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Published in the 1-15 Mar 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Keep it up
This refers to The Milli Gazette of 1-15 Feb' 2004 in which you have given a fitting reply to letters "They love Qital, not Jihad" and "They want Rushdie's blood". Such people are really responsible for tarnishing the name of Islam. Through your paper I request Muslims in particular to read books like "Masail Gairmakalladeen", "Gair mukalladeen ki dairy", "Masalak Ahab Hadis (Gairmukalladeen) aur unaka Khulfa Rashideen se ikhatlaf "etc etc and know for themselves what such people are and stay away from them. They distort religion so as to prove their masalak!!
Md Iqbal Ahmad Sheikh
219 Begum Peth, Solapur (MS)

Response to Rushdie
I appreciate your response to letter published in the MG (1-15) on Salman Rushdie. When you write "you have every right to protest against Rushdie but to talk of killing him……….." you are obviously reminding the readers about the wisdom of Islam, which teaches immense tolerance and are guiding the society to the right direction.
E Yasir, SIO

What does “Milli” mean in your title?
Cengiz DoNC, Turkey
MG: "Milli" in our Urdu language means national. It is derived from "Millat" which means nation or people.

Suraiya, the hidden personality
12-year-old Suraiya Jamal Sheikh appeared and sang as the young Mumtaz Mahal in the film "Taj Mahal", her path to stardom was paved. Her only competition at the time was gorgeous Noor Jehan with whom Suraiya shared many things, and both were 17 when they started together in Mehboob Khan's "Anmol Ghadi" (1946). When President's gold medal was awarded for the role in "Mirza Ghalib", Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru applauded Suraiya profusely by saying "Tum Ne Mirza Ghalib ki Rooh Ko Zinda Kar Diya". She blazed a new trail in rendering of "Ghazal", while she didn't have classical training of any kind. Her evergreen songs "Socha Tha Kya Ho Gaya", "Main Dil Me Dard Basa Le Aye" are still a national rage. 

But for Suraiya "Yeh Na Thi Hamari Kismat" to marry Dev Anand. The legendary pair of Suraiya and Dev Anand of that time still rules the heart of those people who think that "Love is the gift of god". She decided to live alone in the 'Krishana Mahal' at Marime Drive, when her grand mother rejected the proposal of marriage from Dev Anand and threw the ring in the sea gifted by Dev Anand. Though Dev Anand married Kalpna Kartik, but she decided to live a lonely life until her death on 31 January.
Tariq Hafeez, AMU, Aligarh

Ayodhya and communal riots
During the last fifty-five years, innumerable riots, organised gang rapes and cold blooded murders of thousand of innocents including children and ladies have taken place, and these were committed not only by anti-social elements but also by police and paramilitary force.

However, the present scenario has become worst. The present Prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee is openly aligning with Kalyan Singh, who called the prime minister "Sharabi" (drunkard) and power hungry after deserting the BJP. Success after government Gujarat riots and ultimate success in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh were the main reason to dissolve the Parliament.

The constituting of enquiry commissions has become a common feature after each communal flare-up. These are not corrective action but face-saving and delay tactics. Honest recommendation and suggestion by them are never implemented. How long will the government use judges and magistrates for its selfish ends?

More than 20 million cases are pending in various courts and no time limit has been set for providing speedy judicial remedies. The case of the demolition of Babari Masjid is a classic example of this. Why no solution has still been found in the last fifty-five years? The entire judiciary seems to be only interested in making the issue more complex.

Even if the judgement comes in favour of the either party it would create tension and flare up communal passion. It seems this is the only reason for not reaching at any decision. The time has come to give fair and final judgement to avoid communal clashes. The entire issue is not for Mandir or Masjid but for capture of power without adhering to any principles and without any nationalist thinking.
Muhammed Ilyas Farooqui, Tardeo, Mumbai

Darul Uloom's Fatwa
The 'Fatwa' recently issued from Darul Uloom Deoband, not to sacrifice cows during Idul-Adha is not a new diktat. Such advice is given every year. Even before partition of India in 1930 Maulana Abul Kalam Azad had appealed to Muslims in a Congress conclave to avoid cow laughter in keeping regard to the sentiments of our Hindu brothers.

Strangely, advice given this year by Ulema is being deliberately highlighted by BJP and Sangh Parivar.

The fact is that intention behind this abnormal praise of Muslim clerics on this issue is to show that Muslims have been browbeaten by VHP threats.
Needless to say that to hurt feelings of others is totally prohibited in Islam. Prophet Muhammad laid great stress on the rights of neighbours. He used to exhort for good dealings with neighbours irrespective of their religious affinity. Once he said, "Archangel Gibrael kept on exhorting about the rights of neighbours so much that I thought he might include them in the category of heirs." He further said, "One whose neighbour is not safe form his mischief shall not enter paradise." It would not be out of place to mention here that no cow is offered for sacrifice on the occasion of Hajj at Mina in Makkah.
It is not mandatory to sacrifice cow in Idul-Adha. Moreover, Muslims have always been advised by Ulema in India to avoid cow slaughter in places where this action of their hurts others. In short, Islam is not only a metaphysic religion but it offers a system and scheme of life, which has logical unity and can solve the hydra-headed problems of the modern age.
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow

The sickening Feel-Good
Govindacharya, BJP former general secretary and ideologue, has termed the feel-good-factor as a part of pseudo-politics. In fact feel-good is a farce, a myth, an illusion. There is nothing to feel good in the bad regime of anti-poor, anti-minorities, scams-ridden, most corrupt BJP-led NDA government.
Economic expert Prof Prabhat Patnaik has opined that there is nothing to feel good about economy. In a seminar on January 31, eminent economists said in Delhi that one-third of development schemes are concentrated in urban areas only. As per government estimate 26 percent Indians are living below poverty line.
Leaders of BJP and NDA are boasting about their achievements. In fact, their achievements are unprecedented corruption, crimes against humanity in Gujarat, tarnishing fair name of India in the world, charge-sheeted and law-breakers have become law makers, chief ministers and central ministers, politicians-criminals-nexus, rising graph of crimes against women, atrocities against Dalits and weaker sections of society, suicides by farmers, resentment in youths communal strife, moral degradation, lawlessness, inflation, illiteracy, ill health, hunger, violence, disharmony, disunity, insecurity etc.
G Hasan Kaif, Azad Ward, Bhandara

IRF is robust
In his article "Bridging chasm between different communities," (MG, 16-31 January 2004) Mr Lakdawaka writes that the Islamic Research Foundation is "showing signs of stagnation" and that perhaps this is due to IRF's focus on the "Dr Naik personality rather than the objective." 
IRF has many other speakers who spread the message of Islam. These include Dr Shuaib Sayyad, Ashraf Mohammedy, Nisar Nadiadwala, Suhail Baghdadi and many others. In short the organisation delegates whichever person can effectively convey the message. Apart from its own in house orators, IRF also promotes and organises the lectures of other national and internationally renowned speakers including Dr Abu Aminah Bilal Phillips, Dr Jamal Badawi, Dr Ahmed Sakr, Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh, Dr Ibrahim Surty, etc. The list goes on and on. 
I recently had a chance to observe IRF's activities first hand and was impressed by level of dedication by everyone involved in the organisation. The staff's selfless love and respect for Dr Zakir Naik might lead some to erroneously conclude that Dr Naik is being glorified. A careful review of IRF's activities, however, reveals that this not the case.
Mohammed Ayub Khan, Toronto

Business is business...but who's? 
Proliferation is the catch word for business with nuclear stuff. Crack'ddafy is crawling to the cross. Would you believe it? So - what the hell's going on? All this "nuke business" came into the media when "traces of highly enriched uranium" was discovered in an Iranian nuke lab!

How many Iranian nuclear scientists are suffering from radiation and breeding funny kids? Realistically, "traces of uranium" casually lying around a nuke lab is not probable. The geiger counters would be howling in that joint.
And we are deluded to think that US intelligence has been failing! From a realistic analysis it is clear that those guys monitor everything so pertinently that they can "set them up" according to political expediencies. The Tim McVeigh-case and the 11th Sept-case are prominent examples of contemporary 50-year myths, just as the Pearl Harbor myth was. 

In international media Dr Khan is "proliferated" as a pilfering thief. Is he? Or is he the owner of Khan Research Laboratories, doing legitimate business, maybe competing with US, British, Israelean and Russian armament industries?
If this "proliferation" is to be viewed in the context of the moral pretensions that Washington is fond of airing, the legitimate sentiments and defence interests of the nation of Islam inevitably comes into the picture.
The so-called Christian (Western) world placed the Zionist state in the Islamic world but it is conveniently oblivious of the insult of it. The neo-Khazars mongols meant the State of Israel as a provocation, just as the illegal settlements are meant to provoke. "The State of Israel only exists by virtue of its enemies", said Theodore Herzl. As if it isn't obvious.

Generating enemies and cultivating useful idiots is the business of Zion. Zion's useful idiots have teemed in Washington for the last 100 years (read Alfred M Lilienthal), and more and more we see them pop up in the Euro-Parliament. The monster-state Israel enjoys special magical status in Europe and with typical cryptic deviousness.
Kaj Krinsmoe, Aarhus N, Denmark

"Hypocrite no. 1"
He doesnt care for his party cadres' lives and advises them to form suicide squads to attack Pakistan but cries that there is a threat to his life when the government cuts down his security of 145 police personnel by a few number.
He calls for a campaign "Me Mumbaikar" for only the ‘original’ residents of Mumbai when he himself is not an original resident of Mumbai. 
He cries that our culture is being ‘vandalised’ by Valentines day but celebrates his 71st birthday by cutting a cake in western style, keeps mum when his own party member-mayor - Hareshwar Patil (2yrs ago) offers a special Valentine’s day bonanza for couples at his Dahisar hotel, advises his partymen at a recent career* expo to learn English, a language originally of the West.
Meet the winner of the "Millennium Hypocrite No. 1" award — Mr. Bal Thackerey !
Ronaldo Rebello, Mumbai

Cradle of Mankind
My name is Robert and my question is that why do most people believe that Africa is the cradle of mankind, is that true? What geographic location did Prophet Adam and Mother Eve landed on and where were their first children born to start the human race?
Robert Michaelis
Editor: There are many theories without any definite proof. People say that Adam and Eve landed first in India. Others say in Sarandip [Sri Lanka]. Some others claim that they landed in Aden [Yemen] while some others claim that they landed in Africa. Anthropologists too have their theories but these will keep changing in the light of new research and findings. An Egyptian professor (Abd Al-Saboor Shaheen) wrote a book in Arabic titled Adam abi (Adam my father) a few years back in which he tries to prove that human race emerged on earth long ago but only when it evoloved sufficiently that Allah made it His vicegerent on earth and that point was when Adam was chosen by Allah as prophet.

Shuddhi - how real?
I wanted to bring to your notice that on Feb 19, 'Hindustan Times', published a news item with heading- '586 Families rejoin Hinduism' in which it was given that 586 Muslim families have joined hinduism in the state of Rajasthan. The article was published because of a press statement by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad which is one of the terrorist Hindu organisations. Two days later on Feb 19, There was news item on the page 15 of the same paper- 'Muslim body denies VHP claim of reconversion'. this article said that the Deeni Talim Trust of Rajasthan (A Muslim body taking care of religious education) has issued a statement that no Muslim has converted to Islam. There was a function for some other purpose in which Hindu tribals who were Hindus since birth participated. The VHP is giving such false statements to create fear in the minds of Muslims. Another newspaper The Hindu carried a news item on the same day that Jamaat-e-Islami has stated that the VHP has issued a statement which is a total lie. This news should be given wide publicity so that Muslims become cautious about such false propaganda.
Dr Md Khalid, Hadi Hasan Hall, AMU

Feel good?...Shining?
A new blockbuster is in the making, though the name has not yet been finalised, the buzz is that it will be something which even appeals to the foreign audience making it easy for an Oscar nomination, the proposed name of the film is "FEEL GOOD, WE ARE SHINING". The makers claim that the film is very different from the normal masala one, it is a "one of its kind" movie. The makers also claim that the film will have a mesmerising effect on the audience and they will surely feel as if they are living in wonderland (the "wonderland" effect though will be only in the four walls of the theatre, as is the case in any other film).The star cast of this epic film looks to be complete, but who knows more heroes and heroines may find a role, as of now there are three heroes, a heroine in the lead, two side heroines, character actors, a whole lot of comedians and villians. Well no prizes for guessing who those characters are, doing the dual role of comedians and villians. Let’s wait for the release to know whether the film is a flop or a hit, the Indian audience is shrewd and cannot be fooled easily 
Abdul Monim, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 

BJP is pro-Muslim!
For the first time in 15 years, while holding a public rally in Srinagar, BJP’s voluble party president M Venkiaih Naidu, came out with one of the most incredible announcement: ‘BJP is not anti-Muslim. This is a campaign by our rivals to keep Muslims from our party.’ 

He appeared to be as disengaged from the reality as the defeated US Democratic Party nomination hopeful Howard Dean, who was once a front runner for his party’s presidential nomination and had to bow out of the race, as he could not figure out how to control his own exuberance even while coming out third in Iowa caucus. 

Venkiaih Naidu can hardly claim pro-Muslim credentials of BJP, while all over the country, the party cadre and propagandists are once again re-sharpening their anti-Muslim agenda and rhetoric to hoodwink their committed hard-line Hindutva vote bank. 

In UP, the real battleground for the election Mahabharat, BJP’s newly anointed chief campaigner, the once reviled Kalyan Singh, has chosen to reactivate his own real chameleon colors by declaring once again that Babri Masjid/ Ram Mandir issue is not dead, thus flogging a dead horse as far as its election USP is concerned. BJP is again mobilising its cadre and all other parties are apprehensive that the third-ranking BJP in UP will once again organise some massive communal incident to try to regain its once prime position in the state. 
In Madhya Pradesh, Uma Bharati has once again rekindled the issue of Bhojshala to incite communal flames and turn the whole face-off once again, as an anti-Muslim campaign to garner maximum mileage. 

While BJP party functionaries are trying to woo opportunist border-line Muslim bounty hunters, RSS leadership including its chief, Pandit Sudarshan has not minced its words, when they asked Jamiatul Ulama’s emissaries in a meeting last month, that Muslim should ‘take out all ‘offensive’ mention of ‘Kuffar’ from the holy Quran’, without fully understanding the import of the word, its meaning and its contexts. 

It is surprising that the tame Jamiatul Ulama luminaries did not had the guts to ask RSS leadership to first take out all anti-Muslim propaganda from the books of their own leaders like Hedgewar, Golwalkar and Savarkar. After all they do not claim divine sourcing for the rabid anti-Muslim foundations of their whole Hindutva formulations. 

If Venkiaih Naidu wants to prove to Muslims that the BJP has now understood the need of the hour for the nation to dump its militant Hindutva ideology, it should first cleanse its books of all anti-Muslim poison first, before addressing public meetings to appeal for Muslim votes. 
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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