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Published in the 16-30 Apr 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

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Rahul Gandhi speaking to Allu Mian, a local Muslim 

Rahul Gandhi speaking to Allu Mian, a local Muslim 
leader in Jagdishpur, Amethi.

Islam means peace
Dubai-based NRI organisation, Lajnathul Irfanith Thauheed (LIT,) organized a talk on peace in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah on 2 April (photograph below). It was well attended by members of various associations like the Indian Association, IMAN, SIMAN, Tamil and Keralite associations in UAE.

The Keynote of the evening was the address by Dr. Abdul Rehman Al-Jarrar of Dubai Awqaf & Islamic Affairs. He highlighted that the word Islam itself means "Salam" (peace) and the holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on all occasions stressed peace. In the life of Holy Prophet one can witness that he never differentiated between Arab and non-Arab, rich and poor and he treated all men as equals. Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to seek peace in all aspects, he urged his companions to respect all other religions and stressed the importance of living with others in harmony. Dr. Jarar said that as per the Holy Quran, disturbance of peace is severer than murder. Dr. Jarar further stated that Islam demands ethical values, humanity and gives foremost priority to respecting the right of others. 

Mr. Ashohan, vice consul of India, appreciated LIT’s efforts in organizing such meetings, and stressed that these are the need of the hour. He said that all the religions and great divine personalities always exhorted people to promote peace, love and tolerance.

MJ Mohamed Iqbal, president of LIT, said that a few incidents of terrorism are happening around the world, and if these people have Muslim names, it does not necessarily mean that these acts are done in the name of Islam or that Islam is responsible for them any way, for such acts of terrorism and oppression are clearly prohibited according to the teachings of Islam which calls for total peace and the Prophet [pbuh] laid down guidelines and showed us the practical way of life, and how peace is to be maintained at home, in the society, and nations as a whole. What we really need is to believe in the value of the virtues as taught by all religions. Such emphasis is not confined only to parent-child, husband-wife, brother-sister, neighbors, gender and culture. The teachings of good moral and ethical values are the hallmark of Islam as exemplified by Holy Prophet Muhammad, his holy family, and his truthful companions, Iqbal said.

Iqbal further said that as per the teachings of Islam, there is no compulsion in religion. Islam states clearly that people should not be compelled to change their faith. It further states, “To you is your religion, to me is mine.” Islam teaches to love each and everyone and be good to them with one’s deeds and words. 

PV Vivekanand, chief editor of Gulf Today highlighted his concern over some incidents like suicide bombing by a young boy, which when telecast by the mainstream media, carries a wrong message about Islam to the western homes. Such incidents and occurrences lead to misconceptions about Islam, which is essentially a religion of peace. Vivekanand further said that all things in this world are functioning in complete coordination with one another. Therefore, it is essential that man must also lead his life in harmony with others, wishing them well and seeking what is good for his brethren, doing a conscious self-connection and introspection. Everyone of us has a responsibility to find the real image of Islam and to save it from misinterpretation. In the function, two audiocassettes "Kanne En Rehmane" and "Thithikum Thirunabi" by Lucky Videos, were also released.

Meerut: A three-day international seminar from March 17-19 was held recently at Ajrara, which was organized by Jamia Islamia Arabia Gulzar-e- Hussainia, Ajrara. Delegates from various universities and madarashas from India participated in the seminar.
Syed Rebey Hassani Nadvi, rector of Nadvatul Ulama, spoke about the importance of the Quran and Sunnah. He said that scholars still sought guidance from Quran to find solutions of problems, and to find avenues for the welfare of the mankind. 
Prof. Mohd. Adbullah Abbas Nadvi formerly associated with Ummul Qara University, Makkah said there were no flaws and distortions in the Quran. Explaining the high literary value of Quran, he said that it was difficult to ensure hidden meanings of the verses. Prof. Nadvi also released the monthly magazine Yadgar-e-Aslaf of Jamia Islamia, Ajrara on the occasion.

New Delhi: Delhi Urdu Academy has decided to organise a three-day Urdu mela (fair) in Delhi in October 2004.. This was announced by the Academy's vice president M. Afzal at a gathering of litterateurs at a function at Ghalib Academy. He said that the objective of holding Urdu Mela is to promote Urdu and popularise the culture associated with Urdu.

New Delhi: All India Urdu Editors Conference organised a function at Urdu Ghar in the honour of distinguished journalist, Ishrat Ali Siddiqui. Prominent journalists and intellectuals who spoke on the occasion were unanimous in their views that Urdu journalism was born as a mission. The services rendered by Urdu journalists during the freedom struggle could not be forgotten. Though the circumstances in which they are today are unfavourable and hostile, Urdu journalists are still carrying out the mission with considerable success. Among those who spoke on this occasion were M Afzal, Saeed Suhrawardy, Noor Jahan Sarwat etc. 

Aligarh: For the first time in the history of AMU's Academic Staff College, refresher course in Sanskrit for teachers of all universities and colleges in the country was introduced on March 23. Deputy Director of Academic Staff College, Dr Zahid Ali speaking on this occasion said that Sir Sayyed Khan had himself established Sanskrit department in AMU. This is one of the oldest departments of AMU in which teaching and research work is being conducted a high pitch, he said. 

Hyderabad: Maulana Azad National Urdu University at Hyderabad has introduced a new course i.e 'Teach English' one year diploma course in the academic year 2004 - 05 under its distance education scheme. The University has introduced this course for people who are already teaching English or want to become English teachers.This course is mainly for those who are teaching Enlish in Urdu medium schools and colleges and who want to improve their English speaking and writing power. Graduates in any subject can seek admission in this course. Fee of this course will be announced later. Last date for submission of application forms is 14 August '04.

Aligarh: Prof Shameem Ahmad, principal of AMU's University Women's Polytechnic (UWP) said that under UWP's community polytechnic scheme last date of submission of applications for admission to six months' free training courses is April 10, 2004. In addition to the main training centre at Women's Polytechnic, other sub-centres are also being run in suburban areas like Dohra, Atrauli, Lodha and Loco Colony for the convenience of those who want to seek admission for different training courses. He said that except one, all the training courses are for female candidates only and there is no restriction of age or qualification for seeking admission to these courses.  

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