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Published in the 1-15 Nov 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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Boys reading Quran in a Bhopal mosque 
on first day of Ramadan


Bhopal: The usual annual ijtama’ (religious gathering for Islamic preaching or tabligh) will be held in Bhopal from 27 to 30 November. In order to make better arrangements for this huge gathering a meeting under the presidentship of Madhya Pradesh chief minister Babu Lal Gaur and attended by Ijtama Committee members, top officials of MP government, district collector and Director General of Police etc was held. It was decided in this meeting to make better arrangements this year for the convenience and safety of participants. These arrangements include better and efficient transport system from railway station to the ijtama site, accommodation, lighting, water supply, security arrangements, police post at the site for visa facilities for foreign participants etc. Necessary orders were issued to heads of concerned departments.

Mumbai: During the holy month of Ramzan iftar parties are nothing new and are held almost daily not only by the VIPs but by common people also everywhere. In Mumbai, affluent Muslims and various organisations hold such road-side iftar programmes daily. According to one Ahmad Seth who has been organising such road-side parties for about a decade, many people from different parts of the country come to Mumbai every day and being new to the place, find it difficult to get a suitable place for breaking roza. So it is mainly for the convenience of such and also other people that he has been doing this. As regards the expenses, it is no problem for him because he has realised that this noble work has greatly added to his business and income. Needless to say that all iftar parties are free.

Bhopal: A controversy has arisen in Government High School, Garg Nagar, Betul (MP). Parents of about 50 girl students insist that their daughters should wear burqa in the school. Its authorities find themselves in a tight spot and are opposed to it because, according to them, if burqas are allowed, unsocial elements may start indulging in undesirable and even criminal activities under the concealment of the veil and may create problems for the school. They have made it clear that there will be uniform dress and other codes for all students without exception. Parents are equally adamant on their stand. Disgusted with this situation the school principal, Pushp Lata Chaudhari has shot off a letter to the District Education Officer to intervene and solve the problem to the satisfaction of all.

Aligarh: Till only a few months back, Muslims in general appeared to have some sort of allergy towards polio drops under the governments anti-polio drive because of some misconceived notions. With rising cases of this cripling disease among their children, volunteers and social workers, religious and enlightened personalities exhorted Muslims to cast off their misplaced fear and get their children administered polio drops. Their campaign had a salutary effect and there was a marked drop in polio cases in Moradabad and Aligarh, two hot spots of polio incidence. Due to campaign of people like Rahilla Begum who was selected as the best community mobiliser against polio in Western UP, polio cases dropped from 18 last year to 0 (Zero) in Aligarh in the current year. 

New Delhi: There have always been complaints about scaricity and even non-availability of Urdu books to students and that translated Urdu books are more difficult than the original text. In order to remove these complaints, National Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) has decided to prepare its own model syllabus for Urdu books. NCPUL’s director Hamidulla Bhat said that in order to promote Urdu the Council has completed the translation of 37 books of NCERT from Ist to 12th classes. He said that for easy availability of Urdu books to students, the vast network of State Academies and Urdu Academies will be used.

Lucknow: All India Muslim Personal Law Board has finally decided to prepare a model Nikahnama in order to solve the problems arising from divorce. The authorities of the Board in a meeting held in Lucknow to prepare the agenda for the forthcoming meeting of the Board in Kozikode in Calicut (Kerala) on 24 December took this decision. Asstt general secretary of the Board, Abdur Raheem Quraishi said that detailed provisions of the proposed Nikahnama will be drawn up and discussed in the 24 December meeting. 

New Delhi: Anjuman Taraqqi Pasand Musannifeen (Progressive Writers Association) organised a seminar in Urdu Ghar on 11 October on the occasion of observance of Sajjad Zaheer’s birth centenary. Prominent poets and writers of Urdu and Hindi participated in this seminar and paid rich tributes to him who himself was a renowned progressive writer. Among the scholars and speakers were Rifat Sarosh, Raza Imam, Murli Manohar Prasad of Janwadi Lekhak Sangh, Anil Kumar Anjaan, communist leader, Siddiqur Rahman Qidwai, Prof Sadiq, Joginder Pal, Prof Qamar Raees and many others. Zaheer’s daughter Noor Zaheer also spoke on this occasion. The speakers spoke on different aspects of Sajjad Zaheer’s works. The Anjuman also decided to observe his centenary for the whole year and in different cities of the country.

New Delhi: Urdu Academy Delhi organised a 3 - day seminar on ‘Agha Hashr Kashmiri: Age and Literature’ at Ghalib Academy, Nizamuddin, New Delhi. About two dozen scholars and men of letters from all parts of the country took part in this seminar and red out their articles and theses on different aspects of Hashr’s dramas and works. On 1 October the prominent dramatist Revti Saran Sharma inaugurated the seminar. Gopi Chand Narang, prominent critic, regretted the falling status of Urdu in Indian theatre. He advised the admirers of Hashr to desist from presenting him as India’s Shakespeare. Urdu Academy’s vice chairman, M. Afzal spoke about expanding activities of this Academy and said that it is also paying attention to the promotion of Urdu journalism and drama.

Aligarh: Prof Sayyid Mohammad Yunus Gilani, head of the department of Islamic Studies, Kashmir University said in his extension lecture at Aligarh Muslim University’s Library Hall that the subject of Islamic Studies needs to be reoriented so as to serve its purpose faithfully and in right earnest. He said that since long the orientalists and their patronised westernised Muslim scholars themselves and others have greatly harmed Islam, Islamic philosophy, culture and civilisation by their motivated and ill intentions. They studied Islam not to understand it, but simply to find fault with it and present it in bad light. It is therefore the duty and responsibility of students, researchers and scholars of Islamic studies to prove them wrong and present Islam and its philosophy in true perspective, he said.

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