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Published in the 16-31 Aug 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Paramedical sciences: courses with great scope - iv

Dental hygiene & dental mechanic

Being a dental hygienist / dental mechanic involves the great & creative responsibility to design the dental structures, make patients know more about their dental health. In general, these professionals work behind the scenes along with the Dentist to give the patients an extra Colgate smile. 

What's the job? A dental hygienist / dental mechanic works mainly towards diagnosing the dental problems of a patient. The basic job revolves around assisting a Dentist in making dental ceramics & also be responsible for establishment of better dental care facilities in a clinic. An dental mechanic recommends & designs the dental structures for a patient and is the designer of dental accessories. They also work as assistants to dental surgeons for dental surgeries.

Advantage: Being a dental mechanic you can work with flexible timings. Working with a doctor, designing the dental structures, being a consultant & ultimately having one's own industry of dental ceramics. There is no nine-to-five routine. You work at your convenience 

The Key Skills required: (a) Good interpersonal skills (b) Ability to make patients feel " you are competent" and give solutions that make patients come back to you. (c) Good creative analysis.

Job Prospects: (a) Work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics & also private dental ceramic agencies.

(b) Full time or part time jobs with various hospitals assisting the dental surgeons in surgeries.

(c) Private practice, performing dental tests & design of dental structure on recommendation of a Dentist. 

(d) Opportunities also exist in the armed forces, industry and public health sectors.

(e) Own Industry: If u have strong economic background & can handle a company then, setting up an industry to manufacture dental ceramics/ structures is a great investment with high returns. 

(f) Work Abroad: Gain experience ( 2-3 years ) and look out for a great job in Western countries.

Further Education / Specialization: Dental Mechanics / Hygienists have enough opportunities to study specialization courses offered as PG courses / PGD courses in premier Institutes of India / Abroad. 

Health inspector / sanitary inspector

Health / sanitary inspectors: This profession till date remains one of the most sought by people who wish to make great money & have power in their hands. Though the qualification is not comparable with other high profile courses but it gives enough scope to climb the ladder of success in shorter time.

What's the job? As a health / sanitary inspector you will be more into conducting surveys, reports, field work & research on various aspects of health environment, conditions & the norms to be followed. The core job remains to be professionals who shall supervise an assignment, conduct enough analysis when the need arises to make the people / company abide by the health standards. Great opportunities exist in Govt. sector.

The Key skills required: (a) Ability to work in a team & take bold decisions against all odds. (b) Good communication skills. ( to convince people on accepting the truth (c) Good physical fitness & stamina to bear the burden of extra work / long work. 

Job prospects: (a) Government jobs: Many vacancies exist in the central & state government Health departments.

(b) Work as consultant/supervisor/chief manager in private hospitals, MNC's & other health related departments.

(c) Opportunities to work abroad are aplenty. You could get supervisor , managerial level jobs that give high returns. 

Operation theater & dialysis technology

The operation theater technicians / dialysis technicians are professionals who are ever required to have an operation done or perform a dialysis test on a patient. The job mainly involves well trained and qualified professionals who will work under immense pressure with the doctors in extreme / emergency conditions. 

What's the job? As well qualified & competent O.T. technicians / Dialysis technicians, you will be involved in maintaining the OPERATION THEATER. When an operation needs to be performed, the O.T. technicians shall work towards setting up the O.T. for the operations. The O.T. technicians need to be highly accurate & make perfect setups for the operation . As Dialysis technicians, you will be the person who shall perform a DIALYSIS test on a patient after its recommended by the doctor. You become a specialist after enough number of dialysis tests. The job carries with it, lots of personal satisfaction (not to forget the monetary gain!!). The most challenging paramedical job. 

The Key skills required: (a) A scientific bent of mind is what you should possess. (b) Ability to work under pressure and take bold decisions. (c) Accuracy, meticulousness & good decision making skills are required. (d) For more success in this field, ability to work with a mission can give rich dividends and make your job more satisfying monetarily & socially. 

Best institutes: All India Institute of Medical Science, Delhi;

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore; St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

Job prospects: This profession is one of the most UNKNOWN one in India. Their number is also very less & they remain individuals who are most sought when emergencies arise.

(a) Work in private & government hospitals, clinics & nursing homes.
(b) Consultant: When u have enough experience ( 5 - 6 years ) and you have mastered the profession, you shall no longer search for work, Insha Allah you will be searched by hospitals/ nursing homes to get your consultation. 
(c) Jobs abroad: After gaining 1-2 years of experience in India, you can try for a lucrative job abroad (all over the world) and the salary ranges between Rs 50,000 - 60,000.

Medical records technology

Medical records technology: One of the latest and currently the most sought paramedical career b'coz of advancement in IT field which has led to the computerization of the health sector. Today no longer the medical records are maintained in books/registers/records. Every record, entry & details of patients disease, diagnosis & the treatment are computerized. This career is now being adopted by people who like working on computers and also have keen interest in the medical field. 

What's the job? As a medical records technician, you shall be maintaining a database of patients, health reports, treatment details, the hospital records and ultimately the entire backup of the patients case history. The work involves being glued to the computer and work online ( sometimes ) and be responsible for all the records. 

The key skills required: (a) Ability to work long hours on computers. (b) Good stamina, patience & ability to understand medical terms. (c) Qualities of being good with people & working in a team are essential.

Job prospects: Being one of the upcoming careers with the computerization of health sector and very less trained people who can work on computers to maintain records, has given rise to a number of vacancies in all hospitals / health sectors in India & Abroad. So there is always a job that's waiting for you, kabhi bhi kahin bhi. ..

Any queries? 
If you have any queries, kindly mail us. We will put the best solutions (not answers) for your career queries. 

Ameen-e Mudassar, Career Counsellor
MSW-Career Guidance & Information Center, Bangalore

Part I Paramedical sciences: courses with great scope - i

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