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Published in the 16-31 May 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Try Bush and Blair for war crimes

The worldwide condemnation over sadistic picturizing of brutalization of Iraqi prisoners by American and British army personnel in Iraq, splashed on front pages of world media, has not yet highlighted the horror of humiliation inflicted on Muslims to force them to shed their clothing and stand naked in front of others. The ‘civilized’ Bush and Blair, that have been loudly promising to bring civilization to the land of world’s oldest civilization, by forcing people to go naked and perform humiliating simulated sexual acts, hardly know about the ethos of Islamic codes of civilized behaviour, specially centred around modesty and propriety in physical coverage of nakedness. 

Even by their own standards, they have gone way overboard in allowing their forces to ride roughshod over common people of Iraq, who have every right to react to US/UK occupation of their land through the illegal use of brute force, without any rhyme or reason. In a devilish twist of the use of doublespeak, Bush and Blair. 

Who are they and what are they doing on the foreign soil of an independent sovereign united nation. That is the stark question asked by world Muslim community as well as all people of the world that cannot overlook the tyrannical oppression of Iraqi people. It is time, the aggressors should be asked formally by all the nations of the world, to leave Iraq, immediately, whatever may the consequences be that befell to the people of Iraq. They can find their own future, even if that is through a civil war. Let other friendly nations come in to help Iraq and Iraqi people — friendly nations of their own choosing and not the Western colonizers who have threatened the peace of the world through sinister planning to take over and brutalize the world. The world should initiate actions against Bush and Blair and try them for war crimes.
Ghulam Muhammed

The other day Rumsfled said that torturing of Iraqis was un-American. I would like to know what is American? Making false allegation of WMD in Iraq? Charging Saddam to have aligned with Al Qaeda? Not heeding to intelligence report of impending attack on Pentagon and WTC? Giving moral and material supporter to the usurping Israelites? Closing the eyes on Pakistan's nuclear proliferation? Killing innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq? Armed attack on the sovereign republic of Iraq in spite of UN advice to the contrary and bringing untold miseries to the people of Iraq? Making laws to make America strong and other nations weak under various pretexts? Keeping the largest nuclear arsenal? Out of these, what is Americanism and what is not?
Dr Aboobakar Thwahir, Mumbai

It smells foul that US administration under a planned strategy might have dramatised the whole affair to terrorise other nations refusing to dance to tunes of world’s only hyper-power. The revealed photographs do put a question-mark on Indian troops being sent to Iraq as per US desire, as was expected to be done after new government taking charge in India after the Indian elections. 
Madhu Agarwal, Delhi

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