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Published in the 16-30 Nov 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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One dead in Moradabad riots
Moradabad : Construction work in the compound of a mosque in Moradabad led to a clash between the people of two communities in which stoning and firing were exchanged as a result of which one person died and 18 were injured, including two policemen. According to police sources, construction work was going on inside the compound of a mosque in front of Das Sarai police post under Katghar Police Station. On some one's complaint against the construction, district officer Bal Krishan Tirphathi reached there and ordered the work to be stopped, but in the afternoon Dr Shafiqur Rahman 'Barq' Samajwadi MP from Moradabad arrived there and ordered the construction work to be resumed. At this people of both communities came face to face against each other and there was a serious clash for about an hour even in the presence of police. The mob resorted to stone throwing and even firing as a result of which 18 people were injured. One shopkeeper, Ibrahim was hit by a bullet who later died in a hospital.

According to police, 20 persons from both communities were arrested and the situation is stated to be under control. 

Fighting and firing on trivialities 
Rampur: A trivial matter at the time of Isha namaz in Sandoli, a village in Rampur district led to a violent fight in which lathis and even guns were used resulting in injuries to more than a dozen people. According to available information, Wajid, a 15-years old boy spread a piece of cloth in the first row in a mosque at the time of Isha namaz, obviously to occupy the place for himself, and went for ablution. Meanwhile Zarif, another boy came for namaz. He removed the piece of cloth and himself occupied that place. This was resented by Wajid and his father. Verbal altercation led to physical fights between Wajid and Zarif’s relatives who had also come to the mosque for namaz. When this news spread in the village, people of both parties rushed to the place with lathis which were freely used outside the mosque’. One party finding itself weaker brought guns and started firing from roof tops. This provoked the other party which too retaliated with guns. All this led to serious consequences and more than a dozen persons on both sides were injured, some seriously. When police arrived at the scene, firing was still going on and to stop all this, police itself had to fire in the air. More than a dozen persons were arrested. 

Saifuddin Soz FOR special package for J&k
New Delhi: Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP, Prof Saifuddin ‘Soz’ in his recent meeting with prime minister Manmohan Singh exchanged views on the situation in Kashmir and demanded a special package for improving the economy of the state. In a press release issued here, he told the prime minister that in his troubled state educated youths are facing serious unemployment problems. Moreover, students of medical, engineering and other professional sciences and courses are running from one place to another in search of suitable jobs for a long time. He requested for a package which should not only improve the economic condition of the state but also create maximum avenues for employment. 

A village where every body is a millionaire
Mohammad Husainbhai Premji, father of Azim Premji, chairman of Wipro and India’s richest man set up small factory in Amaavar, a small village of Jalgaon district (Maharashtra) in 1947 for manufacturing cupboard and received an amount of Rs one hundred from the people of the village by way of selling shares to them. This was the first stage in the development of Wipro, the software giant of India.

In the second stage the cupboard manufacturing factory became an oil refining company and the value of the share also increased. Husainbhai’s son Azimbhai Premji began to help his father in the business. In the third stage, Azimbhai fully took over the business and converted it into Wipro. After this, the small village became the focus of attention of the world. The value of hundred rupees share purchased by the people of the village in 1947 has gone up to Rs 70,000 today and Wipro has become one of the biggest companies of India. People of this small village are now millionaires because the income from shares has made them very rich.

People of this village call Azimbhai Koh-e Noor diamond. Computers of Wipro are famous all over the world. In this small village where Azimbhai’s father, Mohammad Husain bhai started his small business, every one is wealthy because all of them are Vipro’s share holders. Their monthly income is large enough to not only meet their total requirements but also to maintain a bank balance of lakhs and millions of rupees.

This small village, situated in the foothills, is mostly inhabited by Bohra Muslims and has become famous because of Azim Premji’s name and business. Hamzabhai of this village says that he had purchased the share in 1947 but today his condition is such that he wants to build a Bohra Masjid that may cost fifty lakh rupees.

If people in India start a business honestly and on modern ltechniques they will certainly achieve heights of progress and can benefit thousands of people of the community and nation.  

Community: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3


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