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Published in the 16-30 Sep 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News 

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Hajra Begum weeping as she holds a photograph of her missing son Bashir Ahmad Sofi in Srinagar on 30 August
Hajra Begum weeping as she holds a photograph of her 
missing son Bashir Ahmad Sofi in Srinagar on 30 August

Taj Mahal of languages
New Delhi: Every language is beautiful but Urdu is the most beautiful language. It is the Taj Mahal of languages. It is a bridge between India and Pakistan which no politics of hate could destroy it. These are the words of distinguished Urdu scholar and president of Sahitya Academy, Prof. Gopi Chand Narag. He was speaking at a cultural evening organised in honor of Pakistani poets and writers. He said that no Indian language other than Urdu can be helpful in improvement of friendly relation and restorations of confidence between the two countries. He said that Urdu has always condemned violence and religious fanaticism and laid emphasis on love and mutual brotherhood. He said that contributions of Amir Khusro, Kabeer to Firaq, Faiz, Faraz and Shaharyar are no mean achievements. Pakistani men of letters present on the occasion, Ahmad Faraz, (Ms) Zohra Nigah, Intezar Husain and others were equally eloquent on good relations between the two countries. Ahmad Faraz said in his familiar tone that love is the greatest and most precious asset of human values.

Learning develops dormant faculties
Deoband: Dr Aslam Jasmshedpuri, head of Urdu Department at Cahaudhary Charan Singh Agricultural University and short story writer said here that these days technical and professional education has become more important than academic education. He further said that present thinking is education for employment rather than education for the sake of education, but sice acquisition of knowledge and learning is a religious duty and it develops and promotes man’s dormant faculties, one must acquire knowledge for success in life. He was speaking at a function held at Mani Technical Institute here. Another speaker, Haseeb Siddiqui said that today jobs chase persons who has achieved excellence in art and knowledge.

Tomb of freedom Fighter 
The last resting place of Ashfaqullah Khan, the great freedom fighter who was hanged to death in 1927 for his role in Kakori train dacoity case, is a picture of neglect and forgetfulness. It tells the sad story of how many of the heroes and martyrs of freedom are nominally remembered once every year and than totally forgotten. When his dead body was being taken to Shahjahanpur, his home town for burial, one Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi after seeing his body at Lucknow railway station, had asked Ashfaqull’s brother to build his mazar temporarily which later on he will develop into such imposing memorial the like of which will not be found in the whole province. However, before he could fulfil his dream, Vidyarthi was killed in communal riots. Now his tomb is a picture of utter neglect and dirt and is the haven of stray animals and drug addicts. 

IOS scholarships for law students
New Delhi: Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), New Delhi organised a seminar on Juridical Services of late Maulana Mujahidul Islam Qasmi to the community at Jamia Millia Islamia on 22 August. Chairman of IOS, Dr Manzoor Alam announced institution of two scholarships for the students of jurisprudence and law in the memory of Maulana Qasmi. Dr Alam added that a Memorial Foundation would also be set up in his memory and Mulk-o-Millat award will be given to those who have rendered valuable services to the community.
Paying rich tributes to Maulana Qasmi, Maulana Rizwan Qasmi, chief of Darul Uloom Sabilus Salam, Hyderabad said that Maulana Qasmi died two years ago but his absence is felt at every step. 

1,400 birthday celebration of Hazrat Abbas
Mumbai: The beginning of Rajab, the seventh month of Hijri calendar, marks the 1400th birth anniversary of Hazrat Abul Fazlil Abbas, a grandson of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was commander in chief of the army of Hazrat Imam Husain at Karbala (Iraq) in 680 AD. A grand celebration was held at Khoja Masjid in Dongari, Mumbai on 24 August to mark his birth day. Twenty-one couples tied the knot in a mass marriage ceremony there. Each couple was given a hadiya (gift) of Rs 21,000. A lucky draw was also organised and six persons were given an all expenses-paid trip to Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Unani physicians’ memorandum 
Hyderabad: A six-member delegation of Andhra Pradesh Ibn Sina Medical Officers Association, led by Dr A.A Khan, president of the association met Union minister of state for external affairs in Delhi and submitted him a memorandum. They have requested for the inclusion of Unani physicians in the team of Allopathic doctors accompanying Haj pilgrims. 
Dr Haidar Yawani, secretary of the association requested the minister to set up dispensaries of Unani medicine at Makah and Madina on permanent basis. The minister assured the delegation to sent a team of Unani doctors in 2005 or 2006.

Prof. Rahman attnends Ibn Sina Conference
Aligarh: Distinguished Tibb Unani historian, author and founder of Ibn Sina Accademy at Aligarh left for Iran to participate in Ibn Sina World Conference that started on 25 August at Hamdan. Sina was born at Hamdan. Prof Rahmani had also participated in Ibn Sina World Conference in Bokhara earlier. 

HES training programme for teachers
New Delhi: Hamdard Education Society (HES) organised a training programme for madrasa teachers in Talimabad, New Delhi. Addressing the teachers, Dr Baseer Ahmad, the head of Jamia Hamdard’s Islamic Studies department, said that United Nations Human Rights Declaration contains all the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) delivered by him on his last Haj. He said that Islam is the first religion that preached the concept of equality of man. He added that if one adopts the habbit of giving, no one will remain poor. 

Symposium on Khalid bin Suhel’s anthology
Allahabad: Qalamkaar, a literary and cultural organisation of Allahabad organised on 23 August a symposium on poet and artist Khalid bin Suhel’s anthology Monologue and a mushaira at Urdu Ghar, Allahabad. Prof. Mohd. Aqeel Rizvi, noted critic and litterateur presided over the mushaira. Prof. Ali Ahmad Fatemi said that Suhel is an artist as well as a poet and if he is given a brush or a pen, he will produce master pieces with both of them. His first TV serial was Kahkashan which was produced by Ali Sardar Jafri. He also prepared many good paintings on Sardar Jafri’s poems.

Exalted position through learning only
New Delhi: A non-governtal organisation, Clear Light organised a seminar on ‘ Islam and Learning’ last month at Ghalib Academy, Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin. Speaking on this occasion, Dr Mohammad Aslam Pervez, professor at Delhi university said that every nation in the world can achieve a respectable and exalted position through learning and knowledge. Today Muslims are maintaining distance from education and science and that is why they have lost superiority and leadership. He said that that it is very essential for us to make Islamic teachings and commands a part of our daily life and if we have knowledge, we can correctly understand God’s commands and achieve excellence.

maintaining autonomy
Deoband: Darul Uloom, Deoband’s rector, Maulana Marghoobur Rahman while talking to media persons in connection with UP government’s formation of Madrasa Educational Council, said that in order to keep religious madrasas free from government control no fund or assistance from government should be accepted either for madrasa expenses or for salaries of teachers. He further said thatfounders of this Darul Uloom had desired in their will that religious madrasas should not accept any financial help from government nor it should interfere in madrasa syllabus. It may be noted that in deference to their wishes, Darul Uloom, Deoband and its officiate madrasas do not accept any government aid, though out of the 1100 odd relgious madrasas in UP, 300 or so madrasas are registered and their expenses and teachers salaries are paid by government.

Appeal for protest against America
Deoband: Darul Uloom (Trust), Deobands Shaikhul Hadith and religious scholar, Maulana Sayyad Anzar Shah Kashmiri said here that Hazrat Ali’s holy mousoleum in Najaf (Iraq) is the centre of devotion of crores of Muslims of the Islamic world but America, by damaging its building and desecrating the mausoleum has hurt the feelings of Muslims. He therefore appealed Muslims to strongly protest against this.

In Modi’s Gujarat
The state government of Gujarat has just released a list of best teachers of Gujarat state for the year 2004. Out of 19 teacher 12 were selected from primary education and 6 from secondary education schools. Out of the 19 not a single teacher hails from the minority communities like Christians and Muslims. This is the end of partial and communal attitude of govt of Gujarat. They do not want to spare even the educational sector. 
Samson C. Christian

Social workers sponsor education 
Muzaffar Nagar: Movement for social reform that was started here by a voluntary organisation in January this year is successfully moving forward. In addition to removing other social evils in Muslim society it is also trying to promote education among poor children who can probably never go to school. Presently this organisation is sponsoring free education to 500 children along with free uniforms, books and other requirements for which it does not demand any public subscription. Members and office bearers of this organisation meet all these expenses from their own income. 

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