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Published in the 1-15 Nov 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Hope you and your publications are doing well. We do go through MG and find it useful.
VT Rajshekhar, editor, Dalit Voice, Bangalore
Post-Gujarat Indian Muslim is an interesting and vibrant group on yahoo where Indian Muslims, basically those based in the US, exchange views about issues back home. In a recent message MH Lakdawala ( said: “I think we Muslims should think about the future, instead of continuously talking about the Gujarat riots. Muslim Community has a lot to achieve which requires focusing on the future rather than crying about the past.”

MG editor replied to this as follows:
I beg to disagree with Hanif. Nobody is saying that we should not focus on future. Post-Gujarat there is remarkable awareness, activity and togetherness in the community in all fields. The decade extending from Babri demolition to Gujarat was characterised by a sense of rage, weightlessness and distrust of leaders. This is not the case after Gujarat when the community rose to the challenge offering relief and succour to the victims in record time. Now for the first time since Independence, the riot party is at the receiving end. To keep reminding them, and the world, of Gujarat is necessary to put them on the defensive. Jews have successfully used the Holocaust to drum up support for Israel and whitewash its crimes. We do not have any such diabolical plans but we can at least use Gujarat to silence our tormentors for some time. Great people have strong memories. I agree that for our own peace of mind, we should forgive but not forget.

The Milli Gazette is among fewest of few publications, diamond of diamonds. For me MG is my heart, feeling and thought. MG is the choice, voice and representative of Muslim ummah. I always work for the promotion of MG among circles of intelectuals. It is the view of some Muslim scholars that MG publishes the news and views of MK Sherwani, Syed Shahabuddin, Asghar Ali Engineer, Saleem Peerzada, Rizvi Syed Haidar Abbas and Yousef M. Ibrahim.
Mirza Zulfiqar Baig, Kasganj, UP

Thank you very much for your effort aimed at uplifting Islam to those of the less, far and wide.
We really do appreciate it. I have surfed on your website regularly and I enjoy every bit of it. I gain much and try to let the knowledge reach others which is quite interesting to me.
Abubakar Sadiq

Undoubtedly, you are doing a good job by propagating ummah's issues in your newspaper. I am supporter of this cause. It is not your individual responsibility but a collective one for the upliftment of entire ummah, whether they live in India or elsewhere.
Amjad Ali, Berasia Road, Bhopal

Sir, your newspaper is a great source of news. I followed it over course of the last national elections, very insightful articles, it is good to know all points of view.

However, today, the elections are long-gone, but I have come to realize, that this newspaper is simply about Hindutva-bashing, and promoting certain political ideals for the entire Indian Muslim community.

I was reading the Indian Express today, the first story was about India's progress in the pharmaceutical industry, that it would equal that of our software industry. Why do I see the absence of this good news? Why is it that all I see, is Gujarat riots? Sir, it is because of such narrow views that communal walls have become impregnable today.

As an organization promote Indian Muslim interests, why is it that all I see is love for only one party, a party that would temporarily serve Muslim interests? Political Islam is what we see in Pakistan, in Iran, and it is wrong. Please do not politicize Islam or Muslim community. As Mahatma Gandhi himself said, "Faith and politics must be kept apart, for when mingled, they are both corrupted." There are Muslims in the BJP, Muslims that despise political Islam.

You do realize, that as India gets more and more educated and urban, communally-oriented newspapers will be treated as a joke by those that were your readers once. Thank you and keep up the good work (change the bad work),
Concerned reader!!
Utsav Saxena
Editor: We are not a general newspaper. We are a Muslim community newspaper. We exist only because the mainstream media fails to take note of Muslim news and issues except, normally, when it serves a purpose. We are not a political party or movement and we do not publicise political Islam. Our purpose is to play whatever small role we can for the growth and development of the Muslim community which in turn will benefit the whole country. I am afraid, since you are reading only our website, you are not getting a true picture of our newspaper.

Congress should make its choice
"You have shamed a democratic-Secular India, Mr. P. M." by Shamsul Islam (MG,16-30, September) is a right comment on Congress leadership and Sangh Parviar. The bitter truth is that Sangh Parivar is the creation of the Congress Party.
The origin of communalism and Indian national nationalism was contemporary. The renaissance in Bengal in 19th century found its best expression in a literature in which Indian nationalism was mixed with Hindu nationalism. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee's writings provide the best example. 

As far as Savarkar is concerned, no will call him a nationalist. All the available evidence and documents indicate that Savarkar was a collaborator of Britishers and was instrumental in destroying Hindu-Muslim unity.
Congress played dual role. Let us remember that Congress made several concessions to the Sangh Parivar. How can you deal with the communal organisations, if you are not ready to sacrifice your interests for protecting secularism? There is only two alternatives before Congress either they should choose secularism or Hindutva.
N. Jamal Ansari, Aligarh

When you are going to attack America?
Do you people plan on attacking people here soon?(USA) or will you just wait until you have 30 or 40 million in place?
Fred Dawes
Editor: Dear friend, I only lament your understanding of the complex world around you. It is true that there are a few "Muslim" terrorists around you, just like there are Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist terrorists. But Al-Qaeda and Taliban are an American creation in the first place. Your CIA created them, armed them, financed them, used them, then discarded them like a used napkin. The CIA has a term for the reaction of such used, disgruntled napkins: "Blowback." It is all the part of a big Satanic game for dominance in which everything is OK if it serves the purpose at a given time. 
It is people like you who are taken for a ride by the likes of Bush and Cheney to serve their own secret agendas. The war on terror is all about taking over the world resources while benefitting the arms industry lobby in the US. In between they pay a little debt to their erstwhile servants like Al-Qaeda who are despised by us just as you despise them. I am pasting below addresses of a few websites controlled by Americans. Do spend some time to know that it is not as black and white as your mainstream media teaches you day and night:

FD: My Friend, Yes, the CIA ARE LOW LIFE RATS. But what your people plan on doing is down right evil also. But you are right this is not a nation but an evil empire I will admit that. and I do understand this world and I know all things come down to one thing race and culture, that is the life and blood of all civilization and the gods do fight with each other. I may add this the third world war has started and no one can see it, how sad.
Editor: Let me tell you very frankly, from my heart, that there is no such thing as "your people plan on doing". I agree, there is a very very tiny minority out there to settle scores or doing "Blowback" in CIA jargon. The greatest majority of Muslims all over the world want to live and let live in peace. They have no terrorist agenda. But this should not be confused with resistance you see in Iraq, for instance, where nationalists are fighting back to free their country from foreign occupation — the same resistance to which de Gaulle resorted and to which you yourself will resort, very rightfully, if your country is occupied by any foreigner. International law as it stands today fully supports such resistance.

Family planning
Maulana Kalbe Sadiq’s observation on family planning has provided spicy material to media. He had said that AIMPLB would take up the issue in its meeting in December and discuss steps to promote education and family welfare among the weaker sections of the community.

The Shariah is derived from the holy Quran and traditions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Diktats of Shariah are irrevocable, Maulana Kalbe Sadiq being a learned Islamic scholar knows it well. Maulana Rabe Hasni Nadwi, President of AIMPLB, who is also a well acknowledged Islamic scholar has rightly said that restraining someone from producing child is forbidden in Islam.
It is unfortunate that persons like Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Rafiq Zakaria and Javed Akhtar who are ignorant of the basics of Islam have assigned themselves against ulema on the issue.

Family planning is not an important issue as that of education, economic development and public health. A concerted attempt to proceed in these directions will certainly ameliorate the lot of all Indians, irrespective of their caste or religion.
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi
Nadwa College, Lucknow

Give Muslims 10 per cent reservation
Myopic views have emerged over the A.P government’s decision to grant five percent reservation to the Muslim community in educational institutions and public sector.

The egalitarian and secular character of the nation has been marred by biases against the Muslims community. 
The fathers of the Constitution were fully conscious about the problem of inequality and disparity. They realised that inequality and disparity could never be checked merely on the basis of principal of equality. The goal of reservation philosophy is to create equality and end disparity. 

Hindutva brigade did object to reservation for Brahmins, Vaishyas and Jats in Rajisthan and Haryana. Official discrimination on the basis of religion should be relinquished and the most persecuted and discriminated Muslim community should be given reservation in all departments including Home and Police. These measures have been experimented in Britain, Malaysia and Indonesia by employing minorities in Home and Police departments in order to curb discrimination and prejudices against them. The UPA government should enact a law giving 10% reservation to Muslims on the national level in public as well as private sectors.
Mirza Zulfiqar Baig
Kasganj, UP

Talmudic Fatwa allows killings of civilians
If you find Americans crying for their 1000 dead in Iraq and completely ignoring the more than 30,000 Iraqi civilians dying in US/UK aerial bombings, you need not have to go far for the basic reason of this utter insensitivity. 
It all comes from their holy books. Rabbis from Israel have been propagating Judaic fatwa, which holds that there are no strictures against killing of civilians in war (
This directly contradicts Geneva Conventions according to which no army is allowed to kill civilians and if they do, they could be prosecuted for war crimes. This also directly differs from Islamic strictures against targeting civilians, old, women and children. 
It is for this clear Islamic position that the whole Muslim world raises its collective voice against killings of innocent civilians. Apparently Jewish influences are much more embedded into American psyche, than their political clout at election times.
Ghulam Muhammed , Mumbai

Tainted all
Post-Nehru era, every government has been formed by tainted and corrupt ministers. The ruling UPA Govt. is not an exception. If we think logically, we will definitely come to the conclusion that the biggest hurdle in our development and progress is nothing but corruption. Corruption is openly breeding in our society. It is time that corruption should be eradicated only then an egalitarian atmosphere may come up in the country as a whole.
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow

Don’t make STs/SCs electoral untouchables
A PIL in the Supreme Court seeking fresh delimitation of constituencies reserved for SC and ST by a "Federation for Upliftment of Depressed classes" has been filed. One of the demands of the federation in the PIL for "separate polling booths for SCs and STs be set up for them to cast their votes in a free and fair manner" is outright ridiculous and the Supreme Court should dismiss it ad limine.

Indeed SC/STs in rural India are threatened, browbeaten when it comes to voting. Election is the time to empower them. Instead of making them bold and vote by standing in the same line, such a measure called by this federation will make the SC/STs "electoral untouchables" ! Has the "federation for depressed classes" forgotten or are ignorant about the special clause in the prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989 (Central Act) which prosecutes a person for preventing an SC/ST person to vote or stand for elections. Is not the federation aware of the Representation of the People’s Act, 1950 and 1951 and the model code of conduct which states that politicians and their parties would be committing an electoral offence if they "appeal or refrain from voting any person on ground of his religion, race, caste, community or language" 

The argument that separate polling booths will enable them to cast their votes in "a free and fair manner" is fraught with more dangers. It is a solution worse than the problem. Because separate polling stations will be marked. They will know the voters numbers in advance, who is going where in advance, and entire villages or ghettoes of SC/STs may be attacked much before the voting dates. If not in this manner, higher castes and political zealots are known to sabotage SC, ST votes by luring them away with liquor (which is widely consumed by SC,ST) and hence it makes no difference if they have a separate polling booth. 

Federations such as these should network and mobilize people, media, government bodies in strengthening and calling for effective implementation of the present laws rather than measures such as separate polling booths which isolate the depressed classes further. I have worked for the empowerment of SCs, STs and understand their predicament, but I am firmly against such a measure which would make them "electoral untouchables." 
Ronald Rebello, Stockholm, Sweden 

India should revive NAM
India’s largest circulated English newspaper, The Times of India, has been publishing exclusive reports on US-Pakistan relationship. Though no new ground has been covered by the TOI reports, the depth of US stranglehold on Pakistan is not only a serious cause for concern for all independent UN member sovereign countries, specially in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, but of immense caution to India itself. 

In the ruse of strategic relationship around defense, security and anti-terrorism cooperation, US could cripple the whole independent identity of Indian nation and India may become a complete replica of Pakistan itself. 
Though TOI ’s slant of publishing these stories are to assuage the ruffled feathers of anti-Pakistani sections who are wary of any opening to Pakistan, TOI stories in fact eye-openers to Indian public at large how step by deliberate step, India is being taken over by the US/ISRAEL axis and being merged into the Pax Americana. 

The worst part of the whole clandestine process is that the ruling establishment, be that the Congress BJP and Communist Brahmins, are working in tandem to spring a surprise on the nation, without them getting a full opportunity to deliberate and decide on the most crucial aspect of their nationhood: the freedom and independence of the nation. 
The cacophony of India’s prospect in getting a seat in the UN Security Council, without any veto power, is in effect rewarding not India, but the US/UK group to bolster their bonded vote bank in the Security Council. 

With India in deep pockets of the US/ISRAELI bankers and investors, it is hardly imaginable that India could ever be free to press its independent agenda in the affairs of the world or in matters in which it differs from either the US or Israel. And includes its economic self-interest too.

Indian leaders will pawn the nation to the moneybags in the name of progress and development and India will only realize its loss of independence, when we will be forced to send out our boys to fight American and Israeli wars of subjugation of other inconvenient countries.

Compare our future prospects with that of China, a regular point of reference for Indian commentators in the context of Asian affairs. China has been absorbing enormous investment dollars, without conceding an inch of its freedom and sovereignty to the US. The success or failure of our leadership, in evolving an independent relationship with the US is too glaring to be ignored.

Though we have mended our relationship with China, it is in the interest of the US geo-politics to use and exploit India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to project China as our enemy, so as to prepare us for an inevitable future of confrontation; not of our choosing.

One hopes saner elements who are responsible for India’s future in the world as a peaceful and developed nation, will strive their best to stay clear of US/ISRAELI component of subverting India’s national freedom and through means fair or foul, drag the nation to become a future theater of war and bloodshed. 

9/11 has brought focus to US/ISRAELI efforts to settle world problems on the killing fields of other nations and thus save their own people; though all intrigues and conspiracies will be cooked in the kitchens of US and Israeli think tanks and served to the rest of the world, starved of investment and security dollars. 

Now that Sonia Congress is in the saddle at the center and has been trying to dust off Nehruvian foreign policies, and revise our options in international affairs, it is time, an open attempt be made to revive the Non-alignment forum and keep India and a grand coalition of the willing nations that are potential victims of the US/ISRAELI ‘New American Century’ conspiracies, to help keep them all away from the predators of the Potomac. India needs a proactive leadership committed to keeping India at peace. 

The time of decision is now, before our nuclear advantage too is taken over by the US, and like Pakistan we are left with no choice but to sign on the dotted lines. 

The return of Congress-NCP coalition in Maharashtra Assembly election of Oct.13 was more or less widely expected. However, people at large are deeply puzzled over how the two big Brahmanical political parties behaved during and after the elections. 
Something appears to be so spurious as to give the whole ‘democratic elections’ a semblance of arranged fight. 

The way BJP, which itself is only a few candidate short of a majority to form the government, had underplayed all along. As NDTV’s ace analyst, Rajdeep Sardesai, counted out the so many series of strange BJP behavior, that is quite ‘unbecoming’ of radical Hindutvadis. None of their big guns put in any convincing campaign except with token appearance. The rowdy VHP and Bajrang Dal storm troopers stayed off, as if they were warned by the same controlling authority that always throws them into the ring. 

The only natural touch to all the goings on, was the onscreen bursting of tears of the incumbent Chief Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde, whose wife had earlier lost his Lok Sabha seat elections and he was extremely unsure if he would be elected. He did and that was so surprising for him that he could not hold back his tears in a TV interview.
On the other hand, the Dalit party, Bahujan Samaj Party which fielded largest number of candidates in the state, and the new power-initiative of Samajwadi party, who brought in a full cavalcade of prominent vote-catchers from their main base of Uttar Pradesh which they are ruling, both were completely wiped out. Not a single of their candidate was able to break the First Past the Post jinks.

For all practical purposes, it was the higher caste political parties against the lower caste and minority political parties that would characterize the planned rout of everybody but the Congress-NCP combine. 
There are distinct signs of cartelisation of politics in the latest phase of Maharashtra assembly elections, where the two Brahmanical parties are helping each other to come to some arrangement where their cutthroat competition, may not wipe them out to the eventual coming to power of the OBC/Dalits and minorities. 
Can one expect a BJP front-runner Brahmin aspirant of the top post in the coming future, like Shushma Swaraj, to rush in a first ever concession by BJP to ‘secular’ Congress/NCP, over their win, even before the full tally from the Election Commission was in. She said about her own party: BJP game is over!

West Bengal education Minister Mr. Kanti Biswas's assurance for better spoken English lessons for students all over the State with British help is indeed a sublime omen.

Needless to add that ever since the left Front came to power, the position of English language in W. B. has been on the wane. This is why that the students hailing from W. B. are far lagged behind in the arena of competitions.

Naturally, the Left Front's strategy to promote education only in mother tongue has its own importance. But as English, being an international language, it should not have been ignored. Mr. Biswas has rightly remarked that "in such a changed situation" spoken English has become all important. Without spoken English one cannot find employment or adopt himself to the current market demands. He further added that good knowledge of English provides the students tremendous advantage in a globlised world.

In a nutshell, Mr. Biswas's assurance regarding improvement of English language will inter alia prove boon in favour of student of West Bengal.

Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow (U.P.) 

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