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Published in the 1-15 Oct 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Trinity of Terror: Bush, Putin & Sharon

By Karamatullah K. Ghori

With his Iraqi mis-adventure spiralling out of control, George W. Bush, in the throes of presidential election, is becoming desperate, and also miscued as usual.

Now becoming increasingly handicapped to package more lies on Iraq as policy, and unable to sell recycled lies to a growing electorate of skeptics, Bush in desperation has called upon his Iraqi puppet, Ayad Allawi, to come to his rescue. Allawi is being rushed to Washington to tell the American people that their doubts on Bush's Iraqi undertaking are misplaced and the war against terror is progressing well in Iraq.

The irony and pun of this macabre electoral wizardry seems totally lost on both Bush and Allawi. A hired political gun and puppet-on-a-string like Allawi, with zero credibility inside Iraq, is being dovetailed in the Bush election campaign to shore up his fortunes by acting as his spokesman to the American people.
With the insurgency in Iraq snowballing and becoming more intense and targetted, the American response is also scaling new heights in barbarity and bestiality. Cities like Falluja and Baquba, in the so-called 'Sunni triangle', are being mercilessly pounded from the air. This is raising the toll of civilian casualties-women and children included-and providing further fuel for spiralling hatred against U.S. imperial occupation of Iraq. More than four hundred Iraqi men, women and children were killed in three days of senseless bombing of Falluja, Baquba and Ramadi in the second week of September.

However, the arrogance of America's military commanders in Iraq is dictating a policy to shed more and more Iraqi blood in an effort to sow terror of U.S. military might in the hearts of the Iraqis. A recent front page report in the establishment mouth-piece, the New York Times, carried boastful statements, attributed to unnamed U.S. military commanders and planners, to the effect that plans have been chalked up to wrest control of cities like Falluja from the hands of the insurgents before a deadline of December. A massive military push against Falluja is being planned, for soon after the November elections in America, as 'a final solution' to end the insurgency in that hub of Iraqi resistance. In other words, another blood bath of the innocent Iraqis is on the Bush anvil. 

It will be recalled that a similar blitz was undertaken against Falluja in April this year, in which at least 3000 of its citizens were maimed and butchered in the American onslaught. But that savage operation was halted within days because of global outrage against it. But the military strategists are more optimistic of the success of their impending crackdown. Why? Because they think that this time around they will be unleashing terror at the 'request' of the puppet Allawi government in Baghdad. In the aborted April incursion, the political bosses in Washington developed cold feet because of global condemnation of the tactics by the occupiers of Iraq. Now the occupiers hope to have some cover of 'legitimacy' bestowed on their brutal tactics from the interim Iraqi regime of Iyad Allawi. That is where puppetas come in handy to Washington; be it Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, General Musharraf in Pakistan, or Allawi in Iraq, they play strictly according to the tune administered to them.

Bush is resorting to cracking the whip in Iraq because he and his neocon acolytes believe in an old American adage that in times of war, Americans tend to prefer a strong and wrong leader over a right but weak leader. John Kerry is wobbly and inconsistent in his policy on Iraq, to the delight of the Bush camp. Hence all focus is now on projecting Bush as a decisive and strong president, notwithstanding all the lies and fabrications he has fed to the Americans with impunity. Bush seems intent on pursuing a policy of more stick and less carrot inspite of categoricaland dire warnings from his own National Intelligence Estimates that because of the continued American occupation of Iraq, the Iraqi insurgency is gathering more momentum and force and may, ultimately, drive the country toward a civil war.

Tony Blair, the other face of the Bush-Blair coin, remonstrated at his public appearance with Allawi at 10 Downing Street, that Iraq has become a 'crucible' of terrorism that must be resisted for the sake of freedom and democracy. But he conveniently glossed over the fact that there was no terrorism in Iraq before its invasion by the Anglo-Americans. Both Bush and Blair have become the ace recruiters for Al Qaeda.

Putin of Russia, who hasn't said a word in condemnation of Bush's brutal tactics in Iraq, is pursuing much the same policy of excessive use of force in his own Iraq, the festering wound of Chechnya.

Putin, with ambitions to become Russia's modern Czar, has made a career out of repression in Chechnya. In the two years of the latest round of unbridled Russian brutalities in the hapless Muslim 'republic' of Chechnya, more than a hundred thousand Chechens-men, women and children-have been slaughtered by a Russian army behaving like vandals from the middle ages. They have raped Chechen women, maimed Chechen children and slaughtered Chechen men like stray dogs. They have a free hand from a rapacious Putin who has no fear, himself, of any accountability from the champions of western democracy because he shares a common agenda with them. This agenda, shorn of all sophistry and verbiage of 'war against terror' and such other nonsense, boils down to just one common objective: slaughter the Muslims, wherever they may be, on any excuse or pretext.

The recent school episode in Beslan, a city in the Republic of Ingushetia, provides a laser like clue into the mind of Putin, as far as his obsession with dealing with terrorism with a heavy hand is concerned. On direct orders from him, the Russian crack troops stormed the besieged school building with force that led to the killing of more than three hundred people, majority of them school children. This was not the first time the Russians had dealt with terrorism with excessive force. Last year a similar show of brute force was staged in Moscow when a theatre occupied by Chechen freedom fighters was stormed and poison gas was freely used, killing several hundred of the hostages, along with the hostage takers. 

Both these Russian episodes underline a harsh reality that Putin, obsessed with power, has as little concern for the lives of his own people as he has for the non-Russian Chechens or Ingushetians. His alter-ego, George W. Bush, has likewise shown scant regard for the American lives being lost in Iraq because of his policy of imperialism.

Israel's rapacious Ariel Sharon is the third leg of the terrible tripod or trinity of neo-imperialism stalking the Muslim world for bounty hunting. He is, no doubt, more cold blooded and ruthless than either Bush and Putin in persecuting his hostage Palestinians in the occupied land. However, Sharon is more protective of Jewish lives than either of his two partisans.

In the cover of Bush's war on terror, Sharon is relentlessly following his own deadly agenda against the hapless Palestinians with ever more ferocity and ruthlessness. He knows he has a blank cheque for repression from Bush because the two of them agree, one hundred per cent, that the Palestinian struggle for freedom and emancipation from the Israeli yoke is nothing but terrorism in Bush's lexicon.

Sharon had a lot of crocodile tears to shed on the Beslan tragedy and volunteered to do anything to relieve Putin's burden. Besides posturing Sharon's act of ingratiating himself to Putin has a lot of substance. Sharon and Bush both want Putin in their corner against the Palestinians. Putin hasn't done much on behalf of the Palestinians since coming to power. Russia, under him, has as well as washed its hands fully of the Arab world and is now content to behave like an American poodle, just like Blair's Britain. Because of the neutering of Putin's Russia on all issues of importance to the Arabs, the much-touted 'quartet'-U.S., Russia, EU and the UN-has remained largely moribund. None of the participants have any concern for the abject subjugation and mayhem of the Palestinians at the receiving end of Sharon's brutalities, meted out to them on a daily basis.

A friendly and patronising Sharon is invaluable to Putin in his deadly Chechen campaign whose objective is to annihilate the Chechen freedom fighters and beat common Chechens into total servility to Russia. Putin is following a course as brutal as the Czars practised in their times or what the rapacious Stalin did in his. The U.S. corporate-controlled news media has been blacking out all stories of Russian tyranny in Chechnya in order to facilitate his task. The American media, as well known, has a very soft corner in its heart for Sharon and his brand of ruthless Zionism. On a wink from Sharon, the American media could be helpful, or troublesome, to Putin. Hence all the more reason for Putin to stay in lock-step with the Bush-Sharon duo.

But Putin's help could be most valuable to the Bush-Sharon team in its ongoing crusade against Iran's nuclear programme. Both are sworn enemies of Iran. Sharon has had an old agenda to repeat against the Iranian nuclear facilities the treatment Israel had meted out to the Iraqi nuclear reactor outside Baghdad in 1981. Bush has totally adopted Sharon's diabolical plan as his own. For months, the Bush administration has been trying to convert the IAEA in Vienna to its agenda on Iran and bringing all sorts of crude pressure upon it. So far the agency has deftly avoided being roped into the Bush-Sharon scheme which seeks to have an anti-Iran resolution passed by IAEA so that the Iranian 'violations' could then be referred to the UN Security Council.

But the Bush-Sharon team has also been working, relentlessly, on Putin to freeze Russian nuclear co-operation with Iran. Putin hasn't taken the bait yet, because of huge economic stakes involved. But his reluctance or foot-dragging on the issue, so close to the hearts of Bush and Sharon, hasn't cooled their ardour to keep him under constant heat. They have an ace up their sleeves on Chechnya, which could make the going tough for Putin.

Of equal importance and relevance to Sharon, in his master plan for the region around Israel, is the prospect of dismemebering Iraq, for long a hotly-sought prize for the ultra-hawkish Zionists whose prodigy is Sharon.

The Zionist master plan for a Middle East totally at the mercy of U.S. and Israel (U.Srael, in real sense ) has a truncated Iraq at its core. It envisages a four-way division of Iraq: a Shia-ruled Southern Iraq; a Sunni-ruled Central Iraq; an independent Kurdistan, including the oil-rich Kirkuk and stretching from there up to the Turkish border in the north; and a Palestinian state carved out of the western part of Iraq, largely desert, and incorporating the present-day Jordan.
Sharon and his Zionist henchmen have long argued, and forcefully advocated, that a Palestinian state already exists in Jordan, on the East Bank of River Jordan. More room can be created in it by wedging into it parts of western, arid, Iraq. This should take care of settling there all the Palestinians expelled from the West Bank. Expulsion of the Palestinians from the occupied lands is at the heart of this nefarious and diabolical plan, which is whole-heartedly endorsed by the Christian right in U.S. Their Old Testament tells them that Israel must occupy all of the Holy Land in order to create the right perspective for Christ to return to this earth.

Sharon has already sold his plan to the neocons in U.S. that Iran must be defanged of any nuclear assets in order to keep the putative Iraqi Shia state of his dream quiet and subservient. Likewise, an independent Kurdistan would be an instrument in keeping Turkey's ambitions in check. Besides, Kurdistan would be a vital source of oil to Israel.

As for the Sunni-led state in Central Iraq, and the future state of Palestine, they would be paupers and perennial basket cases that could easily be manipulated by U.Srael to their common advantage. The latest American Intelligence assessment, that Bush has been keeping under wraps, believes that a civil war in Iraq could well be the prelude to its eventual dismemberment.

Bush could oblige his 'partner' Ariel Sharon to their hearts' content by implementing his agenda with zest in his second term, the prospects of which now look good.

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