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Published in the 16-31 July 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Letters of the Editor 

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Even as the world inches closer to finding a solution to dealing with the killer disease AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) the globe is in the grip of another version of this deadly disease. This new AIDS ( American Invasion to Discipline States ) is deadlier than the previous one, because it destroys the entire population where it strikes. Those who are not killed by this AIDS are the worst sufferers, it ruins the state forever. In the past couple of years the world watched helplessly as this AIDS struck twice, ruining the victims forever.

Where is this new AIDS likely to strike most, in other words what are the symptoms that indicate that the new AIDS is going to strike? Well though research is still going on, the most important symptom that has been diagnosed is --- Disobediant and Non co-operative Ruler ( DNR ). Is then there any cure for the new AIDS? There is no cure as yet, but then this AIDS can be prevented, what is needed is a " United Political will " to tackle this menace head-on.
Abdul Monim, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 

The donkey haul in Iraq
Blair and Bush have made it amply clear that Zion use donkeys. And they are the cream of contemporary illuminated agents. But even back at the time of the French Revolution only Adam Weisshaupt divulged a talent of a sort - whereas the historic actors, the Bushes and the Blairs, were lopping heads off each other, when Mr. Weisshaupt, having started it all, just sneaked away. This is the monstrous talent of Zion - ignoble, sneaky scum, promoting madness.

If Jews had a jiggy-jiggy rate like the Islamic communities all the devilish and cryptic machinations of Zionism would be superflous. Actually, Zionism is a symptom both of Jewry being more worldly than it is spiritual and of its timely desperation, its death-throes.

The big mouth and small brain of President Bush has been exceedingly propitious for Zion's devastating influence in Iraq, but his evangelical pretentions have no redeeming effect, at home or abroad. They are the frills put on the agenda by the script writers. Zion has a thousand-year tradition for using Christian sentiments and conceits.

The idea of a Jewish homeland is OK until you ask - on who's land? But no-one asked that? The Christian dummies supported a Zionist state on Palestinian's land. It cost them nothing. The Zionist agents told them it was righteousness, yes, it was even God's will. Jehovah, the God of justice, of course. But the filthy iniquity of these conceits are quite evident to most people these days, yet they are not well able to formulate their apprehensions, and those who are able are mostly whores in the service of the Zionist media.

This monstrous squalour is a symptom of the tyranny of ideas, of devilishly sneaky persuasion, which exist in the conceits of Jewry and Christianity, but have not basis in spiritual reality.

The world is a manifestation of spiritual evolution, condensed spirit. Man is born into this world because he needs the spiritual exercise to individuate. Tribal associations and institutional religions were formerly necessary environments for survival and for spiritual individuation in

hostile and barbaric circumstances. It is obvious that Zionism today endeavours to implement ancient barbary, not to drive mankind back into

monasteries and traditional religions, but to generate the chaos in which the warriors of Zion will triumph. These monsters are a spiritual

anachronism. Not even in Israel are souls incarnated for the purpose of being hijacked by political monsters to become the lackeys and soldiers of Zion.

It is madness we are wittnessing. The Western world is indoctrinated, conditioned to the dialectics of madness, for them it is natural. Islam is an intact moral compound, reacting to the madness, more and more madly. A Zionist ploy unfolds, divulging what spiritually corrupting and perverting scum they are.

When European leaders, more corrupt than Mr. Hitler, chide Iran for flirting with nuclear technology and ignore Israel's atomic weapons they reveal who's useful idiots they really are. Already Europe flourish under Zion's hegemony.
Kaj Krinsmoe, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

It is no doubt that President Bush and his neo-con team is pulling a fast one on European Union countries, as far as NATO involvement in Middle East and beyond is concerned. 

The American-Jewish neo-con project to once again colonize the Middle East as well as the rest of the Third World countries, in a bid to unleash untold miseries and bloodshed on the indefensible people of the Third world and expropriate their resources, lord on their states and communities in the name of spreading democracy and human rights, will only result in a prolonged series of wars and destruction of world peace. 

NATO will now be exploited to carry out the rest of the US imperial project, by becoming a forced accomplice in the dangerous round of subjugating the lives of billions of people. 
The danger of another world confrontation with other powers, which will certainly feel threatened, is not insignificant. 

The whole world order that had gifted a modicum of peace and rule of international law to the post-WWII world is soon to be threatened, with NATO being forced to join the large-scale carnage. 

Europe is most vulnerable to the so-called international terrorism and involvement of NATO will trade European lives with that of US lives. 

The diabolical plan of American Jewish Neo-cons, who have now moved from Europe to the America, will once again threaten to unleash world wars and international disorder. 

The same Jewish cabal that had instigated and planned the earlier two world wars, are once again forcing the over-cocky but in fact the most gullible American administration to plunge the world into the third round of widespread international hostilities. 

NATO and EU countries should think thousand times, before giving in to the ‘stick and carrot’ arm-twisting of Bush and his Jewish neo-con cabal. It is surprising that a statesman of the stature of Jacque Chirac has finally given in to US arm-twisting without properly working out the dire implication of EU and NATO getting into the hazardous misadventure of unleashing forces on peaceful countries of the world and force them to hand over their effective sovereignty to the West. 

Times have changed and East will not wait for another half century to react. 

The sidelined Third world countries like Russia, China and India cannot remain mute spectator of the shenanigans of the Jewish/Zionist plotters and schemers to rule the world on the shoulders of the gullible Americans. 

It is still time for the leaders who have gathered in Turkey, to rethink the full and dangerous implications of their teaming with the American Jewish-neo-con driven agenda of world conquest. 
The devilish dream to conquer the whole world has again and again bedeviled evil minds of the world history and had always resulted in untold bloodshed and destruction of world human as well as material resources. 

Europe itself has barely recovered from its WWII nightmare and should be the first to warn and advise America and Britain to the machinations of the Jewish/Zionist plot to engage in perpetual war to get that ephemeral ‘ perpetual peace’ of the mass graves. 

Europe does not have to learn lessons from others. It had lived through millions of its people massacred and destroyed in the two world wars. 

European countries must desist with all the will power at their command not to be forced to expand NATO’s role to clash with the rest of the world. After Afghanistan, it is Iraq now that NATO is supposed to help out. Tomorrow it will be Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and even Pakistan that is in the gun sight of Israel. The warmongering cabal is all set to exploit NATO forces, to fill the yawning gap in its capacity to even cover its flank, while it pulls out from one country to move to other targets. 

A firm NO from the European countries will save the world from a very grave future.

A cunning manouevre
This refers to the news item, "UN says coalition troops guilty of war crimes" (MG, 16 -- 30 June 2004). It appears that the United Nations' report for Human Right Commission is not impartial, fair and just. It is a ploy to be in the good book of the United States of America.

It is widely known fact that the cases of human right violations have registered manifold increase after the US occupation of Iraq. Yet the report views the ouster of Saddam Hussein as "a major contribution to human rights in Iraq." Thus it has attemted to lend legitimacy to the illigal occupation of Iraq by the Us. 

The report has condemned the Saddam regime as "brutal, murderous, torturing gang...", but has failed to condemn the Bush regime in the same spirit and intensity, though it is solely responsible for shamelessly abusing, torturing and murdering countless innocent people in Iraq as well as Afghanistan and for the destruction of their civilization and environment. 

The report is nothing but a tactfully drafted document whose underlying purpose is, it seems, to absolve Bush and his company from all liabilities of war crimes committed in Iraq by putting all the blames on the coalition troops who committed inhuman atrocities on their orders . Reed Brody has rightly observed: "It seems very light, and to bend over backwards to accept the good faith of the US." 

The UN should, instead of serving Bush and his ilk, serve the humanity. It should make the US pay compensation to Iraq and Afghanistan for causing death and destruction there without any justification and arrange for trying Bush and his gang as war criminals.
Md. H. Rahman, East Garo Hills.

Shri Advani’s double-talk
Shri Lal Kishenchand Advani is reported to have said, in his constituency Gandhinagar on 4 July, that voters always took "prudent decisions". It follows that it is the intended result of just such a decision that "a large section of the people [is] shocked at the NDA's defeat". We know that many go out of their way to watch spine-chilling films which scare them out of their wits. For Shri Advani, India's electorate is both prudent and masochistic, a combination that only a great visionary can dream up.
Mukul Dube, Delhi

With the entry of the independent Presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, the longtime consumer activist and confirmed liberal, prospects of Democratic party candidate John Kerry’s edge on the incumbent President Bush in the coming neck and neck fight, seem to getting more and more threatened. Both mainstream parties had been dogged time and again with such interloper, who never have a chance to win the Presidency, but do spoil the chances of candidates from their own side of the conservative/liberal divide. Republicans rue the maverick Ross Perot’s two forays in past Presidential elections that resulted their defeat at the polls, as Perot cut into their conservative vote bank. Democrats too admit that if in the last Presidential elections, if Ralph Nader had not cut into liberal votes, Gore would have a more comfortable sailing.

All attempts to get Ralph Nader to step down, to ensure John Kerry’s victory, has been rebuffed by Nader, who argues that as long as both Republicans and Democrats are pro-war, and upto 42 percent of American public being against the war, his candidacy ensures representation to a very vital segment of voters, who would otherwise will be deprived of their voices, in the Presidential elections. It is no doubt a fact that both Republicans and Democrats have come to fashion a more or less similar basic position on the agenda of the governance. Even on the subject of war on Iraq, under pressure from Jewish American groups, both political parties have to defy the will of the people and stick to the neo-con policy of war and spread of America’s influence around the world, on the strength of its overwhelming armed power.

The situation can only be remedied, if interlopers like Ralph Nader and Ross Perot, who can project the strength of their distinct constituencies and force the winner to take note, should confront both the major parties. Initially, their win may be symbolic, but in time, the situation will go back to the earlier times, when before 1800, the two political parties have not so developed to impose their dictatorial position in a cartelisation of power. This is nothing but mutation of plural democratic choice that should be available to the US voters.

The lack of choice between the two major parties, will force American democracy to follow the Indian stream, where both the major parties had to accept wider reality of difference of opinion on a variety of issues and augur the age of coalition. This is the only way, the stranglehold of neo-con policy makers on the political institution in the US can be challenged and countered. The new political groups may be able to motivate more and more people to exercise their votes and thus strengthen the basic democracy in world’s most influential democratic nation, where gradually democracy is being reduced to an imposed rule of the entrenched lobbyists.

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