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Published in the 16-31 July 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Community News: 

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Indian Muslims demonstrate against American atrocities in
Iraq - Bhopal, 9 July 04

New Delhi: In his Friday speech on 2 July, Shahi Imam of Masjid Fatehpuri, Mufti Muhammad Mukarram demanded the UPA government at Centre to give suitable representation to Muslims in national institutes so that they can play an active role in solving Muslims problems. He said that appointment of one or two members in any institution can solve no problems. Hailing the HRD ministry’s 3 July’s national conference, Mufti Mukarram said there is need to establish national Muslim minority institutions after prominent Muslim leaders who have an important role in the history of India. If the ministry is really serious about Muslims, it should form a committee of educated, experienced Muslims who can open higher educational institutions and make education compatible with modern demands. He also asked to provide facilities to minority institutions. 

New Delhi: Urdu is the language of peace, love and composite culture which has embraced people of every school of thought. This was said by senior litterateur Pt Anand Mohan Zutshi, known as Gulzar Dehlwi. He was speaking at a function “Dilli Jo Ek Shahr Tha” organised by Anjuman Taraqqi-e- Urdu on 2 July.
Gulzar said Urdu was spoken in every nook and cranny of Delhi when he came there. Famous personalities of Urdu would commonly attend meetings and poetry. Dignity and honour of people were highly valued. Dr Khaliq Anjum of the Anjuman admired Pt. Gulzar’s way of expression and his command over the language and hailed his services for Urdu.

Former Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia, Syed Shahid Mahdi, who was chairing the meeting called Gulzar a national asset for the services he had rendered and for his love of Delhi.

Varanasi: On the issue of triple talaq, Dr Nafees Bano, a Reader at the Department of Urdu, Vasant Women College, Rajghat says among the permissible things talaq is the most hateful thing to Allah and His messenger. The solution to this problem should be sought in the light of the Quran and hadith. Dr Nafees said no Muslim would ever bear any change in Muslim Personal Law. She says if there arises a major problem like fear of life, talaq is a better solution. She said if the husband is willing to get separated from his wife, he can. If he is made not to divorce his wife and keep her, he will resort to beating and burning his wife, she says adding though there are rare case of wife burning among Muslims. In such a situations if divorce is given, it is better to save a life.

Islam is a scientific religion and knows man’s psychology, Dr Bano said. These situation are created due to lack of education — religious or modern, she said. There is need to acquire Islamic knowledge, then only can positive steps be taken. Other than divorce there are other problems among Muslims which the media should highlight, she said. About triple talaq, Dr Nafees Bano said there were minutes details in pronouncing talaq, talaq, talaq.

New Delhi: A poetic reception was organised in honour of Islamic calligrapher and poet Tarique Bin Saqib General secretary of Jamiatul Imam Qasim, Mufti Mahfoozur Rahman Usmani recited a few lines of poet Tariq’s composition and said his poetry reflected human pains and contemporary issues. Dr Muhammad Khalid Azmi (Kuwait) chaired the meeting while Rizwan Ahmad Azmi (Abu Dhabi) was the chief guest.

Baghpat: All India Urdu Tanzim has said Muslim students in middle and primary schools and colleges in some areas were not given scholarships for last one year. The Tanzim has asked the state education minister Shahid Manzoor to interfere into the matter. Meanwhile, some members of UP Urdu Development organisation have demanded the state education department to provide Urdu course books to students as the new academic session is going to start.

Panipat: Nawab Ahmad and Nasim Ahmad did not know that police would pick them, detain them for eight long hours and then let them off after taking Rs 10,00 each.
On July 1 Nawab Ahmad of Kerana and Nasim Ahmad of Kandhala reached the local Dargah Qalandar to pay floral tributes to the sufi saint. As they entered the Dargah premises police took them in custody and asked them to go to police station. They were kept in police custody from 9 AM to 5 PM and then let off after they were beaten, humiliated and fined for no alleged crime. The incident has infuriated Muslim organisations of Panipat who say such incidents will only generate fear among people that they can be picked by police at any time. They have condemned this police action.

New Delhi: Minister of state for food processing, Subodh Kant Sahai warned political parties for calling Muslims terrorists or extremists as no religion taught terrorism. He was speaking at a national conference on Terrorism and Jihad. An Islamic perspective organised by Muslim Political Council of India at Constitution Club on 26 June. Sahai said “politics of religion” was to blame for prejudices about Islam. He said that unjust distribution of the means of economics cause violence. He also asked political parties to avoid blaming madrasas of being bases of terrorism. 
Speaking about the meaning of Jihad Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, vice-president of All India Muslim Personal Law Board said jihad stood for struggle. He said religious leaders of different religions should sit together to discus about and understand the difference between jihad and terrorism. Council president Dr Taslim Ahmad Rahmani said jihad was a holy and pure duty of Muslims and it had nothing to do with terrorism.

Sambhal: At a meeting at National Primary School, Sirsi, participants demanded employment for unemployed Urdu Muallim degree holders. The speakers said that before elections chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav had announced to appoint 3000 Urdu teachers but these appointments had not been made till then. They demanded appointment of Urdu teachers on the lines of B Ed degree holders. A memorandum bearing signatures of more than 100 people was also sent to the CM.

New Delhi: A joint meeting of United Muslim of India and Urdu Development Organisation was held here on 19 June. The two organisations decided that Urdu Day would be celebrated on 9 November on the occasion of Allama Iqbal’s Birth Day by Urdu Development Organisation. The meeting also thanked the president of India for his mention of Urdu in Parliamentary speech. Dr Lal Bahadur said linking Urdu with any particular community was a narrow approach. Arif Iqbal, editor of monthly Urdu Book Review emphasised on teaching of Urdu in government and private schools.

Aligarh: Speaking at a concluding programme of a horse riding training camp organised by the Riding Club of Aligarh Muslim University, chief guest Savitri Varshney said the relationship between horse and man was very old. Rajas and the Maharajas in ancient times would rear horses and they were the only means of travel. This old tradition is still valued even in today’s scientific world, she said.

Rampur: In a Basic School in Shahpura, falling under Tanda Badli, a Muslim majority village, there is only one teacher to teach 550 children. Following a complaint by Salim Qasim, president of Central Consumers Cooperative, an investigation was conducted by chief development officer, MM Khan who found the complaint genuine. An order was issued to the Basic Education officer to appoint six teachers at the earliest as one teacher was not enough to teach 550 children. But the education department is discriminating against minority children and so far no teachers have been appointed.

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