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Published in the 1-15 Nov 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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Begum Rehanociety at Borli Panchtan.


New Delhi: North Ghonda’s famous Majidia Model School has been recognised by the government. This was announced by the school manager, Sibte Hasan at the general body meeting of PTA (Parents and Teachers Association).

New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi inaugurated on 10 October the Center for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies in Jamia Millia Islamia Speaking on this occasion she said that for the past decade efforts are being made to belittle or even ignore the value and importance of the country’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and his services and sacrifices for the country and its people. She said that Nehru’s philosophy and principles are as valid and important today as they were before. He always worked for the promotion of secularism, democracy, social justice, economic progress and people’s welfare and was strongly opposed to communalism, self interest and mutual hatred. On this occasion minister for human resources development, Arjun Singh announced a special grant of Rs 45 crore to Jamia Millia of which Rs 10 crore will be for the current financial year.

Approximately 1300 Muslim prisoners in all jails of Tihar are observing Ramzan fasts. According to jail authorities all the necessary arrangements for them such as proper meals for Iftar and Sehr, namaz etc are being made for them. Since Navratra is also falling on the same occasion, about 2000 Hindu prisoners are also observing brat and special arrangements for them are also being made by jail authorities. There is great feeling of camaraderie and communal harmony inside the jail.

New Delhi: Jamia Millia students have taken up a new, non-academic project. In view of the increasing number of dengue cases in the city they have decided to create awareness about this dangerous disease among the people. Though there is a social service department in Jamia, these students mainly belong to other academic and technical departments. Their emphasis is on impressing upon the people to take preventive and prophylactic measures rather than treatment after contracting the disease. They are working in association with an NGO, Real Cause in this project. Girl students have specially been included in this team because the localities around Jamia mostly being Muslim populated, house hold ladies feel hesitant to talk to strangers in the absence of their men folk who are out on their jobs. In such cases girl students come forward. 

Jaipur: This year there is great possibility of Jumatul Vida and Diwati falling on the same day ie 12 November. It is a common sight that on special occasions like Eids, Jumatul Vida etc mosques are full to capacity and people have to offer namaz on roads, footpaths, market verandas etc. In view of this Muslims have been advised by religious leaders as well as by government authorities in Jaipur not to offer Jumatul Vida namaz on footpaths and verandas of markets because small shops etc are set up on a large scale on these verandas and footpaths in celebration of Diwali. People have been asked to celebrate their festivals in a sprit of cooperation and joy and not disturb peace and harmony.

New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia campus is now set to be free from traffic and noise problems because the main road passing through the campus ie Maulana Mohd Ali Marg is planned to be closed from Escorts hospital onwards. Jamia University wants it to be closed and this plan is said to be approved by Delhi government and traffic police. Delhi Corporation’s approval, however, is yet to be obtained. Jamia’s grouse is that because of this road it becomes an unrestricted area. Outsiders and unsocial elements have access to the place. They indulge in fights and other undesirable activities and Jamia and its students unnecessarily get a bad name for others misdeeds. In place of this road Jamia has offered to give a part of its own land behind the campus. This plan is bound to be strongly opposed by the residents because the site of the proposed new road is fully populated and many houses will have to be demolished. Affected people will definitely take to the street against this and Jamia authorities will not find it easy to resist their agitation. 

Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh minister for Auqaf and minorities welfare, Mohammad Fariduddin released ‘Qaumi Zabaan’ a monthly published from Hyderabad. Speaking on this occasion he said that the state government has taken many steps for the welfare of minorities including promotion of Urdu. He also distributed certificates to successful students who passed computer courses. 

Saleem Iqbal Sherwani awards are given from time to time to brilliant students and hard working teachers of Muslim educational institutions of different cities of UP. Recently, 37 brilliant students and 29 efficient teachers of 3 Muslim boys institutions of Moradabad, whose hard and sincere work as teachers helped in bringing good results of their schools, were honoured with Shervani awards. Thereafter, Sherwani awards were also presented to 39 brilliant students and 19 teachers of 4 Muslim girls educational institutions whose hard and sincere work enabled students in securing good marks and contributed to their schools’ reputation in the 2004 examinations held in March - April. It may be noted that Saleem Iqbal Sharwani, Lok Sabha MP, chairman of Bharat Sewa Trust, Chairman of Shervani Charitable Trust, MD of Shervani Industrial Syndicate Ltd and Chairman of Star Hotels Ltd is doing all this in his sincere efforts to promote education in Muslim community and also to encourage young generation in achieving excellence (see reports on pp 8-9 and 16). 

Bareilly : Asstt. Survey Commissioner of Waqf while talking to media persons here said that in view of the importance of technical education, UP government will be making arrangements for technical education in 50 religious madrasas in addition to religious and modern education. He said that the state government will be setting up 140 ITIs in the state of which 50 will he set up in religious madrasas throughout the state. Further, with the objective of improving the condition of boy and girl students belonging to minority communities who aspire to become IAS and PCS officers, an institution will be opened in Ghaziabad to train them. Five religious madrasas have also been selected where medical colleges will be opened. In order to improve educational standard of madrasas, Arabic-Persian Madrasa Education Board has been set up where arrangements for coaching will also be made. Proceedings for appointment of necessary staff are going on. 
The Commission said that sanctions for Rs 225.60 lakh for setting up ITIs in 50 madrasas and Rs 110.75 lakh for coaching arrangements have been given. Further, in order to promote Urdu, introducing a one-year diploma course in Urdu journalism is also under consideration. 

Jammu: Militancy and high handedness by security forces are playing havoc in the lives of many Kashmiri women. Isolation, poverty and social insensitivities have left many women affected by militancy without any support. Petty jobs do not generate much income for such women to make both ends meet and to bring up there orphaned children. Finding no help from any where is compelling many women to enter the flesh trade, the social and moral cost of which has not been accounted by social scientists and reformers. The dream of a better living condition forces them into this trade. A religious leader who claims to be social reformer says ‘Let us not talk about it. We all know what is happening.’Highly connected people are all involved in this and encouraging this evil but police dare not touch them for fear of incurring their wrath. There is no data that can lead one to any conclusion but this is certainly happening and also growing. 

Lucknow: Taking a strong step for protecting Auqaf land, UP government has permitted Auqaf land to be covered under Public Property Act. With this decision of the government, Auqaf lands can no longer be registered in UP now and like any public property, if some one tries to damage it or occupy illegally by force or secretly, it will be rejected by Registrar’s office. Also, after coming under the purview of Public Property Act, illegal occupation of Auqaf property, either any building or land, can easily be got vacated.

New Delhi: Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan’s birth anniversary was celebrated at many places in Delhi and other places, specially at Aligarh Muslim University. In such a function in Delhi, Sir Sayyad International Foundation was formed which will be an educational, literary, cultural and reformative organisation the aims and objectives of which will be regeneration of Sir Sayyad movement and spirit for the educational and other development of Muslim Community. Office bearers of the Foundation are Shahabuddin (president) and Ashfaque Ahmad Arifi (general secretary). The Foundation will organise literacy campaigns, seminars, symposia, written and spoken constests in schools, colleges, universities to familiarise and motivate people to create awarness in Muslim society about modern requirements and challenges. 

New Delhi: According to a survey report presented to Delhi chief minister there is a shortage of 373 Urdu teachers in Delhi government’s 97 schools and of 100 Urdu teachers in Delhi Municipal Corporation’s 84 schools. Delhi Urdu Academy’s vice president M. Afzal in his meeting with chief minister and Lieut Governor clearly told them that shortage of Urdu teachers in schools is putting Urdu students in great difficulty and in spite of assurances by her and education minister Arvinder Singh Lovely to fill up these vacancies, nothing has been done. He strongly urged them to appoint Urdu teachers as soon as possible.

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