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Published in the 1-15 June 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Which career suits me best?

With this issue we are starting a new column on career guidance which some of our readers have been demanding for some time. Your suggestions and feedback will help make this column more useful (ed.)

What is a career? This question, when asked to students / parents, a majority of them say that " it's the future ", "job", "success"….. But! is that the right answer. To some extent yes but a much wider & clear definition of a Career can be given as "A path along which an individual builds his/her entire life & all his activities ( personal, family, marital, business, social & more than that spiritual & religious ) are linked with this career."

For some people their career becomes a way of life, a lifestyle, a reason for them to live & an opportunity to prove their credibility to the world. And for others it is just a boring session every day, easy pass time or a burden for the entire life.

Why should I select my Career ?
1. As defined above, career more or less becomes the way of life for an individual on an average for a period of 35-40years ( i.e after completing studies till the age of retirement ) and in this period a person spends over 84,000 hours of his life in doing the job ( career ) that he/she has selected. 
So, should this period 35-40 years give you satisfaction, money, comfort, status, discipline, power or should you be a person who is away from all this & just see other people achieving them. 

2. Today the growing population, increasing inflation & " Great Job Hunt " has made the rule of the jungle " Survival of the fittest" applicable to the land of the people. Nothing today seems easy as it was 10-15 years ago.

3. Currently there are more than 15,000 careers to select & achieve success. Few years ago people believed in only graduating and getting a Govt. job. But now its not so. There are great careers which are still largely unknown but have a great promising future. Such kind of careers should be taken up by the students if they want satisfaction, money, etc… Hence it's the duty of every student to must & should select his or her career . Also the parents should play the key role in guiding & supporting their children into such careers.

How to take the right decision & select a Career that suits me ?
MAKE A LIST : Get information on various careers and make a list of the careers in which you feel interested. 

KNOW YOUR SELF: Find out your interests & talent. Do true assessment of what you are, taking the help of your parents, friends, teachers. This is to know your qualities & potential. Check the careers which require the qualities you have. If they match, these are the careers which you like and you are fit for. Make a list of them.

SHORTLIST THE BEST: After selecting the careers you like, shortlist 3 best careers. This helps in easy selection.

TALK TO PEOPLE: Only people of a particular career can speak the true facts about it. Visit them at office or home and know their views & experience about their career. Talk to them freely & discuss seriously.

VISIT COLLEGES: Find time to visit colleges / institutes. Talk to the students & staff to get more information. 

CAREER COUNSELLING: Visit Career counselling centers in your city, read books on Career guidance or mail for your queries on careers. You can know more details

CONVINCE PARENTS: Don't get into arguments with your parents about your choice. They know you & your potential. Convince them logically.

STUDY HARD: Generally, students who have good academic record get the best career. Work hard & score high. Remember Jo jeeta wohi Sikander

DON'T POSTPONE THIS DUTY: The above steps are the basic & most fundamental steps to select a career. If your are serious about your career, don't postpone this work. Think & work. Plan your career today.

CAUTION !!! - A few DON'TS to remember before selecting a Career. 

  • Don't choose a career only because your father or someone else has chosen it for you. Never select others choice. 

  • Don't think that only intelligent students should study science & other courses are for weak & average students. Or this career is for so and so kind of students & you don't fit in it. This is a very stupid concept.

  • Don't believe that only Engineering, Medicine or Dental offer good scope & others are second level careers.

  • Don't get tempted or dejected by the current trends. Select a career which you can adapt & which can adapt you. Chahe duniya badle, tum naa badalna.

  • Don't select a career only because you are getting admission in the course easily or your friend has chosen it. 

  • Don't get carried away by private institutes offering guaranteed employment. You must find & verify the facts.

  • Don't finalize your career choice till you have looked at all options. Don't jump. Take your time, think & decide.

Smart & intelligent people do things or select things which others never ever bother. Now, why & how ?. They know what is hidden in it. They have kept themselves informed while others were wasting their time & money. They try, try & again try and find the path for success even if all the options for them are closed.
In effect what I want to say is " You look at all possibilities of getting an answer when you have a tough, difficult problem. Similarly to land into a great career and spend the entire life ( after completing your studies ) "as you like" you also need to find, analyse, consult, check your abilities & then take the right decision. This process shall Insha Allah put you on the right track & guiding you for a great promising & satisfying career.

Any queries?
If you have any queries, kindly mail us. We will put the best solutions (not answers) for your career queries. 
Career Counsellor,

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