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Community News: 

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Muslims assemble outside a mosque in Ahmedabad to bury the body of a suspected Pakistani militant killed in the 15 June encounter alongwith Ishrat Jahan

Muslims assemble outside a mosque in Ahmedabad to
bury the body of a suspected Pakistani militant killed in 
the 15 June encounter alongwith Ishrat Jahan


UGC sanctions Rs 4 crore for Jamia’s school
New Delhi: University Grants Commission has sanctioned an amount of Rs 4 crore for Jamia Millia Islamia’s school. The amount will be spent on constructing new buildings, classrooms, a laboratory, computer lab, library and hostels for students. The information was shared by the university’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mushirul Hasan on 9 August. 

Minority status to 76 schools in UP
Lucknow: The government of Uttar Pradesh has granted minority status to 76 educational institutions upto high school and intermediate level belonging to Muslims and other minorities. 
Dr Masoodul Hasan Usmani, general secretary, Deeni Talimi Council, thanked Mulayam Singh government for the decision and demanded minority status to the remaining such institutions. He also asked the state government to confirm whether the 3000 Urdu teachers have been appointed or not whose appointment was earlier announced by the government. 

AMU issues notice to 35 teachers
Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University administration has issued notices to 35 readers and warned them of terminating reader’s grade if they don’t complete their PhDs . They were appointed in the readers’ grade by the university under career advancement scheme of the university but are still teaching in the same capacity for 5 to 10 years. 

Foundation stone of Masjid laid in Meerut
Meerut: Foudation stone of a new mosque, Mohammadi Masjid was laid in Meerut on 9 August. Many religious leaders including Mufti Arshad Farooqui, Maulana Abdul Kalam of Darul Uloom, Deoband, Imam of the mosque, Maulana Mohammad Arshad and Mufti Anwarul Haque spoke on the occasion.

Urdu Academy to award students
New Delhi: Urdu Academy, Delhi has requested the principals of schools in Delhi to forward by 20 August the names of students from 4th to 11th class who passed with first division in 2003-04, with Urdu medium or Urdu as an optional subject.

If two students in the same class have equal marks, scholarship will be given to the student who has more marks in Urdu. After receipt of the names, a function will be organised in which scholarships and awards will be given away to the students.

Meeting of UDO held in Delhi
New Delhi: A meeting of Urdu Development Organisation (UDO), Delhi was held at Madrasa Misbahul Quran under the presidentship of Maulana Rauzuddin Qasmi. The steps taken by Delhi government for the promotion and development of Urdu were discussed in the meeting. The participants lauded the efforts of Delhi Urdu Academy’s vice president, M. Afzal for the development and popularisation of Urdu in Delhi and expressed regret over the indifference of Delhi government towards Urdu.

Expansion of mosque in Gaya
Gaya (Bihar): Foundation stone for the expansion of Gaya’s Tablighi Jamat mosque was laid by Mufti Sayyed Nizamuddin, Ameer-e-Shari’at on 9 August. Those present on the occasion included Ameer of Tablighi Jamat, Zulfiqar, chairman of state Sunni Waqf Board, Nihal Ahmed, and its secretary, Mumtaz Qureshi besides a large number of people.

Jamia students demand union
New Delhi: Students of Jamia Millia Islamia are demanding reconstitution of students’ union of the university. Students distributed pamphlets among freshers on 13 August and demanded a union. Some senior students said that they wanted to create awareness among freshers about the importance of students’ union. However, university officials denied the news. Prof. SM Sajid, media coordinator of the university said that ‘no students have distributed pamphlets demanding a students’ union in the university. The students’ union of the university was dissolved in 1997 when General Zaki was the VC.

Community marriage on 10 Sept
Jaipur: ‘Shekhawati Rangrezaan Samaj’ (Community of dyers) will organise a mass marriage ceremony of its community members on 10 September at Karbala Maidan here. Imamuddin, a senior office bearer of the society’s managing committee said that as on 16 August 111 couples have got their names registered for the community marriage in which roughly 15 thousand representatives from West Bengal, Maharashtra, Ahmedabad, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan will participate. He said that the registration fee has been fixed at Rs 5500 per couple and expense on dowry, walima and other arrangements will be met out this amount. Number of couples may further increase by 10 September.

Urdu growing fast in UK
New Delhi: London-based well-known Urdu poet, critic and intellectual, Sayyed Ashoor Kazmi, who is presently in Delhi attended many literary meetings, in his honor in Urdu Ghar, Jamia Millia, Satyawati College of Delhi University and other places. Speaking in these meetings he said that future of Urdu is in the hands of young writers and poets. He said that Urdu is not only a language but a civilisation as well and that is why it is growing fast and becoming popular in many countries particularly in England where he and other lovers of Urdu are paying maximum attention for the education and promotion of Urdu at primary level. Some other speakers said that Urdu cannot be confined to any limited area because it has now achieved international dimensions.

Benefit for UP madrasa teachers
Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh’s minister for Haj and minorities welfare, Haji Yaqoob said here that retirement age of permanent teachers of Arabic and Persian schools and madrasas has been increased upto 62 years and that those who retired on 30 June last will be given all benefits and concessions provided for those who retire at the age of 62. He further said that a government order to this effect has been issued which will benefit thousands of teachers of Arabic and Persian madrasas in the state.

Reduction in university’s fees
Hyderabad: In response to demands by students and many organisations Maulana Azad National Urdu University has drastically reduced the fees for some of the post graduate professional courses. According to the university press release fees for communication journalism and MBA which were previously Rs 12000 per semester have now been reduced to Rs 3000 and Rs 5000 respectively per semester. Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. A.M Pathan said that the primary objective of this heavy reduction is to encourage and help more and more students to seek admission in these courses. It was found that large number of students were deprived of admission in these courses because of their inability to pay exorbitant fees. There is however no reduction in fees of other courses for the time being. 

UP govt. ordinance on Urdu university
Lucknow: UP government has decided to issue an ordinance for setting up Urdu university in Rampur to be known as Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar University for teaching Urdu and Persian in addition to other subjects. In this ordinance also the government wants to retain the provision under which state’s parliamentary affairs minister Mohd Azam Khan is to be made Pro-vice chancellor of this university for life. A bill for setting up this university was introduced in the state Assembly in the first week of August but on governor’s objection to this and some other provisions, the bill was withdrawn. This ordinance also will be sent to governor, TV Rajeshwar for his approval.

‘Iqbal preferred action to thought’
Allahabad: Prominent critic and litterateur, S. Rahman Farooqui while speaking in a seminar on ‘Importance and Symbol of Shaheen (Falcon) in Iqbal’s Poetry organised by Allahabad Study Circle, said that Allama Iqbal believed that action should be given preference over thought and that the younger generation needs to be familiarised with his poetry, ‘Shaheen’ symbolised flight of imagination, magnanimity, chivalry, contentment, self-respect and simplicity. He said that Iqbal simultaneously sang the songs of glorious past, discussed the problems and requirements of the present and prophesied a bright future.

Pakistan pilgrims in Ajmer for ‘Urs’
Jaipur: A delegation 556 Pakistani pilgrims, the biggest so far, arrived in Ajmer on 19 August to take part in the 792nd ‘Urs of Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti. On arrival at Jaipur by a special train from Attari railway station, the delegation led by Ziaul Haque Shah, was received at the railway station by district administration in the traditional Rajathani style. Pakistani pilgrims could not arrive for this ‘Urs" for the past 2 years because of strained relations between the two countries. Now, as a result of improved relations largest number of pilgrims have come here. They will be in Ajmer for 5 days and leave for Pakistan on 24 August.

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