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Published in the 16-31 Aug 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Iran next target
Having devastated two Muslim countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, Neocon and their co-traveller Israelis are now focusing their eyes on Iran. Since US is already mired in Iraq and Bush is facing a tough election next November, Israelis would be delivering the required blow to Iran to wipe off its nuclear power just as they did in 1982 by attacking the French-built Osirak nuclear reactor of Iraq. With hundreds of nuclear devices and huge biological and chemical arsenals, Israel wants to remain the sole owner of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. No matter what the US administration may say in public, the plans are ready, waiting for the opportune moment. There is a long history of American subcontracting its dirty jobs to the Israelis, especially in the Third World. With Iraq down, there are still two more to be tamed in what Bush termed as the 'Axis of Evil' - Iran and North Korea - which are told 'comply or else'. As usual during taxing times, Israel is getting ready for the big task by creating a new 'national unity' government with Shimon Peres as deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. Israel’s “socialist” Labour Party is as Zionist as the Likud (ed.).  «

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