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Community News 

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Hyderabad Muslims protesting against police excesses
Hyderabad Muslims protesting against police excesses

Cenetary of Iqbal’s Tarana-e-HindI
Gorakhpur: Centenary of Allama Iqbal’s Tarana-e-Hind ‘Sare Jahan se achchha...’was celebrated by the Council of Democratic Writers in its function held at Anjuman Islamia’s hall here. A large number of speakers and litterateurs spoke on this occasion. Former head of Gorakhpur University’s Urdu department, Prof. Ahmar Lari said that Iqbal wrote this patriotic poem in August 1904 and it was first published in Abdul Haleem Sharar’s weekly journal Ittehad on 16 August 1904. However, Iqbal himself sent the authoritative version of his poem to Munshi Daya Narayen Nigam who published it in his monthly Zamana Kanpur in September 1904 issue. 

Demand to declare Urdu as second language 
Panipat: Maulana Mohammad Rashid Qasmi, rector of Madrasa Qadiriya Naashirul Uloom has demanded Haryana government to take steps for revival, popularisation and promotion of Urdu in Haryana. He said that under 3-language formula, many states have recognised Urdu as second official language and Haryana should also follow in their footsteps. He said that there was a time when Haryana had taken active part in the evolution and development of Urdu and added that all old official records in municipalities, hospitals, police stations, financial institutions, revenue departments etc are in Urdu and with small attention of government, its renaissance and promotion will be very easy.

Names of Delhi roads in Urdu being rectified
Decision taken by Delhi Urdu Academy some time back to rectify names of roads in Urdu are being implemented now. Names of roads were written very badly and wrongly in Urdu. Under this campaign, names of about 150 roads of Delhi coming under NDMC have so for been written with correct spelling and in good writing. According to Urdu Academy’s secretary, Marghoob Haidar Abdi, names of roads coming under Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will be got correctly and beautifully written in Urdu by MCD itself but under the supervision of Urdu Academy.

Prof. Shahryar to visit USA
Aligarh: Renowned Urdu poet and former head of AMU’s Urdu Department, Prof. Shahryar will be visiting USA in September for six weeks. He will praticipate there in as many as eight mushairas organised by literary centres and AMU Old Boys Association on the occasion of Sir Sayyad Day.

institutions exempted from house tax
Aligarh: UP Minorities Educational Institutions Association has welcomed Mulayam Singh government’s decision to exempt all unaided primary and junior high schools run by minorities from payment of house tax. According to Association’s general secretary, Prof. Nafees Ahmad, Mayawati government had imposed house tax on these educational insitutions in July 1997 through a notification and ever since that time the Association had been demanding withdrawal of this notification. In response to a petition filed against this, Allahabad High Court had also issued a stay order but it was ignored by her government. The Assocaition also thanked Mulayam Singh for this gesture.

Masjid a picture of utter neglect
New Delhi: Shahi Masjid Khairul Manazil near Delhi Zoo is today in a very bad and neglected condition. Reputed to be build by emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar, it is now under the custody of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and its board outside the mosque warns anyone damaging it of fine and imprisonment. However, every thing in the mosque: its walls, ceiling, floor, small tank for ablution etc is a picture of utter neglect and carelessness. ASI is supposed to protect and maintain all historical monuments but it thinks that simply by putting up a warning board, its responsibility is fulfilled. Since this mosque is located in a non-residential area, a namazi or two can be seen on very rare occasions. Its muazin has not been paid his salary for four months by the Waqf Board.

Mismanagement during Urs in Ajmer
Jaipur: Anjman Sayyadzadagan of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s Dargah in Ajmer has expressed strong resentment over government’s inefficiency and misnagement on the occasion of 792nd Urs of the Saint. Anjuman’s secretary, Sayyad Sarwar Chishti said that in spite of the presence of government authorites, dogs, pigs and other stray animals were freely moving in the precincts of the Dargah. There was no supply of water and very frequent load shedding for three days resulting in great inconvenience o the local and foreign pilgrims. Entry of dogs and pigs several times led to stampede which could have created serious law and order problem. A complaint letter was also sent to state chief minister Vijay Raje Sindhia in which BJP government was accused of bias and neglect towards Dargarh and pilgrims.

Demand for Urdu university in Najibabad
New Delhi: Congress of Muslim Workers Forum convener Mohammad Atiq Siddiqui has demanded that Urdu, Arabic and Persian University proposed to be set up in Mohammad Ali Jauhar’s memory in Rampur should in fact be set up in Najibabad because he was born here in 1878 and his father and grand father also were born and lived here. It was after the death of his father that Maulana Jauhar had gone to Rampur in connection with employment but his real home town is Najibabad and hence it is more deserving for this university, he said.

Post of NCPUL vice chairman vacant
New Delhi: The post of vice chairman of National Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) is vacant for a long time. This post was previously held by Urdu scholar and critic, Prof. Gopi Chand Narag. After his resignation last year when he was again offered this post, initially he had declined the offer because of his preoccupation with his responsibilities as chairman of Sahitya Academy but shortly thereafter he took charge as NCPUL’s vice chairman. With the formation of Congress-led UPA government at the centre voices were raised against Narang because of his leanings and association with communal organisations like BJP. Representatives of Democratic and Progressive Writers Association and other intellectuals met Union ministers Jaipal Reddy and Arjun Singh and urged him to purge cultural and educational institutions of saffron minded elements. Having realised growing opposition against him, Prof. Narang resigned. Names of Zuber Rizvi, Prof. Mufti Tabassum, Prof. Qamar Raeess etc are being proposed for vice chairman’s post in place of Prof. Narang.

Street named after social worker
In old Delhi’s Sadar Bazar area, street no.11 Green Market was named after late Abdus Salam Qureshi, a famous social worker. Those present on the occasion of unveiling of the name Board were Union minister Oscar Fernandes, Delhi state minister Haroon Yusuf, area MP, MLAs and prominent citizens. The function was organised by the area ‘Bhai-Chara Committee’.

Jarkhand madrasa employees’ agitation
Jamshedpur: With no attention being paid to their long standing demands, 1200 employees of 186 madrasas affiliated to the state, under the banner of All Jharkhand Madrasa Teachers Association have taken to street in support of their demands. These include dearness allowance, pension and Provident Fund equal to the employees of state’s other minority schools, payment of dearness allowance at the rate of 125 percent with effect from 1 April 2003 at par with madrasa employees of Bihar state along with the salary upto 15 November 2000 (almost 17 months), filling up the vacant posts in madrasas and promotion of old teachers’ and formation of Madrasa Management Committee. All Bihar Madrasa Teachers Association has also announced its full support to Jharkhand madrasa employees.

institution to award schools and madrasas
Federation of Muslim Managed Educational Institutions of Andhra Pradesh has decided to give awards to all schools, specially madrasas and their responsible authorities which have been providing religious and other education to children of the community for the past 25, 30 or more years. It may be stated in this connection that after Independence such schools specially madrasas faced hostile attitude from general public as well as government agencies. In spite of such difficulties some well-wishers and sympathisers of the community set up such schools where teachers imparted education to children with untiring efforts, sincerity and devotion in order to spread education in the community. The Federation has now decided to reward such schools and their management.  

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