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Published in the 16-31 Dec 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Is the Media terrified or complicit? Of whom?

Gauri Advani blacked out by the merchant media 

By IK Shukla

Gauri Advani, the harried ex-daughter-in-law of L. Kishenchand Advani, the BJP President, has dared to bare the details of Advani's sordid conduct public and private. With regard to Ayodhya in particular - how Advani arranged for the Babri Mosque's demolition and then told several lies about his role in its destruction.

Papers in the capital have chosen to go blind and deaf. She unravelled the mystery of Babri Masjid's demolition nearly two years ago. The media has decided to uphold aasuri (diabolic) dharma. AdVani recently referred to this dharma. He knows a lot of it. From practice, of course.

Hindu gods and goddesses being melted and the silver thus obtained being made into cutlery and utensils for the use of L. Kishenchand Advani's household, which, acording to Gauri Advani, is Sikh, not Hindu, reminds me of two events, in prose and poetry.

The first is Iqbal. As if Advani was in total agreement with Allama Iqbal who wrote in his poem “Naya Shiwala”: Sach kah dun ai Barahman gar tu bura na maaney/ Terey sanamkadey ke buut ho gaye puraaney. (Don't take it ill, Oh Brahman, if I tell the truth that the idols of your statuary have become old.) Advani believes it is true. So he got made something new in their stead.
Old idols melting into utensils recalls the religious miracle and pious practice of Hindu kings of the past. One of them in Kashmir.

The second is Jawaharlal Nehru. He had offered to Pr. Braj Mohan Vyas, the founder of Allahabad Museum and the Exec. Officer of Allahabad Municipal Board, everything he had received as gift from various places and institutions. He told Vyasji that he could come any time and the servants would help him collect and haul all of it. Nehru was away. Vyasji was excited and brought the rich and resplendent hoard at his convenience.

When Nehru returned and met Vyas, he asked Vyas, "Are you really "dishonest" as you said you were?" Vyas asked him why. Nehru told him that he had taken away a very beautiful and precious silver statue of Lakshmi, his mother's favorite, and that he wanted it back. Vyas agreed but not before telling Nehru that he took whatever Nehru's servants had given him! (See MERA KACHCHA CHITTHA (in Hindi) by Braj Mohan Vyas, Kitabghar, 24 Ansari Road, New Delhi 110 002, 1995).

Nehru, The Last Englishman, the man alleged in the HinduTaliban mythology to have been an agnostic if not an atheist, and supposedly ignorant of Indian culture, was this sensitive and this solicitous about a solid silver statue of Lakshmi, his mother's favorite.

Only defenders of Hindutva and saviors of dharma (read, destroyers of the nation) melt icons and statuettes for silver and gold. That is why Sudarshan wants exclusive ownership of Hindustan. For theft, for thuggery. For melting Hindu gods and goddeses into utensils. Symbolically, as much as substantively, devouring Hinduism, swallowing India.

As for relations between a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law it looks still remarkable, at this remove, that Motilal Nehru had Kamla Nehru sent for treatment in Switzerland.

Contrast it with what Gauri Advani suffered at the hands of Advanis.

It seems the Hindutva cupboard is chockful of several skeletons. When will they tumble out?

Or, they fearTehelka's fate and stay mute? Not bribe-taking by Bangaru, president of BJP then, but Tehelka's exposure became a crime. And BJP rushed on it all the powers of the state to demolish it.

Investigative journalism in India died that day, cremated as ash. Another achievement of Bharat Jalao Party, the party "with a difference".

Have u ever wondered why the Hindu manque run a school in Pune for girls to be trained as model wives?

When will they run schools for training Hindutva hominids to be humans? Even nominally. Long overdue.

As for being even faux Hindu, that is farthest from their ability or ambition. And, as for being Indians, that is too difficult and an impossible exertion for them. 

(Earlier report on Gauri Advani’s allegations against LK Advani appeared in MG, 1 Feb 2002 where the full text of her affidavit presented to the Liberhan Commission is also reproduced. She leveled very serious allegations against Advani’s involvement in the demolition of the Babri Mosque and his fake religiosity in that affidavit - ed.) 

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