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Published in the 16-30 Nov 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


It was really painful to read the report on Nikahnama. I never expected a newspaper that is being edited by you to be carrying such a biased report on a sensitive subject. Its pity that while working for masses we have to fight with friends and foe alike for any cause; sometimes I feel that we don’t deserve any solution and our sufferings are out of our own misdeeds and unnecessary conflicts. 
Uzma Naheed, Mumbai 
Editor: From the very first issue, I have tried to keep the Mili Gazette as an open forum for the Millat. You may not like someone's ideas and that someone may not like yours and mine but he/she has a right to be listened. Problems in societies and countries start when this right is denied. Freedom of expression and healthy debate are necessary to have a healthy society. (See p. 2 in this issue)

Thank you for that clarification on the purpose of your newspaper. Yes, I have come to realize that the online editions are usually more general than the actual newspaper.

Anyway, I would like to commend the Milli Gazette for its progressive authorship that seeks reform within the Muslim orthodoxy. This will be great for the nation, as it breaks down communal barriers, but also, has the masses of Muslims really contribute to our national success (for the moment, the vast majority of Muslim community is under-performing in all fields compared to say the Sikhs).

At a time when Islam receives a lot of negative attention from the media (which had always ignored Muslims initially and only gave them attention after 9/11), your progressive, reformist views challenge the general stereotype held by most in the West that Islam is represented by ultra-orthodox mullahs and terrorists.

Keep up the good work, I just recommend that you take a different look at Hindutva. In ideology, it is nothing more than nationalism, the nationalism that the Congress has strayed away from since Indira Gandhi's times. In practice of course, it is attracting communalist Hindus. However, if Muslims join in with Hindutva, it will return to its true track of nationalism.

There is a disturbing trend occurring in India today. Nationalist figures (that had nothing to do with the communalization that Hindutva has become) are now being hijacked by Hindu communalists in the name of Indian nationalism. People like Aurobindo, Tagore, Vivekananda, big secular Bengali Indian nationalists are nowadays touted by these communalists. Muslims must vociferously denounce this, and debunk the theory that is floating nowadays that Muslims have nothing to do with Indian nationalism.

The Hindu communalists are placing Muslims in a precarious position, and Muslims are not being helped at all by mullahs that claim the Vandemataram is unIslamic. Vankim Chandra Chattopadhyay was a Bengali nationalist, characters in the story Ananda Math are Hindus/Muslims/whatever, this man is not communal. When he wrote Vandemataram, he had no intention of offending Muslims. Kazi Nazrul Islam was one of the most militant nationalists Bharat Maa has given birth to, even more than Netaji or Bhagat Singh.

The UPA government coming to power is not a mandate against communalists, Hindus are becoming communalists no matter who is in power. Stop this, encourage the disintegration of Muslim ghettoes, India is becoming strong militarily and economically, but actual strength is derived from social cohesion. Vandemataram!!
Utsav Saxena

Info on Muslims in Bollywood
I am currently writing you from Paris where I am studying at Masters level in Hindi. My dissertation is about the representations of Indian Muslims in Bollywwod movies (related to communal violence and to the Partition) from 1990s onwards. I did browse through your site but could not find anything "substantial". Could you help me out in my research and/or direct me to proper other sites? 
Mounir Nassor

Advani’s confession
BJP President LK Advani has made honest confession of his party being drowned by proud and corrupt leaders. Will he be a Leader-with-Difference to make BJP really a Party-with-Difference by expelling party-leaders who were responsible for downfall of the party through their corrupt acts?
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Urdu University at Rampur
The write-up ‘Congress and Governor opposition analysed’ by Prof. Ziauddin Ahmad (The Milli Gazette dated 1-15 Oct, 2004), on the establishment of a Urdu-Persian-Arabic University, at Rampur, is complete and comprehensive and has answered all the objections and criticisms healthy and otherwise, suitably. This has demolished the bogey created by the Governor, the Congress and traditional opponents, the Sangh Parivar. 

It is in the fitness of things that the Governor gives assent to the concerned Ordinance, without any further delay.

At the same time, the Congress, which is seeking its revival as a well-wisher of Muslims and champion of Secularism, should mend its ways, so as to pave way for the establishment of the University, unconditionally. Not only this, the Congress should, not only express repentance for its misdeeds, and take all steps necessary to undo the damages done to Muslims in the past, including the treatment meted out to Urdu by the Congress Govts. in U.P. 

As to the suggestion that let Mr. Khan withdraw his name voluntarily from Pro-Chancellorship, the raging controversary shall die down and the path will be cleared for the establishment of the university.

This is too simplistic an approach. In the first place opposition for the sake of opposition shall never end and continue to spring-up in one form or the other from any corner. Secondly, dissociating Mr. Khan from the huge project, shall mean putting the job into doldrums, as the task definitely requires a committed and experienced person of the calibre and status of Mr. Khan to achieve desired results.
Prof. A. K. M. Ghouse, AMU

Bush: A victory for corporate theocracy
Commenting on the re-election of George Bush as President of the United States, Dr. Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, Leader of the Muslim Parliament has called it "a very sad day for mankind". "It is a victory for corporate theocracy", he said.
Muslim Parliament, London

US Elections
The whole world must have watched with interest the nail bitingly close US Presidential election, but here in Pakistan it was followed with quite some concern. Being the most important front line state in the US war against terrorism Pakistan had much at stake in the outcome of the election. The man in the street, however, had no liking for either as to him both Bush and Kerry were anti-Muslims. Kerry with his belligerent and aggressive promises of becoming a much stronger Commander-in- Chief of all the forces of the USA than what Bush has been, made his case worse and bought the ill will of the common man further, who has inevitably resigned to the re-election of the Bush as a lesser of the evil.
Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi 46000 

As was expected, George Bush defeated his Democratic rival John Kerry. Americans have made a decisive choice and mandate to Bushi to carry on his vagabond ideas about the world. He is still meddling in Middle East without any authority or permission from the world. He has totally messed up Iraq. He has no business to interfere in the internal affairs to Iraq. I think American people want him to control the world for their sake. He has been playing a dangerous game and he would continue to do so in future during his four-year term. The reaction from Islamic world is that of horror. It is therefore essential for the world body uno to arrest his eagerness to control the world and decimate all that is sacrosanct and humane. When he arrogantly challenged the world with his no famous threat ‘either you are with us or you are against us’ no body questioned him and the world meekly surrendered to his will. He is yet to prove that 9/11 was engineered my Muslims or al Qaida. He did not listen to the Secretary General’s advice to desist from attacking Iraq. He went headlong with doggedness and finished the peace, economy and social order of that country, with his misleading conclusion that Iraq possessed wmd. The world suffered this ignominy of attack of a free nation by a superpower. Now the Secretary General had admitted that us action was against un charter. What use for such reaction. He is found to be a weak Secretary General. The arrogance of Bush continued unabatedly, the world watched in silence and suppressed agony. I think the conscience of this world is the casualty. He started his war on terrorism by first attacking Afghanistan and then Iraq and now he is planning to attack Iran and then Syria. His self-righteous attitude has made him a dictator and his coming to power once again may spell doom for the world.
Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

Best Bakery U-turn
Zahira is very painful for me and all people of Gujarat. I am very distressed. Media is so complicated that it is very difficult to know reality this time. 
Iqbal Husen, Godhra

Iftar funds for the poor
It refers to the inspiring news of President APJ Abdul Kalam donating iftar party funds to children’s NGOs’. At a time when politicians have politicised religion by hosting iftar parties, our President has added one more value to his personality by utilising funds meant for iftar parties for a noble cause that too when he himself is a Muslim. His initiative should become a trend-setter for our politicians misusing iftar parties for their vote-bank politics.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Dark age?
Dark age for muslims - yes - but only because you are building it. I note that you keep your mouths shut when some of your "misguided" youth murder a few defenceless tourists, kidnap aid workers, or behead non-muslims. After seeing the actions of a few violent muslims, and the dark silence from the supposedly peaceful muslim majority, I suspect that I will have no problems in killing the next muslim I see when another atrocity is commited by your "misguided" youth. While freedom and justice should be for all, this is not what you prescribe. In your society most muslims should wish freedom and peace for all. Why cannot you condemn the actions of a very few murderous lunatics in your midst? But the problem goes much deeper - it is easy to find examples - in Southern Thailand a large party of your "misguided" youth set of to murder the local constabulary - however the police were warned and took appropriate action - resulting in a few dead islamists . The muslim population then complained!!!! What bloody cheek - when will you learn to accept responsibility for what you do rather then hiding behind your religion. And please take your rather stupid inferences that muslim radicals are the product of the CIA or FBI and flush them down the toilet. THEY ARE CREATED AND NOURISHED IN YOUR SOCIETY. Rather than creating imaginary enemies in the west, perhaps you might try a bit of soul searching closer to home. There is a problem, and it is being carried by some members of your faith. 
Keith Weinman keith.weinman@dlr.del

Osama’s recent statement on Bush
One of the things that I really miss in Sweden is the English newspaper. Almost all the newspapers that I come across are in Swedish. But usually when I get the time, I do visit and today to my amazement there was this interesting write-up of the Swedish government being slightly jittery over Osama’s response to G. Bush "If Bush argues that we (Al-Qaeda) hate freedom, maybe he (Bush) could explain why we haven’t attacked Sweden, for example."

The same thought surprisingly came to me within a few weeks of my stay in Sweden. As an activist in the Indian environment where one constantly sees and hears of injustice, misery, poverty, breakdown of order and consequent rebellion, retaliation, I asked myself, could it ever happen that there would be a bomb explosion or attack on Sweden ! Nah, in fact probably never; a person would be real insane to do that. Because here in Sweden from what I have heard and experienced over the last couple of months of my stay is that the Swedes are one of the most tolerant, just, honest, most respectful people in the world. 

Swedes have, unlike Americans, never had the ulterior motive towards expanding their military bases all over the world. They have never participated in any alliance bombings like the British who joined US "to maintain its special relations with them". Unlike terrorist CIA, their intelligence snooping is nil; they have no draconian laws like the Patriot’s Act for arbitrary detentions; they have no large scale or small scale, ethnic, minority injustice; they have the best prisons in the world for reform, because of their concern for human rights so much so that even Saddam Husein preferred to be in Swedish prisons. So why would anyone want to create terror or havoc in Sweden, when there is optimum freedom and a proper mechanism for redressal of justice! Why would anyone feel frustrated, unhappy and feel that the state or a certain group of people have been unjust !

I would suggest that the Swedes, take Osama’s comment as a compliment, rather than read meaning into it, because even a "devil" and a person accused as the "world’s number one terrorist" has had the humility to acknowledge that Sweden has one of the best systems in the world that respects freedom, democracy. 

Osama’s recent sentence throws light that per se he doesn’t seem to be against humanity, not against people, but clearly against the hegemony of the US and schizophrenic presidents in the White House like G.Bush who hallucinate WMDs and have pathological urges for oil ! His statement is rather similar to the quote of famous revolutionary Malcom X, "you can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom". The world should deeply retrospect on what Osama Bin Laden has said this time. 

Osama has more sanity in him than G. Bush and American neo-cons. 

Ronald L. Rebello, Stockholm

Intellectual bankruptcy
It appears that our great country has only problems like Muslim birth ratio, triple talaq and four marriages. Muslims have been accused of not being part of the mainstream. Muslims do not believe in family planning because they believe a child is a gift of God. Is it not shameful that by ignoring problems concerning prosperity and development of the country intellectuals and politicians indulge in non-issues.
Mushtaque Madni

Varun Gandhi’s joining BJP 
Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s invitation to Firoz Varun Gandhi to join Congress was not a good step. I think that more and more honest persons like Varun Gandhi, should join BJP. This way RSS will lose its influence over BJP and it will become a true secular party thus an alternative to the Congress.
The plank of Varun Gandhi is not to revive the BJP but make India strong as he has said that he joined the BJP with an aim to overhaul the system and to build a strong and developed nation.
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow

Indian Muslims and family planning 
The controversy on family planning is unwarranted. The media has been very enthusiastic in getting the opinions of Ulema. There has been difference of opinion among Ulema on family planning, so any conclusive edict on it cannot be agreed upon.

Indian Muslim community has been quick in adopting family planning. An image of Indian Muslims has been portrayed as if Muslims always follow their religious leaders. Muslims have been portrayed as a monolithic community, which is wrong, it made of different subgroups, and each group has its own priorities and concerns. 
Khalid Nazir , Aligarh 

Tell us about Hyderabad episode
I want to know more about the incident in hyderabad: murder committed by lawful gangster(Gujarat police). Can you give details, atleast publish article. 
Divakar Reddy

Who is the true nationalist?
Speaking at a function recently in Chandigarh RSS Chief K.S. Sudershan criticised Jawaharlal Nehru’s policies. Allegations of Sudarshan are controversial. It was Nehru who was the country’s principal spokesman right from Independence till his death in May 1964. Nehru and his family’s sacrifices for the country are known to everyone.

My advice to RSS Chief is that he should sudy Nehru’s books, Jawaharlal Nehru An Autobiography, The Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History, and India’s Foreign Policy in order to perceive his main plank. 
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi Lucknow 

Cash dollars for the oppressed victims
When US army bombed civilians in Faluja, in Israeli-style gunship attacks from the skies, supposedly pin-point targeting of terroists; following worldwide protests, CNN showed US army soldiers moving around demaged civilian areas offering cash as compensation to those whose residences were damaged. Like Arabs they bargained over the quantum and paid half of what was demanded as damages. The attempt at pacifying civilians by offering on the spot cash dollars was something novel and looked up by the world as rubbing salt on the wounds of the innocent civilians. 

However, just as US/Israeli jugalbandi against the so-called international Islamic terrorism is a confirmed affair, one was surprised to see Thai soldiers offering cash currency to the freed 900 Muslim Thai detainees, who were among the 1300 that were summarily rounded up and the 78 of them died by suffocating while being transported by cattle in 4 open trucks. The death of 78 unarmed Muslim protestors, and the defiant face of Thai Prime Minister who kept repeating that Army was most lenient and proper and they never shot them down. 

The world naturally did not look on that brutality as something less than a truly sadist show of cruelty towards the hapless Muslim minority in Thailand’s southern provinces, bordering Malaysia, all of those Muslim areas would have gone to Malaysia if not for the perfidy of the colonialists, who had the divine right to divide people and impose their departing mischief on the colonized people and chose to leave the area for Thailand, the land of pervert culture that has become a big prostitution den for the American forces out on RR and now for the sex tourists of the world.

But none would have expected the US/Israeli technique of pacifying the enraged Muslims by offering instant cash currency damage for wrongful arrests, detention and abuse. It shows who is running the worldwide anti-terrorist show. And CNN is always there to put it on screen to put out to the people, how fair and generous the oppressors are.

MESCO signifies Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization is a Mumbai (India) based registered Public Trust; working in the field of Education, Medical and Poverty relief but our forte is Education. MESCO initially started with an annual collection of Rs. 368/- but by the grace of Allah today MESCO has an annual budget of over 2 Crore of Rupees, and this is due to the persistent support of the organization’s well-wishers.

MESCO’s aims are to eradicate illiteracy and poverty from the lowest income strata i.e. the underprivileged and downtrodden families of our community. Zakat has been one of the main source of income, on which our major welfare schemes depend for funding. Even though MESCO has been fortunate in increasing the funds received through Zakat, it always had to turn away many a deserving brethren due to limitation of its Zakat funds. It is only through your assistance and contributions that we at MESCO can lighten their burden.

If 360 of the wealthiest people of the world paid just 2.5% levy (like Zakat) on their wealth, the amount would be sufficient to remove the problems of hunger, drinking water, education and medical care from the face of the earth.

Please find an enclosed 36th Annual Report of our Organization, along with a Zakat Handbill and a request to contribute some part of you Zakat to MESCO, where Zakat moneys are separately accounted and spent as per the Quran and the Sunnah.

All cheques / draft should be drawn in favour of "Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization" or "MESCO"

For more information / queries about us, please call at any of the above telephone numbers or drop a letter to the undersigned or simply email us at the following address: You can visit our website on
Sk Muhammed Raees Islam
MESCO, Mumbai

Those who have watched the live telecast of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s speech in the Knesset detailing his proposal for unilateral Gaza evacuation of illegal Israeli settlements and the supposedly opposition members’ constant interruptions, would not help being surprised at the mood of a bevy of members, who again and again were shown smiling and showing their teeth during such interruptions. Even Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Perez again and again were shown as being more amused than distressed with any so-called great sacrifice Sharon is proposing to make ‘in the cause of peace’. At appointed times, a few members were ceremoniously sent out by Knesset security men as demanded by the chairman. The speaker kept his own marathon parallel exhortation, without any level the heckling and interruptions, that could be compared with some of the more raucous debates the House had witnessed in the past. The whole affair was a tame media event, which could hardly fool the world over the disengagement plan’s opposition by the hard-line religious opponents. The rumours on the life of Sharon, all the more appeared to be a contrived device to give the whole affair an aura of a great political drama. No doubt western media will be ready with heart-wrenching account of the Knesset debate and the 'widespread' opposition. The live coverage of the event belies the whole built-up of widely awaited climax. 

While the charade in Knesset went on, Israel kept its aerial bombardment of civilian targets in Gaza with daily toll of Palestine lives juxtaposing US bombings in Iraq, reinforcing the image of JIA, as New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman described, as common enemy of Arabs and Muslims around the world. 

The world is fully aware that all illegal settlements within occupied territories were pushed in full understanding with respective US administrations that in any comprehensive peace negotiations, all such settlements will be dismantled. Sharon, of all other Israeli leaders that had preceded him, remains the most relentless defiant of international laws and had continued to push the illegal settlements to establish negotiating positions in case of any definitive peace treaty. That peace deal now appears to be a distant mirage, while lives are lost on both side of the divide, day in and day out.

As events are unfolding and Iraq is unraveling for the US occupying forces, there is every danger that a pattern of anarchy may breakout, with more lethal weapons passing into the hands of active resistance, both in Israel and Iraq. If Israel dithers in its unilateral withdrawal from all occupied territories and vacates all illegal settlements, Israel may face the danger of a complete rout in not distant future.


Advani and Mandir
BJP President L.K. Advani's claim that if NDA had been re-elected, the construction of the temple would have begun by now seems quite amusing.

He gave false assurance to Hindus and come to power fully knowing that by raising the bogey of Mandir he would be destroying the plurality of Indian Society and demolishing its secular character instead of building a Mandir.
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi,

Gunman kills Dutch film director
Not an unexpected development. Dutch governments have a very proactive Ministry gunning for Muslim affairs around the world. NGO's around the world are funded to open well staffed and well-appointed offices to do research on Muslims and their lives under Islamic laws. No comparable Muslim state has such an extensive, focused and well-funded programmes to know about their own people. The anti-Muslim, anti-Islamic State-sponsored agenda is characteristically advised by Jewish advisers, some residing out of the country. Muslim girls are specially trained to press anti-Islamic programmes and they are offered full study scholarships to stay in Netherlands, study for long periods and then locate back to their countries to carry out their appointed tasks. It is time; Netherlands’s sinister official Islamophobia is exposed to the full glare of the whole world.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Al Qaeda expert
I have the actual date, and place, for al Qaeda’s next terrorist attack on America. Their attack is ready to go. News must jump on this, or else. Saving lives is the issue here. I am not a publicity seeker whistling Dixie. 

I am thwarting bin Laden’s plan for his next catastrophic attack by telling News exactly what to expect and where. 

Our president’s personal religious beliefs are his public guide, driving bin Laden to teach his favorite infidel, president Bush, a fatal lesson, by murdering thousands of innocent Americans right under Bush’s own nose, after the election, regardless who wins.

Bin Laden’s debouch 10/29 forebodes the coming attack.

The tape is bin Laden’s way to advance that Allah is on his, not Bush’s side. Bin Laden believes terror is what he needs to topple the Saudi regime from within; that his people can kill Americans in America, and destroy us with a 2nd catastrophic attack, a powerful motivator for his one-way ticket jihadis who firmly hold Allah is their guide."

"50 martyrs at 50 malls, dressed like Santa, sequestered rifles loaded for assault, wearing body armor, opening fire at once everywhere, will be catastrophic. From their convoluted point of view, the last Santa standing gets to heaven first. Secret cells of miserable jihadis, here for years, will inflict indiscriminate death costing billions."

The Patriot Act forbids perpetuating a terrorist hoax.

I am telling you what and where and when, and how to prove beyond any shadow what I say is accurate, and where I get this very specific foreknowledge. I’ve known for weeks what your "experts’ can only guess at.

Were News only able to access FBI intercepts from the last few days our intelligence bureaus might take weeks to translate, the ones preceding bin Laden’s tape release, the intercepts’ salutations run, "Happy holidays," their tags, "May your holiday season have hundreds of blessings." They are not revering Ramadan. Hundreds murdered in 20-50 malls is their goal here, with same day dead in Iraq, thousands.

St. Petersburg Times, a week ago: "Four men described as Middle Eastern tried to buy a surplus ambulance, two former police cruisers and a truck from St. Petersburg College this summer, prompting employees to alert authorities, SPC administrators said."

Must I explain the al-Qaeda Santa’s getaway plan for al-Qaeda’s Santa’s exit after murdering countless innocent American citizens out holiday shopping? 

The potential killers in St. Petersburg did not return for the vehicles, eluding capture. Al-Qaeda’s operatives living here are not misguided suicide bombers. Never mind the last Santa standing gets to heaven first. These terrorists intend on mass murder and living to laugh at Bush about it.

They number between fifty and one hundred fifty in America, and in Canada, close to our border. They’ve been here since 2000 when it was easy to slip through Customs and enter.

Al-Qaeda will attack the Friday after Thanksgiving, when you are complacently stuffed from the day before. Dressed as Santa Clause, (or Mickey Mouse,) in full costume, they will enter the malls with the shopping crowds as though late for work, on the busiest shopping day of our year, Santa’s wearing long white beards so their Middle Eastern faces are hidden. They will have big Santa bags loaded with assault weapons, and thousands of rounds for the slaughter.

They have already cased the malls where they plan their attack. They know which dept. stores have doors to the huge parking lots. It’s all been very carefully planned. While it is true, according to their point of view, the last Santa standing gets to heaven first, these al-Qaeda aren’t martyrs. They’ve been in America for years. They are prepared to die for Jihad, but they don’t plan on it. Life here hasn’t been that bad. They will open fire – all at once in every city on the East coast and other time zones, too, in malls they have selected for attack. 

Which malls I cannot tell you – the busiest ones we have, guaranteed this for the busiest shopping day of our year.

With all the gunfire, people dropping like flies, screaming bloody murder, there will be pandemonium and total panic. Expect the terrorists will also be lobbing grenades at the running crowds following with smoke bombs, besides pepper gas, off the shelf stuff, so everyone is panicked choking and no one can see anything, and then the Santa terrorists, discarding their outfits, will move to the exits with the running stumbling crowds, whoever amongst the shoppers that somehow escapes their gunfire. That is al-Qaeda’s plan.

Apply your own G-d given common sense. Assume one hundred fifty terrorists are living here. They came here before 9/11. But they are not self-contained in cells, unless two people, sharing an apartment constitutes a cell. Likely they live close and have jobs, with bank accounts, and recorded tracks of paying bills, like any ordinary person.

Is Friday after Thanksgiving the busiest day of the year, the cavernous malls packed with shoppers? Yes. Are the malls vulnerable to a terrorist attack? They are. Can the al-Qaeda Santa’s slip in with the crowds, decked out in red costumes, their faces bearded, through the mall doors with everyone else out early for all the holiday deals? Yes. 

Would anyone think twice about some Santa with a bag over his shoulder, late for work? Nope. Were you bin Laden wouldn’t you want to see killed someone whose loved one is stationed in Iraq? Certainly. That’s the deal coming down bin Laden’s pike. That is why recent Middle East intercepts have been so eerily quiet. Al-Qaeda is set to strike, thus bin Laden’s tape advance. Their die is cast.

In the event media fails at informing the public what bin Laden has slated for America, when, where, and how, and passes my statement to the government, instead of publicizing my telling, I may be charged with perpetuating a terrorist hoax, and arrested.

I accept. Regardless, the day after Thanksgiving, countless innocent American people are to be mercilessly slaughtered, in many cities, their blood floor covering. 

Al-Zaqarwi will also strike on the same day and hundreds of Little Big Horns will commence throughout Iraq. They own the roads, and with our guys pinned down, the Green Zone walls in Baghdad will be scaled, and everyone there will be slaughtered, catastrophe for the free world.

That is bin Laden’s and Al Zakarwi’s plan. That is why the evildoers have recently joined – to signal their supporters worldwide their plans are united. According to my source, there are nearly 100,000 Iraqi and Jihadi non-Iraqi insurgents combined, in Iraq, preparing for this. Hundreds of Iraqis flee their country every day because this attack is coming. Iraqis talk, but not to us.

The newspaper of record reports our military in Iraq has raised their estimates of Iraqi insurgents from 8,000-12,000 to 20,000 total, up from 2,000-7,000. The true total breaches six figures! In a one-for-one fierce battle, we are dead meat. Guesses at how many killers have crossed, are crossing the porous Iraqi borders ride the low tide for a reason. Low insurgency estimates are what Bush’s close-knit advisors believe our President wants to hear. 

The NY Times / CBS scoop: "Nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives used to demolish buildings, produce warheads and detonate nuclear weapons are missing from one of Iraq’s most sensitive former military installations. Condoleezza Rice was informed the explosives were missing. It is unclear whether President Bush was informed." 

According to WSJ, Bush was "notified," But we don’t know what Bush knows, or when he was told of this. Bush’s focus is on besting his father’s record and winning reelection.

The truth is scary. Iraqis applying for any work, or being trained to take over are murdered every day. I see a way to seal the borders fast. I will also explain how we do that given the chance. My thrust is our homeland, not Iraq.

Thousands have perished in Iraq because of our President’s policies. In return, thousands more innocent are bin Laden slated to perish in America, as horrible as 9/11, worse yet. But all this annihilation isn’t a burden for President Bush because in his self image he cannot do wrong.

I am a Hebrew American prophet. The Pentateuch will tell you, revelations from G-d foretelling events, those, were minor elements for all the Hebrew prophets. 

Any other President would carefully listen to what I am here compelled to bring forth unconstrained, but not this President; not even with a nationwide, G-d inspired press broadcast is George Bush bound to bother listening up to anything I am given to tell my countrymen.

Know I am not the Messiah. Big shod Hymn-self, that most ancient of souls I call the kid, isn’t showing up for another 185,000 years, when the good ship mother "urf" gets to Vegas, a star, and burns up in a crisp. I call Vega Vegas for good reason. When it was found out earth’s trajectory in our ever "eggs pan ding" universe was finite – that began all our public gambling, abusing Mother Nature’s housework on our planet.

Allah (G-d big Al to you) does not take sides as all of us come from Him. "My good friend," Osama bin Laden is the force that through the green fuse flowers my pen, that you pay attention. 

In 1969 I was on a merchant ship, in the wilderness of the open sea. There, G-d, the LAN lord "uh pin" heaven, your G-d, the creator of our universe, revealed his word into my mind. It is from Him comes my talent, the ‘mull tie ling well" blessing to create a worldwide television broadcast for all the world’s peoples to participate in at once. G-d wants a change in the course of human history on our good ship mother earth. Might you want that, too?

Lots of folks, government people prefer the status quo.

My prophetic sense of future events is merely one of the cards in the hand I was dealt, for proofing G-d Almighty.

I am the man here to show you the way to lasting world peace and food chain harmony. That is my purpose and plan. I’m only a man yet with words in my bones for all mankind.

Ted Koppel stated, at the close of a Nightline broadcast that included interviews with Vietnamese citizens who recalled the battle when John Kerry earned his Silver Star; when there is a News issue, investigation is news media’s duty, as ABC so carefully and conscientiously investigated the controversy foisted on us by the Swift Boat Veterans.

I believe it is the duty of news media to research that I was on a ship 40 days and 40 nights. When G-d revealed His word into my mind He created giant configurations over the whole night sky, witnessed by others there.

But the coming murder of thousands in America is way more important. What I was given in 1969 I can show and tell; at any time tell my vision. It is media’s job to forthrightly investigate what I’ve spelled out about the coming al-Qaeda attack in America, now in its actionable final ready stage.

Mine are revelations on what is to happen, graphic details of bin Laden’s intent, backed in fact. I am a prophet who comes from G-d. I don’t have any choice though I could be put directly into jail from this. Does News have any choice but report what I say, the chips to fall where they may?

I believe you do not! The public has rights to be informed.

Is there any other known person worldwide with a vehicle for world peace, ready to roll out the door?

I knew the moment I was born who I was, and more. I can whistle the air with my tongue and repeat exactly what I said at birth, more than sixty years ago. I get up and put on one sock at a time. I have my bad hair days, too, like you but I’m distinguished in that I created a giant work of prophetic art, which I lettered out first so to perform my scripture on worldwide television for all the worlds’ peoples to be part of all at once. We share the universe. 

My inspired script for worldwide broadcast will jump start world peace starting with a world wide peaceful night. Isn’t that better for you than what Osama bin Laden offers?

Total communication amounts to everyone worldwide doing the same thing at the same time. I can run and pun through every spoken tongue. I deliver, with every line a delicate sensible rhyme, a blessing from G-d. I’m living in your world to do exactly that, reestablish G-d’s Universal Law.

Regardless what country you are from you’ll hear some of your own words and know you are part of G-d’s program. We are G-d’s children and we need to change our ways fast, or lose it. Everything hangs in the balance of sense. I don’t have any choice but make my move. I can’t put it off.

I am sounding the alarm because I know what Osama bin Laden has planned, and how he expects to get his horror done. Furthermore, I know exactly what to say, on live television, according to my c. 1971 Script that will bring bin Laden to issue the Fatwa that calls off his attack! 

The Book ov Lev It A Kiss, my "Script," is prophetic art that stems from the heart. King Solomon wrote, "The Song of Songs." The Five Books of Moses are verse. You are entitled to examples of my prophetic sense, so you understand I am not making any stuff up here and that furthermore, I have a detailed history of foretelling main events, another darned good reason for taking time out and listening to me, as the lives of your own loved ones are the lives at stake.

Examples abound in The Television Scripture: The demise of Apollo 13, a description of Nixon leaving the White House, Governor Wallace gets a shot in the back, the first Gulf War, the year it would happen, why it would be fought, who would do the fighting, how it would turn out; the name of the 34 day Pope, John Paul I, and pages later, a cryptic description of his dying. Those are a few events I lettered in advance. Might G-d leave any question open about a Hebrew American prophet who is from G-d in the first place?

All I need do is appear on any television program, recite the story of Adman and Even in the Gar Den ov Edum, say how I was given this story of creation, and every single person hearing and seeing will want their own copy of my Scripture because it comes from G-d. 

I know that. Your standing government knows that, too.

Our government’s intelligence bureaucracies have known of my peace plan for decades. George Bush knows who I am. Do you? Does your readership? Talk is cheap. It doesn’t cost to listen. My time is your time. Listen up.

I met Barbara Bush during my campaign for president in New Hampshire, in 1988. She indicated to my face she despised me. In 1992, four years later, Bush the Elder, then President, called me a, "Jacklegs, jumping up demanding equal time with some screwy scheme." That was on January 15, 1992, when Bush "41" went campaigning in New Hampshire.

When a family powerful as the Bushes decidedly marks you with their personal distaste, it doesn’t go away. In my case the government agency was happy to comply as they’d been more than monitoring me, and reported why, to Bush.

I’d made a legal request to make a nationwide speech, to PBS and NBC, to which I was entitled, and four years after I met Bush’s wife, someone put my request for access on her husband, Bush the Elder’s boney knees during his campaign flight to New Hampshire, thus, his, "Jacklegs," lash.

As Bush’s dose of nightly halcyon wore off, Bush blurted out his "Jacklegs," remark. That Bush "41" called me a Jackleg, and then refused to say who he was talking about, is a matter of your public record!

I complained to FCC on the networks’ denial of my request. My complaint spent years wading through FCC and the appellate court, then finally, to our highest court where, by a Kevlar thread, it hangs today with the Supreme Coats.

Newspapers’ files are loaded with misinformation about my life, willfully placed historical items there to prompt any newsperson to dismiss this without reading. When thousands of our citizens are killed, what will you tell their kin?

I may, before the terrorist attack happens, email this document to millions of homes, and after the terror, build web sites worldwide, populating the sites with prophetic pages from my television scripture, and include digital video, and see also distributed millions of emails inviting people to judge for themselves a living prophet who did all within his means to stop bin Laden’s coming attack.

Do I have any choice?

I can accomplish all of that, with anonymous spam on the Internet. I cannot turn my back, knowing innocent Americans are to be murdered, yet unable to credibly publicize this fact because the 4th estate has so far ignored my energy, me, a danger-field rod with words for all mankind, whose clear intent, by virtue of this document, is to save lives!

What do I email people: Don’t knot shop because of what I say, just get there early, and bring your baseball bat?

Moses the Teacher gave the Hebrew nation 613 laws. The Jews don’t question the Laws Moses gave. They follow His Laws, not for their rightness, but because G-d said so, His Laws must be right, and therefore, adhered to without question.

But "why" G-d gave these 613 individual Laws to Moses is the classic riddle. Ask an orthodox Chasidic Jew, who can say "why" G-d spoke to Moses and said, what G-d spoke to Moses and said, and the orthodox Chasid will tell you, whoever solves the riddle of the 613 Laws, who can say "why G-d spoke to Moses and said," is the person who solves the problems of the world. (By the way, who was that Moses?)

In addition to what bin Laden has brewing for you, would you like the reason behind each of the 613 Laws of Moses? Sounds like super television to me. I’m ready. Your ‘Mess eye Anic’ poet prophet, me, with words, not assault weapons, but words, world orders, and word hors d’oeuvres for all mankind, has physical characteristics described on obscure pages in Kabala. These physical attributes can only be identified with G-d’s unstoppable non-stop poet prophet.

Good. I qualify for that physical examination, too, or all my bets are off on my performing worldwide dusk until dawn television for all mankind, telling my inspired vision.

I am given to explain how G-d, after gathering all of the dust of the earth, fashioned Man, in His own image. I will tell you where to look in Mother Nature’s DNA to prove my revelation, because we don’t come from the apes, or again, all bets on lasting world peace are off, simple as that.

But we have one big "prob limo." Federal intelligence bureaucracies misguidedly believe your humble poet prophet is a "very special" person of interest, an enemy of our country, to be stopped at every turn, their ongoing policy for decades. Every attempt ever made on my part to speak out, even with Internet has been successfully squelched!

Notwithstanding that’s the way G-d planned it, the longest, deepest files ever created and kept on any American citizen are files actively maintained today on my life and times, by agencies of our federal government.

The following 7 paragraphs will explain to you why. 

In 1988, David Ritz, who became Ray Charles’ biographer, buttonholed me in the English department at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Ritz had just returned from a semester at Sienna, Italy and told me, "the joke in all the Italian universities," is that Pope Paul was homosexual, following with one very off color, one of our boys made it, punch lines on the role Paul’s homosexuality played in his attaining the position of Pope.

I couldn’t believe my ears! Suffice to say, in 1969, when I was on the ship 40 days and 40 nights, inspired with my Television Scripture, I knew it was my job to take down the Pope Paul, and this taking down was part of the Television Scripture that was given to me on the ship.

I knew on the ship, G-d revealed to me what would be, that I would recall the story of Jesus, who walked the cross for all of us, more beautifully than Jesus’ story has ever been told, and Christian peoples would see me, not as Jesus their messiah, but brother to Jesus. Jesus is our brother. Just as all the Arabic peoples will see in their minds a prophet who comes from Allah, the G-d they pray to.

In 1969 the Catholic Church was shaky. Pope Paul did state, "This is our Crown of Thorns." I was going to jam it down on his head, and lettered that in my Television Scripture.

I planned that during Deuteronomy, my live dusk until dawn, twelve ‘our’ video "trans crypt," that after retelling the story of Adman and Even, and sounding a series of ecologic issues, prominent today that I felt were in crisis 35 years ago, that are now on the precipice; that after I convinced the Russians to join me, after hours of delicious rhyme and reason, it would be, after the Russian’s "Da," clearly a Cold War melt down, heralding the start up of World Peace.

Then my intent was to go one on one with tall Pope Paul. In front of the world I planned to retell the story of the Grand Inquisitor, from Dostoyevsky, and after explaining to Pope Paul that Lucky Luciano would be standing next to St. Peter at the Gates to Heaven and for Pope Paul to get into heaven he had to kiss Lucky Luciano’s hand, and then, upon repeating a choice phrase from my earthly Father, I was going to give Pope Paul the kiss off, my secret tech signal to shut off my television program, just in Italy.

With all the Italian people hollering, "Where is he, put him back on," I was going to "out" the Pope for every one else worldwide watching, with David Ritz’s punch line.

My phone has a permanent echo, my email is sniffed, and something very slick is buried in my computer tracking my mouse clicks, especially this doc, which was picked off the other day. It doesn’t matter where I go, or what I do or say, for more than 34 years, there is always someone at the microphones, and in my face, to say, "no, not you."

Why my whole life since 1970? I was out one night, at a party thrown by some Marxist Leninist anti-war grad student activists. I was writing my Television Scripture, which Marshall McLuhan told me, put James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake to bed, because a seven year old could read it, and I was getting to the pages about Pope Paul’s Vatican. 

I wandered into the kitchen. Someone had a marijuana cig. I had a puff. Then I started to show and tell the four grad students about my "outing" Pope Paul in my script, and how it would play live worldwide. The grads flipped out.

One of the students in that kitchen was secretly FBI. He prepared a detailed report that landed on J. Edgar Hoover’s desk. J. Edgar, or might I say J. "Edgarina" Hoover hit the ceiling. In Hoover’s mind, "outing" the Pope would have crumbled the Catholic Church, an institution Hoover loved.

That was then. Pope Paul is long gone. The flap over Mary Cheney’s a lesbian is now. The legacy of Pope Paul is thousands of children worldwide, criminally assaulted by pederast priests who looked at Pope Paul, sensed his sexual preference, and joined the Church for their own purpose.

I wrote what I wrote and turned out naming on those pages the Pope who followed Paul, the 34 day saintly Pope John Paul I, and then, pages later, described the saintly Pope dying. Nothing can happen in the world until it is supposed to happen. G-d has ‘is own program. I am moved to come forward because it’s time. Everything we do is G-d’s plan.

So let’s cut to the chase. I don’t make things up. I don’t compose world events before their happenstance with a fake predictive sense. I don’t make predictions.

Mostly, but not every time, thanks to G-d, it is only after some world event happens that I realize I described it in advance. A foreknowledge able example is 9/11: I was inspired to write, "Kuwaiting for the Dough" for my ongoing ‘fix shin,’ "New World Hors D’oeuvres." In "Kuwaiting for the Dough" I succinctly described 9/11.

I felt, as I described what was to happen on 9/11, in New York City, that I must be careful with my prose writing, because I would be giving terrorists ideas about attacking us, so I kept turning the actual words around on the page to hide – to bury what I thought could be my planting ideas for terrorists to grasp.

When the day came, as I watched the first tower crumbling down, I realized I had actually been describing the very event before my eyes, in detail, years in advance.

When I wrote "Kuwaiting for the Dough," I decided not to seek any formal publication because I thought terrorists could read it and get ideas. 9/11 was not my plan, but it took place because it was written. That is my prophetic specialty: I know certain things, and it turns they happen.

I have described the next terror event that will happen here from bin Laden but it doesn’t have to happen!

Mine is a heavy, many will say, heavenly inspired pen, but this is not a burden for me because I only hold the pen, yet I am in a very hard place. It’s law: anyone promoting a hoax about terrorist attacks can be thrown into jail, just like that, no questions asked or habeas writs granted.

I have shown, and media news can investigate that in fact Bush’s family knows all about me. When this writing gets out, Bush’s advisors will want me jailed! Were I them, based on what I’ve seen of them, I ought not expect less.

Except publication of this along with TV appearance will alert all of America to al-Qaeda plans, and when, and people can then take steps to stop the terrorists in their tracks, regardless what the government claims, as I am also telling you which day. Common sense dictates the one step we must take together to cancel the coming al-Qaeda attack! 

Publicize it, in advance!

I’m telling you here what the next terrorist attack in America is going to be, where it is going to happen and how we can stop it. I sent a pre bin Laden unedited version of this to Drudge Reports, and this final, via US Postal to the L.A. Times, and N.Y. Times. 

In the event this article is dismissed, treated as wacko screed instead of news that should be investigated by news media, and this piece does not see day light, for our citizenry to judge what to do, and the coming attack occurs as I say it will, as bin Laden has forewarned you, but not when, where, and how, that he leaves out, than newspaper editors squelching this might feel themselves in a personal danger, from the survivors of al-Qaeda’s terrorist attack.

My life in my own country, the land I love, won’t be worth a plugged nickel! I’ll be the one gets physically ditched. Joseph had a much better deal in Egypt.

The president of United States, with a simply written Executive Order, could have something up and running on the internet that would, within ten days, not only verify what I am telling you, but begin also to uncover the evil doers, where they are living in our homeland, a program that will save thousands of innocent American lives on that one complacent day you would be least expecting an attack, when all our people will be very seriously in harm’s way, happy families out and about slated for indiscriminate murder.

One certain way this president could be made to issue such an Executive Order will be after a giant press conference, upon all the American people’s witness. Bush’s parents, his wife and daughters will clue him in. 

I would like to bring this ‘telling’ at a press conference. At a press conference I can carefully explain live, to the press and the American people, the measures we must take, as a people, without attaching our liberty, to uncover the al-Qaeda killers living amongst us, because upon publication of this document, an advance telling of what al Qaeda’s actual plans are, the Jihad terrorists won’t have any choice but hold their horses and wait for another day.

One of Bin Laden’s issues are the families of his Jihadi's hiding here. Because many of his followers are liable to die, or be captured after killing between three and five thousand Americans on the chosen day, he has had to provide for their families in Yemen and elsewhere, with fifty thousand dollars for each of their families, and that couldn’t get done without netting his proceeds from heroin manufactured from opium harvested in Afghanistan first, another factor in bin Laden’s murderous equation.

From Bin Laden’s point of view, every thing is perfectly aligned, and this is reflected in yet to be translated FBI, CIA, and NSA intercepts. Our intelligence agencies knew something was up, before bin Laden’s tape was released, have known for a while, but they don’t know what, or where, and are fearful of sounding alarms to the public. So bin Laden did it for them. The president refers to his domestic intelligence reports as "not actionable." 

Time Magazine, October 25, 2004: "Why Didn’t 99 Other Senators Close Up Shop Too," about Senator Dayton shutting his office after a, ‘CIA worst case scenario briefing about simultaneous terrorist attacks across the country.’

CIA back peddled, claiming their brief was ‘theoretical,’ which was how they presented it, conflicting with FBI and the Department of Homeland Security who, contrary to CIA hold ‘that al-Qaeda is no longer able to mount synchronized spectacular events.’ 

Is there anything ‘spectacular’ about crowds of innocent people out in public getting mowed down by assault weapons? Catastrophic was horribly spectacular on 9/11, but "spectacular" is not a requirement for catastrophic murder!

Bush refuses to accept anything that does not fit into his pre-determined scheme, so people inside our agencies may feel, as I feel, between a rock and a hard place, too.

When I first wrote the story of Adman and Even in the Gar Den ov Edum I sought the opinion of a learned Rabbi. He looked at my hand lettering and said, "This is Phoenician, this is Egyptian, and here is Aramaic." I was retelling the story of Adman and Even in the Gar Den ov Edum, refracting American lingo into phonic ‘silly bulls,’ and in so doing I tapped into the start of language. I knew that!

At the end of the story of Adman and Even, I had more than a dozen empty lines on the page in my notebook. So I decided to fill them with my ‘thoughts’ on the Apollo moon shot. Recollect when our guys first landed on the moon they had less than ten seconds of extra fuel left for return to earth; and that everything said was overheard by everyone in the world because NASA was allowing us to listen in, via AT&T and the Tel-star.

The passage reads: "Anne wen you lookt/ At the moon in / Saw rite thru them/ You new all O vir / The whirld it was / Wun great Babylon / You cud not make / Out a Wurd / Nex time get kickt / In your shins fall / Flat on yer face / Loose yer pride / Get stept on yer hed / And you sha die."

All of my handmade letters are caps, not as above. I knew in my bones the Apollo rocket going through the clouds was rebuilding the ancient Tower of Babel, and we should not have any more moon flights because, with rockets, we were courting disaster. I believed that.

Students I met at York University, in Toronto, asked me to let them publish as much of my Television Scripture as I had written, and they did publish the first fifteen pages, in a magazine resembling a newspaper, called, The Fountain. That was March 1970. In April, we almost lost Apollo 13. 

I realized I had to be very careful with every word lettered because, relative to Apollo 13, I knew for sure it was going to happen, knew it as I wrote it down, and then it did happen, though no one died, thanks to G-d for that.

From my prophetic view, it was G-d’s way of showing me the heavenly power of what He had given me on the ship – prophetic words for all mankind. I knew exactly what I was foretelling when I wrote that moon shot passage just as I know what I am telling you here about Santa bin Laden.

The Book ov Lev is hand lettered, in double columns. One page has one column only, running down the middle of the page. I was describing Richard Nixon, entering the White House in 1968. As reported by Walter Cronkite, Nixon’s limo drove to the White House side door. Nixon’s entourage partied in the Oval Office, and then piled out the back and rode in helicopters to Andrews Air Base where they boarded Air Force I and hopped again, over the country, to San Clemente, where they partied the rest of the day.

That inaugural is what I was describing on that one column page. Nixon was important to me for my world peace program. When Nixon walked across the lawn, out the back door of the White House, in 1974, and boarded the helicopter, having resigned his office, I realized, watching that event before my eyes was what I had actually been describing in advance. Why didn’t Nixon just destroy the Watergate tapes, as John Connelly counseled him? Because it was written in The Book ov Lev that he would exit the White House as he did.

The last thing I wanted was for Nixon to resign his office!

On the page about the first Gulf War, I wrote, "War muss be en did / Twen e ears is left." I finished The Book ov Lev in September 1970. It was printed, and two copies delivered to the Library of Congress, in 1971, almost twenty years to the day the Gulf War began. None of these foretold events are my personal plan. I am only the man who holds the pen, my purpose behind my writing: world peace for all mankind.

Use your common sense! Consider the aftermath of 9/11.

I hold the world prefers we install that tower skeleton left standing after 9/11, in the middle of those sixteen acres in lower Manhattan, with pictures of what was, what became, and pictures of the innocent who gave their lives that day, on all the surrounding walls. To that add grass, and cobblestone walks with lots of benches, and charge a couple bucks to eliminate the homeless, letting Ground Zero be hallowed, sanctuary for all of the world’s people when they come to New York City. Would that be forever lasting?

But after the terrorist attack in all our malls will anyone return to any of them? Not in a million years! Every one of the malls will have to be closed, or completely rebuilt, to wipe away the memories, not preserving, as with 9/11. Their bloodied floors won’t clean! Every single one of the malls will be permanently closed. What is that going to cost?

All the mall stores will be advertising giant sales and even with an intercept strikingly about what I, a living prophet, am telling you in advance, is there any guarantee bureaucrats in charge of intercepts will judicially report their findings without holding meetings to decide whether they have a reality or conjecture of holiday fakery, especially with a President who only believes what he wants to believe, that freedom is on the march.

Mark my words. Upon this next terrorist attack, there won’t be any 9/11 commission investigations, just suspension of 4th estate freedoms because some, though not all of Osama’s Santa’s will get away to kill another day. The editorialist who wants to afterward, make public this revelation and call for my appearance could find them self out of office. Your humble poet prophet author of prophetic works might also be whisked away. When bad Santa day happens, as above, my freedom will surely be at risk from those who dog me.

I read the House talks on intelligence have bogged down. The White House has endorsed a ‘controversial’ House measure making it easier to conduct secret surveillance on individuals who are not known to be connected to terrorist organizations. Is this news?

News is I know when and where al-Qaeda is going to strike, and I have a viable program for world peace. That’s news.

Upon my appearance, a half dozen Mark David Chapman wanna bees will hoist their guns off the wall, get out their rags, and oil. Such is life, the price of universal appeal. I shall pay a Chasidic Rabbi’s wife to sew me the finest Kevlar tallis, with blessed fringe attached.

Editors should have a conference call. You could include me, or not. You need to set up your cameras immediately and give me a hard look. We could meet at a conference room in the Marriott on the premises of Tampa International Airport. We don’t have time to waste. You cannot delay. Our citizenry are entitled to know what I am telling you right away. 

Michael Stephen Levinson
8601 Ninth St. N. # 10
St. Petersburg, Florida 33702
(727) 568 - 9448

While a billion Muslims around about 100 countries around the world, are gathering in these Holy Ramadan days, with a hectic regimen of fasting, praying and Quran readings, Bush, the doyen of the US evangelical Christian order, has massed hundreds of thousands of trained crack forces with their formidable tanks and armors, around a relatively small town, west of Baghdad and is set to bomb all Mosques, where Ramadan’s daily night prayers are held, as a very special feature of Ramadan prayers. 

According to BBC news, at least 100,000 civilians are still holed up in the city and are in the direct danger of being bombed out of oblivion, in Bush/Rumsfeld’s orgy of death and destruction. Let them imagine a similar scenario, in any of their mainland city in the US, which may come under attack from the revenge seekers from many who have been wronged by the US forces. 

One can be sure, with their cocky sense of complete security sitting in their comfortable secure homes and offices, they could hardly figure out how disastrous that could be, when innocent and unarmed civilians are targeted with the most lethal weapons devised by man. They seem to have completely forgotten the horrific scenes of 9/11, when world TV screen were plastered with smoke and dust of the falling twin towers. 

By challenging the whole Muslim world of more than a billion believers and pounding their dilapidated homes, schools, hospitals and Masjids, Bush and Rumsfeld are guilty of instigating and provoking the very terrorists that they profess to wipe out of the earth, if they could. With each Faluja, Ramadi, Samarra and Najaf, they are providing full legitimacy to the terrorists to carry on with their death defying escapades. 

And to know too well, that even if they plaster the whole city of Faluja and massacre a 100,000 thousand civilians in the best traditions of Ariel Sharon’s Sabra and Shatila, Qana and Jenin, they cannot hold on to the territory for long. Bush and Rumsfeld are deliberately inviting wrath of the wronged and oppressed that are bound to resort to desperate measures to avenge their losses. 

It is quite possible that US finding itself in a big jam, now cannot pull out in haste. However, Bush has been unfortunate in keeping deadlines. His invasion of Iraq was forced by Bush deadlines, which cannot be reviewed in the light of changed circumstances, when war had become superfluous. The current election deadlines, however much sacrosanct, cannot justify hundreds and thousands of dead. 

Muslim world finds itself in an acute trauma of helplessness in the face of continued atrocities of US armed forces in occupied Iraq. Times may not remain the same. The US hotheads should realise that their own civilians are most exposed, vulnerable and easily disturbed. It is a case of people living in glass houses, throwing stones on others.


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