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Published in the 1-15 Nov 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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Siddarth Nagar: Madrasa Noorus Salam Managing Committee organised a religious meeting here on 2 October. Speaking on this occasion the chief guest Maulana Siraji Chaturvedi gave a comparative description of all scriptures, granths and religious books of all religions including Bible, Psalms of David, Pentateuch and Qur’an and said in the final analysis that Qur’an and Islam are better than all others because these contain the remedy of all problems and evils in the world.

He has a thorough knowledge of all the four Veds and that is why he is called Chaturvedi i.e one who has studied all the 4 Veds. He said that Qur’an is one and the same in the whole world and not a single word of Qur’an is changed anywhere contrary to all other scriptures in which so many additions and omissions have been made in course of time.

Referring to the studies and writings of Ved Prakash Upadhya, a great Sanskrit scholar he said that in the religious books of Hindus and others mention has been made about Qur’an and Islam’s Prophet. In Veds name of Mohammad has been mentioned 31 times, he said.

India Al Khair Foundation, Jaunpur recently organised a function in this city at Hindi Bhawan on the occasion of launching a mobile clinic dispensary. Inaugurating the mobile clinic, President of All India Muslim Personal law Board, Maulana Rabey Hasani Nadwi said in his speech before a gathering of prominent citizens and a large audience that the feeling of pity in man’s heart is an important virtue of man and understanding peoples pains and difficulties and taking steps for their treatment and removal is a great service to humanity. Islam teaches to have pity not only on men but on animals also. In this connection he cited the example of a pious lady who incurred God’s wrath and punishment because she kept a cat hungry for several days as a result of which she died whereas the sins of a woman of ill repute were pardoned when she offered water to a thirsty dog.

In his speech he recalled Jaunpur’s history when medical and spiritual treatments were going on here on a large scale. He hoped that this humanitarian work will not be confined to Jaunpur only but will reach far off places also and will soon be on national scale.

Earlier, welcoming the honourable guests and audience, the Foundation’s chairman, Wakeel Ahmad Ansari described the aims and objectives of the Foundation and said that its first patron was Maulana Sayyad Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi whose blessings have remained with us. Now that Maulana Rabey Nadwi is the chief patron and Maulana Sayeedur Rahman Azmi is the parton, he hoped that with their blessings the activities of the Foundation will very much increase. 

Director of the Foundation, Dr Akhtar Sayeed Ansari presented a detailed report of the Foundation’s activities and achievements. 

Lucknow : UP Congress Committee has requested chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav to cancel all concessions and facilities given to state RSS organisations by the previous BJP governments. The committee disclosed that the previous BJP government has given a grant of Rs 4 crore to 13 RSS organisations of the state.

Congress spokesman in UP, Akhilesh Pratap Singh, in a written request to the chief minister demanded that government order of 29 January 2001 under which sales tax on RSS magazine was exempted should he cancelled. He further demanded that lands valued at Rs 1000 crore allotted to Sadhvi Rithambara in Mathura and to Bhao Rao Seva Sansthan in Lucknow should be taken back by the government. He blamed the previous BJP governments of violating all norms, rules and regulations in order to benefit RSS organisations. This was also admitted by courts and also the accountant general. He said that now it is the duty of the present government to recover the money granted to these organisations and also to take back the lands from the allottees. 

Pune: Imam Abu Hanifa Special Number, brought out by Pune’s fortnightly ‘Usool’ was released here recently at an impressive function held at Assembly Hall, Azam Campus. In his welcome address Usool’s editor Mushtaq Madni said that Imam Azam Abu Hnifa Number is in fact the first in the series of special numbers that Usool will be bringing out from time to time in future for the knowledge and information Urdu speaking people.

Speaking on this occasion Hafiz Ghualm Dastagir Qadiri said that the birth of Abu Hanifa, who rendered invaluable services to Islamic world, was in fact foretold by Prophet (SAW). Chief guest and chairman of Azam Trust Munawwar Bhai said that in matters of leaders and scholars Muslims are the wealthiest nation of the world but the Western scholars and intellectuals by dominating the whole world have usurped the rightful place of Muslim scholars. 

The distinguished Islamic scholar, Anees Chishti said in his speech that Abu Hanifa was in fact the person who gave the world the concept of secularism, constitution and social laws. He was farsighted enough to offer solution to imaginary and unforeseen problems which did not exist in his times but could arise in future. Qari Mohammad Abdul Qaiyum Qadiri in his presidential address, while lauding the initiative taken by Usool and throwing light on the multi-sided personality of the great Imam said that Abu Hanifa was in fact destined by Allah to introduce the concept of ijtehad (exercise of judgement) thereby finding solutions to thousands of fiqh problems.

Burhanpur: During the period of Congress government in Madhya Pradesh, thousands of madrasas are said to have been registered in Burhanpur through MP Madrasa Board at a fee of Rs 500 for imparting modern education according to a claim by a BJP leader who alleged that receipts of this amount were not issued to these madrasas with the result that many of such madrasas, after their fake registration, were given grants worth thousands of rupees. Now that BJP government is ruling this state and Madrasa Board’s new managing committee also started functioning, vice president of BJP’s minority cell of Burhanpur Arif Ansari has demanded the chief minister and Madrasa Board’s chairman that bogus madrasas of Burhanpur city should be identified, their fake registration cancelled and grants being given to them should be stopped. He has also demanded that the validity of duration of Burhanpur madrasas’ Urdu in-charge, Saleem Ginori should be inquired into and if found unjust, he should be removed from his post.

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