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Published in the 16-30 Jun 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Letters: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

Yours is a very schematic fortnightly that has put some big names to shame. Newspapers and tableaus all over the world must learn from the MG!
Firoz Bakht Ahmed, New Delhi

It is sad to read your open letter to all MG readers (1- 15 May, 2004). It is not comprehensible why our business houses are not giving any advertisement to MG despite repeated appeals to do so. The MG has been rendering commendable services to the Ummah in particular and to the humanity in general since its inception in January 2000. All of us should do our bit to put it on the sound footing.
Md. H. Rahman, East Garo Hills

Hope this will find you in good health and high spirit by the Grace of Allah (SWT). It is shocking to know about the colossal losses suffered by Milli Gazette. No paper can survive under these conditions. One after the other the publications are also being discontinued. In spite of all out efforts Sayid Hamid Sahib could’t start a newspaper due to financial crunch. It will be a bad day if Milli Gazette is abandoned. There are two ways to avoid this ugly situation. Through advertisements and more membership the earning can be enhanced. There are big business houses but I find very few advertisement. In very issue an appeal shall be made in this respect. 
Irfanullah, Faiz Aam Muslim School, Faizabad

Editor: Thank you for your kinds words and encouragement. We are trying on both fronts but eithout much success.

The MG site is useful and informative.

I have found the last drawing of a man prostrating towards Bush and the holy Qibla behind him very very upsetting, being a Muslim I feel very bad a on this subject as you are trying to portray us, I do not know when you are with us or trying to portray us as bad. I hope you understand my view as I am sure most of the Muslims would agree with me
Imran Ahmed, UK
Editor: No offence is intended to Islam or Kaaba. It is an old cartoon which caricatures the current position of Muslim rulers who bow towards Uncle Sam instead of our Qibla. The recent Arab summit at Tunis has again highlighted this fact.
Shocked but not surprised
Frankly speaking we are not shocked by the news of life thretening emails to you for two reasons. Firstly, MG has become a flagbearer challenging the nefarious philosophy and activities of the Hindutva gang and is being read widely. Secondly, as a fascist gang it knows only one language that is violence against its opponents who are committed to the principles of justice and equality. They must know that ideas can not be killed by liquidation of individuals. However, we request that you take all precautions.
Lastly, we do not think that the present political set-up has any inclination to check the Hindutva gang. We should not forget that M/s. Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee, Shivraj Patil and Kamal Nath are nothing but the extension of Narsimha Rao regime which is, historically, known as a prominent, non-RSS pro-Hindutva government. Wishing both you and MG a very very long life and final victory against fascist forces.
Neelima Sharma and Shamsul Islam
I was shocked to read in last issue about threatening calls to you and MG office, that is an occupational hazard from anti-Muslim forces and that should not deter your morale and go on . Keep it up.
Husain Ali, Alif _Academy, Mumbai- 400 070

We are very much pained to read the threatening letters sent to you. We all pray for your well-being. May Allah Taala keep you in His Aman (Aamin).
Dr Zafarul Islam Islahi, AMU
Editor: Thank you for your kind wishes and concern. Insha Allah, nothing will come out of this unless it is the will of Allah.

Another gem from an NRI in Oman
Your propaganda will attract the curses of all us silent yet watchful Hindus and you will all soon burn in hell.

The editor would like to thank all well-wishers who personally or over the phone conveyed their concern and good wishes. May Allah shower on them the best of His awards in this life and the Hereafter

Slap in the faces of commercial mullas
The defeat of the fascist forces in the parliamentary elections is a divine slap on the face of those commercial Imams, Mullahs, poets and greedy Muslim politician who had advocated to support the BJP.
Islam says that those who overtly or covertly associate themselves with the tyrants and murderess shall be treated as equal partners in the act of committing crime and will surely earn the wrath of God. 
Masood Ashraf, New Delhi

The results of parliamentary elections were indeed a well-deserving slap in the face of those fascist, racist and shamelessly arrogant people who had imagined that by their poetic but false propaganda they could fool all the people all the time.
S. Akhtar, Delhi

Sonia bashing
I do not understand why this foreign issue debate is going on. Sonia has taken a right decision to step aside and hand over reigns to a 100% Indian who has a brilliant academic record from Indian and English Universities. She must be applauded instead of harping on foreign origin issue. It is a non-issue now. She has at one stroke dispatched her critics to dustbin of history, Media must stop encouraging discussion of this on TV channels. It is a waste of time. Whether Sonia bashers like it or not, she has carved a place for herself in Indian History. Historians will hail her as one who saved India from turmoil by not accepting P. M.'s post. 
M. Z. Chida, Chennai

RSS ideologue K.N. Govindacharya and Madhya Pradesh chief minister Sadhvi Uma Bharti, had threatened to launch "National self-respect movement" to protest against Sonia Gandhi becoming prime minister. BJP leader Sushma Swaraj who was defeat by Sonia Gandhi in Bellary by a huge margin had threatened to resign from Rajya Sabha.

Guru Golwalkar, the main mentor and ideologue of RSS had written in his book The Bunch of Thoughts that Muslim were not sons of the soil, they were foreign invaders. The BJP should launch a "national self-respect movement" to oust A.P.J. Abdul Kalam also. 

Sangh Parivar’s logic is that foreign origin prime minister will pose danger to defence and national security of the nation. BJP national president Bangaru Laxman was caught red-handed by Tehelka team taking bundles of currency notes as bribe in defence deals. Were his acts not a danger to defence and national security? Sangh Parivar’s stand is a disrespect to the Supreme Court, Indian Constitution and democratic parliamentary system of India. 
G.Hasnain Kaif, Azad Ward, Bhandara

BJP stands detrimental to national unity
Whenever elections knocks the door in India BJP and its coalition partners rake up Ram Temple at Ayodhya and Sonia Gandhi origin issue to capture power. A large section of Indian people consider these issues detrimental to the secularism and national unity. Such propaganda do great harm to socio-economic development of the country. These were the reasons BJP and its allies were voted out of power at centre. 

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is an M.P from Assam. We hope that Dr. Singh would solve the problem of insurgency in Assam and bring about all-round development of the region.
Muhammad Abdus Samad, Assam

Foreign root fuss
Buffaloes of Jafarabad can be right in refusing to accept a Bengali buffalo as their chief! Are the days now far away when Gujaratis will not accept Maharashtra born fellows as their chief minister, governor, chief secretary and police chief?! Self worship they name is Hindutva.
Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh

Sonia Gandhi’s Congress will have to prove that her commitment to secularism is not limited to the narrow interest of her party’s hegemonical parameters and the real test will be her treatment of India’s largest state’s largest secular party, Samajwadi Party, that is been so atrocious as to point to the sinister plot to push Mulayam Singh Yadav out of secular fold and into the grouping of NDA, for survival in this coalition age.

The role of Left too, has left secularists baffled as to why its Grand Old Man, Surjeet, who has been in the past a constant sponsor of Mulayam, has now completely opted to go it alone and make its private deal with the largest secular party. 

The people, who have voted for them from the secular polity, have a right to know, why this charade is going on and why Samajwadi Party's overwhelming mandate from secularist voters in Uttar Pradesh is being ignored, spurned and neutralized.
Congress should realise that it does not has the exclusive mandate from voters of secular block and it should have to give full and deserving representation to one and all from the secular political polity, into a secular national coalition government in a spirit of solidarity. This step will consolidate people's commitment to secular values. 
Sonia will have to rise above the mundane street level politics and come to terms with Mulayam and show due respect to the secular voters of Uttar Pradesh.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Letters: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3


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