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Published in the 16-30 Jun 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


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Saddam's weapons of mass destruction
The hallmark of the American civilization is shamelessness, ferocity and savagery. The Americans brutaly tortured and murdered their black slaves brought from Africa. During the Vietnam war they abused and killed Vietnamese prisoner of wars and innocent civilians — men, women and children alike — without slightest mercy with their south Vietnamese collaborators. Now they have been committing same type of barbarism and brutality in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and Afghanistan with their Arab and Afghan collaborators. It seems that for the American soldiers, genitalia of Iraqi prisoners are the Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. They have made the prisoners unclad and photographed them purposefully to show their president Bush the real weapons of mass destruction. The large-scale commission of inhumanities and indecencies and documentation of them systematically cannot be done without the nod or knowledge of Bush.
M. H. Rahman, East Garo Hills
Hasib_r12@ yahoo. com

The world believes that America and its allies attacked Saddam's Iraq because they wanted to control the oilfields of the second largest oil rich nation, but the (naked) truth is that the Iraqis under the tyrant Saddam were beaten, tortured and maimed and America which cannot stand injustice being committed on the people of the world by others, attacked Iraq to liberate its people. The liberation process is still going on.

Americans and their allies are still busy liberating the Iraqis without even caring for their own lives. These "ungrateful" Iraqis are on the other hand targetting their liberators. Are the Americans not totally responsible for liberating the souls from the bodies of thousands of Iraqis including women and children, liberating them permanently from all their worries and hardships? Did the Americans not risk their lives in protecting the oil fields even as there was total chaos in the rest of Iraq. Did the American soilders not help their agents, by standing firm (like a statue) and allowing them to wipe out the "past" from the National museum, ancient manuscripts and antique pieces which were but a hurdle on the road to progress and advancement of the people of Iraq, for Iraq like India lives in its past glory and is very much emotionally attached to it. The Iraqis had to be "liberated" from their past and the best way was to wipe out all those things that were associated with it i.e. history, culture, priceless manuscripts and antiques. 

The Iraqis had to be "taught" the advanced way of life that the Americans and the Europeans lead, and because they are a conservative lot they had to be taught the western culture in isolation, no better place than a prison cell. They are being made to change their food habits which now consists of pork and liquor. To be called modern and advanced one has to shed his/her clothes, and Iraqis being honourable people are finding this very hard, but then Americans are a professional outfit and their army consists of people who are "specialists" in this field. The Iraqis are made to walk on all fours with a strap round the neck (just like a dog ) but then this is American way of expressing love, for in America a dog is loved more than human beings (has anybody ever seen an American discriminate between a black coloured dog or a brown dog or a white dog).

The aim of the Americans is not just a change in the regime but a total transformation of this conservative country into a western one. Sadly, the world in general and Iraq in particular don't understand this and are resisting the "efforts" of the selfless Americans tooth and nail.. 
Abdul Monim, Vashi

I read your periodical recently and was shocked to read the brutality of the Western forces on the innocent Iraqis. How inhuman are they civilised, Sir? The role of the media in today's world cannot be denied.
Kauser Naqvi

Pray for peace
All Muslims around the world: pray for peace and good on this earth. Shia or Sunni or whatever Muslim sect you belong to, pray that all Muslims and non-Muslims live in peace and good around the world. We Muslims must show the world that Islam is peace and good and inshaallah islam will spread all over this earth.Keep praying to Allah(swt) for good and peace end all evil and bad things on earth !!!
Aadam K., USA

India-Israel-US relations
Any change in India-Israel relations, which had gone a paradigm shift during BJP’s rule, will now be more of a matter of style rather than substance. It is worthwhile to caution the people of India, how BJP’s worldview was compromising India’s future of independence and freedom. In the name of strategic cooperation, Israel was to subvert India’s unique position in today’s unipolar world, where India had remained to a large extent, immune to US hegemonical moves. 

BJP had found no virtue in such independence and freedom that has enjoyed for over half a century and had tried to offer India on a platter to the US/Israeli neo-imperialists. 

People of India had stoically watched the growing inroads made by the US/Israelis moves and had the only recourse to react the way they did in the last Lok Sabha elections. 

The coarse correction should be a warning to Congress not to pursue the same BJP laid path to eventual mortgaging of India, its economy, its political institutions, the cultural and religious ethos of its traditions and social norms to the strangulating agenda of the US/Israel nexus. 

The example of western interventions in East Asian countries is too fresh for India not to head the appropriate warnings and revert to its time-tested parameters of non-alignment that not only should ensure Indian freedom and independence but also would restore India’s high worth to the third world as conscience keepers of the East. 
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Just for the Laugh?
A man is caught in a traffic jam, when suddenly someone taps on the window of his car. He lowers the window and asks what he wants. 
The other man says, "President Bush was kidnapped and the ransom is $50 million dollars. If the ransom is not paid, the kidnappers have threatened to douse the President with gasoline and set him on fire. We are taking up a collection, do you wish to participate? 
The man in the car asks, "On average, what are people donating?" 
The other man replies," About 5 to 10 liters...!" 
Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi

Letters: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

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