for the first time in 1998 for thirteen days and the second time for thirteen months only. He could have completed the full term of the thirteenth Lok Sabha but he dissolved it nine months earlier. The poor nation has been put to loss in billions for the election s which were not yet due. Millions in India live a life of poverty. Vajpayee and company’s lust for a two-third majority or at least a simple majority led them to a disastrous end. 
M. I. Ansari , Bhiwandi

Hats off to Jethmalani
Mr Jethmalani must be praised for opposing the viciousness of former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee and condemning him so aptly by saying that Vajpayee surpassed crocodiles in shedding false tears and chameleons in changing colours.
S. Akhtar, Delhi

Abu Ghraib Prison
I am getting a doubt if these pictures have been deliberately taken and released in small doses to humiliate, embarrass, insult, demoralise and shame the Arab world. How can you explain 1200 pictures kept in Pentagon to
be shown secretly to Senators. I think the whole thing is a big game plan and everybody was aware of it. The Arab world is being fooled to believe that these are acts of few undisciplined soldiers and has not got the approval of higher authorities. Behind closed doors they must be having a good laugh how they have fooled the world. I would like to have your comments.
M.Z.Chida, Chennai 

Editor: Yes, this may be a possibility as US establishment which has not disowned yet its grandiose global plan, may want to send a message to would-be resisters. Images of Saddam frightened many especially Qaddafi who capitulated so easily.

Beheading Berg
Cold blooded murder of Mr. Berg by some Iraqis was simply preposterous. No amount of its condemnation by the saner element the world over would be enough or could provide the bereaved family with even an iota of solace or compensation for their irreparable loss. Though the crime was most heinous and highly deplorable, unfortunately it came in the wake of extremely inhumane and abusive treatment meted out to the helpless Iraqi prisoners by the US army, which bewildered most nations of the world and infuriated and incensed the Iraqis in particular. And, Berg fell a victim to the circumstances, as they say. Ironically, his unfortunate death could not have been more opportune for the coalition occupation forces in Iraq to cash upon and shift the focus of the world attention from Abu Ghraib to Islamic Jihadis. In that they have not only succeeded in overshadowing the prisoners’ abuse but are also giving the Berg episode a new dimension. Articles like "The Sacred Muslim Practice of Beheading" by Andrew G. Bostom have started appearing in the print and electronic media of the west, in which the writer without giving any rationale of the circumstances obtaining currently in Iraq, attributes the beheading to Berg’s being ‘an infidel Jew’!! The article also not only equates killing of Daniel Pearl last year in Pakistan as a part of the same sacred practice of beheading the Jews, but goes much beyond that to the times of Mughal Emperor Babur and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordering beheading of the tribe of Qurayza in the 7th century. I think such provocative and one-sided journalism will serve no purpose in ! promoting world peace. I am sure even a layman in any street ! of the world will vouch that late Berg was not beheaded for being a Jew, nor was Daniel Pearl. As a matter of fact their illiterate captives could hardly differentiate between a white Jew, an American , a British or even a German or a Greek! Why raise now this question of some one being a Jew and on top of it making him ‘An Infidel Jew’ in the writing. As far as the infidelity of a Jew or for that matter anyone else’s is concerned, let me please quote from Qura’n’ "Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians and Sabians, whoever believes in Allaah and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (Quran 2:62; also 5:69)." May Berg and Pearl souls rest in peace in heavens, ameen.

Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi

Who are the private contractors?
Howard Dean, the US Democratic party’s early favourite for 2004 presidential nomination race, while interviewed by Tim Sebastian on BBC’s Hard talk, spoke of President Bush’s obsession to privatize security forces. That points to a still untold story of how much Israeli security agencies have been involved in sneaking into Iraq, under the cover of ‘security contractors’ and taking out their own hate agenda on Iraqi people. 

There is nothing secret about Israel’s specializing in all different sectors of waging war around the world. From planning, strategizing, to supplying of state of art armament systems and backup facilities and personnel for specialized security management, Israel has been the biggest marketer of the whole array of real war games in the real world. 

It is suggested that the 4 private security men so violently attacked, burned and showcased by an enraged crowd near Faluja, suffered their fate, as they were mistaken to be Jews/Israelis masquerading as private contract security agents. People are further convinced that Israelis have penetrated Iraq, under the tutelage of the US armed forces, when the US revenge to the four killed, was so disproportioned and poisoned as to take the lives of 600 innocent civilians of Faluja. It was classic Israeli asymmetric style honed against Palestinians.
Bush /Cheney /Rumsfeld /Wolfowitz gang has much to account for their highly personalized conduct of war against Iraqi people, misusing their unchallenged democratic credentials within their own country.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Don't get us really pissed off!
The current movement by Middle East Muslims to destroy their countries and their security is a travesty of human endeavor. If the US were truly anti-Muslim, they would have employed military means that would have shocked the world. Instead, American soldiers and some allies are enduring terrible hardship in the rescue if Iraq and Afghanistan. As an American taxpayer, I see this as a terrible waste of money. I don't especially give a rat's ass about you. I think we should be looting your country and taking everything we can get. The only reason for war is the acquisition of territory or assets, and we certainly don't want your godforsaken country.

I implore the American government and it's populace to just destroy the central Middle East area. We have the weapons, and the will. To continue this unforgiving task is to risk the lives and wellbeing of American Citizens. I don't care about Iraqis, Afghans, Saudis, Jordanians, Syrians, Pakistanis or anyone else that we have to deal with.

We'll leave you jerks alone, we'll bring our troops back home, but warn you that any further transgressions will involve the most effective of our own WMD's.

Do you really want to mess with a determined USA? I think not. We've just been nice to you so far. Don't get us really pissed off!
Nigel Home 

The Greatest Executive Fool
Ineluctably it must be said - "the real problem" is not that the greatest executive fool ever occupies the White House, but that Americans can't "see" it. The neo-con leadership has brought American democracy and it's mythical moral imperatives to a very shameful situation. What are they who stretch the Bible to fit their politics? Are Americans entirely conditioned by media-Foxes?
As yet there is no indication that Americans are learning from their snake-pit involvement with these neo-con gangsters, who are entirely products of the Zionist think-tanks and the mainstream media, and who have no grass-root connections whatever. It is clear that Americans have no idea of, or respect for, what indigenous culture is. They are themselves the products of shemozzle.
In the wild west the rustlers also drove the cattle to the slaughter house, but they didn't call it Pax Americana.

Ecstatic political cake-walkers took Americans for a ride. But no amount of advanced atom bombs can induce respect or a favourable world opinion.
Kaj Krinsmoe, Abildgade, Denmark

US aims in Iraq
The world believes that America and its allies attacked Saddam's Iraq because they wanted to control the oilfields of the second largest oil rich nation, but the ( naked ) truth is that the Iraqis under the tyrant Saddam were beaten, tortured and maimed and America which cannot stand injustice being committed on the people of the world by others, attacked Iraq to liberate its people. The liberation process is still going on.

Americans and their allies are still busy liberating the Iraqis without even caring for their own lives. These "ungrateful" Iraqis are on the other hand targetting their liberators. Are the Americans not totally responsible for liberating the souls from the bodies of thousands of Iraqis including women and children, liberating them permanently from all their worries and hardships? Did the Americans not risk their lives in protecting the oil fields even as there was total chaos in the rest of Iraq. Did the American soldiers not help their agents, by standing firm (like a statue) and allowing them to wipe out the "past" from the National museum, ancient menuscripts and antique pieces which were but a hurdle on the road to progress and advancement of the people of Iraq, for Iraq like India lives in its past glory and is very much emotionally attached to it. The Iraqis had to be "liberated" from their past and the best way was to wipe out all those things that were associated with it i.e. history, culture, priceless menuscripts and antiques. 

The Iraqis had to be "taught" the advanced way of life that the Americans and the Europeans lead, and because they are a conservative lot they had to be taught the western culture in isolation, no better place than a prison cell. They are being made to change their food habits which now consists of pork and liquor. To be called modern and advanced one has to shed his/her clothes, and Iraqis being honourable people are finding this very hard, but then Americans are a professional outfit and their army consists of people who are "specialists" in this field. The Iraqis are made to walk one all fours with a strap round the neck (just like a dog ) but then this is American way of expressing love, for in America a dog is loved more than human beings (has anybody ever seen an American discriminate between a black coloured dog or a brown dog or a white dog).

The aim of the Americans is not just a change in the regime but a total transformation of this conservative country into a western one.Sadly, the world in general and Iraq in particular don't understand this and are resisting the "efforts" of the selfless Americans tooth and nail.. 
Abdul Monim, Vashi \ 

On Milli Gazette / Muslim India
Memory fades away. Muslim memory is too forgetful. A community with a glorious historical past and an unblemished record of many a good precedents is being neglected. The negligence does not come only from the corridors of power. Muslims by and large throughout the world are themselves largely responsible for their present plight. They start thumping their chests over sporadic developments and small bits of progress. They are more accountable for their pitfalls. They prefer to overlook at the decline of their community, and boast about the success of a few countable figures like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Najma Heptullah, Azim Hasham Premji or the likes of Bollywood actors Shah Rukh and Salman Khan. They even forget that these cut-offs from the rest of society, with sui generis nature are not the children of their collective labour. Rather, they have worked hard to achieve remarkable positions in their respective domain. 

Closure of a publication like Muslim India, edited for the last two decades by Syed Shahabuddin was a glaring example of Indian Muslims' apathy. The purpose behind these recording of events in the monthly journal was not to decorate Muslim houses or their libraries. This was done to take lessons from past blunders so as not to replicate them in future and to avert collective collateral damage. Instead of lamenting over the past woes and accusing others for all the grievances, Muslims need to surge ahead with an indomitable spirit, a high ambition and an indefatigable endeavour like the Japanese, the Germans and the neighbouring Chinese. History repeats itself. Muslims need to perceive their problems and seek their solution in their historic and holistic perspective.
The new Muslim India, under the able guidance of another committed member of the society calls attention of the Muslim community. The new editor of MI, Dr ZafaruI-Islam Khan, already burdened with the printing and production of The Milli Gazette, is an awe-inspiring figure of Indian Muslims. In his early 50s, Dr Sahab needs support and an active and dedicated team of young generation to carry forward the twin publications. Lip services won't serve any purpose. Muslims should come forward to provide him necessary support – moral, physical, financial, academic and intellectual. Any further inaction on the part of Muslims may weaken Dr Sahab's spirit and compel him to take a decision to close down Muslim India, maybe this time for good. 
Manzar Imam, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi


Thanks for publishing The Milli Gazette and Muslim India. The expression ‘Muslim India’ is very confusing, specially to non-Muslims. Majority of the people are not competent enough to understand its meaning. In post offices also this expression creates much problem. I think ‘Indian Muslim’ will be a more appropriate expression or name.

Further, some very important, informative and useful articles are published in Urdu newspapers to which non-Muslims have no access. It would be better if such articles are translated into English and then published in The Milli Gazette and Muslim India, together with their references so that non-Muslims also could have access to these.
Shaji A., Bangalore (Karnataka)

Open letter to AR Sherwani
I do not have Mr. Sherwani's address and hence this open letter to him. In The Milli Gazette of 16-31 August on page 15 he writes in the last paragraph of his letter to Syed Shahabuddin, the most sincere, dedicated and honest leader of Muslims, "And if any more Muslim life is yet to sacrificed for Babri Masjid, let it be the life of some champion of Babri Masjid, not the life of some poor Nathoo, Buddhoo, Khaira."

Let Mr Sherwani know that all the Muslims support every Muslim leader who is championing the cause of Babri Masjid. We, poor Nathoo, Buddhoo, Khaira, would rather sacrifice our life to save the life of all these leaders who are championing the cause of Babri Masjid. We respect and love our political and religious leaders barring those who are seeking peace through total and abject surrender to Hindutva bigots. You give them one mosque and they will demand another till 3000 are given to them. After that they will demand taking over of your Madrasahs. 
Md. Iqbal S. Sheikh, Solapur (Maharashtra)

I am a undergraduate student from Kashmir. I am a new reader of your newsmagzine.I would like to congratulate you for providing some best articles in your newsmagzine. The writeup on ''Quran and science'' was a thought-provoking and a really commendable article. I hope you will carry much more articles on this subjecct in the future as well.
Majid Maqbool Bhat, Srinagar 

Advaniji's hint to intelligence agencies?
It has been observed that whenever and wherever any explosion or bomb blast takes place anywhere in India, the Union Home Minister while reacting swiftly, rushes to the conclusion beforehand and declares that the blast happens to be the handiwork of certain organisations engaged in disruptive activities within the country.
It is to be noted that since the day LK Advani had taken over the charge of the very important portfolio of home ministry as its head, the graph of explosions and bomb blasting has considerably risen.
It is not justifiable that the most important minister like Mr Advani after each bomb blast, quickly hurls statement by naming and holding responsible certain organisations responsible for the happenings without waiting for the Intelligence report which prima facie appears to be a signal to the investigating authority to move in this particular direction without peeping into other possibilities.
Faheemuddin, Dutt Nagar, Nagpur

Doubts over soft drinks
Hastily given clean chit to soft drinks by the government has raised following points: While packaged water has been made a standard reference for impurities, the maximum permissible limits of pesticide, etc. has not been declared. Defending the quality of their products Coke & Pepsi official have joined hands in categorically stating exactly same purity for products marketed in India as elsewhere. Is the health ministry in agreement with these officials (Coke & Pepsi)? Why much emphasis is being laid on popularizing these unhealthy aerated drinks? Why efforts are not being made to make available pure "Milk" throughout the country?
Dr. Salman Sultan, Shibli National College, Azamgarh (UP)

Sonia an Italian had to teach Indian politicians few lessons in Vasudhaivakutumbakam and Nishkamya Karma. She renounced the position of power with no pressure from any source except the rabid communalists in BJP. She has picked up the right choice in Manmohan. He would attract every one by his cool temperament and statesmanly approach to problems. Now we have a scientist as President and an economist in Manmohan Singh. India will now start shining. Hatred and divisive policies of RSS would have spell doom to India and Indian civilization. God has truly saved our motherland from the clutches of merchants of hatred.
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai
Aboobakr Thwahir <>

Any clues?
I want to find out more about the origin of Khan familiesliving in Bihar, especially in the Darbhanga estate (more specifically in the village known as Bayla or Bella).
Hyder Ali Khan

Sangma's politics of hate
It is a sorry state of affair that Mr Purno Agitok Sangma is talking in the tone of BJP leaders. It seems he is much worried about the so-called infiltration problem in the Northeast. According to a statement in Hindustan Times of September 27, he has gone to the extent of fearing about the presence of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. He may be having some political rivalry with the Congress, but he is not supposed to make use of rusted weapons of BJP to fight with the Congress by maligning Muslims. 
It may be that some Bangladeshi Muslims or Hindus might have come to India to settle here. Being a Christian and serving as speaker of Parliament it does not suit Mr Sangma to show such a myopic mind. The holy Bible says all human beings are the progeny of Adam and Eve. It is their right to select and reside in any part of the world. 
In Assam there are large tracts consisting of forest and hilly lands. If they come and develop the lands it will be beneficial to all the countrymen. The God, if He is believed in by Sangma will shower the rain of mercy and stop hurricanes, floods and other natural calamities, which we are facing frequently.
By such lackluster and damp squib statements Mr Sangma will not boost his political career. He should think of doing some concrete service to Northeast. and eschew hateful political ventures.
Md. Rahmatulla Sherif 
President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind 
Northeast Zone, Guwahati (Assam)

Do not curb polygamy
In the murder case of Madhumita Shukla, the CBI is doing its job sincerely. We should hope that the culprits would be caught and punished. The punishment should be a lesson to all such elements in the society. In the prevailing conditions I think the jurisdiction of the CBI should be extended to the extent that they can check illicit relations of VIPs and political elite.
Man is by nature polygamist. Earlier, it were the Nawabs, now ministers, and rich person have the privilege to keep more than one wife. We should not curb polygamy. If this norm is objected we will have more cases. Just see the plight of Miss Shukla. How forlorn the parents feel after loosing their charming daughter?
Dr. Abdul Hameed 
Hedayetpur, Guwahati (Assam)

ASI Report not valid or binding
The ASI final report says that a temple-like structure had existed beneath Babri Masjid site. In the ASI's earlier 3 interim reports submitted to the court it had denied any evidence of a temple. Many eminent archaeologists and historians like Suraj Bhan, D Mandal, Ashok Das, RC Thakur, B Sahu, Irfan Habib and Shirin Ratnagar have questioned the veracity and validity of final report and termed it "archaeologically incorrect", "self-contradictory", "vague", "absurd", "farcical", "politically-motivated", etc.
Dr. Ashok Das, Archaeologist of Kolkata University has said that he was present through out the excavations and nothing was found to prove the existence of a temple. Five noted historians and archaeologists including Prof Suraj Bhan have opined that the structures referred to in the final ASI report are of a Sultanate period mosque. The report has neglected finding of a big Mehrab of mosque with Arabic inscriptions. The report has also ignored the recovery of animal bones-pieces in every layer of trenches which is proof enough that the site was inhabited by non-vegetarians i.e. Muslims. The report has also neglected the findings of graveyards and human skeletons which prove Muslim habitation. The ASI officers refused to conduct Carbon-Dating on human skeletons and on animal bones. Hence the ASI report is neither valid nor binding.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Azad Ward, Bhandara

The Show must go on
The show is common denominator for Americans. That’s why the show must go on.
It’s all a show. The pros keep it going. Desperately, Americans are attached to freedom, and to the show. Without the show, what would freedom be?
The show is redeeming bull. By old-world standards it’s mad, but Americans are advance guards, protectors of the bull, freedom, and human rights.
"The Four Freedoms" slung to the four corners of the world, are the stepping stones for earth-devouring freedom lovers. Truth is sophisticated by devils, weapons and the redeeming show. Presidents most, are just the puppets of political expediency and players on the public stage. The show must go on. 
Stop howling about the lack of WMD in Iraq. Mass destruction weapons in Iraq "will" turn up - in time for the next presidential election in USA. The pros never fail. The show must go on. 
All eyes are drawn to the Iraq front stage where American soldiers are being murdered. Who’s reporting from behind the scenes? When WMD do turn up mainstream media will make millions and the show will race on. And when impartial investigations come forth, the President is already elected. And the show will go on.
nd any doubt about the presidential election? High Court will put the show on. The show …. Freedom … must go on. There never was a hero without redeeming attachments. God’s own puts it on. Rejoice, rejoice and relax. The show … 
Blood for oil is a great opportunity. The club is in Washington, DC. The Four Freedoms must go on. Worldly stepping stones for yahoos. Good for business, good for politics and good for freedom. Like in Jesus-marketing, making the blind see is the real stuff for making believe. In thee we trust. 
In truth we believe, though sophisticated by devils. The redeeming show must go on. The New World order is an ancient gimmick. The show crushes all doubts. Truth must prevail. 
The freedom hustlers cut truth to fit all - misfits too. World harmony is our business. We use chaos to show up the need for freedom. Believe US, it’s for your own good. US and the world. You can’t miss US. 
Kaj Krinsmoe , Aarhus, Denmark

On the latest leg of his now unceasing Bharat Darshan, Mr. L. K. Advani has said that last year's violence in Gujarat was "an aberration". In this he merely repeated what Mr. A. B. Vajpayee had said in New York on 14 September 2002. Neither explained what this meant, neither related it to Gujarat's long history of communal violence or to the meticulous planning which went into the violence which followed Godhra. The words were an empty gesture. The gentlemen were brushing aside an annoying fly. Mr. Advani went on to say that Gujarat's fair image would not be allowed to be "tarnished by propaganda". I am sure the man understands that propaganda is lies, while what hundreds of observers have said of Gujarat's State-sponsored pogrom of 2002 is no more than the truth. He is clearly seeking to protect his protege Modi, himself, and their foul "parivar". Despite the Supreme Court's recent castigation of Modi's government, Muslims in Gujarat continue to be harassed and humiliated and to be deprived of their rights and their means of livelihood. Will Mr. Advani tell us if this is the "fair image" which needs protection? Saint Dracula? Ravana the Beneficent?
Mukul Dube, Delhi

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