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Published in the 16-31 Mar 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Dr. Kausar YazdaniMG is my good friend
For the last 3 years the MG is a very good friend of mine, giving many details on the Muslim causes. It a window through which I can peep through the Muslim India. Though the coverage is pointed to the Urdu heart land, it is very informative and interesting. I used to look forward the day I receive the MG. After having read the MG I put the same on the table of of one of the local libraries where there is an ardent MG readership.

"The towering personality among Muslim" a write up on Dr. Kausar Yazdani Sahib is very fine. Once I had a chance of being with him at my house, at Kadayanallur, at the southern end of Tamil Nadu. He was very simple and inspiring and very affable, a tireless field worker having mass contact with people from all walks of life belonging to all faiths.

On one winter morning we went to a road side tea shop to have our breakfast. Having had the tiffin Dr. Yazdani Sab went to the owner of the tea shop and appeciated the Idli, a typical south Indian food. He enquired of his income, his health etc. The shop keeper raised to his feet and exclaimed "ayya ethanaioper enga kadaiku varranga,ana yarum ippadi anniyonyama anba ippadi pesiyathillai"(Sir, so many people are coming to my teashop, but none like you was so intimate and loving). Such was Dr.Yazdani Sahibs' approach. May Allah bless good health and peace on him.
Seyan Hameed, Kadayanallur-627751, TN

More information by MG
Being an Indian Muslim I have many questions with experts / analyists / Muslim politicians regarding our community's present situation & future in the country, vis-a-vis present Hindutva drive in our country. If Milli Gazette publishes articles on these subjects these will help us in updating ourselves in the matters of current issues...
Zafar Khan

Women’s laws & Islamic values
I have gone through Dr. Tahir Mahmood's "Women's Laws and Islamic Values" in the Milli Gazette, 1-15 March, 2004 in which he has paid particular attention to the prevalent violation of Islamic instruction on Dower in the Muslim Indian society. I would suggest that the dower should be fixed at the level of at least 12 month's present and potential income of the bridegroom and it should be payable immediately after the consummation of marriage, even before, and certainly on demand by the wife (so that she may invest it, if she likes).

That brings me to the universal fact of inflation which reduces the value of the paper currency from year to year. So either the Mehar should be indexed against inflation for the period between the marriage and the date of payment or at the time of marriage fixed in kind, of equivalent quantity, preferably gold or silver.

Muslim women need to be educated about their right to dower, which is a unique characteristics of Muslim society.
Syed Shahabuddin, New Delhi

Matter of shame for Aajtak
Its matter of shame that Aajtak TV channel has been showing Bilkis (Gujarat riot victim) regularly on its news channel. Its a violation of Supreme court's directive which ensures rape victims privacy and safety. Its a insult to victims of Gujarat and you should apologise immediately and stop showing her on TV. We have sent many mails before to stop this harassment.
Pervez Yusuf

Conspiracy to bury Unani Tibb
I would like to invite the attention of the concerned people to the ministry of health and family planning's department of 'Ayush', which is an unintelligible word which promotes only Ayurvedic system of medicine. The steps taken by the ministry give the impression that except Ayurvedic system other Indian systems, particularly Unani, deserve no patronage. In this way the Unani system of treatment is being cleverly ignored. For sometime a white paper is making rounds in medical circles which indicates that in the 'Ayush' department a top Unani official himself has entered into a secret agreement to discourage and even abolish Unani. 

Is it not an act of hypocrisy and double standard on the part of the present government to destroy this system? 
Salik Dhampuri, New Delhi

Secularists uniting, NDA disintegrating
BJP's artificial "feel good" and "India shining" propaganda is a myth, an illusion. NDA's allies are deserting it. The parties which have snapped ties with NDA are: DMK, PMK, MDMK, AJit Singh's RLD, Paswan's LJS, Chautala's INLD, Farooque Abdullah's National Conference etc. More parties will walk out of NDA shortly. Secular parties like Sharad Pawar's NCP, Laloo Yadav's RJD, DMK, PMK, MDMK, RLD, LJS, LJS, INLD, National Conference have come closer to Congress. Undoubtedly CPI (M) and CPI will support the secular alliance led by Congress. Left parties are powerful in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura. In UP, Samajwadi Party will have to support the secular front. Telangana Rashtra Samiti is ready for a poll-tie-up with Congress. Vidarbha Rajya Party will do the same. Parties of the North Eastern states, barring a few, will also support secular alliance. In fact this scam-ridden, communal and opportunist NDA government has failed on all fronts. 
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara

Unity and itegration
India is a democratic country. Let it remain so in its true sense. For this, we will have to adopt the concept of brotherhood and fraternity and work together, regardless of caste and creed.

In order to perpetuate the true spirit of democracy in India, it is imperative that first we imbibe the motto of unity and itegration which will bring about a positive awakening and a sense of universal well-being and may put an end to hatred, rancour and a sense of looking down on others. Let me quote Mahatma Gandhi here: "I don’t expect India of my dream to develop one religion, i.e., to be wholly Hindu, or wholly Christian, or wholly Musalman, but I want it to be wholly tolerant with its religions working side by side with one another (Young India, 22-12-27).
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow.

Pleasing the boss
In an interview broadcast over All India Radio today, Mr. Tarlochan Singh, Chairman of the Minorities Commission, said that he would not speak of politics: and indeed he mentioned no political party. The line he took was that in the last five years the *government* had done nothing which went against the interests of the minorities.

Precisely what did the Central Government do when, in 2002, thousands of Muslims were butchered in Gujarat? What is it doing today, when Muslims in that state continue to be harassed, hounded and denied the very means of livelihood?

Does the Minorities Commission - a constitutional body and not a wing of government - not recognise crimes of omission as crimes? Or does it need, as many have suggested, a pair of dentures to keep it from remaining a sad joke?
Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091

Peace in the subcontinent 
Kindly allow me to thank Brig. J S Bawa (Retd) for his letter published in July 8th, 2001 daily Dawn Karachi, which is reproduced below in the hope that in view of the changing winds in the sub-continent it will find space in your esteemed paper:

“Brig (rtd) Harwant Singh (June 15) and Col (rtd) Riaz Jafri (June 27) have highlighted some sound aspects of the Indo-Pak tangle. After reading their letters, I was reminded of my visit to New York where I took a cab which happened to be driven by a Punjabi from Pakistan. I started a friendly conversation with him in Punjabi and could not resist the temptation of asking him about Indo-Pak problem. He shot back with the earthy wisdom of Punjab: "Janaab, koyi apni bhunj chhadd dayega? Eh leader loag apni leaderi lai loakkan nun gumrah karde nen." (Sir will anyone give up his land? These leader types misguide the people in self interest). 

“Fortunately, the leaders in power seem to have decided to break the deadlock. Those outside the pale of power have voiced support, though with reservations about Musharraf's credibility to negotiate on behalf of Pakistan. I would appeal to them to put their country's interest above personal egos and support the General in this regard. The fact is that he occupies the driving seat and is steering the ship in the right direction. "Now that a summit is taking place," as said by Brig Harwant Singh, "it is the national duty of all right thinking people, on both sides of the border, to put in their bit for its success, how small it may be." 

“Small? Even if the two leaders discuss all issues, settle the less contentious ones, leaving the rest for future moots which is not too much to expect - it would set a new era in Indo-Pak history. This is no small achievement by any standards. 

“One may recall what General Musharraf said during a meeting with Syeda Hamid, founder member of the Women's Initiative for Peace in South Asia, last year: "Since I am a man in uniform, I know the costs of war better than anyone else." 

“Nations all over the world are burying their hatchets, nationalism is yielding place to rationalism and ideology to pragmatism. War is no longer the means to settle disputes, but negotiation and discussion. Pursuit of education, social uplift and prosperity are receiving more and more attention. Let us join in these productive pursuits rather than wasting our scarce resources in waging senseless wars.”
Riaz Jafri, Rawalpindi 

Has the BJP changed?
The BJP and its sister organisations have long opposed, sometimes violently, the concept of holding beauty pageants. Then how does the party explain the inclusion of former Miss World, Yukta Mookhey, in its ranks? Has the BJP changed its outlook on the issue or has Yukta Mookhey changed hers? 
Mohammed Ayub Ali Khan, Ontario

Allah Hafiz versus Khuda Hafiz
"Allah tero naam Ishwar tero naam / Sab ko san mati de Bhagwan..." said a Muslim poet. But in these communally charged times balanced thinking is conspicuous by its absence.

I am eagerly awaiting the next part of the article Allah Hafiz versus Khuda Hafiz. This critique was long due. There is a lot of debate going on in our community as regards Islamic symbols. Hejabs and veils for instance are supposed to guard a woman`s beauty and avoid attracting attention of strangers but with latest designer hejabs embroidered lavishly and bordered with broad expensive laces the purpose of this noble outfit stands miserably defeated. Also as per Islamic "dress code" for men the length of the pajama is often a contrversial matter. There have been instances when travellers or even young boys going for Namaz in pants or jeans are looked down upon and rudely admonished by the saviours of Islam. And now we hear that Allah is the right word for Khuda or God. It is really depressing to see Muslims getting caught in the web of shallow symbolism. 
Zohra Javed, Allahabad

Disband trust to gain trust
If BJP is planning to break the insistence of Muslims over the rebuilding of demolished Babri Masjid on its original site and had gone ahead in sponsoring a toady organisation, Ayodhya Jama Masjid Trust, to build another mosque either at government expense or from ‘donations’, ‘magnanimously’ to be provided by the Sangh Parivar, they should take some lessons how poor village people in Afghanistan have spurned the aggressor US’s help and boycotted a ‘Masjid’ destroyed by US bombing in Khost area, where 34 people lost their lives.

Thousands of Muslims died in the aftermath of demolition of Babri Masjid. It will be in the fitness of the tragedy, that a Shaheed Qabrastan should be built within the Babri Masjid title area, where a Qabarastan already exists and let it be a monument to the thousands massacred by the Sangh Parivar’s storm troopers, both within Ayodhya and all across the length and breadth of India. Let remains of all Shaheeds struck down in all communal riots henceforth be interned in this national Mazar Sharif.

BJP should disband the Ayodhya Trust if it has to gain Muslim trust, in its supposedly genuine desire to open dialog with Muslim voters, though unfortunately timed to appear suspect in the wake of the coming Lok Sabha elections.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

The aim is to reform, not to expose
I come to know that you were participating in ETV Urdu's programme 'Hamare Masail'. You passed a comment that Urdu schools’ teachers usually went on 40 days Jamaat and Urdu schools are having too many holidays. It is a pitty that when a journalist like you got a chance to project better things about Muslims in front of world through mass media, you just forgot your duty and started talking rubish and raised rotten Maslak problems. Its really shame.
Z Husain, Thane 
Editor: The remark was not about "Urdu" schools but "Muslim" educational institutions and we know this on first hand basis. Make a round of Muslim educational institutions in your area and let me know how you feel. Unless we are prepared to accept our shortcomings we will never improve our condition. Muslim educational institutions are behind others and some even have such distinction as "100 percent fail" record in board exams.We do not ever raise Maslak issues. If you have any doubt read our Milli Gazette which reaches more people than any such programme which has bothered you.
Z. Husain: Received your email in reply to my criticism in connection with Hamare Masail Programme. Sir, you had mentioned the truth about Muslim educational institutions’ bad condition. But other religious educational institutions also face the same problems. The only thing is that they do not publicite it, they hide the real situation and project to be very smart in front of the world.
Sir, I really respect you because you started first-time Muslims’ English fortnightly. By this fortnightly you show the world Muslim viewpoints and project Muslims as good human-beings. Similarly through mass media it is expected from Muslim intellectuals that they will project Muslims and Islam in a better way . Hope you understand.
Editor: Our aim is to reform our institutions and develop them into excellent ones. How and why should we be concerned if others' institutions are also run badly? They too should reform themselves but it is our own responspibility in the first place to review our situation and to accept criticism even from outside in order to improve ourselves. Bad publicity forces people to rethink, review and improve their condition.

Lie begets lies
I am not sure who has more allies BJP or Congress, but one thing is for sure that for every Congress’s "A lie" BJP generates many "Lies". How do they explain spending crores on campaigns like "Feel Good" and "India shining"? Their feel good (which in fact is nothing but "Fool (the) Good (people)" reminds me of an incident where a person was feeling bad, his friend came and asked the person to come along with him for a movie, which would make him feel good. The person obliged his friend and went for the movie, but returned feeling worse for the friend had made the person pay for both the tickets. The gist of this incident is that, BJP is spending the peoples money for making them "aware" that they are feeling good, when it is common sense that if a person feels good from inside he does not need any certificate from anybody, and if he feels bad internally no amount of spending will make him feel the contrary. BJP should then try to improve the lives of the people by spending the people’s money for their welfare rather that wasting it on such propaganda. Similarly, a shining thing is visible to everybody; you don’t have to spend crores to make people see it. Or is this "Shining" campaign a cover up for the misdeeds, non-performance, scams etc. In other words does this government want to hide behind this shine, the fact that it has out numbered Congress’s fifty years of misdeeds, non-performance, corruption, scams etc in their first five year term?
Abdul Monim, Navi Mumbai 400 703

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