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Published in the 16-29 Feb 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

11th September Gang

All the known facts indicate that 11th Sept was political engineering, perpetrated in the same environment as Operation Northwoods. As in the Tim McVeigh-case, so it is clear that al Qaeda was monitored all along, and set up for the job on World Trade Center. The so-called terrorist pilots couldn't fly a two-seat Cessna. Those planes were steered onto targets by Global Hawk technology, developed by US Air Force. Bush, placed in the White House by US High Court - 11th Sept. - Blair in London - windfall to US armament industry - patronizing Zionist terror in Palestine - Bali bomb - making UN irrelevant - the illegal dispositions of USA in occupied Iraq - New World Order - all this is a pack, stacked by Zion' agents, and it endeavors to create international precedence. The Bali bomb was a device developed by CIA, and it is so sophisticated that the products of madrasas could not put it together in the time it would take to teach gorillas to play Chopin. It was placed to divide the waters between South East Asia and Australia. Keeping the Aussies in line is an on-going endeavour.

Maybe Kaddafy of Libya rushed out of his WMD-lab to pre-empt US political engineers using him? A small nuclear device exploded in Israel would provide the environment for pushing Palestinians into Jordan - these plans are ready, but a good pretext is missing. There are very few Semitic Jews in Israel, and they're too civilized to breed much. Even the Khazar Jews can't keep up with the bulk of the real Semites in Israel, namely the Palestinians. Count Bernadotte of Sweden and Dr. Kastner were silenced, in Jerusalem and on the beach at Haifa. But even if sleazy democratic leaders in the West continues to support the filthy iniquity that Zion has bought to Palestine, then demographic and political realities will go against the Semitism-hoaxsters in Palestine.

Kaj Krinsmoe, Aarhus, Denmark 

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