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MJ Mohamed Iqbal is delivering speech. Sitting in the dias from left to right: Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Jarar, Papanasam Hameed, AP Shahabudeen

MJ Mohamed Iqbal is delivering speech. Sitting in the dias from left to right: Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Jarar, Papanasam Hameed, AP Shahabudeen. Report; Islam means peace

Urdu Academy's URDU Dept holds convocation
New Delhi: Delhi Urdu Academy's department of Urdu Education held its annual convocation at Talkatora Indoor Stadium on March 24 in which prizes were given away to instructors and students for their performance in adult literacy programme. Secretary of the Academy Marghoob Haidar Abdi apprised the audience with the performance of Academy's adult education programme in Urdu. He said that from 1988 till date 63377 illiterate people of different localities took admission to its 2975 centres all over Delhi of whom 58566 passed the examination conducted by Jamia State Resource Centre. Chief guest Vishnu Prabhakar gave away cash prizes of Rs 1000 per head to 40 instructors and Rs 200 each to 100 male and female students for their good performance. 

BSP plays Dalit Muslim card
Muzaffarnagar: Bahujan Samaj Party has created a stir among Rashtriya Lok Dal and Samajwadi Party circles by giving tickets to four Muslims in 10 constituencies of the proposed Harit Pradesh region of Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) . Samajwadi Party and RLD have an electoral alliance in the region. These BSP Muslim candidates are Aulad Ali, Shahnawaz Rana, Shahid Qureshi and Shahid from Baghpat, Kerana, Hapur and Meerut respectively. 

Parcham Party of India holds meeting
Agra: In view of forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Parcham Party of India convened a meeting on March 16. President of the party, Salim Peerzada said that the party has been trying to bring other political organisations on one platform for the last few years. For this purpose a people's front was also set up before last Assembly elections, he said.

New Delhi: The Central Jamiat of Ahl-e Hadith has decided to take corrective measures to remove misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims and solve problems of the world community in the light of the Quran and Hadith, Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi of Jamiat said during a press conference on March 3. Illiteracy among Muslims was also responsible for the wrong impression of Islam and Muslims, he added. 

IFA to hold seminar in Hyderabad
New Delhi: In view of the demands of globalisation, the Islamic Fiqh Academy, India, is going to convene a meeting of religious scholars to have an academic discussion on violence, terrorism and Muslim- non-Muslim relationships.
The seminar, scheduled to be held in Hyderabad from 20 to 22 June, will invite scholars from SAARC and Arab countries to exchange views on inter-religious and cultural relations. According to a press release, the Academy will also bring out books on issues likes AIDS, internet, mechanised slaughter of animals etc in English and other languages.

Azam Khan criticises Ajmer Sajjadanashin
Rampur: Distributing scholarships among students of Madrasa Jamiatul Uloom Furqania, the Uttar Pradesh Urban development minister Azam Khan strongly criticised the Sajjadanashin (successor) of the dargah of sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti, Zainul Abidin Khan for accompanying the deputy prime minister, LK Advani during his current rath yatra.

Need to understand the Quran
Meerut: The three day seminar of the World League of Islamic Literature ended here at Jamia Arabia Gulzare Husainia, Ajrara on 19 March. The Jamia rector Maulana Abdullah Mughisi said it was for the first time that the League's meeting was conducted in a village.

Maulana Syed Rabey Hasani Nadwi, president of All India Muslim Personal Law Board said that unlike Arabs we do not enjoy reciting the Quran because we do not understand its meaning. He said the Quran has been translated in all major languages of the world as it was not revealed for the speakers of any particular language.
Maulana Rabey said that the beauty of Quran, its description, style and diction is unique.
Maulana Amiduzzaman Keranwi, Working president of Darul Uloom Deoband's Old Boys Association said that command over Arabic sciences was necessary to understand and explain the meaning of the Quran. 

Dilapidated condition of Dargah Nabi Kareem
Agra: Mohammad Shafique Baba Lalshah Qadiri, Sajjadanasheen (successor) of Dargah Nabi Kareem said recently that the dargah is the only place in India where foot prints of the Prophet (PBUH) are extant. Emperor Akbar had built the dargah and gifted 200 bighas of land for meeting its expenses. However many parts of the land were appropriated by the government on one pretext or the other and no compensation, though promised, was paid to the dargah. 

The Dargah has developed cracks in its walls, foundation at some places has become weak because of seepage of rain water. Lalshah has written for help to ASI and many government officials but he has not got any response from them. 

Mulayam’s statements welcomed
Rampur: A meeting was recently held at Jamia Al- Uloom Furqania in which teachers, Ulama and large number of people participated, including the general manager of the institution, Mufti Mahboob Ali, principal Maulana Mohammad Yusuf Shamsi and city Qazi, according to Dr Sha'a'erulla Khan Wajihi. All the speakers warmly welcomed the recent announcements of chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav regarding the establishment of an Urdu-Persian university and Arabic-Persian Board, appointment of 3000 Urdu teachers, setting up of Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Research Institute, concession in the payment of electricity bills by 'bunkars' (weavers) towards the broader objective of removal of poverty. They were unanimous in their opinion that all these measures prove his broad-mindedness, secularism and his intention to give minorities equal opportunities. 

Urdu teachers conference
Aligarh: Uttar Pradesh Urdu Teachers Association, Agra region recently organised the second Urdu Teachers conference at Exhibition's Darbar Hall here wherein problems of Urdu teachers like their promotion, job security and facilities to be made available to them were discussed. Hundreds of teachers from Agra, Eta, Mathura, Moradabad, Sikandarabad, Hathras and other places attended the conference as delegates. The Association's president of Agra region and convener of the conference, A. Sami Khan regretted that the department of education is plagued by politics as a result of which government officials are discriminating against matters related to teachers' promotion. He said that an application has been sent to Uttar Pradesh's minister of education to make Urdu the second official language of the state and to solve the problems of Urdu teachers.

Urdu teachers Union meeting
Deoria: Urdu Teachers Union held a meeting of Urdu teachers at Junior High School campus, Hata in which angry teachers have warned the government to take out a protest demonstration if reduction of salary during the training period is not restored. The speakers said that by reducing the salary of untrained Urdu teachers with certificates of 'Moalim Urdu' from Jamia Urdu, Aligarh, during their training period the government has done great injustice to them. They demanded that the cut in their salary should be restored and the government should immediately withdraw its order of 11 August, 1997. 

Chennai: After being cold shouldered by DMK-led Democratic Progressive Union in Tamil Nadu, Indian National League joined on 28 Feb People's Alliance which is the third front of Dalit organisaion. Before formally joining the Alliance Indian National league's president, Ibrahim Sulaiman Sait held meetings with leaders of different constituents of People's Alliance.
Addressing a joint press conference Sulaiman Sait accused DMK president M. Karunanidhi of not giving one seat to INL which he had promised earlier and said that by not giving one seat to INL which he had promised earlier and said that by not giving the promised seat Karunanidhi has committed an act of insult and treachery against INL and Muslims.

Hyderabad: On the killing of the Palestinian Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen by Israel, different groups of ladies arranged a condolence and protest meeting on March 25. Alika Anatul Moeed, representative of Islamic Mission, Anisa Sumayya, President of Anjuman Talibat Qadeem, Jamiatul Bannath, Waheeda Fazil representative Jamaate-e-Islami women's wing, Zil Huma Azmi, representative of Jamiatul Talibat, spoke on the killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yaseen. Maulana Naseeruddin, Director Tahreek Tahafu Shaair-e-Islam, also delivered a speech from behind the screen.

The speeches covered the topic of cruelty of Israel on Palestinians and the killing of Sheikh Yaseen. They said that if the barbarity of Israel continues every Palestinian home will give birth to people like Sheikh Yaseen. All the leaders demanded that Indian government should close relations with Israel. After speeches were over they burnt the Israeli flag. (
Abubakr Bin Haqqani) «

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