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Published in the 1-15 Sep 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

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Controversy over namaz
Meerut: Social organisations and religious leaders have strongly condemned the people who are opposing offering of namaz by some Muslim women in a ladies park in Meerut. They used to go for morning walk in the park and offered fajr namaz there. These organisations have questioned why these ladies cannot offer namaz there. Their point is that if temples could be built in ‘chaupals’ and police stations why people can not offer namaz in the parks. In the same park Hindu women have been worshipping ‘peepal’ tree but no one objected to them 

Islam’s message to modern world
Amroha: Shia religious scholar, Allama Aqeel Al Gharwi, while speaking on the occasion of a religious function, said that humanism is the true spirit of Islam and the epitome of entire life of Prophet (pbuh) lies therein. In other words, he said humanism is another name of Islam. He said that if today Muslims are being described as danger to world peace, it is because of our own weakness, fault and ignorance because we have neither been able to spread the true message of Islam to the modern world nor any serious effort in this direction is being made.

Presentation of the teachings of Islam
New Delhi: Islamic scholar and president of Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai, Dr Zakir Nayek said while speaking in a seminar on ‘Islam: Misunderstandings and their Removal’ here that followers of other religions are eager to know about the teachings of Islam and therefore Muslims should think over it seriously and methodically. Other prominent persons present on the occasion were Jagadguru Shankaracharya Madhavanand Saraswati, Roshan Lal Arya of Arya Samaj, Hafiz Yahya, President of Jamaat Ahl-e-Hadith and many others. The Shankracharya said that a study of Hindu scriptures reveals that Islam is a true religion. He described Islam as a religion of nature. Arya Samaj religious leader Roshan Lal said that entertaining misunderstandings about Islam is devilish thinking. Describing Islam as a universal religion, he said that its teachings are a guarantee for peace in society.

Seminar on problems of women
New Delhi: Rashtravadi Muslim Andolan organised a two-day seminar in Delhi on the position of Muslim women in society in which women representatives from different states like Rajasthan, UP, MP, J&K, Delhi, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Gujarat took part, in addition to Maulana Jameel Ilyasi, president of All India Imams Organisation, Pramukh Indresh, RSS theoretician and others. On the first day problems relating to Muslim women like education, employment, health, living condition, and their position in society were discussed. Inaugurating the seminar Dr Talat Aziz said that Allah and his Prophet have asked Muslim Umma to sacrifice everything for the achievement of education and that Islamic teachings have given equal rights and status to women. Maulana Jameel Ilyasi among other things said that Nafisa Husain deserves congratulations for convening this programme which was organised in International Youth Hostel, Chanakyarpuri. 

Conference of Al-Nadi Al-Adabi in Doband
Deoband: Annual conference of ‘Al Nadi Al Adabi’ was held on 13 August in the spacious hall of Darul Hadith in Darul Uloom, Deoband. Speaking in this conference, Darul Uloom’s deputy rector, Maulana Qari Mohd Usman Mansoori gave some useful tips to students for attaining mastery in Arabic language and literature. He added that ‘Al Nadi’s objective is to promote and brighten latent faculties of students. Head of Al Nadi Al Adabi, Maulana Shaukat Ali Qasmi Bastawi said that the fact is that Islam is the greatest opponent of terrorism, violence, hatred and social inequalities. He described America as the biggest terrorist of the world and the greatest danger to world peace.

No injustice to minority institutions
Saharanpur: Chairman of UP state Minorities Commission, Sheikh Sulaiman, while speaking at a function organised at National Unani & Ayurveda Medical College here, said that if any officer or department unnecessarily harasses or discriminates against any minority institution, the Commission will bring it to the notice of government authorities for suitable disciplinary action against it. The college principal, Dr Aslam Khan had written to him that government officers and departments were denying minority institutions the facilities and benefits guaranteed to them under Article 10 of 1980 Act

Services of Urdu crusader remembered
Mubarakpur: Communist Party of India organised a meeting in Anjuman Rahmania Hall to commemorate the birth anniversary of the great lover and crusader for the cause of Urdu, Comrade Jai Bahadur Singh. Speakers paid glowing tributes to him for his services to Urdu. Former councillor, Comrade Usman Ghani speaking on this occasion said that because of unsound policy of previous government, multinational companies captured Indian market as a result of which Indian textile and other industries were destroyed. Weavers and others employed in these industries were totally ruined. Lakhs of weavers in Mau, Mubarakpur and other places are starving. He demanded supply of raw material to weavers at cheap rates and loans on easy terms to them.

Expelled from school for growing beard
Lucknow: Jamiatul Ulama, UP branch held its executive committee meeting in its building at Kachahri Road on 20 August. Maulana Hayatulla Qasmi said in his presidential address that Shariq Neyaz, a 10th class student of New Vision Inter College, Chandernagar, Kanpur was expelled by the college management simply for growing beard. He criticised the action of college authorities and demanded immediate restoration of his admission and action against the college principal.

Communal tension in Mau
Mau: Some mischievous elements threw mud on the names of the orthodox caliphs inscribed on a gate of Jama Masjid, Auqafpura in Mau Nath Bhanjan which led to tension in the town. Some responsible people, fearing breach of communal peace, informed Kotwali police. The Kotwal himself, accompanied by Jamiat leaders and a police force reached the place and got the mud washed under his personal supervision and prevented the situation from taking a serious turn. It may be mentioned in this connection that the said masjid was locked under section 145 in consequence of Shia-Sunni conflict. A legal case lingered on for 13 years. The matter reached even Supreme Court where the verdict was given in favour of Sunni Sect.

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