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Published in the 16-31 Dec 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Let me thank you for sending me an issue of The Milli Gazette with my article in it. I have received the issue and having read the articles inside, felt the breath and heart beat of the Muslim community in India. Therefore, I want to express my deep gratitude to you for this opportunity and this experience.
Tabib Huseynov, Baku, Azerbaijan

Alhamdulillah. We are happy that the MG has entered sixth year of its publication under your able leadership. This has been possible because of your relentless efforts and sacrifices you have made to keep the MG alive as the leading mouth piece of our ummah. Many many thanks and congratulations to you. For us the MG is like an oasis in the desert and a light in the darkness. It has filled the void created in the absence of our own media. We have suffered a lot in the post-independence era because of undeclared boycott of our socio-economics affairs by the print and electronic media around us. We are still paying a heavy price for distortion and misrepresentation of facts relating to our culture, society and education as well as religious institutions made in the so-called secular media. In view of this we should not only keep the MG alive but also make it vibrant, strong and powerful at the best we can for our own good and survival as honourable human beings.
Md. H. Rahman, Willaim Nagar

I have started propagating the Milli Gazette with a missionary zeal. By Grace of Allah its name is well-known, though the subscription is quite low. I pray that it may reach the heights of a global Muslim force. Ameen.
Dr M.K. Sherwani
President, All India Muslim Forum, Lucknow

The Milli Gazette has made its identity in the field of journalism. It covers almost every burning issue. I would like to suggest that you should give sufficient space to the issues relating to Islamic world. 
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow 

Even though I am a new subscriber of MG, I have no hesitation in extending to you my compliments and best wishes on the sixth anniversary of your publication. Indeed, as the picture on the back page of your 1-15th Dec. issue suggests, a look of contentment on the faces of the three gentlemen at a job well done is entirely justified and in order. May Allah show you the way always and may MG succeed in moulding and shaping the minds of the Muslim ummah in the way of Allah, Siratul Mustaqeem. "Our Lord do not cause our hearts to go astray after you have guided us, and bestow on us mercy from your presence, for You are the Granter of bounties without measure. Our Lord! It is You Who shall gather mankind together to a day of which there is no doubt; for Allah never fails in His promise."[3: 08,09]. Caption to the picture: Smile at a job well done and so too a resolve to do much more.
S.A.R. Adil -

Thanks a lot for MG email newsletter. Do keep in contact. I am the member of minority commission, Madhya Pradesh, and president, MP Christian Associatian.
Indira Iyengar -

You practice double standards
It refers to your reply to Miss Uzma Naheed on p. 31 of MG of 16-30 November 04 wherein you say that the MG is open to all to express their views as their right. However, I feel that my letters to editor have not been published when I dissented with what you wanted people to believe and accept. It is the dharma of every editor to practice double standards and I find you to be no exception. If you are not so, then please read my previous letters to you and publish them.

Some of the Sahabas (companions of Prophet Muhammad) practiced triple talaq because the Prophet did not hold it invalid. The Prophet’s decisions concerning to religion were in fact Allah’s decisions. If you harp upon Qur’an to the exclusion of Hadith and practices of Sahabas then you are Ahale Qur’an and not Ahale Sunnat wal Jamaat (people who understand Qur’an in the light of precepts of the Prophet and Sahabas). I will divorce my wife instantly invoking triple talaq if I see her copulating with another man. What will you do if you are in my place? Retain her or divorce her through Quran’s procedure? 
Md. Iqbal Sheikh, Pune 

Editor: We did not claim that we publish every letter we receive, which is practically impossible. Letters not published in the print edition are normally placed on our website. What we claim is that we try to represent all sections of the Millat and allow them space. Even in this issue of MG only about one third of the mail has been accommodated. Moreover, we prefer feedback received through email.
A Non-Muslim scholar of Islam
Apropos of “A Non-Muslim scholar of Islam” by Jagjit Singh Jabewal. I am also actively pursuing activities aimed at sweet Hindu-Muslim unity that I enjoyed for 20 years in almost half Muslim and half Hindu Delhi from the age 9 in 1926. The first British-engineered communal riot took place that year. It was by getting Swami Shradhanand killed by a hired assassin, Abdul Rashid. There was condemnation of this on every lip of Hindu, Muslim shopkeepers from whom I used to buy things my aunt paid me to get Saamaan. My home was about fifty feet from the tramway track in Chandni Chowk. 
Our eminent secular historians run to material prepared by the British for their lapping it up. None ever bothered to meet a dozen in Delhi who were living in the Naya Bazar or Ballimaran where the killings and riots took place respectively. No wonder our British-converted secular minds lap up this fabricated (detoxicated) history to make us from that sweet unity to barbarians who burn living human beings in just 56 years. 

Please do me the favour of letting me know with his permission the e-mail address of JS Jabewal, Director of Delhi-based Inter Faith Foundation. JS Jabewal is a keen student of Islam and promoter of Sikh-Muslim relations.

Is it relations or unity he is after? I thought all Sikhs and Muslims were on friendly talking terms for literary jokes between Hindus and Muslims of my days and earlier such as "Shaykh nai masjd banaa, mismaar buut-khaanaa kiyaa:" and the reply,"Tab tau ik soorat bhee thee, ab saaf veeranah kiyaa." And Mahfil, ‘Subhaan Allaah."

Prakash Narain, USA

Editor: We do not have Jabewalji’s email ID; his address is as follows: Mr Jagjit Singh Jabewal, 31/24 Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi 110 060

Your comment on Ayodhya issues is somehow partially true as reported in the Milli Gazzette (16-24 August 2004). The writer has totally ignored the contributions of local inhabitants known as Bhars. In the 3rd century this region was ruled by Bhars and they had made various earthen temples known as dihs. These dihs are still present in the form of mounds. During exacavation, ASI found a earthen mound, which was directly linked to the great Bhars. Gaharwar Rajputs are the offspring of the great Bhars. Since it is very difficult to cite all related things about Bhars and Ayodhya, please refer the to Frontline (20: 22) October 25, 2003.
Rohit, chandrabhaga hostel, JNU

I feel very sad that my community, Hindus demolished the Babri Masjid. It was a bad day in my view. Sir, I am very sorry for that. It was black day for me and India. I express deep sorrow for that. History shows that there is no Ram temple where the masjid stood. I will die for Lord Rama. Some evidence show that Ayodhya was a place of brotherhood for Hindus and Muslims but now it has become a place of tensions. Partition of our country is the reason for this. I feel very bad that how the British followed the policy of divide and rule which was a major setback for the humanity. If there is Ramjanamabhumi on the Masjid site then Goswami Tuslidas (1532-1623) must have mentioned it in holy Ramcharitmanas and there should have been violence during the period 1628-1850. Akbar’s navratans were mostly Hindus but they did not leave any evidence about this. Britisher killing policy succeeded and our selfish leaders are continuing that policy. It is bad for all the humanity. I will tell this history to my friends and try to pass it to everybody. If there was a temple demolished by Babar then Tulsidas must have mentioned it. He was born just four years after the masjid was built. I pray to God that Ayodhya again becomes a place for brotherhood for both Hindus and Muslims. 
Dinesh Kumar

Path of peace and progress
It is the need of the hour to inculcate the values of tolerance, brotherhood, non-violence and peaceful co-existence amongst countrymen. Hatred, violence and intolerance are not only against the democratic way of life but also harmful to the development and progress of the country. We should launch a determined struggle against hatred, intolerance and violence.
G. Hasnain Kaif
Bhandara, Maharashtra 

Maulana Muhammad Rabey Hasani
Following is a translation of the Urdu message (left) received by email from Maulana Muhammad Rabey Nadwi (cf. MG, 16-30 November 2004, p. 15):

Mukarrami Janab Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan Saheb,

Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi. Your email was received. A person from Oxford had written about our statement published by you. I had not made such a statement to the press though this issue was discussed during the meeting. Media does not quote verbatim any discussion in a meeting and, therefore, misunderstandings arise. I had asked for a copy of the email of the Oxford friend to be sent to you. I had not personally written anything to you. Your explanatory email is sufficient explanation for me. You have explained it in a good manner. I hope you are alright and in good health. Wassalam. Sincerely. 
Muhammad Rabey Nadwi, Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow

Assembly line production
The pattern is patented by the US, how to organise ‘regime change’ all around the world. Even the processes are patented. Invade the country. Organise a crowd of 100,000 or more to challenge the election of the unwanted candidate. If it is winter in Ukraine, give the storm troopers piping hot soup to savour the American generosity. Or buy up the government in power to send it into exile in favour of the favourites. These are all the faces of American Style democracy. The way the shabby processes are sputtering, there might be a general recall of the faulty product: democracy and the US will end up paying the bill.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Arafat and his mission
Who says Yasser is dead?. Who says that he is no more? Yasser Arafat is not the name of an individual. It in the name of a movement. It is the name of an unbending will. It is name of a great sacrifice. It is the name of the spirit that fights in defence of human rights. It is the name of a revolutionary struggle fought in defence of human rights. The name of Yasser Arafat will remain alive and his name would be written in golden letters in the history of independent Palestinian state.
Akhtar Hussain Aftab, Patna 

Shibli National College
Allama Shibli Nomani established a "National School" in the year 1883 (two years prior to the formation of All India Congress Party) in order to educate this backward region of U P. "National School", later called as "Shibli National School" was instrumental in spreading the light of education in this area of darkness. It became a degree college, affiliated to Agra University in the year 1946 and later postgraduate college in both Arts and Sciences in the year 1970.
Shibli College has rendered great service in enlightening this region and played a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of scores of scholars, administrators, judicial executives, parliamentarians, professionals, legal luminaries and above all broad-minded citizens of India. Students of this college have excelled not only in their studies but their performance in sports have been exemplary to the extent of setting it as a benchmark for others to follow. In recent years, it has been observed that forces apathetic to the principles held dear by the founder of Shibli College, have been trying hard to disrupt its progress. These vicious forces, who do not care for national interests, are hell bent on to mar the reputation of this great institution. These anti-national forces have stooped down to such a low level that they even tried to vandalise, a few years ago, the internationally acclaimed Darul Mussannefin Shibli Academy. These forces thrive on ignorance and resultant hatred.

We request you to kindly make effort in letting this great minority institution (Shibli National College) grow from strength to strength and keep on serving the national interest (integration, peace and harmony).
Dr. Salman Sultan, Azamgarh

Modern education in Madrasas
When the attempts are being made to impose modern education on madrasas, Muslims should do not forget that Islam teaches to keep one’s mind focussed on the life after death. A Muslim is bound to give up worldly benefits in order to ensure gains in the Hereafter. The holy Qur’an says those who give preference to worldly things than the Hereafter are blind and dumb and lower than animals.
Sultan Patel, Khanpur Deh- 392150 

Apropos of "Palestine after Arafat" by Syed Shahabuddin (MG,1-15, December). I do not entirely agree with him. Syed Shahabuddibn says that "take a page for Gandhi and launch a non-violent struggle to secure Peace with Justice". For him, it provides Israel with the needed pretext to escalate its organise campaign of violence in the West Bank and Gaza. Shahabuddin has also failed to differentiate between senseless violence and sensible violence. In the words of Arundhati Roy, “There can be no real peace without justice and without resistance there will be no justice.” The question is: will the non-violent resistance work for the Palestinians? The answer is a big 'No'. The rights of the Palestinians are linked to the historic rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination. 
Abdullah Khan, AMU>

Communal amity
Muslims and Hindus have been living together for hundreds of years but they seem alien to each other. They behave like strangers because they do not know the basics of one another’s religions. Lack of knowledge leads to misconception often causing mistrust and enmity. Unless we learn about each others faiths and beliefs, relations between the two communities will not improve. We should set up such institutions and forums that help in going into the root causes of confrontation between the two communities as the such institutions will ultimately make the two communities realise that their common is goal is salvation. 
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow

Here are some of the excerpts of the first interview that Mr. L K Advani gave to the channel 60x60x24x365 after becoming the BJP President.

Interviewer ---- Congratulation to you on becoming the BJP President.

Advaniji ---- Thank you, but there is no need for congratulation and all that because I have not become the president of the party for the first time. It is my fifth appointment to the post.

Interviewer ---- What would be the first thing that you would be doing?

Advaniji ---- Well as you all know that my Rath has worn out, getting a new one would be my top priority.

Interviewer --- Why are you going in for a new Rath when it failed to garner votes for the party in the last elections?

Advaniji --- You see Rath yatras are synonymous with my name, and you people don’t forget I was the pioneer of these Rath yatras in India, which now other parties have hijacked

Interviewer --- It seems that the party is once again trying to take support of Ram, when you had deserted him after your party came to power.

Advaniji --- See we never left Ram it is he who left us.

Interviewer ---- How come he left you.

Advaniji ---- The reason behind him leaving us was Kursi.

Interviewer --- You mean to say Ram was interested in the kursi, but then everyone knows that he went to banvas, leaving the kursi for his brother Bharat.

Advaniji --- Which Ram are you talking about, you mediawalas always misinterpret our statements. I was talking about Ramvilas Paswan who was unhappy with his portfolio and left us.

Interviewer ---- Why did the previous Party President quit?

Advaniji ---- He was in fact bored by repeating the same reasons after every debacle.

Interviewer --- Coming back once again on the issue of Ram, I mean Marayada Purshottam. You want to use his name again to win elections.

Advaniji --- "When all the issues fail and the marg ahead looks unclear turn to God", that is my philosophy and I being a "Ram" bakht have turned my attention to Ayodhya, His birth place. You people conveniently forget that it was we who took Him to the people i. e. from the four walls of the temple to the streets

Interviewer ---- One final question why did you (and your party) not pay any attention to Him when you were in power?

Advaniji --- You see I was so busy, had to handle a duel responsibility of Dy Prime Minister and Home minister, but now that I am free and so is my party we can turn to this issue till we get "busy" again

Interviewer ---- Thank you very much for giving your valuable time.

Advaniji --- On the contrary I should thank you, it is becoming very difficult to pass the time after being "so busy".

Note of caution -- This piece is written in lighter vein and so should be taken in that sense only
Abdul Monim, Mumbai

The sheer audacity of Kofi Annan’s new proposal to expand permanent membership of UN Security Council, without the proposed five new members getting veto powers, is mind boggling, besides openly demeaning and insulting to the common intelligence of the rest of the world. 

The knight in shining armor that only recently stood on the world stage with his brave words, apparently opposing the US/UK hegemonical demands on the UN, when he declared that Iraq war is illegal, has suddenly turned turtle, promoting US/UK’s imperial designs on other UN member nations by canvassing for them, the hitherto denied legitimacy as well as troops and funding for their nefarious designs for their New World Order. 

The open bribe to Germany, Japan, India, Brazil and South Africa in exchange for their expected role in diluting the dissenting votes of France, Russia and China, at the least for world-wide propaganda, should not befool Indian leaders, who should insist, that being a legitimate representative of developing nations of South East, East and even the Eastern Middle East, India should have equal veto power that can ensure freedom and international legal security to the interests of the nations of the third world. This is the real test of the mettle of Indian diplomacy that is being called upon to line up or else.

Besides, India cannot be expected to play second fiddle to China and Russia, if it has to emerge as the potential future world power. It should be able to play a neutral, non-aligned role in case of any face-off between the two old rival groups. India should not bargain away its freedom, dignity and future status in the comity of nations, by rushing in to even consider such a servile proposal from a US puppet UN official.

IF there are any reforms needed, international monetary system should be the first to be reformed, that should stop giving unbridled leverages to US and its group to blackmail, smaller nations into submission by threat of withholding international loans and credits that they need for their survival.

I want to draw your kind attention towards a recent problem related to distribution of mid daymeal in various goverenmental schools of country. There are several reports in media that the students of upper caste of Hindu Society are boycotting this scheme in various parts of country. As in these parts the food is prepared by lower caste people.

This reflect deep and strong roots of discriminative caste system prevalent among hindu society even in the era of this globalization.

Some weeks ago a incident was reported in news in some interior parts of U.P .The students of higher caste boycotted the Mid Day meal because it was prepared by person belonging to scheduled caste . The students took their uncooked rice from the school to their homes . Similar instances were also reported from various other parts of U.P only .The so called 'Nationalits' are silent on this acute problem of our society. The Government must look into the matter seriously to resolve this old social Evil.
shanu malik

Witnesses in the Best Bakery case
One wonders whether the wealth-worshipping, mean-minded persons having Muslim names have ever read the two oft-recited verses of the holy Qur’an. "He thinks that this wealth will make him immortal…" (S. Humazah-3) and "Wherever you are death will overtake you…" (Nisaa-78). 
S. Akhtar U. Patel, Khanpur Deh -392150

The Herald and Qaumi Awaz
The Congress President Sonia Gandhi should consider republishing the daily newspapers The National Herald, Navjiwan and Quami Awaz founded by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Dozens of its employees are passing through financial problems. Several employees have reportedly lost their mental balance, their children have given up studies and daughters remain unmarried. 
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow 

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