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Published in the 1-15 Oct 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Progress and improvement in 51 colleges of UP

By Nusrat & Ahmad Rashid Shervani

Many good people seem to think that we know all about Muslim education, from A to Z. If we wish to make a Muslim audience clap happily, we can say : "Muslims of India are going rapidly forward in education…" Many Muslims would clap with joy and say : waahwaa! har lehza hai momin ki naee aan, naee shaan, aaiyye biryaani kabaab khaaen. If we wish to make a Muslim audience cry we can say : "Muslims of India are rapidly going further and further backwards in education…". Many Muslims will sigh and say : aah! barq girtee hai to bechaare Mussalmaanon par.
Data Education Muslim students
Who can disprove either of our two diametrically opposite assertions? None. Why not? Because no one knows. Statistics available are generally haphazard, piece-meal, disjointed and, above-all, half-a-dozen years (if not half-a-century) old. So, if we are in a good mood, we can either give joyous tidings of Muslim progress in education or, if we are feeling like a ghamkhwaar-e-millat, we can bemoan that Muslims are falling deeper and deeper in the dark and bottomless pit of jihaalat. But, what is the truth? Wallaaho a'lam bis sawaab.

Whatever little we know is based only on what the Principals of Muslim institutions of some states of North India tell us every year in the form of results of X and XII board examinations. Even this very limited knowledge we have is at least ten times more than what any of the many so-called Sir-Syed-e-Saani has. That is why we are considered by some to be "know-all". But we know that we know not and so we take care not to theorize or pontificate on the basis of ignorance, as some others readily and gladly do. We speak only with facts. 

So far we have received the results of the Intermediate or Class XII Board Examination of 2004 from exactly 52 colleges of Uttar Pradesh, where 22% of all Muslim Indians live. Out of over 200 Muslim inter colleges in U P, so far only 49 or hardly 25% have bothered to send us their results of 2004. One govt college (Hamid of Rampur) and one Christian college (St Thomas of Shahganj in district Jaunpur) and one Hindu college (Shankar Bhushan Sharan Janta of Sambhal in district Moradabad) have also sent their results. Thus, this report is about 52 colleges. Please see the Chart or Table. 

From all 52 colleges, 5662 students appeared, 5410 or 96% passed and 2022 or 36% attained first-division. But these results are good! Surprised? Would be, because there is a team (if not a gang) of aqalmandaan-e-millat who do nothing but just sit and run down Muslim educational institutions. Please see the Chart again, a bit carefully. In each of the first 24 colleges, more than 40% students have attained first-division in Inter in 2004. From 18 of these 100% have passed and from the other 6, more than 95% have passed. All these are Muslim-managed. Combined average result is 99.54% pass with 62.46% first-divisions. 

Then there are another 18 colleges in which the proportion of first-divisions varies from 10% to 35%. In 5 of these 100% passed, in another 9 of these 95% to 99% passed, and pass ranges from 90% to 95% in the remaining 4 colleges. The combined average result of all these 42 colleges is 98.46% pass with 42% first-divisions. Yet, there is no dearth of busy-bodies (pretending to be ghamkhwaaraan-e-millat) whose favorite pastime seems to be to keep denouncing Muslim colleges. 

From the last 10 colleges taken together, 83.50% passed and 9.70% got first-divisions. These 10 are the worst of the 52 whose 2004 results have been received so far. Let us take these one by one. In Govt Hamid of Rampur, 29% got first-divisions but only 80.65% passed. In Islamia of Obra in district Sonebhadra, only 66.67% passed (lowest pass% of all the 52) and 10% got first-divisions. In Amiruddaula Islamia of Lucknow 72.57% passed (second-lowest pass% out of all 52) and 8.33% got first-divisions. In Islamia of Saharanpur, 85.57% passed and 6.19% got first-divisions. In A W Faize Aam of Amroha in district Jyotiba Phule Nagar, 96.88% passed but only 3.13% got first-divisions. However, in each of these "one of the worst", we see improvement as compared with last year. In Govt Hamid, pass up from 37.66% to 80.65%, first-divisions from 15.58% to 29.03%. In Islamia of Obra, pass up from 50% to 66.67% and first-divisions from 1.52% to 10%. In Amiruddaula, pass up from 65.04% to 72.57% and first-divisions from 4.88% to 8.33%. In Islamia of Saharanpur, pass up from 23.71% to 85.57% and first divisions from zero to 6.19% and in A W Faize Aam of Amroha, pass up from 82.35% to 96.88% and first-divisions from zero to 3.13%. So, instead of chiding, we have to say shabaash even in these 5 colleges.

That leaves 5 colleges. Shashi Bhushan of Sambhal, pass down 98.55% to 88.89% and first-divisions down 42.03% to 16.99%, is NOT a Muslim college. In Ziaul Uloom of Sarai Tareen near Sambhal, first-divisions down 10.34% to zero but pass up 93.10% to 97.56%. In Hazrat Meeran Bheek Iqra of Ambehta in district Saharanpur first-divisions down 22.22% to 3.53% but pass up from 75% to 90.59%. Muslim Imdadi Society Model of Khurja in district Bulandshahr sent its first batch for Inter in 2004, all 100% passed but first-division is zero. All we can say is better luck next year !

So, we are left with only one, Abdus Salam Muslim Girls I C of Moradabad in which pass is down slightly from 91.43% to 89.17% and first-divisions down with a thud from 31.43% to 8.3%.

In this report, we have considered only the total results of 52 colleges, of all students Muslims and non-Muslims, girls and boys. Average pass has improved from 80.18% in 2003 to 95.55% in 2004, proportion of first-divisions has improved from 21.60% to 35.71%. Out of these 52 colleges, 23 are girls' colleges, 10 are boys' colleges and 19 colleges are co-educational. In the next report, we intend taking up the progress of only Muslim girls and then, in the report after next, of Muslim boys. Till then, please see the Chart more closely and try to locate colleges in places with which you may be connected in any way. 

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