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Published in the 16-30 Apr 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Ahl-e Hadith conference

Pakod (Jharkhand): The 3-day 28th annual conference of Markazi (Central) Jami'at Ahl-e Hadith held between 13-15 March concluded here with the firm belief that Islam holds the key to the solution of all problems of modern world and therefore efforts should be made to solve all worldly problems and difficulties in the light of the holy Qur'an and Hadith. The conference strongly condemned international terrorism and also the conspiracies being hatched all over the world to sully the clean and peaceful image of Islam.

The inaugural session was presided over by the Ameer of the central Jama'at, Hafiz Mohammad Yahya. Dr Muqtada Hasan Azhari, president of the reception committee speaking on the occasion said that our forefathers had not only started spiritual movement but also rendered valuable services in the war of India's independence but unfortunately today efforts are being made to ignore and forget their invaluable services and their patriotism and a distorted history is being written.

The conference concluded with a resolution which said, “Ours is a secular and democratic country. Muslims are a peaceful community. They want peace and brotherhood and therefore Indian government as well as all our countrymen should treat them with open mind and with a sense of justice.” The resolution severely criticised and condemned the efforts of interested people and agencies to destroy or weaken Muslims by instigating communal riots. It also demanded the immediate release of innocent Muslims who are wrongly imprisoned.
The conference pledged to put an end to the social and other evils prevailing in the society and appealed to both Hindus and Muslims to respect the rights and sentiments of each other and to promote communal peace and harmony. It also condemned the efforts of government to interfere in the affairs of Madrasas in the name of modernisation.

The conference asked the people to cast their votes in the forthcoming parliamentary and state assembly elections in favour of those who are working for the progress of the country, promotion of communal peace, harmony and equality of law and justice for all citizens of the country. The conference demanded that the government of Jharkhand open new schools, colleges and universities in this underdeveloped state and take immediate steps for providing employment opportunities for the people. It also demanded the setting up and promotion of regional industries to ease the unemployment problem among the people.

The Conference requested its central body to set up an institution to be known as 'Tadreebul Mu'allimeen' [training of teachers] to ensure the usefulness of the present religious educational institutions and to impart training to their products. It also requested the central body to set up an educational board which could take necessary steps for setting up a modern educational institution in the country.

Regarding international affairs, the conference said that all countries of the world should follow and abide by international laws and principles. All countries should be independent and no action be taken against any sovereign country unless it violates the resolutions passed by UN Security Council. The conference appealed to the international community to take immediate steps to put an end to violation of human rights in Palestine and also to ensure the protection of children, women and human rights elsewhere.

Criticising globalisation, the Conference said that this process may create social and economic problems at different levels in the country. It also condemned the practice of cloning, saying that this process is against nature and demanded that this practice should be stopped.

Speakers laid emphasis on the maintenance of peace and goodwill in the country and the world and said that if people follow Islamic laws and principles there will be peace in the world and the entire humanity will stand to gain.
Famous Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik spoke on 'Common values in Hinduism and Islam' and 'Misconceptions regarding Islam'.

According to a modest estimate, more than one million people participated in this conference which was held in this far off and rather unknown town of a backward region. Large number of ulama and other people from foreign countries attended the conference. The government of Jharkhand rendered all possible cooperation and provided all facilities in organising the conference. Non-Muslims of the area also took keen interest and attended the conference. 

— MG Correspondent.  

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