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Published in the 16-31 Jan 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Mammoth Mujahid conference in Kerala

Malappuram, the heart of Malabar, stood stunned at the mammoth Mujahid District Conference held at Malappuram on 26-28 December at a vast field of the town.

The Mujahid movement, similar to the Ahl-e-Hadith movement in North India, started in Kerala in the first half of the twentieth century. Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, Kerala Nadwathul Mujahideen, Ithihadu Shubbanil Mujahideen, Mujahid Students Movement and Muslim Girls and Women's Movement are various organisations set up in connection with the movement to work respectively among Ulama, masses, youth, students and women. The Mujahids have been consistently working through hundreds of organizational units for the establishment of Tawheed, eradication of Bid'at (innovations in religion), and they have been active in many fields and religious, social, cultural and educational activities. They have set up several madrasas, mosques, Arabic colleges and arts and science colleges. They have been fighting against social evils like dowry system (bridegroom accepting money and goods from bride's parents), corruption, AIDS. Many campaigns and rallies have been conducted to bring these issues to the public attention. Relief and social activities are extensively undertaken by the Mujahids. Orphan care units and several pain and palliative clinics are run with active and sincere teams of doctors and volunteers to serve orphans and console cancer and other patients of serious disease. 

Zafarul-Islam Khan inaugurating 
the Mujahid conference on 26 December

Several conferences have been conducted by the movement as part of Da'wa. They also publish a number of journals like Shabab (weekly), Pudava (monthly for women) and Athouheed besides publication of books under its publication wing Yuvatha.

Several state conferences have been held by the movement during the past three decades and many scholars of national and international repute have participated in them. Last month’s three-day Malappuram Distric Mujahid conference was also of this nature. 

The conference under the theme "Religion for Peace and Purity" was inaugurated by the renowned Islamic scholar Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan on 26 December. The deliberate attempt of some elements to slander Islam as a symbol of terrorism cannot be justified, said Dr. Zafarul Islam. Any atrocity committed by terrorists belonging to the community cannot be attributed to Islam. Islam does not give sanction to any such illegal deeds or acts. It was the suppression of civic rights and injustice that led to the growth of terrorism in the Orient. Resistance against occupation and prolonged oppression cannot be termed as terrorism. What the Palestinians are now doing is only resistance for survival and liberation of their occupied lands, he added.

A section of the podium of the Nadvathul Mujahidin conference

Thousands of men, women and children assembled for the conference in the specially provided huge shamiana at Malappuram. Several thousands of Mujahids and many others including 20,000 delegates attended the conference. The conference had altogether 19 sessions on various issues and themes like Islam, Quran, Communal Harmony, Islamic Economy, Da'wah, Hadith, Students and Youth, Media, Career etc. More than 30 scholarly papers were presented by religious scholars, professors, journalists etc. Women's Conference held on 27 December was a historic one. Three papers on rights and duties of women, distorted beliefs and family life were presented in the session.

Several Indian and foreign personalities participated in the conference. They included Dr Ahmad Noorudheen (USA), Dr PP Mohammed (registrar, University of Calicut), E Ahmed (MP), GM Banathwala (MP), MP Abdussamad Samadani (MP)., Dr EK Ahmed Kutty (former head of the deptment of Arabic, University of Calicut), PT Kunhimohammed (former MLA), Dr Jameela Bhai (Kottayam Medical College), Adv. KNA Qadir (MLA), Anil Kumar (MLA), Dr Sukumar Azheekkode (editor, Varthamanam daily), Por. P. Mohammed Kuttassery, Abdul Hameed Madeeni (former principal RUA College, Feroke), Dr V Kunhali (head of the department of history, University of Calicut), Mohammed Haneesh (IAS), Dr P Mohammed (principal, Unity Women's College, Manjeri), Prof KM Abdul Rasheed (member of the Syndicate, University of Calicut, Prof PP Adbul Rasheed (Islamic economist), Prof Kunhimoideen Kutty (Maharaja's College, Ernakulam), Prof T Abdul Azeez (Arabic scholar and former principal of MES Mampad College and former editor, Chandrika daily), Dr Jamaludheen Farooqi, Dr. AI Rahmathullah (University of Calicut), Dr Husain Randathani, Prof K Mohammed Islamil (Farook College) in addition to professors, journalists and scholars form Riyadh, Jeddah, Qatar and USA. 

Papers on a variety of subjects was presented at the conference by a galaxy of scholars including Dr. Jamaludheen Farooqi (Islamic faith), Jabir Amani (Islam: social perspective), Basheer Pattelthazham (Islam: eschatology), P. Mohammed Kuttassery (problems faced by Indian Muslims in the economic field), Prof. PP Abdul Rasheed (Islamic economy between East and West), KK Mohammed Sullami (Qur'an: the amazing book), KP Zakariyya (Qur'an and critics), Shamsudheen Palakkod (Towards truth though Qur'an), PT Kunhimohammed (Expatriates: myth and reality), Dr. K. Mohammed Ismail (Resource utilization of expatriates), PT Abdul Azeez (Tawheed: mission and propagaton), Abdul Haseeb Madani (Modal Muslim society), Abdul Latheef Karumpulakkal (Islahi movement in Kerala), Shafeeque Aslam (Sunnah in daily life), Abdussalam Sullami (The Prophet and critics), Moosa Swalahi (Prophet Muhammad: the model), V Noushad (Catch them young), KP Sunil (Career prospects), M Swalahudheen Madani (Religion for peace) and Aboobacker Nanmanda (Religion for purity). 

The evening sessions of the conference on 26 and 27 December attracted public attention. The session on "Global onslaught on democracy" was inaugurated by Dr Ahmad Noorudheen (USA). Papers were presented by Ashraf Kadakkal, MI Thangal (news editor, Varthamanam daily) and Prof MM Narayanan. 

The session on "Multi-religious society-need for harmony" was quite relevant. This session was inaugurated by E Ahamed (MP) and the key note address was delivered by Dr Sukumar Azheekode. 

The Ulama Conference was another important attraction of the conference. It was attended by important scholars from both India and abroad. Meaningful and creative discussions took place on various religious, political and social issues of relevance today. The whole Ulama session was conducted in Arabic. This session was graced by Kerala Jamiyyathul Ualam leaders MT Abdurahman Maulavi, CP Umer Sullami and MI Mohammed Ali Sullami.

Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen state president Janab AV Abdurahman Haji and state general secretary Prof Husain Madavoor addressed the valedictory session.

- PP Abdul Haque, Calicut

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