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Community News

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Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahamed praying Jumu’ah with Yasir Arafat at Ramallah on  17 Sept 04

Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahamed praying 
Jumu’ah with Yasir Arafat at Ramallah on 17 Sept 04


Empowerment of Muslims 
New Delhi: ‘Economic Empowerment of Muslims in India’ a book sponsored by Institution of Objective Studies (IOS) New Delhi, and written by Dr Abu Saleh Shareef was released by former prime minister V.P. Singh at a function held at Constitution Club and presided over by former Chief Justice of India, A.M. Ahmadi. The former prime minister of India said on this occasion that an effort is being made by some organisations to poison the whole atmosphere. It can be detoxified by empowerment by Muslims only. Author of the book Dr Abu Saleh Shareef said that since majority of Muslims are leading life below poverty line, they should give up small business and try to start big business. Chairman of IOS, Dr Manzoor Alam speaking on this occasion said that this is the first book in this series and soon other two books will also be published.

Refresher course on drama
New Delhi : A one-month long refresher course on drama and mass communication started in Jamia Millia Islamia's Academic Staff College (ASC) on 17 September in which 55 Urdu teachers from different states of the country will participate. Director of ASC, Prof Akhtar Siddiqui, in his inaugural address said that founders of Jamia Millia had tried to promote drama at a time when Urdu theater did not exist in India. Vice Chairman of Urdu Academy, Delhi, M. Afzal , who was also the chief guest, assured all possible help to this institution for the promotion of drama. Prof Asghar Wajahat, who presided over the function described India as the founder of drama in the world along with Greece. 

Marriage of 300 Couples in Saifi Mosqui
Mumbai : 300 couples of Bohra Sect tied their knots in a congregational ceremony on 6 September 2004 in Mumbai. After 1952, such rituals among Bohra sect take place on a global scale every year. Sayyadana Burhanuddin, the spiritual leader of the sect, performed the matrimonial rites of a couple while the rites of the rest of the couples were performed by his sons and other religious scholars. The ceremony was attended by Ulama, scholars and businessmen of the sect. After Nikah the spiritual leader offered a special dua for the newly married couples.

English as a source of preaching Islam
Deoband : Addressing a meeting of ‘Anjuman Dawatul Islam’ held on 6 September 2004 in Darul Uloom Deoband ‘Naeb Muhtamim’ Qari Mohammad Usman Mansoorpuri said that English is an international language today and it is necessary to learn it in order to communicate other nations of the world and preach Islam in the language understood all over the globe. He further said that religion should not be associated with any specific language.
Addressing the meeting Mufti Mohammad Zafiruddin Miftahi, the President of All India Islamic Fiqh Academy, said that it is of utmost benefit to learn English today in order to suitably respond to the accusations levelled against Islam. Similarly, Mufti Mohd. Obaidullah Quasmi, an English teacher, emphasised on learning English language so that we can put an end to the propaganda against Islam and its followers.

Discipline among Jamia Rahmani students 
New Delhi : Rahmani Foundation, Monger (Bihar) organised a seminar on today’s burning topics such as new generation, education, character building etc. Speaking on this occasion, Delhi Public School Chairman, Narendra Kumar said that he visited many public schools in the world but he visited a madrasa for the first time and was astonished to see the sense of discipline among students of this madrasa, their keenness to learn and their life style. It was a pleasant and unthinkable experience for him, he said. Another noted speaker was Javed Akhtar, famous poet and film dialogue writer who regretted that though our country is among the famous and developing countries, there is more illiteracy here than many countries which are much smaller and poorer than India. He said that the standard of literacy in our country is simply one’s ability to write his name. Much more emphasis needs to be laid on education, he said.

Lucknow : A discussion on ‘Problems of Urdu in Modern Times’ was held here under the auspices of Lucknow University’s Department of Urdu. Presiding over this function Abid Suhel, the known short story writer said that the number of Urdu lovers and speakers is so large in the world that in spite of best efforts its opponents cannot eliminate it. He suggested that like Ghalib Day, Nazeer and Meer Days, Urdu Day should also be observed and celebrated. He also suggested that Aligarh University’s Old Boys Associations organise their programmes in Dubai and other countries. Similarly, Lucknow University Association should also organise its programmes in Lucknow. 

Urdu Critic Narang honoured
Bhopal : Allama Iqbal Literary Centre held a sminar on September 9 in Bhopal to honour Dr. Gopi Chand Narang, the prominent Urdu critic. Disagreeing wih those who try to project Iqbal as a controversial personality. Dr. Narang said that in order to correctly understand the poet it is necessary to go through all the dimensions of Iqbal's poetry. Iqbal was in fact, a great patriot and a mere look at most part of his works like 'Bang-e-Dara' or even 'Tasveer-e-Dard' and 'Shua-e- Ummid' reflects this reality.

Apparently there are contradictions in the thoughts of Iqbal. He is a supporter of Socialism and Mussolini at the same time but no one can deny that he addresses the entire humanity and his thoughts are a bright lamp for the awakening of humanity, he said while addressing the seminar. He further said, "There is a great deal of dimension in the text of Iqbal which leads to an internal contradiction whenever an effort is made to give it a new interpretation. But, in fact the matter is not as it sounds to be."

Dr. Afaq Ahmad presented a detailed introduction of Dr. Narang's critique and research works. The seminar was presided over by Akhtar Saeed Khan. Among the intellectuals and scholars who attended it were Nirmal Verma, Dr Bashir Badar, Iqbal Majeed and others.

The Misuse fo Triple 'talaq'
New Delhi : Taking the misuse of 'Triple Talaq' into accout the National Commission for Women now has decided to move the Suprem Court seeking its verdict regarding this matter. The decision was taken following two incidents. In the first case a drunken man pronounced 'Talaq' to his wife while in the second a woman in Mumbai was given triple 'Talaq' over phone.

The couple, Najma Bibi and Shaikh Sher, from Orissa in the first case wish to continue the marriage but the people, who have a 'fatwa' declaring the 'Talaq' valid, force them to live separately.

According to Poornima Advani, the chairperson of NCW, the commission has hired human rights lawyer Colin Gonsalves to fight the second case. The pelition will be moved next week.

Mohd Anis saved 17,000 Poisonous Snakes 
Bangalore: 23 April 2003 was a memorable day for Mohammad Anis of Bangalore who had saved 27 venomous serpents during just 24 hours. According to him he has saved 17,000 serpents in the last 16 years but even a single of them did not bite him. Forest Department of Karnataka govenment had issued him a licence to catch serpents. Whenever he comes across any serpent he catches it but only to release it in the nearby forest.

According to a report of WHO so far there have been 20,000 cases of snake bite in India in 2004.

Anis claimed that 90 percent of serpents do not bite unless they feel that they will be harmed and the remaining 10 percent bite accidently.

Educational Federation for Madrasas in UP
Lucknow: UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav announced to set up an educational federation for madrasas on the pattern of already existing Sanskrit Vidya Parishad. 
The state chief secretary V.K. Mittal said that state cabinet has given approval for setting up the Madarsa Shiksha Parishad. There are nearly 1,100 madarsas of which 281 are aided by the government. The new Shiksha Parishad will be responsible for holding examinations in these institutions.
The cabinet now wants to forward its decision to Governor T.V. Rajeshwar for his approval. The Congress, which is against the setting up of an Urdu University in Rampur, it seems to be caught in a dilemma as it does not want to antagonise the minority community by opposing the present decision of the cabinet. 
"Decisions like setting up the Urdu university or forming the Federation to streamline Madrasa education are bound to benefit Muslims but the Congress has been putting pressure on the governor to oppose both ordinances", Zafaryab Jilani, a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, allegedly said. 

University after Vir Abdul Hameed demanded
New Delhi : Vir Abdul Hameed Smarak Samiti (Memorial Committee) held a meeting to offer tribute to him on his 39th anniversary of martyrdom. The speakers said that the government did not give this winner of Param Veer Chakra, India's highest military award, the status that he deserved for his valiantly fighting the enemy. Addressing the meeting Dr. Mohd. Hashmi Idrisi, president ofthe memorial committee, demanded the central government to establish a national University after Vir Abdul Hameed and appoint Rasoolan Bibi, his window, as the chancellor of the University.

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