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Published in the 16-30 Sep 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Time-honoured, less chosen, careers – i

Veterinary Sciences
All of us have a soft corner for animals & birds. We can only express our concern when our pets ( cats, dogs…. ) get sick. But did we ever give them any treatment except for making the surroundings warm or giving an extra pat just to make them feel " we care". Had we known the diagnosis for their ailment, wouldn’t it have been a great service to other creations of Allah t’aala from we humans who are the Ashraful makhlooqat (The best among the creations). 
So dear students if you are a person who loves animals / birds ( care & commitment is enough ) & also an ambition to make it big in this world & hereafter Veterinary sciences can be one of the best options. Remember you are dealing with creations who don’t have a voice , cannot express their pain like humans. So this profession can give you rewards & returns that can change your life and hereafter.

Veterinary Science is a medical profession that deals with the control of disease in animals. It also involves the breeding and scientific handling of livestock. It also involves the treatment for injuries in domestic animals (as well as ferocious animals), making a study of their life cycles and do enough research to implement plans/programs for their development & sustenance under the ever growing environmental hazards.

Courses offered: B.V.Sc. & A.H. (Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry). And also many certificate courses offered by Universities & Private Autonomous bodies.

Eligibility: The minimum qualification for admission to the Degree Course in Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc. & A.H.) is +12 or P.U.C or any other equivalent qualifications from recognised Indian Universities with Physics, Chemistry, Biology as compulsory subjects. 

Selection: Most of the veterinary colleges make admissions through entrance examinations. The Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) conducts an All India Entrance examination during the month of May. 15% of seats in all veterinary colleges in India are filled through this entrance examination. Universities of various states hold their own entrance test also.

Duration: 4 ½ to 5 years, (including compulsory rotating internship of 6 months). 

A great advantage: Dealing with animals you shall always have the chance to make it big through your research work & practice on animal diseases & their cure. Animals give you their life. 
The key skills required: (a) Genuine love & keen interest in the behavior of animals; (b) Ability to make things easy (though they may seem difficult to happen with animals); (c) An interest in traveling to remote places & adjusting to the animal’s mood; (d) Have the enthusiasm to go on and on with increasing responsibilities & challenges.

Job prospects: (a) Employment in various hospitals / clinics and health departments (state and central); (b) Opportunities as Public Veterinary Health professionals, zoo and wildlife experts; (c) Have an own enterprise for breeding birds. Develop and manage animal & bird farms; (d) Set up private veterinary clinics ( a good veterinarian can make dogs wag their tails on every check up); (e) Join as faculty in colleges & also do enough research in concerned areas of specialization. (after years of hardwork).

Further Education: (a) Various Postgraduate courses in Veterinary Science (M.V.Sc.) can be undertaken from Govt. & private bodies; (b) Students can also appear for Biotechnology entrance after the completion of heir B.V.Sc.
(c) Competitive examinations conducted by UPSC and State public service commissions ( for jobs & further studies).

Specialization: M.V.Sc. can be pursued in the following areas: Animal Anatomy, Biochemistry, Animal Biotechnology, Animal Husbandry, Animal Economics, Microbiology, Animal reproduction and livestock extension etc.

Fishery Sciences
Fish! Don’t many of us like them, whether its to enjoy a fried fish or visit an aquarium and admire the colorful creation of Allah t’aala. So there is a career in Fisheries. Today for a country like India which has more than 3,000 miles of sea coast, the sea food industry plays the key role in its economic growth. If growth is measured in terms of economic gains then a flourishing career in fishery sciences means " more" growth, gains & huge, steady profits.

Introduction: Fishery science includes the study of the life, habits and breeding of various species of fish. Students of this course are taught about development of fish breeding farms, to supervise fish research institutes. 
Fishing is done in some ponds, lakes and big rivers & the gigantic seas and oceans. From villagers to urban techies, all have a special corner for the fishing industry leading to the increased demand for seafood. Ultimately we find that cultivating and breeding fish is something that can revolutionize our lives and make a great dish everytime.

Since the cultivation & breeding of fishes is new to India, there is a huge demand for personnel who have had college education offering real time experience in this profession. So… the big ocean is waiting the big fishes for the control of all the fishes in it. 

What’s the job: Basically we have two main divisions : (a) Development of fish breeding farms, or supervision of fish research centers. (b) Fish preservation, freezing, canning done at inland and coastal factories by trained experts. The personnel trained in fish biology conduct surveys of lakes, rivers & streams. They are the ones who inspect the quantity of the fish, prevent water pollution and infection, which could happen due to industrial and urban waste. There are also experts who make their career in fish export and marketing, research and preservation of marine life. Growing demand for fishes & other seafoods like prawns, farming and breeding of these sea animals has promoted many full-fledged export oriented industries which are coming up on the coastal regions and has also increased the number of trained personnel to make us & the nation have a great fish taste. 

Eligibility: The minimum qualification for admission to degree Course (BSc) in Fishery Science is +12 or P.U.C with a minimum of 60% with Physics, Chemistry, Biology as compulsory subjects. 

Selection: Most of the veterinary colleges have admissions through an entrance examination. The Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) conducts an All India Entrance examination during the month of May. 15% of seats in all veterinary colleges in India are filled through this entrance examination. Universities of various states hold their own entrance test also.

The Key Skills required: (a) If you are aiming big, you have to be prepared to withstand tough weather conditions and disagreeable conditions. (b) Ability to work as a team & have genuine work done each and every time (c) Get used to the awesome smell of fish and have patience to live with it 

Job Prospects: Jobs exist in the production, processing industry based on fisheries. (a) Plenty of opportunities are available in research and private enterprises.( fish breeding ); (b) Managerial works, Marketing ventures & growth driven projects can be a great path to success; (c) Many more avenues ( but all this depends only when you do a BSc, MSc (fisheries) and get used to the fish smell & begin to relish every moment!).

Further Education: MSc in Fishery Sciences and also other MARINE related courses which can add extra Scales on your fishy career giving you extra speed & high growth. 
For the list of colleges (veterinary science & fisheries) kindly mail us. Also any queries. Let’s know more and gain more.

Any queries? If you have any queries, kindly mail us. We will put the best solutions (not answers) for your career queries. 

Ameen-e Mudassar
Career Counsellor
MSW-Career Guidance & Information Center, Bangalore, India

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