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Published in the 16-30 Jun 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Bring out your own issues

I am quite disturbed that you have given credence to Mr. John Dayal and his Christian Coalition for spreading lies about Hinduism. While Mr. Dayal has been quick to criticize Hindus using every pretext, he never mentions the abuses perpetrated by Christians in India. The hatred and the violence perpetrated by the Christians in the North Eastern part of India is one instance of affairs that Mr. Dayal has been silent about.

Mr. Dayal is an evangelist who is funded by Western Evangelists for the sole purpose of converting India into a Christian Country. Christian Evangelists believe that their's is the only true religion and all others are false, and their follower are to be converted. Once the conversion is done these evangelists are not interested in them any more as is the case in countries like the Phillipines, and in Nigeria where Christians are killing each other, and fighting with the Muslims in the North. Milli Gazette should be aware that the situation of converts (in India) to Christianity has not improved, but stayed the same or worse.

Please also be aware that Muslims are also targets of the Christian Evangelists for conversions. Presently, these same Christian Evangelists are funding conversion operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan etc. etc. A visit to any of the numerous web sites about these Evangelists will show you what their true intentions are. 

It is also important that Milli Gazette bring its own issues out in a frank manner. Uplift of the Indian Muslims will not come at hitting out at Hinduism, but by addressing all issues honestly. Using Mr. Dayal's lies and hatred for Hinduism does not do anyone any good. 
Dilip Bhagat

Editor: Many thanks for your views. John Dayal is an eminent journalist in his own right. We at Milli Gazette have never hit at Hinduism or Hindus per se. What we are against is only the politcal philosophy known as "Hindutva" and I believe most Hindus in India oppose this militant expression of exclusivist chauvinism which aims at excluding certain components of the Indian society simply because they follow another religion. As regards evangelical Christianity, we oppose it when and if it targets poor and illiterate masses, or anyone else for that matter, by offering them material benefits and we have published this many times in the Milli Gazette. But we support Christians' right to lead a secure and dignified life like any other segment of our society. We also support every Indian's birthright to choose the religion of his/her liking.

DB: Thanks for your quick reply. I must humbly disagree with you about Mr. John Dayal, who first and foremost is a Christian Evangelist Activist. He has not said any positive things about Hinduism that I can remember reading. So I dont know how objective he can be.

On other issues, I do enjoy reading your Gazette. However, I wish you would also bring to attention the plight of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where they are worse than second class citizens, and constantly subject to harrassment and attacks by the Islamic Fundamentalists. If you are against Hindutva as a political ideology, then I would expect that you would also be against Islamic Fundamentalism as is practiced today in Pakistan and Bangla Desh to the detriment of their Hindu minorities.

Editor: We have been raising the issues of Hindu and Christian minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh in both Milli Gazette and Muslim India monthly. We have clearly condemned such policies in both these countries as well as in Afghanistan under Taliban. 

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