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Published in the 16-31 July 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Letters of the Editor 

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Every column in MG is important. We Muslims are absent from the media field and the Milli Gazette offers a glimmer of hope in this situation.
(Prince of Arcot) Abdul Ali
Chennai (telephonic call)

Muslims must play the role of benefactors
Muslims constitute a sizeable number of the population of the country, but they have failed in their duty to lead and guide the countrymen politically. They can play a vital role in providing a good governance for the betterment of weak, poor and down trodden sections of the country. Muslims as a Ummat-e-Wasat owe a duty to serve the people of the country and to have an efficient and honest government which is beneficial to every sections of the society. They should play a role of benefactors for the people. There is no dearth of man and money power to launch a political movement and to cleanse the politics which is polluted by criminals, corruption and nepotism. 
Manzarul Islam, Allahabad

Achievement of IUML
It is really an achievement for Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) that E. Ahmed has been included in the Manmohan Singh government as the minister of state for external affairs (MG, 16–30 June, 2004). It is Congress President Sonia Gandhi who has given the recognition to the services renderd by the IUML to the nation by including E. Ahmad in the uniion council of ministers at the centre. The IUML is the ally of the Congress in Kerela. Since there is not a single Muslim political party in India, The IUML can fill the vacuum by organizing it at the grassroot level in Muslim inhabited regions of the country. As the IUML has not any political base in other Indian states except in Kerela, it is not familiar with the voters all over the country uniformly. If the party can be organized at the grassroot level all over India by establishing block, sub-division and district level committees in the states like Assam, it can increase tally of its members in the parliament in near future and take part in decision making process of the government effectively as the ally of the Congress.
Elias Uddin, William Nagar

POTA violations: Centre napping
A recent press report said that many POTA detenus in Gujarat could not avail of the legal provision of review of their imprisonment. The POTA review committee was formed on 20 February 2002 but the concerned citizens were not informed about the committee, its provisions, and the location of its office. Is this not an oppressive style of the functioning of the state government? Does it not call for the intervention of the central government? 
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh

Recommended for compulsory viewing
I would recommend Lakshya to every teacher and principal across the country as compulsory viewing for every student. Besides making me concious of the power of the mind, it also made me acutely aware of how undeserving all of us are – of the sacrifices of our men and women in Uniform. My heartfelt kudos to Mr Farhan Akhtar and the entire team of Lakshya for a job well done.
Bharatram Gaba, Mumbai 

Talaq, talaq, talaq
Well, the controversially nagging issue of talaq (or triple talaq) to say the least, has once again come to stay! In fact, all guns point at AIMPLB to categorically repeal the practice of triple talaq which is neither warranted according to the terms of Shariah nor feasible. In the sitaution, the stand taken by AIMPLB during their meeting on July 4 elucidating the ills of triple talaq is rather a welcome step. Of course, the holy Quran abhors the idea and practice of triple talaq for it does not leave a scope for the 'retraction' by either party. The basic idea behind this is to maintain the relationship in the interest of the health of the society. But again the freeedom of the two characters has also been carefully crafted in this relationship which can be brought into play when either of them has left with no option but parting the ways. To be specific, it is not only man who is entitled for this right, woman too, enjoys this right in the name of 'khula' which she can exercise under the most pressing and cogent reasons. However, there's a general barrier to keep up the relations on an even keel and 'transgression' from that is liable for the wrath and punishment from Allah in the life to come and by the Authorities govern in the name of Allah on this land. The case is quite clear.
Sultan Patel, Riyadh

Grievances of Maharashtra Muslims
The state of Maharashtra has been ruled by the Indian National Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party during the last five years when the BJP and its alliance the NDA were in command of the Central Govt. 

It is a bitter fact that the Muslims in Maharashtra have been subjected to atrocities under the twin Congress rule during last five years. We were promised justice in all matters of unfair dealings during the earlier SS-BJP rule. We were assured that the recommendations of the Justice Sri Krishna report on Mumbai Riots 1992-93 will be implemented. But instead, the State Govt. played in the hands of the Sangh Pariwar to punish the Muslims. Our youths were put behind the bars on slightest of doubt of any crime, under the Pota Act. The law was declared a draconian and Black Law etc. by the Congress leaders in Delhi. But the attitude of the state Congress was quite different. Many cases had to be withdrawn from the courts on account of not finding any evidence. They are entitled to compensations for the harassments. Many other innocent boys are still languishing in jails. What a pitiful life their family members are passing through. Many boys were killed in fake encounters by the Police. Many police officers among them who were involved in other serious crimes also were arrested and prosecuted. To obtain justice from the courts of law is very difficult task. The poor community can not afford the heavy expenses.

Our question is that how the atrocities against the Muslims by the Police Dept. could have been committed without the consent of the leaders of both the Congress parties? They have to answer. However, we are aware that the Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and the Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh are staunch secular leaders. Restoration of the security and self-confidence of the minorities is important part of the Common Minimum Programme of the new UPA Govt. 
MI Ansari, Bhiwandi

Spare us these Slippery Sanghis
Shri M. M. Joshi, who until recently looked to such essential business as the brainwashing of the young and the demolition of monuments constructed centuries ago by the ancestors of foreigners who are still resident nationals, was interviewed on a television channel. At least three times he said, on being asked questions about his party, that not just his party but the "whole nation" was, etc. The physicist has clearly studied eel behaviour and learnt from it. In the matter of the text books, he said that he had been visited by large numbers of people (Narendra Modi's five crores, perhaps?) protesting their proposed revision. It is of no consequence that he cannot substantiate his claims — what is important to him is that no one can disprove them either.

Speaking of the dismissal of governors, Shri Joshi warned of the dangers of messing with institutions. It may have been implicit that the approach of his party, when it was in power, was the correct one: try first to purchase an institution, and if you cannot do that, take it to court and get all your tame foul-mouths to vilify the people who try to run it as it is meant to be run. The Prime Minister has appealed more than once, though in tones of resignation, to the opposition to please permit Parliament to function. I do not wish to compete with him — for he was, after all, a teacher at the Delhi School of Economics when I was a student there, even if he did not teach me — but I must appeal to the television channels to spare us these Slippery Sanghis. They drowned us for years with their deluge of poisonous drivel, and surely we deserve a reprieve.
Mukul Dube, Delhi

Kitaab Ghar on the Net
I am Hasan Ali, from Lahore. I'm pleased to announce that recently we have launched a website under the name "Kitaab Ghar; Home of Free Urdu Books & Literature" and the URL is
Its the first and only online library of free Urdu books. All books are the exact copies of their "printed" version. These 100% free books are in PDF format and can be read online and offline (after downloading). The goal is to form an online virtual library where Urdu lovers can get free books. This site is very useful for those who are not in sub-continent and Urdu books are hard to find in their areas/cities. I hope you will give it proper coverage in your published magazines/newspaper and your site. Formation of the first online Urdu library without any kind of government or institutional aid, certainly is a big event in "Urdu in cyberspace" history. By the passage of time more books will be available.
Hasan Ali, Web Master 

Encounter most foul
The "encounter" in Ahmedabad in which four alleged terrorists were killed, took place on 15 June. On 23 June the Government of Gujarat submitted its report on the matter to the Union Home Ministry, a spokesperson for which declined to comment, saying, as reported in the Hindu, that "law and order [is] a State subject and the Home Ministry, as a matter of routine, [seeks] reports from State Governments on major incidents."
Is "major incident" an appropriate description for what happened in Gujarat on and after 28 February 2002? Was the routine procedure of the Union Home Ministry followed at that time? Law and order was, of course, a State subject then too, as Mr. Lal Kishenchand Advani, Home Minister, said in Parliament while explaining his inaction.
Mukul Dube, Delhi

If, according to the Hindu, the Ahmedabad encounter of 4 Muslims on the charges of harbouring a terrorist plot to assassinate Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendara Modi, was a case of Intelligence Bureau ‘entrapment’, the decision to ruthlessly murder all four, without a proper legal process to bring out all the nuances of the terrorist plot, has bombed into a big public relations disaster for the Gujarat Police as well as the central intelligence agencies. 
Gujarat pogrom has hurt Indian Muslims more than probably others beyond India’s borders. Any future action that blindly follows the same Muslim-bashing routine of security authorities that had been so meticulously honed by Narendara Modi’s government is bound to once again open the healing wounds of Gujarat. If some elements in Pakistan or elsewhere are bent on exploiting Indian Muslim grievances and fomenting trouble by exhorting to take up arms, the security authorities have to be extra cautious not to give further cause for further grievances to stoke the fire of disaffection and help it flare up again and again.
The timing of the shooting too was coinciding with the inner-party drama involving the former BJP Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee’s public demand for Narendara Modi’s removal from the Chief Ministership of Gujarat, to save their party from further isolation in this coalition age. 

The Hindu has gone out on a limb to give some respectability to the intelligence operations, but the fact of brutal encounter regime that has become a convenient tool of the police around the country, cannot be so easily condoned and justified. The wider issues of illegality and rule of law have to be addressed with the fullest responsibility it demands. India is not a banana state.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Ishrat's Mother to be arrested!
Before arresting the relatives of the four slained persons, it is more important to find out who had killed them and for what? What were the circumstances? Why they were not arrested? Did they fire on the police party? If so, was any policeman injured or killed? If not, what kind of encounter it was?
These questions arise because many fake encounters were reported in the past. Many prominent politicians in Gujarat have stated that it was a drama played to divert the attention on the fate of the Chief Minister after the former PM's statement demanding his removal. 
Human Rights Commission should be invoked to go in details to dig out the truth. Prayers should also be filed in the Supreme Court of India. Justice should prevail at any cost. Ishrat and Javed were inhabitants of Maharashtra. The state govt. should come forward to take care of their citizens.
M.I. Ansari, Bhiwandi

The precision and accuracy in the methodology of eliminating terrorist by Gujarat police need to be appreciated. A comparison of neat police encounters (without even infliction of a scratch to our police personnel) here and US soldiers combating with insurgents in Iraq, exposes the inferior training of US soldiers in such matters. Therefore, US administration should hire the services of our highly competent police personnel for their illegal operation in Iraq. This will save the skin of US soldiers and will result in valuable foreign exchange for the country without loss of lives of our police personnel.
Sudhakar Kuamar Sharma, Azamgarh (U.P.)

CBI should probe Ahmedabad killings
The Gujarat police killed three Muslim youths and a college girl student in Ahmedabad on June 15. Human Rights Commission has expressed doubts about the killings. The fake encounter was staged to generate sympathy for Modi. Earlier such three fake encounters were staged to save Modi’s chair.

Why not a single policeman was killed or injured in the encounter? Modi is an expert in the art of stage-managed fake encounters. Justice demands that the CBI should probe the killings and criminals be tried and punished. Islam is against terrorism and terrorists.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara

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