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Published in the 1-15 Nov 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Muslims and Hindus

I came across your MG article on Mr Ghulam Muhammed is so biased against Hindus that the heading of the article should read "Do Indians hate each other" and not "Do Hindus hate Indian Muslims"

Just because you have a pen and a paper, you cannot go on writing whatever comes to your mind. The article below strongly reflects the bias you have against Hindus. the classic example, is you did not even care to mention how all the Gujarat riots began, the 50 or some massacre of Hindus in the Godhra train. Just last night, I had heated and strong arguments with my fellow-Hindu friends. I am a Hindu but I took exception to their views that Indian Muslims are pro-Pakistani and hate Hindus.

How long can we afford to hate each other. We see each others face every morning, Hindus and Muslims have lived for centuries and fought for freedom hand in hand. Hindus cant drive out all Indian Muslims and have no right to do so. India belongs to all of us alike. It is no Hindu property. But, writing such hate-filled articles which are biased against a particular group not only highlights "our" country's weaknesses to world readers, but also reduces we all Indians respect in the world opinion.

I have always been a great advocate of equal rights for all. Can Hindus forget the fact that their nuclear bomb was built by a Muslim. The greatness of Tipu Sultan. The religious open-mindedness of Akbar the Great? No, they cannot and should not forget!

Religion in India is a huge political tool. I strongly believe that there are some anti-social elements in every group that get funding from ISI and Dawood to create havoc in India. Godhra, I believe was an ISI brainchild.

People like Advani, Bal Thackeray or Salaudin Owaisi of Hyderabad are all opportunists. We all Indians have to understand that and become aware of.

A change of view about Hindus should also come from Muslim brothers. Why should they celebrate when Pakistan wins in cricket? Why should an Indian Muslim have four wives when his Pakistani counterpart or a Malaysian counterpart is allowed only one? I want you and other Muslims to do some introspection. Marrying and divorcing is so common in Indian Muslims that there seems to be no value for Indian Muslim woman.

If you ever want to write an article, write about how to uplift the life of Indian muslims, the prevalence of poverty is more among Muslims in india. Ever thought why? Because of the anti-family planning attitude, four wives, a number of children etc. Finally, the father has no money to feed so many children, he sends them to work in car garages. Is that ok for you if that kid goes to a garage and holds a cutting plyer as opposed to a painting brush in a art class in his school and becomes another MF Hussain or excel in physics to create an Indian missle like Abdul Kalam? Try to address the social issues involved in your community and stop writing articles about who killed who and who hates who?

As a matter of fact, some of my best friends are Muslims and I come from a city that has lots of Muslims — Hyderabad, India! Don’t write an email back preaching me about Islam and its origins. I have also studied Muslim law and know what I am talking about.

Always remember that Hindus and Muslims cannot fight for survival. We are all Indians and should feel proud to be one and alienate our religious self-serving motives. I hope my article opens a door in your mind for a better tomorrow where I hope to see you working for the betterment of Muslims and Hindus (all Indians) alike!

Your Hindu brother, Fellow-Indian 

Ram Palagummi

Editor: We do not harbour any bias against Hindus. We are opposed only to a certain ilk which preaches and practices active discrimination against Muslims, Christians and many other suppressed classes of Indians. We believe in justice and equality for all.

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