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Published in the 16-31 May 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

American diplomats wooing Muslims

Aligarh: On April 1 Ms. Carrey from US Embassy came to Aligarh along with her assistant JP Das from JNU. Das is doing his 14th job and was heard saying that he is a proud Indian and constantly fighting with his American bosses.
Carrey visited Bab-e Syed and spent time with some students from Law faculty including some girls. She stayed at the University Guest House. 

Hisam Siddiqui: went on US yatra

Hisam Siddiqui: went on US yatra

Carrey was telling people in the AMU that now young girls and boys in US were wearing bracelets with “WWJD” inscribed on them, that is “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO”. She was saying that now when young girls go into pubs they would naturally look at their bracelets and be reminded of their belonging to Christ. In short, she was found telling her audiences that there is a kind of resurgence of Christianity in the US. She did say that journalists were invited for a three week visit to US and disclosed the name of Mr. Hisam Sidiqqui, editor of Lucknow’s Jadid Markaz in this context. Reportedly Siddiqui went in the same scheme as that of Maulanas...

Reportedly around a hundred persons have already been to the US under this scheme for madrasah people, like religious leaders, teachers and muftis.
The US embassy runs a separate scheme for journalists. Beneficiaries of the journalists scheme include Afkar Milli editor, Qasim Rasool Ilyas.

In one such trip, which lasted between February 28 to March 21 this year, journalists from India, Pakistan, Palestine and Israel were brought together to Boston for three weeks, to interact with prominent institutions and individuals in the fields of media, academia, politics and civil society organisations, with a focus on journalistic practises in conflict situations. The programme was funded by the US State Department and conducted by Boston University Radio. This trip included Pervez Bukhari of Star TV along with Saikat Dutta of the Indian Express and Sheetal Rajput of Zee News. Aparently the aim is also to bring Muslim and Third World journalists into contact with Israeli mediamen.

In both cases it is a three-week all-expenses paid trip with a handsome pocket money thrown in the bargain. Participants are not pressurised to do or say anything specific while in the US or after their return home. It is believed that these people are closely studied for future recruits to serve Uncle Sam’s international network of wellwishers and possible agents.

In Aligarh, Carrey was found wooing Maulanas. She was heard saying that Shi’ism and Christianity are very close to each other. It can be inferred from this that some Shiite Maulanas from Aligarh are on the list of the next batch of Muslim visitors heading for the shock and awe treatment. Some Shiite Maulanas were found closeted with her. About one hundred such souls have already been to the US on what is belived to be a US$ 2 million yearly bugdet to take young Indian Muslim leaders, especially Maulanas to Uncle Sam’s paradise.

While in Aligarh, Carrey ridiculed Bangaladeshi girls who follow Muslim culture at home but had put on jeans and short T-shirts when they visited US on similar sponsored trips where they were greeted with long-skirted American blondes.

Carrey left for Delhi on April 2 in the executive compartment of Shatabdi train saying that while on “official visits” she travels executive class but on personal journeys she opts for the economical AC coaches.

— MG Correspondent

Earlier report on this issue: “Uncle Sam courts Indian Ulama”,
 MG, 1-15 January 2004, p. 1

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