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Collaborators par excellence

By A. H. Amin

What is happening in Wana or Afghanistan or many other parts of the Muslim World is no new phenomenon. The foundation of the modern elite of Islamic world is based on collaboration with the colonial rulers whether it is Egypt or Arab kingdoms or Pakistan.

History tells us Nawab Mohammad Hayat of Wah won his laurels at the Siege of Delhi faithfully serving the enemy of the 1857 rebels, Brigadier General Nicholson, and supervising many executions of Afghan Muslims under Lord Roberts at Kabul in the Second Afghan War.

Syed Azamuddin Bilgrami won his laurels while collaborating shamelessly against Indian Muslims in service of the ďHonorableĒ English East India Company at the Siege of Arrah in 1857. He was also East India Companyís chief spy in Sindh by virtue of being the companyĎs political agent while Sindh was an independent Muslim state. Another member of the same Bilgrami family was earning his bread in the British camp opposite Delhi in 1857.

Pakistanís first prime ministerís grandfather defended British communications from Ambala till Delhi in 1857. The list is endless starting from almost all the descendants of parliamentarians of Pakistan whether it is an Awan, Malik, Noon, Tiwana, Mamdot, Cheema, Chattha or anyone else. Most appreciated were the services in Bengal against Sirajudaula as was the case with Paksitanís first military presidentís direct ancestors, i.e., General Iskandar Mirzaís. And services in-Hodsonís Horse if itís Pakistan's second military presidentís father i.e., Ayub Khanís. Services against Afghans as a loyal servant of the English East India Company were also duly recognised as was the case with the third Qizilbash military presidentís ancestors [Yahya Khan].

What constitutes Pakistanís political military and feudal elite today has all to gain by collaboration. The very foundation of their prosperity is based on jagirs and nagi inams awarded from Plassey in 1757 till Wana in 2004.

Even cricket matches are fixed in the Pentagon since the Indian victory at Karachi was orchestrated at Pentagon as a cheap move which would finally lead to a EU-type confederation with India. A small step but merely proof of the adage that a long journey begins with a simple step.

They say that he is a great pragmatist and an orator. Milton described this type in his monumental Paradise Lost, as A fairer person lost not heaven he seemed/ for dignity composed and high exploit/ but all was false and hollow/ though his tongue, dropt manna, and could make the worst appear the better reason/to perplex and dash, maturest counsels. 

Compare the above with how all U-turns and surrenders have been rationalised from 9/11 till AQ Khanís planned humiliation and the collaboration par excellence at Wana. If the Tiwana Malik did well at Kalpi in Central India against sepoys of 1857 who is not doing better at Wana? The mad race for gold rewards goes on. The great leader left his countrymen, just to stick a gold riband in his collar as the lrish poet said.

Not all migrants of 1947 were refugees by choice. The East Punjabis came because of desperation since their life and properties were under threat. Many others who came were economic refugees: for greener pastures. No fear of competition from the UP Hindus in the exams. This was a case of "Hop, Step and Jump" which starts from Lucknow and goes to Toronto after one stop at Karachi.

The Two-Nation Theory may have had its origins in Aligarh but it was raised into a credible idea in the killing fields of East Punjab, Kashmir and Kargil. 2004 appears to be the watershed. With descendants of economic refugees at the pinnacle and cheap windbag followers of crooks from many parts of Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan in the Lota League, Pakistanís survival as an independent Muslim state may evaporate into vapours by 2006. (Kashmir Observer)

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