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Published in the 1-15 Oct 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


It is a great pleasure sending you this mail. I thank Almighty Allah for all and thank Milli Gazette for its efforts in the propagation of Al-Islam.
Abdulkadir Abubakar Sadiq, Lokoja, Nigeria

Paradise lost
India and Pakistan fought three wars over a patch of land, that a Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan called, ‘Paradise on Earth’. That is the state of Kashmir. 
However, as events may turn out, both of claimants may be forced to hand it their paradise over to a third claimant – the US protégé, Israelis, who are flocking in droves to ‘discover’ and excavate historical sites, known as the tombs of Moses and Jesus. 

For good measure, Israeli experts are trying to declare the Kashmiris themselves, as one of the lost tribes of Israel. 
Congress/NCP's record on communal riots

While BJP’s government in Gujarat is being hauled over the coals by the Supreme Court, CBI and Laloo Yadav’s Railway ministry, over Godhra and Gujarat riots, Maharashtra’s Sonia/Sharad Pawar’s so-called ‘secular’ coalition had been posing as the epitome of highest standard of justice, when it comes to communal riots. 

The Congress/NCP government is basking in the glory of a backhanded endorsement by the Supreme Court, as the government, which can be relied upon to provide security and fair treatment to all the victims as well as the accused.

However, the facts are diametrically opposite. The so-called ‘secular’ government itself has yet to take any action on Sri Krishna Commission Report recommendations on Bombay Riots of 1992/93. 
According to a Bombay’s largest circulation Urdu daily Inquilab’s report – Police officers with clear case of involvement in the murders of innocent civilians, are still roaming around the city, scot-free. Now that Assembly elections are scheduled, Muslim voters who were by far the most victimized, murdered in an organised political and police conspiracy, cannot automatically support the ‘secular’ combine, unless Congress/NCP government matches Supreme Court’s standard of fair and swift justice to victimised community in its own state while under its own watch back in 1992-93. 

If Samajwadi Party under its outspoken leader Abu Asim Azmi, attracts a sizable chunk of the disgruntled Muslim voters, who are still being subject to a series of communal riots, as recently as the August twin bombings on Friday prayers in Jalana and Purna in Sharad Pawar’s Marathwada home grounds, the razor thin 1% margin of vote favoring Congress/NCP may evaporate and Shiv Sena/BJP may still slip in.
A ninth month old case of bombing in a Parbhani mosque, is still pending, while the suspected culprits were known and identified and they were not put under POTA, as is the standard Congress practice in bombing cases. However, the 'honour' is reserved only for Muslims.

Sonia Gandhi will have to take a prompt and decisive action on the rendering of full justice to riot victims by fully implementing Sri Krishna Commission recommendations.
Salim Raza

The first step may be to manage 'independence' for the people of Kashmir as per their long struggle. Both the US and Israel will move in as the ultimate guarantor of its independence and another friendly abode for Diaspora Jews to settle and secure the region for the US. 

As it is, US/Israel have declared Pakistan a hotbed of terrorism and they would need another fully secured security outpost to protect their strategic interests in the very centre of three nuclear-armed neighbours.

Indians should thank Vajpayee, Advani and Brajesh Mishra to pave the way to solve the intractable problem of Kashmir, to honour the best wishes of the Kashmiri Muslims, who may find their Paradise lost. 

Historically, whenever people of Indian subcontinent fought among themselves, a third force always came in and took over. This time around, the third force will arrive not through land routes like in the past, but will descend from heavens on the wings of friendly fleets of commercial airplanes to the ultimate despair of Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Gudiya episode
I wish we could conclude that "... Gudiya lived happily everafter." Although I pray for her happiness, I am afarid its the beginning of Gudiya's long severe trial in life where she will be required to make sacrifices and take decisions much more painful than this one — to go back to Arif. Surely she was under immense pressure when she agreed to go back to her first husband. What can a woman do under such circumstances when she is informed that her second marriage is not valid under the religious norms. The elders and religious leaders have failed miserably in their duties to a vulnerable ignorant woman who trusted them to decide what was best in her interest and that of her unborn child. Arif may be feeling victorious in getting back his wife, but his "snatching" Gudiya away from Taufeeq is more to do with his ego rather than his love for Gudiya. Had he really loved Gudiya he would not have disgraced and disturbed her so much. He had the option to divorce Gudiya and the elders and religious leaders should have convinced him to use this option. But sadly once again primitiveness and dogmatic idiosyncrasies have been glorified as against humanitarian values. The future of an unborn child is marred even before he/she has opened eyes in this world in the name of "shariat". Has anyone, pronouncing the course of action for Gudiya, thought how much love would her child from Taufeeq get after she and Arif have their own children? Who will take the responsibility of the disaster in Gudiya's life... and in the life of her yet-to-be-born child? Will the person who solemnised her second marriage, knowing all facts, please stand up?
Zohra Javed, Allahabad

Real face of Modiland
In Modi’s land Hindu dominated areas are most dangerous to live according to the report of Commissinor of Police, Ahmedabad. A report published in leading Gujarati daily Divya Bhaskar, (20th September, 2004) six murders took place in Hindu areas of Setelite a, posh and most educated area of Ahmedabad, during the months of January to August while in Dariyapur a Muslim dominate area only one incident of killing took place that also in Hindu area. Not a single case of murder took place in Muslim area. Not only this during the riots this area remained totaly peaceful. Apart from Dariyapur other Muslim dominated areas of Kalupur, Shahpur, Karanj and Jamalpur also saw very few incidents of loot, murder, arson. rape and molestations. In all only two persons were killed in Muslim areas while in Hindu dominated areas of Ellisbridge, Settelite, Naranpura, Shola road and Ghatlodiya in all 16 murders took place. Not a single case of loot and rape was ragistered in Muslim areas while 28 cases of kidnapping were reported in Hindu areas and much more young girls were molested by the Hindu boys in these localities. The report says that most educated locality of the city Ellisbridge was most dangerous to live. Earlier only Muslim areas were blamed for riots and unrest in the city and the minority community of Gujarat was targeted for any type of tension and trouble. But the latest report of this newspaper quoting the authentic report from the police authorities replaces the very often repeated false theory of blaming the Muslims for creating riots. It also says that the ceime graph of Muslim areas is very nominal while Hindu dominated areas are full of gundaism from the majority. The report says that safest place to live in Ahmedabad is none but Dariyapur a Muslim dominated area. It is also evident from the fact that the price of houses in this area is far more higher than Hindu areas. According to the newspaper people want to stay here beacuse it is safe and convenient. 
Habib Shaikh

Hindutva hate-mongers
The stars seem to be in right formations, to give India – Pakistan another chance on finding a new motivation to settle their differences over Kashmir. This time it is the economic compulsions that force both countries to play down their pet hate agenda and try a new hand that has been dealt by the new crisis to secure oil stakes and open new markets.

The recent episode on some e-mail lists where known Muslim basher and RSS activist, Deepak Modak (assumed cyberspace name Herrmango), masquerading as an ultra liberal, targeted Dr Shaikh Ubaid (IMC) and me and DD (asasumed name, real name not known). He has also targeted some Indian Muslim organizations/activists in America. These are not isolated cyberspace crank incidents. This is a 15-year old strategy of RSS activists in America to first discredit by character assassination and fabricated charges, then try to cause real harm.

An American apologia

Criticism of the foreign policy of the U.S. often assumes that had the U.S not involved itself things would have turned out OK What a ridiculous assumption to make. History, time and again gives abundant guarantees that doing nothing is the worst possible choice. Does the U.S. make mistakes? Yes! But to assume that US involvement is always counter to the interests of the Arab world or any other part of the world smacks of single minded bias against the US regardless of the circumstances.

Do Americans learn hate and intolerance in school? No. On the contrary we are taught to respect others and to help the poor and unfortunate .

Muslims are under the impression that all their problems in the Middle-East are due to American foreign policy. How simplistic is this? Those that have the power in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, etc.have full control of the propaganda machine and it is obvious to the outsider that they have been very successful in shifting the blame for the strife that exists in the Muslim world to the West and the U.S. in particular. 
David Coker

Since I have written and spoken in public on the injustices and violation of human rights of Muslims in India for about 15 years, I have been active in Indian Associations, they have targeted me frequently in Indian newspapers and Indian Associations. They have tried to persuade non-Muslim Indians in America, and the Indian government that I am a fanatic Muslim, anti-India, anti-national. About a year ago, HinduUnity prominently targeted me and Dr Ahmad Siddiqi (Illinois) by placing false and fabricated reports about the us, branded us as sympathizers of Muslim terrorists on their website.

They misquoted from our writings and articles. (Just as Hermango posted my 2-1/2 year old article on Taliban this week). They tried to falsely implicate that we are activists of militant organisations. They asked Hindus to write to the US government to take action against us. They wrote several letters to US Govt asking that we be fired from our jobs, arrested and investigated for pro-terrorist activities. About a year ago I received threats on phone from RSS folks who pledged that they will get me fired and arrested within six months. In the last two years they threatened me several times on phone that if I visit India, better I should not visit Gujarat. In another nasty trick, I received some sympathetic phone calls where the caller told me that he would help Muslims in India by arranging to supply guns and arms free of cost to anyone in India that I give him name the names and address of the persons.

Obviously in post 9/11 America, and BJP ruled India, these are not pranks. This is an effort to seriously harm those Indian Muslim activists who try to address the serious injustice/human rights issues of their community in India. Now that Dr Ubaid has also become active in this area for the last year or so, he is being similarly targeted. I know that my family members were worried about me. But as a person who believes in God, I strongly believe that if I do not do anything illegal or wrong or associate with anti-nationals, and follow the pacifist method of addressing instances of injustice, God will protect me from harm.

These people are also targeting several Indian Hindu and Christian human rights activists in America in a similar manner. But obviously in post 9/11 America the threat is much greater to Indian Muslim activists. Hence, we should be vigilant about such predators and report them to appropriate American and Indian authorities. But there is no need to be scared of these goons and stop our activism. 
Kaleem Kawaja, Washington

Kofi Annan's Belated Nirvana
Eighteen months after when Iraq had been brutally invaded and inhumanely occupied, the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan declared the following naked truths, in an interview with the BBC on 15th September 2004:
1. The invasion was illegal

2. It was against the UN Charter.

3. It was carried out without the approval of the Security Council.

4. USA and her allies should have waited for a second Security Council resolution on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction( WMD) before starting their War of Mass Deception: a genuine WMD in this case.

Kofi Annan madly desires to have Surya Darshan after totally losing sight. Unfortunately he would not be able to get the benefits of the sun's rays (based on the above analogy) after allowing the total destruction and devastation of a whole nation, destroying the livelihood of millions of Iraqi citizens, causing cruel deaths, terrible injuries, miseries, poverty and deprivation to the innocent peace loving people of Iraq.

By convention, by pretext and by a well worked out conspiracy of the economically and militarily superior Western powers UNO is an international body, but de facto 

it is an exclusively American Club. The 180 or so member countries are namkevaste associate members who should either toe the American line or ready to be treated as outcastes. And the same applies to the General Secretary of this monopolistic Club. He is an American appointee who submits to American pressure and if not sure to be jettisoned at the end of the first term of office or even earlier should he rebel. History has recorded several instances of this American hypocrisy and their arrogance of power.

The more knowledgeable people who can read between lines are skeptical and see a hidden agenda behind Kofi Annan's belated sanity( American Admin should read this as insanity). What sort of new conspiracies are being hatched behind this "honest" (dishonest) revelations? Probably the Americans are trying to work out a face-saving withdrawal plan with the assistance of Kofi Annan within a few months and help enhance the chances of Puppy Bush's reelection for a second term. 

But one thing is certain. Should Kofi Annan decide to write a book after leaving the UNO entitled" Iraqi Crisis: The American Conspiracy and the Role of the UNO", he should be making many more millions than what the former American president Bill Clinton got for his 'revealing' biography. We can see how the respected world leaders make fortunes out of their past, elected position of respect. Can it be branded respectable bribery?
Muhammad Ameen, Brunei Darussalam

Bush running scared
Bush speech at UNO incoherent, inadequate and apologetic George Bush delivered a puerile, simplistic and shallow speech at the 59th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the very Organization whose Charter he broke when he decided to deride, disregard and insult its institutions, launching his shocking act of butchery in Iraq.

George Bush went to the UN building knowing full well that the eyes of the world would be resting upon him. What ensued was a clinical demonstration of hypocrisy and a perpetuation of the web of lies that his regime has spun.

His speech had four main points: a weak and unconvincing attempt to justify the attack against Iraq, a plea to fight international terrorism (and an unstated but very present linking of Iraq to the same cause), a request to the United Nations to do more to rebuild Iraq and a gentle rap on the knuckle for Israel, a cosmetic addendum for the most gullible, misinformed and ignorant to swallow.

The speeches of George Bush are becoming shallower and shallower, more and more simplistic and less and less convincing as his squrming in the quagmire of his own making grows stronger and stronger and ever more desperate.
Sheik Rahman

At the United Nations building yesterday, he was thrashing around like an animal caught in a trap, hoping to free himself with ever more dramatic and drastic moves, only to worsen the situation through his own limitations and stupidity.

Firstly, how can one defend the undefendable? The attack against Iraq was illegal under international law and the person or persons who crafted the speech for President Bush to read knew full well that under each and every Resolution and under the principles of the UN Charter, a resort to war had necessarily to be approved by a majority vote in the Security Council. It was this Council that Bush avoided like the plague, knowing full well that the majority could not be forged despite desperate attempts at bullying and blackmail. An own goal. 0-1.

Secondly, how can Bush stand before the world and reiterate or perpetuate the lie that he and his regime have invented, namely that Iraq and international terrorism were connected? Either he is by now a compulsive liar who believes his own inventions, or he has been brainwashed, or else swallowing too many pretzels without chewing.

If Iraq had been about international terrorism, Bush himself would not have admitted that there was no evidence linking Baghdad to Al Qaeda and Washington would not have spoken about WMD. When the first lie was found out for what it was, the second was invented and since Bush is gullible enough to believe it, he thinks his people and the world community will fall for it. The only one to fall for the Iraq/international terrorism lie is Bush, apparently, and possibly the people who consider voting for him. Another own goal. 0-2.

Thirdly, asking the UNO to up its programmes to support Iraq, after having insulted and derided this Organization and after breaking its Charter, is the epitome of arrogance and short-sightedness. He might as well puncture the tyres of the local schoolteacher's car so that he cannot turn up for school, then accuse him of being late. If Iraq is anywhere near elections, it is due to the selfless and constant efforts of the UNO, not to the murderous and incompetent military forces of Washington, which are responsible for war crimes, dropping cluster bombs in civilian areas, choosing civilian infra-structures as military targets, committing massacres and killing or maiming tens of thousands of innocent people. Another own goal. 0-3.

Bush indeed came near to scoring a goal with his mention of international terrorism but since his country was so utterly unconvinced when Moscow was already bring this point up years ago and was happy to call the Chechen terrorists "rebels" or "separatists" and turn a blind eye to financing operations - and since close allies of the USA grant political asylum to terrorists wanted by Russia - at best this can be classified as a shot off target.

His mention of Beslan was touching but then again, what value have the words of a mass murderer and a war criminal when speaking about the slaughter of children, when Washington's forces, of which Bush is the Commander-in-Chief, did the same thing in Iraq? What is the difference between strafing a child in the back and dropping a cluster bomb on his house? The Chechens butchered hundreds of innocent children at a school. Bush butchered hundreds of innocent children in their houses. Own goal number 4.

What really takes the biscuit in Bush's childish and insulting speech - an insult to the collective intelligence of the international community - is the reference to Israel, which must dismantle unauthorised outposts and end the "daily humiliation" of the Palestinian people. Who has supported, financed and armed Israel from day one, who has turned a blind eye to its excesses and who has consistently vetoed or abstained from resolutions condemning the more ugly characteristics of Zionism? After five own goals, it may be better to substitute the player 
Sheik Rahman

D.M.K Party Spremo Dr. Kalaigar Karunanidi is under siege for belittling Bhagavat Gita
The issue erupted into a full blown controversy when Ram Gopalan, the Tamil Nadu State Organiser of Hindu Progressive Body(HPB) presented a copy of Bhagavat Gita to Dr.Karunanidi expecting him to read and change his agnostic principles taught to him by his mentor Periyar E.V.Ramasamy.

In return Dr.Karunanidi presented to Ram Gopalan a critical study written by Veeramani (another disciple of Periyar E.V. Ramasamy) entitled The Other Side of Gita which contains damaging criticism of the reverent epic.

In Vellur, Karunanidi's effigy was torched and in a large gathering agitating and condemning Karunanidi, Ram Gopalan spoke and touched on the question of the rise in the population of Muslims in India. He suggested that the trend should be checked and advised the Govt to enact a law forfeiting the voting rights of people who have more than two children. He said the so called POTA should be reinforced rather than revoked.

Mr. Kaudaman who is the Director of the Centre for Vedic Research in Chennai has lodged a police compliant on Karunanidi, with Commissioner of Police Mr Natarajan demanding court proceedings against the D. M. K. leader for ridiculing and insulting the incarnation of Lord Krishna and the Hindu holy book Gita.

Dr.Karunanidi's( D.K.K) Response:
In the opinion of Karunanidi, the Dravidians should give importance and priority to KURAL ( an illustrious 2000 year old magnum opus of highly ethical teachings written by Valluvan a great Tamil sage) not to Gita because according to the octogenarian leader D.K.K., Kural teaches equality and dignity of humanity but Gita enshrines and preserves the so called god created division of humanity into castes.

DKK further goes on stating that according to Gita, it is considered praise-worthy for communities to be engaged in occupations assigned to them on the caste ladder. On the other hand Kural loudly declares that by physical and mental characteristics humans may vary in their make-up but it emphasizes that humanity should never ever be compartmentalised based on castes.

By a selfish motivation and hypocritical convention, DKK argues,Gita may be a great epic, but it has absolutely no place in the hearts and minds of the ancient Tamil culture whose concepts of unity of humanity is far more refined, advanced and highly admirable.

DKK continues, in his own words:
"I do not say that Gita should not exist but I am highly in favour of my beloved Dravidian people taking the KURAL as their life's guiding philosophy. Does it bring loss to Ram Gopalan or anybody else if I say I prefer to follow the teachings of Kural and advise my people to do the same? Why does the Hindu Progressive Body leaders vent their anger at me. Let them read and appreciate what they want to but let them not prevent me from cultivating what I want to. Has anybody read Dr. Ambetkar's views on Bhagavat Gita? I have simply amplified only some of the views of the Indian nation builder.My effigy is torched because of my stand on the reading of Gita. This is sheer politicking of a pure non-political issue of literary criticism. I will never give up my time honored and well cherished principles of human dignity taught by my Dravidian concept of life disregarding whether my own colleagues defend me on this issue or defect me. I am ready to walk alone and will never recede, neither surrender to the forces of politically created racial discrimination"
Report by P.V.Kodimeeran,
Nungambakkam, Chennai. 

PS: On 17th September Mr. Ila Ganesan the BJP Chief of Tamil Nadu State answered the controversy stating that he gives equal appreciation for both Bhagvat Gita and the Kural the Tamil Scripture  (by email - name and address supplied)

Kofi Annan holds US/UK invasion of Iraq as illegal.
In an interview with BBC TV’s Owen Bennet Jones, United Nation Secretary General Kofi Annan has admitted that the war on Iraq is illegal. 

He contended the UNSC resolution 1441, only has issued Iraq a time bound warning, that if it has did not abide by the Security Council resolutions on Weapons of Mass Destruction and UN inspections, there will be consequences. 

At the end of the day, a second resolution by Security Council was a must to lay down the nature of the consequences. 

That resolution never materialized and US/UK invaded Iraq, without UN Security Council mandate, and on their own untenable interpretation of international law and UN charter. Kofi Annan had put on record that he is among the people who maintain that US invasion of Iraq was illegal.

Now, consequences must follow for this illegality of invasion of a UN member nation. 

The United Nations should take appropriate measures to ensure invading forces end their occupation of Iraq. 

UN should assume its full responsibility to restore freedom to the country and arrange for new interim government that could hold free and fair elections. The current occupied forces that include the sham Iyad Alawi puppet regime, should clear out of Iraq. 

UN had already done some groundwork through its appointee, Lakhdar Brahimi that was unilaterally rejected by the US. 

UN should pick anew from that initiative, given the hopeless security situation that cannot sustain even the tainted US/UK effort to restore normalcy, freedom and democracy to the victimized nation. That is the only solution to the daily loss of lives through dogged resistance to US/UK occupation. 

The US and its allies, who have participated in this illegal war, should be penalized and made to pay heavy war reparations to the people of Iraq in general and those civilians in particular who lost their lives in this wanton destruction of lives and property. 

To forestall any such recurrence of illegal war on defenseless country on trumped up pretexts, UN should bring all responsible for the current illegal war, to stand trial for their war crimes. 

The prominent among those are not only the US President, Vice-President, Defense and State secretaries, National Security Adviser and Pentagon officials, but those neo-con advisors too that prepared the blue-print for the whole series of planned illegal wars. The masterminds behind, who openly took credit for these crimes, should not be left out of the ambit of all war crime prosecutions. 

Javed Anand’s article: Green Signal – (TOI, 16/9/2004)
Javed Anand writes:" Should Indian Muslims locate themselves at the confluence of religion, reason, commonsense and mainstream (‘for probable weighty reasons of his own, Anand left out power politics’-GM), as Maulana Sadiq proposes, or should they choose to, among other things, denounce family planning as a ‘plot against Islam’, as Maulana Maududi, founder of Jamaat-e-Islami did? Not a very difficult choice, it would seem." 

A spade has to be called a spade. Just being Maududi or Anand, cannot make a difference where matters of facts are relevant. 

If the current ‘strategic’ management of Indian Census statistics by the now widely believed manipulations by interest groups, is a ‘plot’ against one particular community, why bring out Maududi to brand Islam with some permanent disability to face facts. 

Anand will have to agree that the current heated agitation against the so-called ‘hum do, hamare pachees’ community, is a well orchestrated conspiracy to demonize Muslims for the sole objective to nourish Sangh Parivar’s own fast dwindling constituency through resorting to provoke ‘mass fear psychosis’. 

On the other hand, a sizeable Muslim observers are wondering, if the current forceful media entry of the Left brigade, on the heels of a communist presence at the center, points to a new development of a common cause between Fundamentalist Hindutva and Fundamentalist Marxism, both run by high-caste Brahmins in India, to resurrect the bogey of Fundamentalist Islam to win political victories. 

Tame subservience by ‘independent’ media in these media games over inconsquential Muslim issues, is a further cause of utter bewilderment to the Muslim community. 

In any case, the oft-repeated wolf-cry is fast losing its credibility with the people of India. One cannot fool all the people all the time.

Bush ambush
The recent slapping of the wrist of President Bush by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Pakistani President Parvez Musharraf cannot impress the world, as both have been known collaborators of the US President. 

Observers have no difficulty in making out the contours of a new Bush policy to allow his known collaborators, to work up their own separate credibility restoration at the expense of the discredited US policies, with the more sinister objective of using both for further manipulations of the world events as per American agenda. 

The two most sensitive spots that are the epicenter of world disasters, namely Israel and Iraq, need fresh initiatives as the Bush and Neo-con policies have come to a dead-end. 

However, the cast of characters, chosen by Bush to do his proxy biddings, has themselves feet of clay and will not be able to deliver, unless Bush himself gathers sufficient courage to publicly accept his mistakes and declares his intention to change course. 

The most surprising element is the timing of this new phenomenal change of strategy in view of the coming Nov. 2 US Presidential elections. It seems the pressures mounting on Bush are so daunting, that he needs outside support of the contrived kind, to attempt so drastic change of policy, as not to wait out the outcome of the Presidential elections. 

The world will definitely welcome any overt or covert US move to abide by the strong positions enunciated by both Kofi Annan and President Musharraf, provided the whole hoopla is not just media exercise to win brownie points from targeted quarters.

Boycott of Parliament by NDA
The elected members of Parliament refused to sit and discuss the national issues in Parliament on one or other flimsy ground. They have failed in their primary duty and hence they deserve the ire of the citizens of the nation. They refused to sit and discuss the budget but they were audacious enough to go to PM’s office and submit a memorandum reducing their role as Union leaders. PM rightly said that Parliament is in session and they should bring their views there. But the delegation comprising of top functionaries of previous government made another complaint against the PM that he did not give them due respect. Respect shall be given where it is due. Bypassing the Parliament and coming straight to PM is the last thing one could have expected from former cabinet members. Ever since the new govt. was installed, BJP found alibi to disrupt the Parliament and refused to cooperate with it. The opposition of previous parliament always cooperated with NDA govt. George Fernandes went so far as telling that they will discuss the issues on the streets. How mean! This is the behaviour of supposed to be respectable leaders of NDA. The dignity of parliament has be blown to wind by the NDA formulation. I do not know how the much experienced great parliamentarian like Vajpayee himself took the lead to disruption of parliament and chose to take up memorandum rout superseding parliament. NDA owe an explanation to the nation for causing to waste Rs.1.23 crores every day of parliament working. The boycott was definitely an affront to democracy and interest of voters. It this posture continues, there is no need of calling parliament at all and the MPs may be sent home and their service terminated if they are not willing to discharge their duties as enshrined in the constitution.
Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

UPA government
After eight years the Congress has come to power and formed a coalition government. The credit of its re-emergence goes to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. It has completed more than 100 days in power, but nothing substantial has come out so far. People are looking for the implementation of promises that had been made before the election.

Needless to say that out of many problems and issues, the most pressing problem today is of unemployment. Union Labour Minister Sis Ram Ola has said;" the country has at present 27 million unemployed people and the unemployment rate is more than 7%".

It is time that UPA Government should introduce such schemes which may effectively deal with this issue. In 1989, a progressive employment scheme, Jawahar Rozgar Youjna, was introduced. In this context, we may recall Late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi's efforts to bring in Mr. Sam Pitroda who helped in bringing about a revolutionary development in telecommunication field. Thousands of people were benefited by it.

It is hoped that UPA Government in coming days will deal this problem of unemployment with firmness and provide more and more opportunities to engage unemployed youths.
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi
Teacher, Nadwa College, Lucknow.

Economic compulsions force new Indo-Pak thaw
For public consumption, both sides are not toning down their rhetoric and media especially in India is bent on harping on the so-called cross-border terrorism. Whatever Pakistan may offer, there is no way India could prepare itself to let go of such a convenient stick to beat Pakistan with. The blame game suits India, and given the chances of the whole peace ‘charade’ once again collapsing, India will again need the bogey to put Pakistan into its old ‘enemy’ niche.

On the Pakistan side, whatever its democratic credentials, the Musharraf military machine is moving with determination and full confidence. The new Pakistani Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, is from the same community of economists-technocrats, that is now ruling both neighbouring countries and both are doggedly forcing the priorities on economic goals, to circumvent the past political differences. That is a welcome development. However, it is difficult for both countries to escape the over lordship of the US that has its own designs of the whole subcontinent. Even after 57 years, Pakistan has not be able to shake the stranglehold of the US economic and strategic bondage. Now it is India’s turn to quietly slide into the same trap. It is for the people to realise, in the light of their past history of their colonial years, how to react to such designs on their freedom and force their leaders to do everything in their powers to ward off any infringement on their freedom and sovereignty, however disguised as enticing rewards of such subjugation.

The Vanguard of Filthy Iniquity
Iniquity in our time (2004) is nowhere as persistent as in Palestine. This situation divulges world leaders and European leaders especially, as moral crooks. Like the legislating chain gang in Washington, they’re compromised, intimidated or on the payroll of the international bankers. The state of Israel, enabled by gullible Christians, is designed to provoke, and this is what it has done since 1948. If Zionists had wanted a state where Jews could live in peace, they would certainly have accepted Joseph Stalin’s offer of a large autonomous state in Siberia. But this would not have caused international strife. Today millions of damned Jews go to Israel to become compromised and indoctrinated in the evil, cryptic schemes conceived in sinister, secret lodges, and to become Zion’s cannon fodder. Surely, building your home on other peoples land, you’re looking for trouble, or you’re very deluded by conceits.

On [], Ilya Bruskin, a Caucasian Mountain Jew, divulges in his "Open letter from Israel to all people of the world", the perfidy and distortion of facts that they perpetrate, when building their homes on other people’s land. Presumably he has a need to profile and assert himself in such a bizarre manner in order to be rated in his new homeland. Worldly vanity was never more blatant than in Israel. That he should go to that spurious ethnic loony bin to tend his conceits rather than to stay in the mountains to tend his soul is an example of how they’re hustled into Zion’s worldly mania. They are full of ethnic pretensions and they are the gimmicks of international finance. As a Mountain Jew, Mr. Bruskin is most likely more Semitic than most Jews in Israel, and a descendent of those Jews who went to northern Persia after the destruction of the ancient The Stock Exchange in Jerusalem. Some of those Jews later emigrated to the Caucasus, around 500 A.D., long before the Khazar khaganate began looking around for a decent religion.

Formerly the rabbis used gangsters to round up their small flocks and play them out against the surrounding communities. When the Jews thought "the others" were behind the troubles, "the others" thought it was the Jews. Under these circumstances it was easy for Jews to believe that they were "The Chosen Few". Today international Zionism round them up in Zion’s Palestinian corral. The Neo-Nazis are already set to drive the Jews from Europe to join the Hebrew army.

Chechen terrorists have recently caught world headlines again, distracting propitiously from Zion’s barbarism in Palestine. Islamic terror is financed by the same international bankers that have financed Bolsheviks, Nazis and Zionists. Since Federal Reserve Act legislation in 1913, Americans have been the useful idiots of diabolical financiers. That legislation was like putting Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank. The history of Fed Reserve (splendidly described by Eustace Mullins and others) divulges what contempt for Americans the owners of Federal Reserve must have. Americans did not have an homogenous culture. This facile, anomalous environment was the Babel into which two million Neo-Khazar Jews, Shenanigan and Anti Defamation League, worked the magic of diabolical Zionism. Americans had the rock-solid substratum of the Bible with its devotion to truth and right. With these conceits they now serve Zion and international finance in distant wars. As we see in Iraq today, Americans are just innocents abroad, a very confused bunch, having fun. Smashing Iraq, the most materially advanced Islamic country is sheer cake for Israel. But even a secular Iraq is an intact Islamic culture.

Also Russia is an intact culture. In the Western media, and on Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s consummately smooth Website [], the realities are distorted. The corrupt auctions, where vital Russian resources were passed on for peanuts should have paved the way for international finance to work its magic in Russia. And Khodorkovsky, true to his owners, tried earnestly to sneak the international gang in, to take control, but ended up in jail instead of in Texas. Mr. Khodorkovsky also started "Open Russia Foundation", a completely independent, charitable foundation. On the Board of Trusties is the promoter himself, and Henry Kissinger, and Arthur Hartman, US Ambassador, and Lord Jacob Rothschild, who financed the State of Israel’s Parliament and Supreme Court, and Dr. Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. But what’s a custodian of Russian cultural heritage doing on a list of persons that seems to be more designed to attract gullible and frighten decent people, than obverse? His wife is an expert on international finance.

The State of Israel is a long-term investment where future fighters are now being bred, and similarly the ancient fighting and unruly spirit of the Chechens is a propitious short-term financial object. Islamism has no indigenous basis in Chechnya. But when the pay is right, soldiers of fortune take on any cap. And the fact that oil is 10 meter beneath the grass and Chechens pump it up, home-refine it and sell it along the roads, makes Chechnya a juicy international bait for military advance. The geo-political monsters are tearing at the Russian barricades, deftly exploiting the traditional ideologies and the sweet sentiments that people desire. Today it is Russia and tomorrow it will be China. In fact, in Nepal they are already sneaking in, using Maoist caps, right under the belly of Tibet. World Zionism has long since sniffed out the useful spots to work on. Innocence and corruption is ideal métier of Zionism. Pig and rats feed on rot.

On the Neo-Con home front (USA) the Presidential Election is now foremost on the agenda. The absolutely free press (owned by Fed Reserve owners) is entertaining and deluding Americans about the issues. The Neo-Cons have made it clear that if Americans vote for Kerry than al Quaeda will strike USA again, but if they vote for Bush, al Quaeda will abide. Who’s in control of al Quaeda?

The Iraq war imposes evangelical righteousness on an Islamic country with righteous indignation and vindictiveness, causing the chaos that serves Israel’s interests. This colossal show is distracting Americans from the salient facts of their own economy. Since Bush got into office the debt incurred to increase GDP by one dollar, has increased from $3 to now over $7, (The Richenbacher Letter). Foreign creditors finance this - but how long? Sophisticated Neo-Con statistics are desperately believed to be true in Wall Street. What else can they do, short of precipitating a disaster? An economy based on the speed of Alan Greenspan's dollar printing presses, rather than on solid work can hardly inspire investor's confidence much longer. This is no doubt the reason that Mr. Soros, knight-errant of international capital, now supports Kerry. The Neo-Con politics is dangerously absurd and extremely expensive. A sudden collapsing of confidence in the dollar is called an implosion. This will result in very, very ugly social strife in USA. Only those who have their assets in gold will win. Of course, this is what Home Security is implemented to handle. A ridiculous economy might be the calculated risk of these Neo-Con agents of Zionism. This would fit the Protocols of Zion perfectly.
Kaj Krinsmoe
Abildgade 15,
Aarhus N

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