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Published in the 16-30 Apr 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


On The Milli Gazette
I have been receiving your esteemed fortnightly regularly, which is popular among one and all. The articles on historical buildings and monuments, which bring to our memory Mughal and other periods further add to our interest and knowledge. This is indeed a laudable effort.
Mohammad Asad Qasmi
Al-Rashid Book Centre, Hapur

The Milli Gazette is the heartthrob and voice of Muslims of India. My feeling is that their voice and problems that are confined to Urdu newspapers only are taken to international dimensions through your esteemed paper.
Salik Dhampuri , New Delhi

After reading two issues of The Milli Gazette, I have come to the conclusion that there appears to be no need of reading any newspaper other than the MG. My congratulations to you for your venture and efforts.
Mohammad Abdur Rahim
Mehboob Nagar - 509001 (AP)

Alhamdulillah, every issue of The Milli Gazette is marching on the higher and higher road to progress. Presently, the MG appears to be the only spokesman of Indian Muslims in English. May this paper turn out to be a blessing in every respect in the cause of Muslim Ummah.
Mohammad Arif Iqbal
Editor, Urdu Book Review, New Delhi

Allah will reward you for the great and valuable services that you are rendering to the community, Islam and country through The Milli Gazette. I pray for your success in your mission.
Ghulam Hasnain Kaif

I go through all the articles with great interest. It is a fact that there is neither any newspaper nor any magazine of Indian Muslims in English language. Whatever effort, therefore, The Milli Gazette is making to compensate for this drawback is really praiseworthy. 

Sayed Fakhruddin Ahmad (Advocate)
Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

Why is this Gazette dedicated only to Indian Muslims and not the Ummah at large? We are one Ummah and one nation we are all brothers and sisters.
Farhan Ishaq 

Editor: MG is dedicated to the whole Ummah but focusses on the Indian Muslim community as it serves a particular purpose: to bring out Indian Muslim news and views which are otherwise neglected by the mainstream media here. I think you have not seen our print edition and that's why you comment like this. 

A Muslim friend of mine has introduced the MG to me, through which I was posted with the special problems faced by the Indian Muslims. I am trying to understand the multi-dimensional nature of the problems.The news coverage is very appreciable. Keep it up, MG. I will be looking forward for your DHARSAN.
Miss Jeba Sinthi, Tenkasi-627751

I have been regular reader of Internet edition of the Milli Gazette and am constrained to note that the general mindset of our community still hovers around religion ...religion ...and religion..I agree, "religion" is the way of life with us but we must not forget that every social organization in our community including yours has to do something more to improve the normal lives of community members. What we need, for Indian Muslims, is some transparent — honest leaders/organization who can do something really good for community welfare and go beyond the same religion based mindsets. We need more schools, an exercise for mindset change, education etc.
You may take me as a liberal mindset , but being a true Muslim...I believe in service to man kind.... the organization like yours can really help in removing hatred among Muslims-Hindus but what I have been seeing from majority of your articles that they act more as fuel to harness the bitterness within different religions / societies than doing anything good to anyone.
M. Shaikh

"Hindutva" is not Hindu Dharma
Recently in his election Yatra speech Lal Krishna Advani said, "India's secularism came from it's faith in Hindutva". In fact fascist and militant "Hindutva" of Sangh Parivar is neither secular nor Hindu. It is anti-thesis of secularism and real Hindu Dharma of all the Hindu saints and thinkers like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans, Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave etc., who taught love, brotherhood, tolerance, peace, non-violence etc. Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Puri, while addressing a symposium in Washington on 19-07-02 lashed out at the Sangh Parivar for Gujarat carnage and for tarnishing the fair names of Hinduism and India for their political ends.
MS Golwalkar was the main ideologue of RSS and it's Parivar. His book Bunch of Thoughts is the best evidence of RSS brand of "Hindutva". It reeks of most vicious hate against Muslims and Christians. Its Chapters X, XI, XII are most important in this regard. According to it, principal enemies of the nation are Muslims, Christians and Communists. According to Golwalkar no Muslim or Christian can ever be "son of the soil". These anti-national communities must be taught a lesson. 

The Sangh Parivar considers India its "Jagir" and people, particularly minorities and Dalits, its slaves. Muslims and Christians who are living in and serving India since centuries, are not Indian citizens. How can Sonia Gandhi be Indian who is in India since 30 years only? The Sangh Parivar forgets that their ancestors were foreign Aryan invaders.
G Hasnain Kaif
Azad Ward, Bhandara

Muslims in BJP
It is but natural for Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Shahnawaz Hussain and Umar Abdullah to dance to the tunes of BJP and RSS as they have Hindu wives. But strong are the ways of those few Muslim clerics and some so-called intellectuals who organised a meeting last month at Ficci Auditorium. Fortunately they did not succeed in selling their tutored and bunkum ideas to the audience. 
The Muslim community is at a loss to understand as what suddenly happened to these people, to switch their loyalty from secularism to fascism. It is said that a man is known by the company he keeps.
Muzaffar Ahmad
Ghaffar Manzil, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi

It is high time; now we should say "Khuda Hafiz / Allah Hafiz" to our petty differences. Arabs, both Muslim Arabs and Christian Arabs say "MAA — SALAAM". Let us also say "MAA — SALAAM".
Mohammad Waliullah
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad (AP)

Using Islamic terminology
According to you, your article 'No room for terrorism in Islam' has widely been appreciated. But now don't think there was hardly any such description as may be claimed praiseworthy. You willingly picked up stereotyped topic terrorism and brought Islam together. It is what the Western nations always intend to keep Muslims busy in futile clarifications. Who doesn't know linking wrong deeds of personal nature to any religion is a product of mischievous mind. I hope you will be wise enough while using Islamic terminology. You compared 'Jehad' with cottage industries. The issue in my hand carries heading - ‘Senile Mufti, stupid Fatwa’. I think you are sharing sin in some way or the other by hurting the soul of these words.

Yoginder Sikand writes 'How many more Karbalas and Quettas' as if he had final enquiry report in his hand that these incidents were the result of sectarian rivalry. I agree that sectarian clashes are a curse and there is need to bring these to an end. As far Najma Heptullah issue is concerned she is a respected lady of our own community. It is improper to bring her family matter on the streets. I hope she is sensible enough not to lose her reputation in the community merely by falling a prey to temptation.
Mohammad Umar Sharif
Gameshpura Ki Masjid, Morena-476001

Deporting Indian Muslims to Bangladesh
After going through A. Akhter's, "For Delhi Police, Indians are Bangladeshis", it appears that the Delhi police is in clear violation of the fundamental rights of Tajuddin, an Indian Muslim, who hailed from Assam and was living in Delhi for the past several years. Unfortunately, he was expelled to Bangladesh after his identification documents were destroyed. Article 15 (1) of the Constitution says: "The state shall not discriminate against any citizen on the grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them." Article 19 (1) says: "All citizens shall have the right — (d) to move freely through the territory of India; (e) to reside and settle in any Part of the territory of India."

The tearing up of Tajuddin's documents of identity by the Delhi police is a serious matter. It amounts to willful destruction of evidence of fact and is not in the fitness of things of a democratic and civil nation like ours. A government agency of an Indian state cannot declare documents issued by a government agency of another Indian State as false or invalid and destroy them on the ground of its mere suspicion or its prejudiced notion without obtaining judicial decree to the effect.

Tajuddin's deportation is a glaring example of the fact how lakhs of Indian Muslims have been deported over the years from various parts of the country particularly from Assam. This further strengthens the case for not only retention of the IMCDT Act 1983, but also for its extension to the whole of India. The Act can only ensure the deportation of real foreigners through judicial process and protection of Indians from police harassment and persecution.
Md. Hasibor Rahman
William Nagar, East Garo Hills (Meghalaya)

Foreign origin
The issue that a person of foreign origin should not be the PM of India seems fair enough and holds good for Sonia Gandhi as well as DPM Advani. In fact Advani was born in an enemy country and has proved to be still loyal to his place of birth and not to the Indian Republic. Advani`s track record as a politician is tarnished and soaked in the blood of innocent Muslims, Christians and Hindus. He is out to strengthen the hands of his Karachi schoolmate, Musharraf. Incidentally we have a uniquely ironic situation in the Subcontinent where a person born in India is the head of Pakistani government while a man born in Pakistan is playing havoc with India almost grabbing the PM`s chair ! As far as Atalji is concerned he is being marketed as a perfect leader...we really seem to have gone bankrupt as far as leaders are concerned because in our PM I don`t see even one quality of a true leader. He cannot even speak honestly. He does not have the guts to call a spade a spade. If this is going to be our future leadership may God help us.
Zohra Javed, Allahabad

The issue of the foreign origin of Sonia Gandhi is at the core again in this election as well, though the BJP wanted to start with "VIKAS" (progress) as the poll issue. Targeting the origins of Sonia has landed Advani into a serious problem — so it seems. Why should he be disturbed when he is called a foreigner? He definitely was born in Karachi (which he admits) and that part of the world is in the enemy area. How can he be considered a friend of India leave alone be considered a patriot. It hurts when you are called "of foreign origin" after being in the "country of your choice" — he has admitted having left his motherland to be in India when partition took place.

This is not the case with a majority of Muslims living in India — or for that matter 99% of Indian Muslims are in the country of their birth. Then why are they being targeted as being Pakistanis; for being responsible for the partition of the country. Going by Advani’s theory Muslims are living in their motherland and have its well-being at the bottom of their hearts. They firmly believe that their progress is linked to the progress of the country.

People, other than politicians, should not be concerned if Advani is called to prove his credentials for contesting elections and holding the office of the Home Minister. Why do we debate that the Prime Minister should not be a foreigner, the same argument should be extended to the Home Minister, Defence Minister and Finance Minister. And if the Home Minister is originally from the enemy country his loyalty may be with his motherland. (Do we not expect all NRI’s and people of Indian origin to be loyal to India). If Advani was a real patriot he would have sacrificed his life for the country and not sacrificed the country for his petty gains. It seems he is playing into the hands of the ISI (of Pakistan), weakening the country by dividing it on communal lines knowing fully well the old saying "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE…". I don’t even want to mention that word.
Either the debate of the foreign origin should end because the Constitution recognises both Advani and Sonia as Indians, or Advani should explain his foreign origins.
Abdul Salam, Vashi, Mumbai 

Shaikh Yasin Shaheed
Shaikh Ahmad Yasin is a martyr and so is everyone else who was killed with him . But by assassinating Shaikh Yasin, the terrorist state of ‘Israel’ has opened for itself a new, terrible, blood-soaked chapter, the finale of which will be its own demise, Insha Allah. This gruesome killing has once again driven home the fact that 'Israel', "a bleeding cancer right in the heart of the world of Islam", simply has no right to existence at all. "Israel, as a Jewish state, should be wiped off the map" – this is what Shaikh Yasin said in September, 1997, soon after his release from an Israel prison. And he also predicted in June, 1998, the demise of ‘Israel’ in 20 years. For 90 years the azaan could not be called from the Masjid al-Aqsa, as it was under the Crusaders’ occupation. Then Allah sent a deliverer in the person of Salahuddin al-Ayyubi. ‘Israel’ is only 54 years old. Insha Allah, this terrorist state’s demise will come about in less than 20 years. Allah will not allow the blood of the martyrs of Palestine to go to waste.
Muhammad Nawazish Alam, Dibrugarh

BJP Vision
Since in its "Vision Document" the BJP declared its commitment to abide by the court's verdict in respect of the Ram temple but in the same breath said that a "negotiated settlement in an atmosphere of mutual trust" was the best solution, there was confusion among the uninitiated. Here is how the Hindu reported what followed. "Clarifying later, party leaders said that this meant negotiations to enable the temple to be built at the disputed spot — that the temple must be built on that very spot was not negotiable." Nothing could be clearer. "Smash your face I will. But let us sit over a glass of buttermilk and talk about when I can do that without causing you inconvenience or being held in contempt of court."
In Gujarat Mr Advani, again the Rage of the Road, revealed something not so far known about our history. He said that it was because of Hindutva that India, unlike Pakistan, chose to become a secular nation at the time of Partition. That the hordes of scholars and lawyers who have gone over the Constituent Assembly debates did not see this simple point can only mean that they lacked the vision to understand that Gandhi and Nehru and Azad and all those people actually represented Hindutva, which Mr Advani told his audiences, at least the Hindu ones, is the "pure form of secularism".
There is no doubt that someone is really seeing things. 
Mukul Dube, Delhi

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